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[INFOGRAPHIC] Case Studies: Discovery Attender for Exchange
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 87
How machine learning is changing information governance
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 105
Troubleshooting: Become the best technical support contact ever
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 175
Reminder: Archive Attender 3.5 support ending soon
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 136
[Off-the-topic] Black Friday statistics and predictions: Should we start calling Thanksgiving ‘Black Thursday?’
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 298
Using Classification in your Information Governance Strategy
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 153
Data leakage within your environment
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 183
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[Off-the-topic] Black Friday statistics and predictions: Should we start calling Thanksgiving ‘Black Thursday?’
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 298
Risk assessment: It is worth the work!
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 227
The Sherpa Approach: Why a Data “Garage Sale” is Essential to Your Migration
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013 204
10 things to know about Electronic Records Management
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 192
Data leakage within your environment
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 183
Discovery Attender Features: Automatic Labels
Thu, Oct 16th 2014 180
Troubleshooting: Become the best technical support contact ever
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 175
We’ll see you in booth #932 at ARMA 2014!
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 170
Demystifying Defensible Deletion
Thu, Nov 6th 2014 168
Potential eDiscovery implications of upcoming changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP)
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 158

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Recent Blog Posts

[INFOGRAPHIC] Case Studies: Discovery Attender for Exchange
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 4:12p   Mel Moraes
You might have read a few of our glowing case studies and testimonials of Discovery Attender, whether it be on a customer’s blog, on our Capterra review site or within the resources section of the Sherpa Software website. However, we wanted to do something different: For those of you interested in reading about how Discovery […] [read] Keywords: exchange exchange xml

How machine learning is changing information governance
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 5:12a   Sherpa Software
While machine learning sounds interesting, how does it differ from what is currently on the market? Why is this technology so important to the future success of compliance operations in your company? There is some debate over its definition, but one of machine learning’s pioneers put it like this: “Machine learning is a field of […] [read] Keywords: xml

Troubleshooting: Become the best technical support contact ever
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 3:11p   Mark Slabinski
Imagine, for a moment, a common situation in any information governance (IG) program: It’s 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, and you’ve just received a request from your organization’s legal team with a page-and-a-half-full of search terms and parameters. They need this by Monday; so you jump right into it, ready to search through the marked email […] [read] Keywords: email xml

Reminder: Archive Attender 3.5 support ending soon
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 10:12a   Marta Farensbach
Customers currently using Archive Attender version 3.5 are highly encouraged to upgrade to the current version 4.2 of the product before the support end date of December 15, 2014. As previously announced, older Archive Attender versions up to, and including 3.5 SP3, will not be patched or updated, nor will technical support be provided after […] [read] Keywords: archive xml

[Off-the-topic] Black Friday statistics and predictions: Should we start calling Thanksgiving ‘Black Thursday?’
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 10:12a   Mel Moraes
If you’re anything like me, you’re going to wake up on November 27 of this year, turn the TV on to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (amid grumbles from your significant other, saying that all he/she wants to watch today is football) and get started on the turkey. Thereafter, you’ll enjoy an incredible day […] [read] Keywords: xml

Using Classification in your Information Governance Strategy
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 10:12a   Rick Wilson
I recently returned from the ARMA 2014 show in San Diego. Aside from a chance to visit this beautiful city, it was a great opportunity to connect with our customers and industry professionals within the records management community, and also to learn about the information governance challenges that they are facing on a daily basis. […] [read] Keywords: community xml

Data leakage within your environment
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 9:12a   Jeff Tujetsch
Typically, when an eDiscovery request is being created, the first type of data that comes to mind is email; it is the most logical and popular place to search. Everyone uses email – and more on point, everyone keeps email. Typically, administrators have a good handle on where centralized emails reside. Obviously, live mail files […] [read] Keywords: email xml

Potential eDiscovery implications of upcoming changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP)
Fri, Nov 7th 2014 8:11a   Harvey Coblin
It’s no secret that the eDiscovery process is time-consuming and expensive – and not just in the obvious sense, such as the costs of having legal teams and forensics experts pour through data, looking for responsive content in electronically stored information (ESI). There’s also the “hidden” costs associated with having to maintain volumes upon volumes […] [read] Keywords: xml

Demystifying Defensible Deletion
Thu, Nov 6th 2014 12:12p   Marta Farensbach
Defensible deletion, also known as defensible disposition, is a key component in executing an effective information governance strategy.  When properly applied, a good defensible deletion policy helps to safeguard information assets, reduce corporate risk, free-up resources and streamline operational flow. However, industry reports mirror Sherpa’s own conclusions that companies either don’t have, or don’t follow well-established defensible deletion processes. […] [read] Keywords: xml

Digging Deeper into Proactive eDiscovery
Wed, Nov 5th 2014 10:11a   Stephanie DiPaolo
by Mark Slabinski Proactive eDiscovery, as its name implies, is preemptively establishing a framework to handle any litigation or regulatory searches or collections before it is needed in a real world situation.  It means that tools, resources, policy and procedure will be in place well before your company has to take legally-mandated steps for compliance […] [read] Keywords: xml


We’ll see you in booth #932 at ARMA 2014!
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 1:12p   Mel Moraes
This weekend, we will be attending the ARMA Live! Annual Conference and Expo. Unlike last year when we launched the KISS (Keep It Sherpa Simple) campaign and handed out 7 oz. Hershey Kisses, we’re going with a different approach. ARMA 2014 attendees – come on down and join us for our Plinko Extravaganza! Aside from […] [read] Keywords: xml

