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Gravity, physics, and the mysteries of dark data
Thu, Aug 27th 2015 85
Are eDiscovery Policies a part of your risk management plan?
Tue, Aug 25th 2015 30
Off the topic: 10 must-do fall activities
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 170
Policies for your organization’s IG strategy. Classification, we don’t need no stinking classification.
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 32
Afraid of the dark data?
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 59
The value of filtering & culling in eDiscovery
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 33
Finding PCI & PII in Your Organization
Wed, Aug 19th 2015 38
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Off the topic: 10 must-do fall activities
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 170
Gravity, physics, and the mysteries of dark data
Thu, Aug 27th 2015 85
Afraid of the dark data?
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 59
Finding PCI & PII in Your Organization
Wed, Aug 19th 2015 38
The value of filtering & culling in eDiscovery
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 33
Policies for your organization’s IG strategy. Classification, we don’t need no stinking classification.
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 32
Are eDiscovery Policies a part of your risk management plan?
Tue, Aug 25th 2015 30
Should Dark Data be brought to light?
Fri, Jul 24th 2015 13
[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Reasons to Use Sherpa Altitude IG
Wed, Aug 5th 2015 13
Small Business & Policy Enforcement: Why it Matters
Wed, Aug 12th 2015 13

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Recent Blog Posts
Gravity, physics, and the mysteries of dark data
Thu, Aug 27th 2015 1:03p   Harvey Coblin
  Cosmologists and astrophysicists have long hypothesized about the existence of “dark matter,” a mysterious, invisible substance inferred by the gravitational behavior of the large-scale structure of the universe. While unseen by telescopes, dark matter may account for most of the total mass of the cosmos, and its presence explains such esoteric observances as the […]
Are eDiscovery Policies a part of your risk management plan?
Tue, Aug 25th 2015 12:50p   Kayla Badini
Electronic discovery (also called eDiscovery) refers to any process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched often with the intent of using it as evidence in a legal case.  Discovery of electronic records has become a concern in litigation, government and regulatory investigations.  Having policies in place to manage and store this […]
Off the topic: 10 must-do fall activities
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 1:08p   Stephanie DiPaolo
The crisp air and chilly nights have begun rolling in, which means it’s time to soak up the last few weeks of decent weather.  If you’re like most people, you can’t believe how fast summer went this year and you’re determined to make the most of the fall season. Before you know it, we’ll all […]
Policies for your organization’s IG strategy. Classification, we don’t need no stinking classification.
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 1:05p   Jeff Tujetsch
Just because you’ve created retention policies for email and files, it in no way means you are done. Actually, the fun is about to begin. First and foremost, you are never actually done with information governance (IG). The process is something that lives as long as you have data, and new data is growing at […]
Afraid of the dark data?
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 1:03p   Rick Wilson
Throughout our blog, we’ve provided a substantial amount of content about how to prepare for and implement an information governance initiative within your organization. Most of that advice is geared toward managing information that your governance team knows about. As is often the case, putting a plan in place to manage information that you don’t […]
The value of filtering & culling in eDiscovery
Mon, Aug 24th 2015 1:01p   Marta Farensbach
Gathering electrically stored information (ESI) for the purposes of litigation is a common task for an IT department. Often this takes the form of a ‘collect everything’ approach and with it huge volumes are sent out for processing and review.  Without a pre-search step, which filters this information, companies are missing an excellent chance to […]
Finding PCI & PII in Your Organization
Wed, Aug 19th 2015 3:14p   Marta Farensbach
Just about every day, the national headlines include stories about data breaches that have compromised the security of thousands or millions of confidential electronic records, often containing credit card or social security numbers.  Usually, these occur at organizations found to be in violation of various regulations or industry standards designed to prevent  such incursions.  These notable hacks and thefts have prompted organizations to look […]
Small Business & Policy Enforcement: Why it Matters
Wed, Aug 12th 2015 3:28p   Marta Farensbach
Many companies in the small or medium business (SMB) space assume that information governance and policy management concerns are solely the domain of large enterprises. That misconception couldn’t be further from the truth.  SMBs are bound by the same regulations and are exposed to many of the same risks as their larger counterparts.  Regulatory requirements, […]
[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Reasons to Use Sherpa Altitude IG
Wed, Aug 5th 2015 8:38a   Stephanie DiPaolo
Choosing an information governance (IG) vendor is no easy task. Most organizations are asking themselves: What value will an IG solution provide me and my team? Is there an IG vendor that I can trust? Does a single platform exist that can manage all of our needs? Are those applications easy to install and use? […]
Should Dark Data be brought to light?
