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dandering for dosh -the story so far
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 119
Registration for ICONUK now open
Thu, May 1st 2014 132
Please sponsor us Dandering for Dosh
Fri, Apr 25th 2014 158
Fun and games with Commuity wigets
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 168
Help shape connections search
Thu, Apr 10th 2014 162
Odd issue with Connections Mail
Wed, Apr 2nd 2014 169
Speaking at Engage
Fri, Feb 14th 2014 270
Top 10
Connections 4.0 cr issues when you have a shared data folder not on the WAS server
Fri, Nov 15th 2013 466
so I DID make it to Connect
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 300
Speaking at Engage
Fri, Feb 14th 2014 270
LTPA issue update
Wed, Mar 2nd 2011 240
Issues with Install manager GUI on RHEL 6.3 ?
Wed, Apr 3rd 2013 216
Connections 4.x search – well that was a weird problem
Fri, Oct 4th 2013 211
mod_deflate compressing your Connections pages before they hit the client
Mon, Nov 25th 2013 196
Alas I will not be at Connect this year
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 196
Screen for linux how did I not know about this
Thu, Nov 21st 2013 184
ConnCtrl bash script for IBM Connections
Fri, Nov 15th 2013 180

Tidying the blog

Today I decided to tidy my blog and to try and make a bit of sense out of all the *stuff* I throw up on this site ..

That is throw up as in post .. not as in .. well you know what I meen …

Anyways after much hacking and slashing at php files, creating new templates for pages, new side bars for said pages and eventually getting my head around functions again, I think I have myself organised.

The SocialShazza site now has two main topics .. Technology and Disney.

All of the Disney stuff can be found under the Disney heading, and all of the Connections related things can be found under the connections heading.
All blog posts will still appear on the front page, but I have made category pages for Disney and Connections to appear under their menus.

This means I can now highlight awesome new stuff like Paul and Gab’s Connections 101 and people can find it easily :)

I am hoping now that will mean that things will be easier to read and find here – although I am open to suggestions on keeping it tidy ;) and that much of the Disney will be filtered out for those weirdo’s that don’t “Do” Disney – and for those of you that do all the wonderful Disney goodness is all in one place for you now :)

as Tigger would say TTFN – ta ta for now ;)

Sorry I couldn’t help myself

Mar 28, 2012
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dandering for dosh -the story so far
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 6:14a   Sharon Bellamy
We are just about to start dandering for dosh day 3 & so far despite a few injuries (mainly to me), some very rough terrain and much scorching of the sun – we all appear to be enjoying it Day 2 mostly involved us being mountain goats, although we did get an hour on the beach on the fabulous Warren & kitty ‘ s inflatable sofas. Loving the dander so far – more news and pictures to follow ;). The post dandering for dosh -the story so far appeared first on Social Shaz [read] Keywords:

Registration for ICONUK now open
Thu, May 1st 2014 6:12a   Sharon Bellamy
Registration for Icon UK is now open Head over to the registration page and sign up early as placed are limited. If you would like to speak please submit your abstracts before 30th June. There are four tracks this year, Management/Strategy, Development, Admin and Open Source. If you are interested in sponsoring please email sponsors@iconuk.org. I am all resisted and really looking forward to the event – see you there The post Registration for ICONUK now open appeared first on Social S [read] Keywords: admin development email

Please sponsor us Dandering for Dosh
Fri, Apr 25th 2014 6:12a   Sharon Bellamy
The Cube Soft team (Nathan and I) have joined with some other fantastic members of the ICS (Lotus) Community and are joining this years Dander for Dosh. 10 Geeks, 100 Miles, 5 days – what could possibly go wrong In previous years a group of community members have raised money for worthy causes with a sponsored walk across some of the British Isles most beautiful country side. This years walk is the Lleyn Peninsula Coastal Path (Edge of Wales Walk) 85 miles in five days, and as our coordinato [read] Keywords: lotus community

Fun and games with Commuity wigets
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 6:11a   Sharon Bellamy
Last night we managed to close a PMR that had been open for a few weeks on a strange issue with Community Widgets. After remapping the connections admin user everything worked exactly as expected except for 2 tiny issues – Adding the blogs and surveys widgets inside a community thew a nasty error. Thanks to Justin Cornell in IBM support we managed to get to the bottom of the issue by remapping the widgets admin user even though it was mapped correctly. Jump over to the Cube Soft Blog -  Fu [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm community widgets

Help shape connections search
Thu, Apr 10th 2014 1:11p   Sharon Bellamy
If you are interested in helping IBM shape the search application inside Connections there is a survey that you can participate in. This is a short survey to better understand attitudes and behaviours around search and how users – well – use it You can find the search survey here Fill it in and you will make a Connections product manager very happy [read] Keywords: connections ibm application

Odd issue with Connections Mail
Wed, Apr 2nd 2014 6:10a   Sharon Bellamy
I have been looking to implement Connections mail for a while for one of my customers, after finally sorting out some SSO issues we had been seeing I was ready to deploy into their DEV/TEST environment. No problem I thought – Connections mail is a very simple install a couple of config files and a quick wsadmin command to get the help to work. Once I had deployed I was seeing the strangest issues - Contact your system administrator: Missing element with class=”os-site-mail-notify [read] Keywords: connections google skype


Speaking at Engage
Fri, Feb 14th 2014 11:10a   Sharon Bellamy
I will be speaking at Engage by BLUG in March – a big thank you to Theo and the team for the opportunity On Monday the 17th of March I will be Christoph Stoettener’s assistant again in delivering – Adm04. Practical Solutions for Connections Administrators – Tips and Scripts for Your Daily Business – 14:45 – 15:30, room: B On Tuesday the 18th of March I will be speaking with my friend and college Mr Tim Clark – Adm08. Collaboration Stack – Lessons L [read] Keywords: collaboration connections

so I DID make it to Connect
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 3:10p   Sharon Bellamy
So thanks to some very good fortune and help from an old and awesome friend I was able to make the Connect conference in Orlando last week. I will post my full round up later in the week – but the highlights The Good SPEAKING for the first time with my good friend Christoph Stoettner  I am not ashamed to say I was extremely nervous about speaking at Connect for the first time, but if I have the opportunity to do so again I will grab it with both hands The flow for the first two days wit [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm sametime community twitter

Alas I will not be at Connect this year
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 10:09a   Sharon Bellamy
Due to circumstances out of my control, I will not make the IBM Connect conference this year. To say I am devastated would be an understatement – as I was due to speak with my friend Christoph. I will miss the great sessions, the opportunity to catch up with remote colleges, visit the user experience lab (which I have done every year I have been), chat with the product managers and developers and participate in the Champion activities. I will mostly miss catching up with the great people o [read] Keywords: ibm community networking twitter

Speaking at Connect 2014 what an honor
Tue, Nov 26th 2013 7:18a   Sharon Bellamy
It is an honor and a privilege to have been chosen with my friend and Christoph Stoettner to speak at this years Connect / Lotusphere conference. This will be the 4th Connect / Lotusphere I have attended but the first I have spoken a full session at – in previous years I have helped run a BOF and have spoken at speedgeeking. We will be speaking in the Best Practices track, sharing our admin and scripting tips and tricks to help make a Connections Admin’s day a little easier The ful [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm lotusphere

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