10 things to know about Electronic Records Management
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 9:12a   Sherpa Software
Electronics Records Management, often referred to as ERM, or the newer Records Information Management (RIM) are an essential part of a business’ compliance effort. The ability to digitize records saves time, money and physical space, but it is not without its drawbacks, some of which include: long-term retrievability compatibility accessibility security Think about those VHS […] [read] Keywords: rim security xml

Discovery Attender Features: Automatic Labels
Thu, Oct 16th 2014 4:11p   Marta Farensbach
Continuing our series on lesser known features of Discovery Attender, this article hopes to encourage users to spend some time with Automatic Labels.  Introduced back in version 3.0, this option piggy-backs onto the search process to apply a label (or tag) to any result item that matches a secondary set of criteria entered by the […] [read] Keywords: xml

Getting a handle on your Social Media Content
Fri, Oct 10th 2014 7:11a   Mark Slabinski
Social media represents one of the fastest growing segments of workplace communications. As sites like Facebook, Twitter and others become integrated in the day-to-day operations of a company, so too do those companies experience an increased risk. The radical transparency and expansive reach of social media can be a great tool to interact with people; […] [read] Keywords: collaboration facebook twitter xml

Preserving MRM Features in Exchange 2013
Thu, Sep 25th 2014 3:14p   Rick Wilson
Exchange 2007 was a watershed release for Microsoft’s messaging platform. Along with several new architectural features, it introduced governance capabilities in the form of Messaging Records Management (MRM). MRM was an ideal solution for many organizations that required formal oversight of their email content. By deploying managed folders, administrators could craft custom retention rules that […] [read] Keywords: email exchange exchange microsoft xml

More thoughts on credit card fraud…
Fri, Sep 19th 2014 3:11p   Harvey Coblin
I read a recent New York Times article mocking Apple’s new Apple Pay system; Apple is promoting the convenience of the new system (something the Times article quite humorously calls into question), but there’s also a considerable security component to Apple’s new offering, which is something that’s been sadly lacking on credit-based transactions, at least […] [read] Keywords: apple security xml

Sherpa Software offers services and solutions for Office 365
Fri, Sep 5th 2014 8:13a   Harvey Coblin
More and more lately, organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions, including hosted email. Arguably, the most popular cloud-based platform for business email is Microsoft’s Office 365. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of Sherpa Software’s customers have been migrating their email to the cloud, but still want to manage and search email just as they did […] [read] Keywords: email microsoft office xml

Running with scissors, or legacy data
Fri, Sep 5th 2014 8:13a   Marta Farensbach
A myriad of articles have been written about ‘Big Data’ – the exabytes of electronic information that is created daily, along with the rush of ever-changing technology.   This proliferation of electronically stored information (ESI) has caused a radical shift in information governance strategies that address how data is processed, categorized and stored.  Less newsworthy, but just as important, is Big Data’s older cousin legacy […] [read] Keywords: xml

The power of visual data
Fri, Sep 5th 2014 8:13a   Mark Slabinski
Before you can develop a clear, effective information governance strategy, you need to understand the environment where your data resides and then clarify the requirements and goals of your organization. The best way to accomplish this is with effective analysis of your electronically stored information (ESI). Once you have control and an understanding of your […] [read] Keywords: xml

INFOGOV14: information governance for the IT professional
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 1:13p   Rick Wilson
I was very honored to be invited to speak at the inaugural Information Governance Conference (INFOGOV14) being held in Hartford, CT from September 8-10. In my view, this event signals the emergence of information governance (IG) as a serious stand-alone discipline and not just a component of eDiscovery or records management. It seems that the national news […] [read] Keywords: xml

File management: inventory and classification
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 12:12p   Jeff Tujetsch
Emails are by far the primary target for companies performing retention policies and/or eDiscovery; in fact, many companies don’t consider other types of data when these topics are discussed. Not yet anyway.  But all companies need to be aware that emails are not their only IT risk; attachments must also be considered. Attachments within messages […] [read] Keywords: policies email xml

[Off-the-Topic] Top 10 reasons why you should visit Disney World in Fall/Winter 2014
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 12:12p   Mel Moraes
Didn’t have the time off from work for a summer vacation? Scared that the crowds would be too much for the family, especially while trying to fight through it in 90-some degree weather in a humid place like Orlando? I hear your pain, and I echo your concerns. As a former employee of Walt Disney […] [read] Keywords: xml

[White Paper] Part 3 of Implementing an Information Governance Program is now available
Fri, Aug 29th 2014 3:12p   Rick Wilson
Here’s something to make up for the fact that summer is abruptly ending: We have just released our part 3 of the Implementing an Information Governance Program white paper series. We know you’ve all been patiently waiting! In this white paper series, we describe a four-part proven process for undertaking an information governance project – […] [read] Keywords: xml

Discovery Attender 3.91 Now Available
Fri, Aug 29th 2014 9:13a   Marta Farensbach
The long awaited release of Discovery Attender 3.91 has arrived.   This new version adds features and rolls up all outstanding hotfixes for more expansive searching and collection. New features include: New data store to search including SharePoint 2013, Office 365 Online Archives (and Public Folders), and Dumpsters for Public Folders in Exchange New data dytpes to […] [read] Keywords: exchange exchange office sharepoint xml