Fri, Jul 24th 2015 10:10a   Kristin Mager
Dark data has become a topic of interest for many companies over the last few years.  So, is the term as scary as it sounds?  What is dark data?  Gartner defines dark data as “the information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes (for […]
Searching for External Email Messages
Tue, Jul 21st 2015 11:33a   Harvey Coblin
Customers often ask how to use Discovery Attender to identify messages sent from or to someone outside their organization.  When dealing with a single domain, say sherpasoftware.com for example, the search is straightforward. You would simply use ‘Address’ as your criteria, and on the Search Wizard’s ‘Choose address’ page, use the ‘Find Any Address listed […]
The future of cloud email and why it’s here to stay
Wed, Jul 15th 2015 9:49a   Marta Farensbach
Cloud-based email offerings have become one of the hottest trends and is a consideration for IT departments across the globe.  By migrating email to hosted providers, companies allow vendors to handle all the pesky details of hardware and network management while they focus on their own core business.  Because of this, many organizations have seen improved efficiency and […]
White Paper – “EDiscovery – On-Demand vs. On-Premises”
Thu, Jul 9th 2015 9:48a   Marta Farensbach
SaaS, hosted, and on-demand – oh my! New eDiscovery solutions have popped up everywhere as vendors catch up with the rapid shift to the cloud – a trend that has overtaken the world of information technology. These changes are happening quickly. According to IBM, over a quarter of the world’s applications will be available in […]
Altitude IG – Platform Updates for July
Wed, Jul 8th 2015 11:57a   Rick Wilson
The Altitude IG July update introduces new features for the eDiscovery, Reporting & Analytics and Administration modules. The following list details the changes in each area:  eDiscovery Module Updates eDiscovery searches can be configured to return the full text of a portion of the search results set. When creating a search, the number of full-text results to return (between 100 […]
Off the topic – What happens online in 60 seconds and social media as a game changer
Tue, Jul 7th 2015 11:42a   Stephanie DiPaolo
If you’re reading this, then you are one of the billions of people participating in online activity each and every day. Sure, that’s not a surprising fact, but are you aware of the staggering amount of updates, additions, and interactions that occur in just one minute? Think about it. Whether you send emails, post on […]
Musings on Chip & PIN – or – Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina
Tue, Jul 7th 2015 11:35a   Harvey Coblin
As part of the technical support team at Sherpa Software, I often receive calls asking how to use our eDiscovery tools to scan for Payment Card Industry (PCI) data, whether it’s located in email messages or attachments or on file shares. In the past, I’ve written extensively about the recent rash of credit and debit […]
Policies for your organization’s IG strategy. Piles of files!
Tue, Jul 7th 2015 11:34a   Jeff Tujetsch
In a previous blog article, I talked about what to consider when creating retention policies for email. I spoke about things to consider when managing messages. Now, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room- files. Many email administrators think that messages would win the prize for existing in the most locations and […]
Improving eDiscovery: Creating a tighter collaboration between Legal & IT
Tue, Jul 7th 2015 11:32a   Rick Wilson
One of the intriguing benefits that organizations can realize as they move toward a more integrated information governance strategy is improved collaboration between interdepartmental teams. This is especially true of collaboration between legal and information technology – two groups that often exhibit a rather acrimonious relationship. It’s not difficult to understand how the rift between […]
Newly-released industry content: information governance, eDiscovery, and IT
Thu, Jun 25th 2015 8:32a   Stephanie DiPaolo
Sherpa prides itself on providing up-to-date, helpful content to all information professionals. Newly-released in June are three handbooks highlighting key industry topics, including: information governance eDiscovery information technology With more than a dozen authors, Sherpa’s blog is jam-packed with industry articles. Whether you like a quick read or an in-depth feature story, we’ve got you […]
What’s Holding Up Your Legal Hold?
Mon, Jun 22nd 2015 11:43a   Sherpa Software
Information governance and eDiscovery are our focus at Sherpa Software, and you can’t discuss either without mentioning Legal Hold.  The legal hold process (also called litigation hold, these terms are used interchangeably), is part of eDiscovery and therefore also falls under the larger umbrella category of information governance.  The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure require an […]
Mitigating Fraud with Internal Investigation Software
Tue, Jun 16th 2015 4:24p   Sherpa Software
Fraud is a pretty alarming scenario for any company, whether it be large or small, and it can be particularly alarming when the fraud, or suspected fraud, is internal. A company needs to swiftly handle a suspected fraud situation with finesse and without creating too much fear within the work environment. If other employees get […]
Is your workplace environment the right fit?