How to delete a PST file: 4 steps to take
Mon, Aug 25th 2014 10:12a   Sherpa Software
PST stands for personal storage files and is also known as Outlook Data File. This file contains all of your emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes related to your email account in Outlook. Often times, you can find yourself with duplicate PST files either by accident, from bringing a new computer online or perhaps because you’re writing […] [read] Keywords: notes email outlook xml

MWLUG 2014
Thu, Aug 21st 2014 9:12a   Jeff Tujetsch
On Wednesday, August 27, Sherpa Software will be descending on Grand Rapids, MI for MWLUG 2014! I am looking very forward to seeing both familiar and not so familiar faces and talk about how Information Governance is affecting them. Though the phrase “Information Governance” is relatively new, our products have been governing information for 15+ […] [read] Keywords: email xml

Proactive vs. Reactive eDiscovery: Which is best for you?
Fri, Aug 8th 2014 7:12a   Mark Slabinski
Having a good eDiscovery solution is one of the cornerstones of an effective information governance strategy. However, this is one area that many businesses still struggle with every year. According to a recent AIIM article, very few companies feel that they are prepared for the kind of full-scale eDiscovery activities that a court order might demand. […] [read] Keywords: xml

Discovery Attender Features: Compare Searches
Fri, Jul 25th 2014 8:11a   Marta Farensbach
As part of our series in exploring the lesser-known features of Discovery Attender, this post focuses on Compare Searches, a useful option when culling and collecting data for eDiscovery purposes. It is not uncommon to produce a set of results only to have requestors add additional keywords, expand a date range or include other criteria to find additional results […] [read] Keywords: xml

EDiscovery Software Basics: How & Why
Thu, Jul 17th 2014 6:12a   Stephanie DiPaolo
A 2013 Science Daily report concluded that 90 percent of all of the world’s electronic data had been created in the two years prior to the study with no sign of slowing down. Companies are completely awash in data. Now imagine that you are a company lawyer putting together a case for trial; for example, […] [read] Keywords: xml

Is there a place for tapes in today’s information governance strategies?
Mon, Jul 14th 2014 12:12p   Mark Slabinski
Whether hated, loved, or regarded with ambivalence, backup tapes are still a part of the information governance (IG) landscape at many organizations. Although they are rapidly being phased out in many companies, tapes are the lumbering dinosaur of disaster recovery plans; slow, physically bulky and often part of an older, unstructured backup strategy. Tracking, monitoring […] [read] Keywords: xml

Take me out to the ballgame
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 10:15a   Marta Farensbach
Here at Sherpa, we work hard providing information governance solutions that are reliable and affordable. But our days are not just about developing products, working with customers and writing blog articles – not at all. We like to enjoy ourselves as well;  and what better way to do so, than to take full advantage of […] [read] Keywords: xml

Attachments: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 9:13a   Jeff Tujetsch
Email attachments. Just the very word sends shivers up and down the spines of email administrators everywhere. This is because attachments probably cause more infrastructure issues in a company’s email environment than anything else. Now,  that is not to say that attachments are bad or not useful; they serve an important purpose in every company. […] [read] Keywords: email xml

Product centricity vs. customer centricity at Sherpa
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 9:13a   Harvey Coblin
There’s a lot of talk within marketing circles about product centricity vs. customer centricity, and this got me thinking: where is it that Sherpa Software fits? We’ve been putting out great software products (if I may say so myself) for nearly 15 years – but we’re also very solution-oriented and have long strived to provide […] [read] Keywords: xml

The future of information governance: What to expect
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 9:13a   Doug Yarabinetz
I posted a blog a few weeks ago to wrap up Sherpa Software’s experience at the Managing Electronic Records Conference (MER) 2014 called Murmurs of MER.  In that post, I promised to expand on several concepts that caught my attention during this enlightening event that focused a great deal of time and attention on the topic of […] [read] Keywords: xml

Information governance certification: AIIM vs. ARMA
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 9:13a   Rick Wilson
Those of you who read this blog regularly are aware that Sherpa has traditionally created tools that solve a particular information management challenge, such as enforcing email retention policies or performing eDiscovery. While those products have historically performed well, we’ve started addressing a new market mandate to identify, track, manage and dispose of information assets […] [read] Keywords: policies email xml

Off-the-topic: The 17 best trip tips for a great vacation
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 9:13a   Mel Moraes
Something as simple as planning for a vacation has gone from hectic to convenient in the last 15 years or so; all of a sudden, we are given the privilege of user-review sites, and getting to do the research all on our own rather than meeting with a travel agent to figure out our plans. […] [read] Keywords: agent xml

Information governance and records management: A question of strategy vs. tactics
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 9:13a   Mark Slabinski
The distinction between information governance (IG) and records and information management (RIM) represents the future of corporate information management and one of the greatest challenges facing companies today. When a company wants to overhaul how it manages information, figuring out the balance between IG and RIM is often the first stumbling block. It starts with […] [read] Keywords: rim xml

Just around the corner – Discovery Attender 3.91
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 8:12a   Marta Farensbach
Currently in beta, Discovery Attender 3.91 will be released to a general audience in just a few weeks.  Included in this release are some helpful new features: Enhanced SharePoint Support Discovery Attender has supported the searching of document libraries in SharePoint 2007 and 2010 for some time. This new version extends that support to SharePoint […] [read] Keywords: sharepoint xml