Thu, Jun 11th 2015 4:05p   Kristin Mager
An employee’s workplace environment plays a key role in job satisfaction and motivation. People are more productive when they work in an environment that allows for personal and professional growth.  While money can be a motivator for many, the environment can play a larger role in performance.  If you dread coming to work each day, […]
Now Available! Archive Attender 4.3
Thu, Jun 11th 2015 8:37a   Marta Farensbach
A new version of Archive Attender for Exchange, Sherpa’s mailbox and PST data archiving solution, has been released and is now available for download.  This update is highly recommended for Archive Attender users as it contains a number of fixes and enhancements to increase performance and usability. Some of which include: Searching Customer requested features […]
eDiscovery Concerns: a priority among information professionals at MER Annual Conference
Thu, Jun 4th 2015 11:08a   Sherpa Software
Sherpa Software recently participated in the National Conference on Managing Electronic Records (www.merconference.com) in Chicago. MER typically attracts a large number of legal, records management and information technology professionals who are responsible for information governance (IG) initiatives within their organizations. In addition to seeing customers who are currently using Sherpa products to help managed their […]
No, it’s not like riding a bike.
Wed, May 27th 2015 10:55a   Harvey Coblin
At Sherpa Software, we try to engineer our tools to be as simple and intuitive as possible. We also try to build in a lot of power and flexibility to give our customers the maximum value for their purchase. Unfortunately, those two goals aren’t necessarily compatible. That issue is compounded by the fact that many […]
Technical Support: a Competitive Cheer Competition Every Day
Tue, May 19th 2015 2:18p   Shaun Cooper
I have been in the technical support field for over 15 years in one capacity or another.  My daughter has been a competitive cheerleader for six years and a Hip Hop dancer for two of the six.  Needless to say, when I started working for a software company in a technical support capacity, I didn’t […]
Records Management, Legal and IT: Can’t we all just get along?
Mon, May 11th 2015 3:47p   Doug Yarabinetz
In any organization, when the conversation turns toward electronically stored information (ESI), it almost always revolves around three core groups.  These individuals are the lucky few whose daily routines center on the management of that information and they include legal and/or compliance, records management and of course IT.   Despite the fact that they all, at […]
To demo, or not to demo: that is the question
Mon, May 11th 2015 3:33p   Kayla Badini
So, you are evaluating new technology solutions.  And why not, in most cases software will help your business run faster and more efficiently.  Despite the ease with which you make the call to explore new solutions, the process for evaluating them is not so easy. Traditionally, there have been two key ways to truly experience […]
Leaders, Cheerleaders & Workers, Oh My!
Mon, May 11th 2015 8:27a   Kayla Badini
It’s always interesting when you have a company event to watch how people participate in the process.  Each person tends to take on a role and assimilate themselves accordingly.  For example, you have the leaders, the problem solvers, the cheerleaders, the workers, and the thinkers/strategist among others.  I’m sure that each of you can understand […]
Join Sherpa Software at MER (May 18-20)
Tue, May 5th 2015 2:34p   Sherpa Software
Explore practical solutions to challenges facing the records management community MER is the only conference exclusively focused on addressing the key operational, technical, and legal issues associated with the life-cycle management of electronic records. Through formal sessions, associated networking events and exhibitors, MER seeks to provide attendees with innovative and practical solutions. Sherpa Software has […]
Building a Collaborative eDiscovery Team
Tue, May 5th 2015 2:31p   Rick Wilson
Over the last decade, the need to perform electronic discovery (eDiscovery) has become a fact of corporate life. What began in 2006 as a legal mandate prompted by amendments to the U.S. Rules of Civil Procedure, has rapidly spread to jurisdictions in other parts of the world. Whether the need to search for electronically stored information is […]
Pt 2 – Policies for your information governance (IG) strategy. Let’s talk email!
Tue, May 5th 2015 2:30p   Jeff Tujetsch
In my last article, I talked about where to start with your information governance (IG) strategy. If you recall, I advised to focus on email management policies first because it is still the most searched data store for most companies and is easy to get your arms around. Email is stored centrally on designated servers […]
Is it Information Governance or File Analysis?