End of Support for Archive Attender 3.5
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 2:12p   Marta Farensbach
Support for Archive Attender 3.5 will be ending on December 15th 2014.  After this date, older Archive Attender versions up to and including 3.5 SP4 will not be patched, updated, nor will support be provided by Sherpa Software. Customers currently using Archive Attender versions 3.5 and older are highly encouraged to upgrade to the current version […] [read] Keywords: archive xml

Office 365 roadmap: What to expect
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 6:11a   Stephanie DiPaolo
Calling all Microsoft Office 365 users -Microsoft recently released the roadmap for the latest version!  To keep you informed on what to expect, check out the following list which explains the more significant changes: Apps for Excel Online and Office Preview for Word Online: Like the desktop versions of Excel and Word, apps will be coming […] [read] Keywords: desktop email exchange exchange microsoft office xml

Off-the-topic: ESNet, A glimpse at future networking
Thu, Jun 26th 2014 8:11a   Nicole Barthel
There’s been some hype around network connection speed lately, specifically broadband speed. In 2011, Google released its own fiber-to-the-premises broadband service, called Google Fiber. This caused a huge splash in the world of connectivity when Fiber claimed to be “100 times faster than today’s average broadband speeds. ”1 The majority of the country has yet to see […] [read] Keywords: google network networking xml

White Paper | EDiscovery in an Information Governance World
Thu, Jun 26th 2014 8:11a   Marta Farensbach
Continuing our focus on Information Governance (IG), a new whitepaper is now available from Sherpa Software.  Originally introduced as a blog post eDiscovery in an Information Governance World has been expanded to provide more detail to help practitioners and others understand the role of eDiscovery in overall information management field.  Click on the button below […] [read] Keywords: xml

Justifications for Software Upgrades
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 9:12a   Mark Slabinski
Recently, Microsoft made waves in the corporate world by announcing that they were shuttering support for their popular operating system, Windows XP. Despite widespread adoption of Windows 7 in recent years (with 54% of current OS market share), the now decade-old XP still clocks in at second with 19% market share. Many companies around the world using XP as their main OS find themselves scrambling to either upgrade their systems or leave themselves at risk for security breaches. So, how does th [read] Keywords: archive development exchange exchange microsoft outlook security xml

White Paper | Building Your Information Governance Roadmap (CIGP Part 2)
Mon, Jun 9th 2014 12:15p   Rick Wilson
The first part of this series introduced the topic of information governance (IG) and underscored the importance of viewing information as a valuable corporate asset that must be tracked, managed and disposed of at the end of its useful life. In order to institute that oversight, using a structured methodology such as Sherpa’s Corporate Information Governance Program (CIGP), was suggested. The CIGP outlines four phases that can be used to plan and execute your governance program. In this white [read] Keywords: xml

Discovery Attender: A glowing recommendation
Tue, Jun 3rd 2014 10:14a   Mel Moraes
We were very pleased to see that David Cowen, a known blogger for his “Hacking Exposed: Computer Forensics Blog” writings, has both downloaded our free trial of Discovery Attender and blogged about it as a product recommendation for eDiscovery solutions. His write-up included the following: If you are like me then searching, de-duplicating and producing email for review is one of the banes of your existence. You would think that such a fundamental task would have been solved in the [read] Keywords: blogger email exchange exchange microsoft xml

Murmurs of MER 2014 (Managing Electronic Records)
Wed, May 28th 2014 1:11p   Doug Yarabinetz
Deep breath….and exhale. I just returned from a quick and jam-packed visit to the windy city for the Managing Electronic Records (MER) 2014 show, and thought I would share a few MER murmurs, post-show fashion. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the MER conference, but it happens to be the inaugural event for both myself and for Sherpa Software. We sent a fairly-sized delegation to represent, based in part on the very targeted audience. This is a group of individuals at the higher en [read] Keywords: collaboration integration network networking rim xml

Best (but not most followed) practices
Wed, May 21st 2014 10:11a   Mark Slabinski
Best practices often fall by the wayside when programs are implemented quickly, and then immediately run with little consideration toward training or documentation. Proactive maintenance and correct usage of features can help dramatically reduce the amount of time and energy spent on unnecessary actions. I’ve put together a list of common issues that users can likely encounter in three of our products when best practices are not followed. In Archive Attender, the best practice is to maintain [read] Keywords: archive best practice database server sql xml

Information Governance: What IT professionals need to know
Fri, May 16th 2014 1:15p   Rick Wilson
EDiscovery and computer forensics expert Karen Schuler, along with Rick Wilson, VP of Strategy & Solutions at Sherpa Software and an AIIM-Certified Information Governance Practitioner, discuss the fundamentals of what a good information governance strategy should include. The video below will provide you with a better understanding of the key roles that IT professionals play in delivering corporate-wide governance initiatives and managing eDiscovery efforts. In this webinar archive, Schul [read] Keywords: archive xml

Sherpa Software shares industry expertise, best practices for information governance at MER 2014
Thu, May 15th 2014 1:11p   Mel Moraes
Join Sherpa Software and other records management professionals at Managing Electronic Records 2014 in Chicago Sherpa Software will be sharing industry experience and best practices as they demonstrate their information governance solutions at the upcoming Managing Electronic Records (MER) conference. For the first time this year, Sherpa Software will be on site at MER with their leading industry experts. Attendees can stop by and chat with Rick Wilson, an AIIM-Certified Information Governance [read] Keywords: development exchange exchange xml