Tue, May 5th 2015 2:30p   Marta Farensbach
Anyone researching Information Governance (IG) will encounter the topic of File Analysis. Initially, these disciplines were related but not equivalent.  However as technology grows more all-encompassing, a new class of tools has been deployed which offer end to end file analysis, classification and remediation (FACR).  These processes form an essential building block for establishing an […]
Tomato-Tomahto, eDiscovery & Information Governance
Tue, May 5th 2015 12:47p   Marta Farensbach
The relationship between eDiscovery and Information Governance (IG) is one of shifting perspectives and is often defined differently by diverse experts.  Are they two different words for the same thing, can they be used interchangeably and why does it matter? One opinion seems to be that eDiscovery is based upon or synonymous  with Information Governance, while another strong belief is that eDiscovery is, […]
April Altitude IG Updates
Tue, Apr 28th 2015 3:50p   Rick Wilson
This month’s Altitude IG updates include several new features for the recently released eDiscovery module and improvements to the connector/agent installation process. Here is the complete list: EDiscovery Search Updates Add the ability to cache results when performing an eDiscovery search Validate the syntax of eDiscovery keyword search criteria when creating the search Switch the […]
“Keep your nose in the wind and your eye along the skyline”
Tue, Apr 28th 2015 2:37p   Doug Yarabinetz
Well, if you are a fan of the 1972 movie Jeremiah Johnson or Robert Redford for that matter, you probably recognize the title of this post.  It happens to be one of my favorite movies and seemed like a great way to alert everyone of some of the great articles, research and white papers available […]
Discovery Attender Feature:  Keyword Tester
Wed, Apr 22nd 2015 3:43p   Marta Farensbach
One of the greatest benefits of Discovery Attender is the variety of options that can be used for keyword searching. However, a significant amount of time can be expended on trial and error in crafting an appropriate search expression.  In this installment of our series of Discovery Attender features, we will investigate the Keyword Tester.  This helpful […]
Why eDiscovery alone is not information governance
Fri, Apr 17th 2015 10:24a   Sherpa Software
The line between eDiscovery and Information Governance has seemingly been blurred from the get go. The problem is that when you talk about information governance you can’t help but also talk about aspects of eDiscovery. Both can be described as a way of identifying, retaining, and securing electronic documents which inevitably leads you to saying […]
CIOs Finding Business Value in Structured and Unstructured Big Data
Mon, Apr 13th 2015 11:42a   Kayla Badini
CIOs recognize how valuable both structured and unstructured data is to their organizations.  However, the process of recognizing this value differs for each data type. Structured Data As its name suggests, Information Technology (IT) knows what type of data is stored and where it is located, due to the schemas that define data types, values, […]
Building an IT Dream Team
Tue, Apr 7th 2015 4:41p   Doug Yarabinetz
Information Technology (IT) has been around as a recognized business function with associated personnel since the 1950s, but the value placed on the department, functions, and employees today are much different than they were 50+ years ago. The role of IT primarily focused on computer and telecommunications equipment management.  Most organizations now employ predominantly knowledge workers […]
Spring Cleaning: Scrub away ROT
Tue, Mar 24th 2015 12:03p   Stephanie DiPaolo
Spring cleaning – a time when everyone is ready to rid themselves of the winter months and refresh their homes, cars, workstations and even wardrobe. By now you’re probably receiving multiple online deals for carpet cleaning, auto-detailing, and personal cleaning services, and while all of this is most likely needed, we can’t help but ask, […]
Sherpa Software Adds E-Discovery Module to Altitude
Tue, Mar 24th 2015 9:14a   Stephanie DiPaolo
by Sean Doherty, Law Technology News Altitude IG for info governance now supports e-discovery collection and production. Sherpa Software, an information governance and e-discovery software provider, today launched an e-discovery module for its Altitude IG product. Altitude IG is a modular, on-demand, hosted product that delivers on-premise enterprise information governance. The Altitude IG platform applies policies […]
Discovery Attender Feature: Deduplication
Tue, Mar 17th 2015 3:23p   Marta Farensbach
In this latest installment of our series discussing helpful features, we will explore the differences, benefits and drawbacks of using the PreSearch tool or the Results based methods for deduplicating data in Discovery Attender for Windows. Deduplication (or deduping) is the process of removing duplicates from a set of data. For example, if Person A sends an email to five […]
Information Governance Must Protect PHI Outside the EHR
Thu, Mar 12th 2015 5:00a   Stephanie DiPaolo
Author Scott Friedman, Executive Vice President at Sherpa Software Recently published in Health IT Analytics, author Scott Friedman discussed the trend of healthcare organizations storing all protected health information (PHI) in HIPAA compliant electronic health records (EHRs) systems. Additionally, he notes that patients are now sharing electronic copies of pieces of their health information, which […]
[Off-the-Topic] Top 4 Free Cloud Storage Options in 2015
Thu, Mar 5th 2015 1:15p   Mel Moraes
Since more people are using mobile devices for writing and sharing content and files, cloud storage is becoming ever more popular – specifically, cloud storage programs that utilize mobile apps as part of the program’s offerings. Why lock away your files on a computer C drive when you can have them on-the-go? Sharing files has […]
Applying machine learning to information governance
Thu, Mar 5th 2015 1:11p   Rick Wilson
At LegalTech 2015 in New York City last month, I took part in a panel discussion regarding the future of machine learning in information governance. It was encouraging to see the high degree of interest that many attendees had in the topic. For years, the legal community has been grappling with the best way to […]
Policies for your organization’s IG strategy. Where do I start?