Why use an Enterprise Social Network?
Fri, May 2nd 2014 10:12a   Denny Russell
‘Social’ is not a fad or the latest buzzword (although the word may disappear sooner than some think), but really a way of getting work done. For those that have been around for a while, think about when email started; I know I personally installed a IBM Lotus Notes 4.0 server back in 1996 to get a company up and running on email.  It was crazy at the time to think how we could ‘communicate’ with those in the office and clients or business partners around the globe. It o [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus notes community email enterprise network office server twitter xml

Reducing the cost of email management
Fri, May 2nd 2014 9:12a   Jeff Tujetsch
What is email management? That is a question that will evoke many different answers, but the common theme would be that it involves the automatic deletion and/or archiving of messages. That seems like a valid statement – but the fact is, email management is more than deleting or archiving messages that have reached a certain age. Actually, it is much more than that, especially when you are talking about the cost of email management. Email management is the process of administering anything [read] Keywords: access control list acl domino ibm policies archiving archive database desktop email laptop properties server xml

Information Governance vs. Records Management – Is there a Difference?
Fri, May 2nd 2014 9:12a   Denny Russell
I often hear clients make statements much like this one: “We already manage the documents in our environment, so we don’t need to worry about information governance (IG), right?” It’s easy to either confuse these two types of programs or, in some cases, believe they are synonymous. For those new to the topics of governance, risk and compliance, it’s hard to keep new terminology straight. Many clients believe that a sound records management program implies informatio [read] Keywords: policies xml

Understanding Policy-Driven Information Governance
Fri, May 2nd 2014 9:12a   Rick Wilson
I recently attended AIIM 2014, the annual conference staged by the Association for Information and Image Management. As an attendee at this event (which included IT, business and records management professionals), I witnessed a growing awareness: forming a comprehensive information governance (IG) strategy can pay huge organizational dividends in the form of improved storage management, lower eDiscovery costs, better information privacy controls and reduced risk. Implementing an information go [read] Keywords: policies consulting email exchange exchange microsoft sharepoint xml

Cloud Computing: Is the Risk Worth the Reward?
Fri, May 2nd 2014 9:12a   Marta Farensbach
These days, marketers and media alike are focusing their attention on the “cloud” creating a lot of interest and buzz.  But what exactly is the “cloud”? This term is sometimes used as a metaphor for the Internet  as a whole.  In business, it really refers to the software platforms and infrastructure delivered as services via the Internet.  In some ways, almost every organization is operating in the cloud already.  Websites, social media, email, online meetings and video calls are al [read] Keywords: ibm application applications email google mobile networking office security skype virtualization xml

From LotusScript to Java: Part 3
Fri, May 2nd 2014 9:12a   Grant Lindsay
Last time, we covered some Java basics: Java is case-sensitive. This is just something you will need to get used to, even if it does seem restrictive at first. Java is object-oriented. This should not be too difficult for most LotusScript developers, since we use classes and objects all the time in accessing Domino data. There is a “Java Way” of doing things. There is a lot to learn here, but the reward is (hopefully) worth the journey, and you do not need to get it all at once; one step at [read] Keywords: domino lotusscript development java oracle xml

Understanding Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
Fri, May 2nd 2014 9:12a   Harvey Coblin
Interest in corporate governance, and more specifically information governance, has been on the rise following major corporate scandals that led to the collapse of such major companies as Enron, WorldCom and Tyco. Enron, an energy and natural resources producer, claimed revenue of more than $100 billion in 2000. By 2001, however, it came to light that the company’s reported financial condition was the product of a deliberate and sustained accounting fraud, leading to a bankruptcy that shocked [read] Keywords: consulting exchange exchange security xml

Off-the-topic: Top 5 iPhone apps for the “Type A” crowd
Fri, May 2nd 2014 9:12a   Mel Moraes
Are you a little “Type A?” If so, you might’ve heard people tell you this, and you may have laughed a little at the idea, or even just shrugged it off as a joke. It’s a real thing, though. As a Type A person myself, I possess every single quality that has been associated with this group: tendencies for high stress levels, perfectionism, irritation from distractions and impatience for incompetence. I hate waiting in lines. I’m an overachieving workaholic. I have a competitive side. I’ [read] Keywords: email interface iphone linkedin networking profile security xml

Discovery Attender Features: Custom Exceptions
Thu, May 1st 2014 3:15p   Marta Farensbach
This article is the latest in our series exploring the lesser-known features of Discovery Attender.  This time we are focusing on Custom Exceptions, a feature which is a useful aid in auditing and reporting on undesirable items based on file type.   Also called Create Your Own Exception, this functionality was introduced in version 3.90 to help users audit and handle documents that are not searched.   For example, if a user wants to ignore all media and program files but needs to track a [read] Keywords: notes application exchange exchange microsoft xml

[INFOGRAPHIC]: MEC 2014 Attendee Survey Results
Tue, Apr 29th 2014 12:12p   Mel Moraes
Last month, we sent a few of our representatives to the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC 2014). We had a great experience (you can read our recap here) and met a nice amount of attendees; we asked these attendees a few questions about their business needs in a survey conducted at our booth 204. Below, you’ll find this information compiled in an infographic. (CLICK the graphic to enlarge) Feel free to share this infographic with colleagues and other MEC attendees, and don’t forget [read] Keywords: exchange exchange google linkedin microsoft twitter xml