Thu, Mar 5th 2015 1:08p   Jeff Tujetsch
Policies, specifically retention policies sound so simple, don’t they? The truth is, they are anything but simple. Once you start looking at the data you have, where it is stored, and who owns it, you suddenly realize how difficult it is to assign policies. Where is your data stored? The first hurdle with assigning policies […]
It’s not information governance, It’s information opportunity
Thu, Mar 5th 2015 1:05p   Doug Yarabinetz
Interpreting AIIM’s Executive Leadership Council Thought Paper on Information Governance In June of last year, AIIM and its Executive Leadership Council posed a series of information governance (IG) trends to 52 senior information management executives via the Information Governance Trendscape.  Subsequently, they published the results (along with a summary of the observations and recommendations) in […]
Teamwork – Collaboration on In-House eDiscovery
Thu, Mar 5th 2015 1:01p   Marta Farensbach
Collaboration is one of the critical building blocks for handling requests for eDiscovery requests for in-house talent.  Without teamwork, time, expense, stress and risk can find their way into the collection processes.  Cooperation is most desirable to avoid disruption in critical day to day business operations. There is a legally mandated duty imposed upon opposing […]
Latest eDiscovery Reference Model Focuses on Importance of Information Governance
Wed, Mar 4th 2015 5:17p   Sherpa Software
Wouldn’t it be great if implementing a strong information governance framework at your business were as simple as a software download? The reality is that information governance touches many areas of a business and requires stakeholder buy-in, policy development and enforcement, and a thorough understanding of information management. It’s both complex and difficult and that’s where […]
Charitable Spirit Abundant in Food Drive Campaign
Thu, Feb 26th 2015 1:00p   Stephanie DiPaolo
Since its founding in 2001, Sherpa Software has maintained, as one of its core values, giving back to the community.  Over the years, it has taken many forms.  We have offered our continued support to UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA (formerly known as Washington Women’s Shelter, Inc.). […]
Advice for eDiscovery Collections
Wed, Feb 25th 2015 9:32a   Marta Farensbach
Sherpa Software has a myriad of resources to help you navigate your information governance challenges, including providing sound advice for eDiscovery searches.  Highlighted below are a few offerings which focus on the collection phase of eDiscovery. 1.) Brand new is a white paper by KMWorld on the “Best Practices in eDiscovery” (downloadable here, registration required). […]
Managing Deleted Items in Office 365
Mon, Feb 23rd 2015 4:37p   Rick Wilson
If your organization has moved (or is contemplating a move) to Microsoft Office 365 email, this news could be important for you. Recently, Microsoft changed the default data retention policy on the deleted items folder to retain items indefinitely as described in this blog post: extended-email-retention-deleted-items-office-365 From an administrative point of view, this policy change […]
Benefits of On-Demand Software Platforms
Tue, Feb 17th 2015 10:39a   Mel Moraes
As advances in cloud computing have reduced concerns around the security of SaaS implementations, many organizations have begun to move toward on-demand (or more commonly referred to as SaaS) solutions that are faster, more affordable, and provide better transparency than their on-premises counterparts. What is on-premises software?  It is software that is installed and run […]
Jeff’s Recap: How was IBM ConnectED 2015?