Off-the-topic: College classes for free
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 6:12a   Harvey Coblin
OK, way off-topic this month, but I’ve got a subject that (hopefully) many of you will find interesting. My wife actually discovered www.Coursera.org, an online education site that offers college-level classes for free. I’ve been signing up for classes and have definitely been converted into a fan for life. I’ve also shared this website with colleagues, who I’ve found to be pretty enthusiastic about using it. The actual courses are not provided by Coursera itself, but by member unive [read] Keywords: development xml

The crossroads between Information Governance and Healthcare
Tue, Apr 22nd 2014 12:11p   Mark Slabinski
We have all sat in a doctor’s office waiting room before, looking around for something to pass the time. Perhaps while waiting, your eyes may have drifted over to a wall of filing cabinets, with stacks upon stacks of folios dedicated to the hundreds, if not thousands, of patients a doctor may treat over the course of his or her career. In the wake of the digital revolution,  these stacks of documents are slowly being converted to electronic format, and the healthcare industry as a whole has b [read] Keywords: policies integration network office security xml

AIIMed for Greatness: My AIIM 2014 Conference Recap
Wed, Apr 9th 2014 11:12a   Rick Wilson
I recently returned from AIIM 2014, the annual conference staged by the Association for Information and Image Management, and I have to say, it was a great experience! Right from the opening keynote by well-known industry pundit Guy Kawasaki, AIIM 2014 signaled that it would be a much different event for IT professionals than, for example, Microsoft’s annual TechEd show. Kawasaki’s topic was “Enchantment,” and he eloquently guided us through some basic rules for enchanting coworkers, cus [read] Keywords: microsoft networking xml

How the heck was MEC (Microsoft Exchange Conference)?
Tue, Apr 8th 2014 3:12p   Doug Yarabinetz
Another Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) has come and gone, leaving critics divided.  Like any event, both pros and cons could be highlighted. In my opinion, MEC not only picked a great city in Austin, Texas, but they scheduled perfect weather, planned and coordinated some pretty cool events, had an adequate number of staff on-hand to answer questions and even managed to give every attendee a Dell Venue tablet. OK – that last one is an easy way to persuade the audience to say nice thin [read] Keywords: archiving email exchange exchange microsoft office xml

White Paper: 7 Keys to a Successful IBM Connections Deployment
Thu, Apr 3rd 2014 2:15p   Denny Russell
Companies spend a lot of time evaluating different platforms when selecting their enterprise social software, but few take the time to worry about how to effectively put it into production. We’ll take a look at best practices for successfully rolling IBM Connections out to users within organizations. I’m not referring to the technical specifications required for setting up and installing the system, I’m referring to the end-user experience. Getting your users to implement and love the [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm enterprise social software xml

White Paper: Implementing an Information Governance Program
Thu, Apr 3rd 2014 12:11p   Rick Wilson
In today’s world of interconnected devices and ubiquitous connectivity, many of us are engaged as knowledge (or information) workers – routinely creating, processing or disseminating information as our primary job function. As a result, information has become an essential corporate asset. If you accept the assertion that information is an asset, then like any other corporate asset, information must be tracked, managed and disposed of at the end of its useful life. Instituting this type [read] Keywords: ibm xml

Policy-Driven Information Governance: The Ultimate Guide
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 10:11a   Stephanie Sheaffer
Is your organization ready to face the increasing demands to manage data and associated risks?  Your information assets are sensitive, confidential and call for a policy-driven solution to automate enterprise content management.  How will you deal with information identification, retention, protection, privacy, security and eDiscovery requirements? This document covers the following: What is information governance? Locating your data pain points. Researching options and organizations. Creatin [read] Keywords: enterprise security xml

Discovery Attender as an investigative tool
Tue, Mar 25th 2014 6:12a   Marta Farensbach
A common Discovery Attender question is whether or not it works as ”investigation software.”   While the most common deployment for this application is assisting electronic discovery (litigation) or answering FOIA requests, Sherpa Software has a number of customers who use Discovery Attender primarily for the purposes of internal investigations.  So, the answer to that question is, “yes.”   However, for novices in this field, there are some very important considerations to keep in m [read] Keywords: application email enterprise network security xml

Make Your Office 365 Migration A Walk In The Clouds At MEC 2014
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 9:12a   Mel Moraes
Keep it Sherpa Simple: KISS your data struggles goodbye Sherpa Software will be sharing industry experience and best practices as they demonstrate their Microsoft Exchange solutions at the upcoming Microsoft Exchange Convention (MEC) 2014 in Austin, Texas. The increasing popularity of Office 365 has created many challenges when it comes to data migration. Sherpa Software can help make your migration a walk in the clouds with attachment management, content filtering, public folder management a [read] Keywords: community email exchange exchange microsoft office xml

Understanding HIPAA
Wed, Mar 19th 2014 12:11p   Harvey Coblin
Here at Sherpa, we’re frequently contacted by organizations looking to learn more about complying with federal regulations, such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was enacted in 1996 to ensure the protection of patient privacy. Foremost, it also provides the right for patients to access their medical records, as well as preventing (in most circumstances) healthcare providers from sharing sensitive patient information without the patient [read] Keywords: email office security xml