Thu, Feb 12th 2015 5:18p   Jeff Tujetsch
Though the IBM ConnectED show was one-tenth the size as it was in its LotuSphere heyday (circa 1999-2001), it was still a very successful show for us. We were able to see quite a few customers (which we always enjoy) as well as speak to some potentially new ones. This was my 20th consecutive LotuSphere/IBM Connect/IBM […]
[INFOGRAPHIC] Case Studies: Mail Attender for Exchange
Wed, Feb 11th 2015 3:33a   Mel Moraes
When many people think of Sherpa Software, they might think of Mail Attender, since the Notes version of Mail Attender is what got the company its start in the first place. Since then, our company has expanded to what it is today, offering a number of products for a wide variety of business needs. Our Mail Attender product […]
LegalTech: Sherpa expert Rick Wilson to join panel of eDiscovery speakers
Mon, Jan 26th 2015 8:04a   Stephanie DiPaolo
Sherpa Software and Content Analyst Company (CAAT) are once again teaming up to discuss the latest trends in eDiscovery at LegalTech 2015. LegalTech, an event geared towards legal technology, affords law firms and legal departments the opportunity to “get hands-on practical information for improving their law practice management.” On February 4 from 2:00 – 3:15 […]
IBM ConnectED 2015 and Lotusphere Nostalgia
Wed, Jan 21st 2015 4:10p   Jeff Tujetsch
This will be my 20th consecutive year at Lotusphere/IBM Connect/IBM ConnectED. Wow, have things changed since my first visit in 1996! My first two years that I attended, I lived in Phoenix and I was working for InfoImage. The past 18 years, I have been attending while working for Sherpa Software. Rumor has it that […]
Avoiding Mishaps in eDiscovery Collections
Tue, Jan 20th 2015 10:12a   Marta Farensbach
Information Technology (IT) professionals are often at the forefront of in-house eDiscovery collections. These responsibilities are often thrust upon unsuspecting technical personnel with little notice, detail or even training. Because of the nature of their work, IT can be deposed or even called into court to testify about their role in gathering data for a case.  […]
[White Paper] Part 4 of Implementing an Information Governance Program is now available
Tue, Jan 13th 2015 5:12a   Rick Wilson
It’s a new year, and with the close of 2014 also comes the finale of a popular series of ours; we have just released part 4 of the Implementing an Information Governance Program white paper series. In this series, we describe a four-part proven process for undertaking an information governance project – we call that […]
Sherpa Altitude IG’s New eDiscovery Module
Wed, Jan 7th 2015 2:47p   Srinivasan Balaji
Sherpa Altitude IGTM is an on-demand platform designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive information governance solution.  This evolving platform features a hosted back-end, which offers ubiquitous administrative access – and at the same time ensures secure, on-premises enforcement for corporate data to remain in place.  Currently, Altitude IG offers data analytics, inventory and policy […]
Reducing risk with Early Case Assessment
Tue, Jan 6th 2015 7:45a   Sherpa Software
Did you know that more than 90% of all legal cases are settled prior to trial? When facing a claim from a vendor or former employee, much of your litigation costs could be spent on data analysis of eDiscovery collections and a lengthy discovery window. That’s where Early Case Assessment (ECA) software saves the day. The goal […]
The Growing Acceptance of Cloud Storage and SaaS Solutions
Mon, Jan 5th 2015 6:19p   Harvey Coblin
In many organizations, cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) continue to gain acceptance over on-premises server and network infrastructures. If you’re new to the term, storing data “in the cloud” simply refers to using an outside vendor to own and maintain the storage media where your data resides, as opposed to traditional in-house hosting. “Software-as-a-Service” refers […]
Searching in IBM Connections
Mon, Jan 5th 2015 6:12p   Jeff Tujetsch
Over the past decade, eDiscovery has become a required business process for all companies, no matter what the size. Although the initial focus for eDiscovery was email, it has broadened to all data types, regardless of where and how the data is stored: this includes data stored within IBM Connections. For those of you who […]
[Off-the-topic] Super Bowl halftime shows: Over the years
Mon, Jan 5th 2015 4:11p   Mel Moraes
Once upon a time, Super Bowl halftime shows weren’t the Beyonce-ridden, Bruno Mars-starring, Katy Perry-featuring shows they are today. In short, before 1991, these shows were considered boring and didn’t keep people on their couches; the show featured college marching bands and kitschy tributes to time periods or deceased singers. Needless to say, it wasn’t […]
Information Governance Insights for 2015
Mon, Jan 5th 2015 9:11a   Rick Wilson
Throughout 2014, it became clear that the mandate to implement some type of information governance (IG) initiative was a growing priority for many organizations. Sherpa Software also witnessed strong attendance at information governance-related trade show events and an increased interest in educational resources, such as our Corporate Information Governance Program (CIGP) white paper series. This […]