What is eDiscovery and why should anyone care?
Tue, Mar 11th 2014 8:13a   Mark Slabinski
Trying to explain the purpose of eDiscovery can be a daunting task; just a few weeks ago I’d be hard-pressed to provide an adequate explanation. After working at Sherpa these past few months however, I have come to acknowledge just how important it is to an organization to have a firm grasp of eDiscovery solutions. Put yourself, for a second, in the shoes of a frazzled employee, suddenly in charge of finding a piece of information that could save your company in a massive litigation case; you [read] Keywords: exchange exchange microsoft xml

4 B2B marketing trends to love in 2014
Mon, Mar 10th 2014 11:15a   Mel Moraes
Times are a-changing, and it’s no longer a simple battle between companies (specifically, their marketing departments) to have the best showing at trade shows, the most magazine editorial features, the flashiest website and the highest number of followers on social media – it is much, much more than that. More and more B2B marketers are catching on by utilizing e-blasts and e-newsletters, taking advantage of marketing automation programs and creating effective SEO strategies, but there still [read] Keywords: google twitter xml

EDiscovery in an Information Governance World
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 1:12p   Marta Farensbach
When looking over commentary from electronic discovery experts in the past few years, it becomes apparent that there is now greater emphasis on eDiscovery as part of a complete ”Information Governance” (IG) picture.  The management of corporate information at an enterprise level is far from new; in fact, organizations of all sizes have been employing strategies to deal with vast amounts of data well before electronically stored information subsumed its hardcopy counterparts.  However, many [read] Keywords: administration policies enterprise xml

Get ready to MECs it up!
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 1:12p   Doug Yarabinetz
They say you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone; this certainly goes true for more than a thousand Exchange and Office 365 professionals, enthusiasts and developers who returned to the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) two years ago after the conference took a whole 10 year hiatus.  This year, we head to Austin, Texas for another round of unparalleled access to hands-on training with hundreds of educational breakouts, interactive sessions with industry leaders and evening network [read] Keywords: community exchange exchange microsoft networking office outlook server xml

Four considerations when managing emails
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 1:12p   Jeff Tujetsch
When you hear the term “email management,” what does that mean to you? My guess is that in  asking that question to different IT groups either within the same company or different companies, I would receive many different responses. In this article, I will do my best to explain it as generically as possible, though I will sprinkle in some Domino-specific examples, since that is the foundation of my email management experience. Probably the first thing that comes to mind is managing the [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes email xml

Wildcards, Phrases, and Other Search Syntax Sundries
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 1:12p   Harvey Coblin
At Sherpa Software, we strive to make our products easy and intuitive, but we still get calls from customers wanting help crafting their keyword search syntax. The key things to understand are the differences between the Word List (Any), Word List (All), and Search Expression options. For simple searches, the Word List options are the way to go: Words or phrases are entered one per line; phrases do not need to be contained within quotation marks, and the asterisk functions as a wildcard. As the [read] Keywords: xml

From LotusScript to Java: Part 2
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 1:12p   Grant Lindsay
Re-cap I previously promised a series for IBM Developers on moving from LotusScript to Java. This is the second installment of that series. It was delayed due to something called, “work,” and another thing called, “IBM Connect 2014,” which for me is also a subset of “work.” Things have settled down and we can now get started. For our start, I will go over some basics of Java in the context of what you, as a LotusScript developer, are familiar with and I will get into the development [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm lotusscript notes database development eclipse java oracle xml

Elements of an effective information governance strategy
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 12:12p   Rick Wilson
Recently, I’ve been investigating ARMA certification as an Information Governance Professional (IGP). Needless to say, there is a substantial amount of material outlined in the DACUM curriculum for that program, but I’ve learned that there are a series of core elements common to effective information governance programs. For the purposes of this discussion, I am defining information governance as: “An accountability framework that encourages desirable behavior in the valuation, creation, [read] Keywords: policies linkedin xml

Social Business: What’s the ROI?
Fri, Mar 7th 2014 12:12p   Denny Russell
Whether you’re promoting your company’s products & services or getting your employees to share information and collaborate, being social will help you grow as a company. Employees will be more engaged, happier and more productive. You’ve read that last line a hundred times by now in other articles but I truly believe that.  The social business is a more engaged and more productive group.  No doubt about it.  But the big question remains, ‘how does that affect the b [read] Keywords: ibm community email network twitter xml

Putting the ‘ME’ in social media
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 5:11a   Denny Russell
I’m often asked how I manage to keep track of all the social sites that I belong to:  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.  Not only do I have my own personal accounts, but I also manage several other accounts for websites, youth organizations, etc.  Keeping it all in line and staying on top of it can be a daunting task.  I recently presented a  one-hour lunch-and-learn here at Sherpa, where I shared my experiences and showed how I manage all of my social connections, and [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm email exchange exchange facebook linkedin microsoft twitter xml

Case Study: A PST Migration Story
Thu, Feb 27th 2014 10:11a   Shoshana Mahler
With compliance and other requirements necessitating the elimination of loose PST files, companies are burdened with moving this data to a centralized repository in a timely, secure and cost-effective manner. However, PST files are often dispersed throughout an organization’s network making them difficult to manage, locate and access. In this case study, I explore a real-life migration that I managed and performed personally. The organization who I performed this for is a domestic healthcare m [read] Keywords: email exchange exchange microsoft network server xml