[INFOGRAPHIC] Case Studies: Discovery Attender for Exchange
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 4:12p   Mel Moraes
You might have read a few of our glowing case studies and testimonials of Discovery Attender, whether it be on a customer’s blog, on our Capterra review site or within the resources section of the Sherpa Software website. However, we wanted to do something different: For those of you interested in reading about how Discovery […]
How machine learning is changing information governance
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 5:12a   Sherpa Software
While machine learning sounds interesting, how does it differ from what is currently on the market? Why is this technology so important to the future success of compliance operations in your company? There is some debate over its definition, but one of machine learning’s pioneers put it like this: “Machine learning is a field of […]
Troubleshooting: Become the best technical support contact ever
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 3:11p   Mark Slabinski
Imagine, for a moment, a common situation in any information governance (IG) program: It’s 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, and you’ve just received a request from your organization’s legal team with a page-and-a-half-full of search terms and parameters. They need this by Monday; so you jump right into it, ready to search through the marked email […]
Reminder: Archive Attender 3.5 support ending soon
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 10:12a   Marta Farensbach
Customers currently using Archive Attender version 3.5 are highly encouraged to upgrade to the current version 4.2 of the product before the support end date of December 15, 2014. As previously announced, older Archive Attender versions up to, and including 3.5 SP3, will not be patched or updated, nor will technical support be provided after […]
[Off-the-topic] Black Friday statistics and predictions: Should we start calling Thanksgiving ‘Black Thursday?’
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 10:12a   Mel Moraes
If you’re anything like me, you’re going to wake up on November 27 of this year, turn the TV on to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (amid grumbles from your significant other, saying that all he/she wants to watch today is football) and get started on the turkey. Thereafter, you’ll enjoy an incredible day […]
Using Classification in your Information Governance Strategy
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 10:12a   Rick Wilson
I recently returned from the ARMA 2014 show in San Diego. Aside from a chance to visit this beautiful city, it was a great opportunity to connect with our customers and industry professionals within the records management community, and also to learn about the information governance challenges that they are facing on a daily basis. […]
Data leakage within your environment
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 9:12a   Jeff Tujetsch
Typically, when an eDiscovery request is being created, the first type of data that comes to mind is email; it is the most logical and popular place to search. Everyone uses email – and more on point, everyone keeps email. Typically, administrators have a good handle on where centralized emails reside. Obviously, live mail files […]
Potential eDiscovery implications of upcoming changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP)
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 8:11a   Harvey Coblin
It’s no secret that the eDiscovery process is time-consuming and expensive – and not just in the obvious sense, such as the costs of having legal teams and forensics experts pour through data, looking for responsive content in electronically stored information (ESI). There’s also the “hidden” costs associated with having to maintain volumes upon volumes […]
Demystifying Defensible Deletion
Thu, Nov 6th 2014 12:12p   Marta Farensbach
Defensible deletion, also known as defensible disposition, is a key component in executing an effective information governance strategy.  When properly applied, a good defensible deletion policy helps to safeguard information assets, reduce corporate risk, free-up resources and streamline operational flow. However, industry reports mirror Sherpa’s own conclusions that companies either don’t have, or don’t follow well-established defensible deletion processes. […]
Digging Deeper into Proactive eDiscovery
Wed, Nov 5th 2014 10:11a   Stephanie DiPaolo
by Mark Slabinski Proactive eDiscovery, as its name implies, is preemptively establishing a framework to handle any litigation or regulatory searches or collections before it is needed in a real world situation.  It means that tools, resources, policy and procedure will be in place well before your company has to take legally-mandated steps for compliance […]
We’ll see you in booth #932 at ARMA 2014!
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 1:12p   Mel Moraes
This weekend, we will be attending the ARMA Live! Annual Conference and Expo. Unlike last year when we launched the KISS (Keep It Sherpa Simple) campaign and handed out 7 oz. Hershey Kisses, we’re going with a different approach. ARMA 2014 attendees – come on down and join us for our Plinko Extravaganza! Aside from […]
10 things to know about Electronic Records Management
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 9:12a   Sherpa Software
Electronics Records Management, often referred to as ERM, or the newer Records Information Management (RIM) are an essential part of a business’ compliance effort. The ability to digitize records saves time, money and physical space, but it is not without its drawbacks, some of which include: long-term retrievability compatibility accessibility security Think about those VHS […]
Discovery Attender Features: Automatic Labels
Thu, Oct 16th 2014 4:11p   Marta Farensbach
Continuing our series on lesser known features of Discovery Attender, this article hopes to encourage users to spend some time with Automatic Labels.  Introduced back in version 3.0, this option piggy-backs onto the search process to apply a label (or tag) to any result item that matches a secondary set of criteria entered by the […]
Getting a handle on your Social Media Content
Fri, Oct 10th 2014 7:11a   Mark Slabinski
Social media represents one of the fastest growing segments of workplace communications. As sites like Facebook, Twitter and others become integrated in the day-to-day operations of a company, so too do those companies experience an increased risk. The radical transparency and expansive reach of social media can be a great tool to interact with people; […]
Preserving MRM Features in Exchange 2013
Thu, Sep 25th 2014 3:14p   Rick Wilson
Exchange 2007 was a watershed release for Microsoft’s messaging platform. Along with several new architectural features, it introduced governance capabilities in the form of Messaging Records Management (MRM). MRM was an ideal solution for many organizations that required formal oversight of their email content. By deploying managed folders, administrators could craft custom retention rules that […]
More thoughts on credit card fraud…
Fri, Sep 19th 2014 3:11p   Harvey Coblin
I read a recent New York Times article mocking Apple’s new Apple Pay system; Apple is promoting the convenience of the new system (something the Times article quite humorously calls into question), but there’s also a considerable security component to Apple’s new offering, which is something that’s been sadly lacking on credit-based transactions, at least […]
Sherpa Software offers services and solutions for Office 365
Fri, Sep 5th 2014 8:13a   Harvey Coblin
More and more lately, organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions, including hosted email. Arguably, the most popular cloud-based platform for business email is Microsoft’s Office 365. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of Sherpa Software’s customers have been migrating their email to the cloud, but still want to manage and search email just as they did […]
Running with scissors, or legacy data
Fri, Sep 5th 2014 8:13a   Marta Farensbach
A myriad of articles have been written about ‘Big Data’ – the exabytes of electronic information that is created daily, along with the rush of ever-changing technology.   This proliferation of electronically stored information (ESI) has caused a radical shift in information governance strategies that address how data is processed, categorized and stored.  Less newsworthy, but just as important, is Big Data’s older cousin legacy […]
The power of visual data
Fri, Sep 5th 2014 8:13a   Mark Slabinski
Before you can develop a clear, effective information governance strategy, you need to understand the environment where your data resides and then clarify the requirements and goals of your organization. The best way to accomplish this is with effective analysis of your electronically stored information (ESI). Once you have control and an understanding of your […]
INFOGOV14: information governance for the IT professional
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 1:13p   Rick Wilson
I was very honored to be invited to speak at the inaugural Information Governance Conference (INFOGOV14) being held in Hartford, CT from September 8-10. In my view, this event signals the emergence of information governance (IG) as a serious stand-alone discipline and not just a component of eDiscovery or records management. It seems that the national news […]
File management: inventory and classification
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 12:12p   Jeff Tujetsch
Emails are by far the primary target for companies performing retention policies and/or eDiscovery; in fact, many companies don’t consider other types of data when these topics are discussed. Not yet anyway.  But all companies need to be aware that emails are not their only IT risk; attachments must also be considered. Attachments within messages […]
[Off-the-Topic] Top 10 reasons why you should visit Disney World in Fall/Winter 2014
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 12:12p   Mel Moraes
Didn’t have the time off from work for a summer vacation? Scared that the crowds would be too much for the family, especially while trying to fight through it in 90-some degree weather in a humid place like Orlando? I hear your pain, and I echo your concerns. As a former employee of Walt Disney […]
[White Paper] Part 3 of Implementing an Information Governance Program is now available
Fri, Aug 29th 2014 3:12p   Rick Wilson
Here’s something to make up for the fact that summer is abruptly ending: We have just released our part 3 of the Implementing an Information Governance Program white paper series. We know you’ve all been patiently waiting! In this white paper series, we describe a four-part proven process for undertaking an information governance project – […]
Discovery Attender 3.91 Now Available
Fri, Aug 29th 2014 9:13a   Marta Farensbach
The long awaited release of Discovery Attender 3.91 has arrived.   This new version adds features and rolls up all outstanding hotfixes for more expansive searching and collection. New features include: New data store to search including SharePoint 2013, Office 365 Online Archives (and Public Folders), and Dumpsters for Public Folders in Exchange New data dytpes to […]

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