White paper: How to use IBM Connections for projects & more
Mon, Feb 17th 2014 10:11a   Denny Russell
How many projects have you worked on that consisted of endless meetings with no clear next steps, ongoing email threads that were hard to follow and water cooler talk that left others out of the conversation? While all of these are good methods to collaborate, they often leave you wondering where things are going or what progress has been made. You not only want a better way to communicate, but you need a better way. That’s what I am here to tell you about: how to use IBM Connections to manage [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus email xml

IBM Connect 2014: Attendee survey results (Free infographic)
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 8:10a   Mel Moraes
Earlier this year at the IBM Connect show, we decided to survey the show attendees to get a feel for their business needs, what they forecast for their business in 2014 and more.  From these results, an infographic was created for your convenience in viewing the results of this questionnaire. To access our survey results, simply click here and you’re halfway there! You’ll be taken to a landing page with a free download of the infographic created, after answering just a few small [read] Keywords: ibm xml

IBM Connect 2014 Recap
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 8:10a   Denny Russell
Sherpa Software is just returning from yet another successful IBM Connect show. We’ve been there since the formation of Sherpa back in September of 2000 – and that’s when we had just one product to market.  The shows have changed dramatically from those first years; gone are the days of having to watch for when registration for the show and hotels opened, just so you could get a place to stay and be part of the 10,000+ attendees that showed up.  We couldn’t speak on te [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus facebook twitter xml

Attender Utilities for Notes: Installer Updates
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 9:11a   Stephanie Sheaffer
Sherpa Software’s Lotus Notes products provide extensive email management, archiving, content filtering, policy enforcement and database administration capabilities to companies addressing issues relating to compliance, storage management and eDiscovery within IBM Lotus Domino.  Installation is easy and now, even more improved than ever. Improvements include: The Upgrade process no longer opens the product databases in the UI. The Upgrade process no longer requires the administrator to s [read] Keywords: administration domino ibm lotus notes archiving database email xml

The Evolution of Electronic Information Lifecycle
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 10:11a   Marta Farensbach
Information does not appear in a vacuum. It can and does take a life all of its own, which needs to be managed accordingly.  Digital data, for example, can be created without notice – which can then expand and proliferate as routine tasks are performed.  Email, databases, web pages, documents, posts, tweets and hordes of other electronically stored information (ESI) grow exponentially in volume  and slowly age. These bits and bytes do not grow old and wither away; they must be actively d [read] Keywords: policies archiving email security wiki xml

Risk assessment: It is worth the work!
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 10:11a   Jeff Tujetsch
Imagine that you are sitting on a tree stump in a quiet forest next to a gently running stream. The birds are chirping, squirrels and chipmunks playing, and all seems right with the world. You are in your refuge; the place you go in your mind when someone mentions peace. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the next thing you hear is the voice of one of your co-workers waking you from your daydream, telling you that your company is involved in litigation and there is an immediate need [read] Keywords: policies archive email security xml

Social Collaboration – What’s in your future?
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 9:15a   Denny Russell
If you haven’t heard of Social Business yet, you’d better get on board. The way you think and do your job is changing, or at least it should be.  There is no need to sit around in meetings all day to gather input, discuss ideas or even make decisions.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for sit-downs, face-to-face and other old-school means of communication; however, if you want to attract young new talent to your business and bring on the freshest of minds, you need [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm instant messaging office social software xml

Planning for Information Governance
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 9:15a   Rick Wilson
In the business world, the term ‘governance’ typically includes both the rules and the management (e.g. board of directors) that control the operation of a company. The presence of these controls is vitally important to the ongoing success of the organization, since they help ensure accountability and transparency to the stakeholders of the company. Extending that same governance concept to the data that your business creates and consumes can help to place some context around the idea of in [read] Keywords: email exchange exchange microsoft security sharepoint xml

Off the Topic: 10 ways to succeed in your 2014 New Year’s resolution
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 9:15a   Melissa Moraes
Ah, January. It’s that time of year: gym rats are waiting for the resolution rush to clear out; “quitting season” is in full swing, leaving GlaxoSmithKline execs to enjoy enormous success in smoking-cessation product sales; and participants of online dating programs can look forward to some more “fish in the sea,” as most of these sites see somewhere around a 50 percent jump in registration this month. According to a study, 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, a [read] Keywords: apple blogging office xml

Advance Features of Mail Attender
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 8:11a   Shoshana Mahler
In this article, I will be covering some of the most useful (and sometimes unknown) features found in Mail Attender.  Mail Attender is a robust administrative tool designed to provide complete control over the content found in Exchange and O365 mailboxes, online archives and public folders, as well as PST files located on both network shares and end-users’ machines.  For instance, if you need to ingest PST data back into Exchange, apply retention policies against these email stores or find m [read] Keywords: agent policies application archive desktop email exchange exchange microsoft network server xml

From LotusScript to Java: An Introduction
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 8:11a   Grant Lindsay
Overview This is the first part in a series of blog posts that will be targeted to IBM Notes Developers. Specifically, for those who are proficient in LotusScript and who want to learn Java. The Reason for the Series The purpose of this series is to help you get started on your journey from here (LotusScript) to there (Java). For many of us, it is easier to learn and apply something new if we can compare and contrast it with what we already know. Since you may already know programming, we will n [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusscript notes notes client ntf xpages applications java mobile server xml

IBM Connect 2014 Preview
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 8:11a   Denny Russell
Wow, we’re already discussing 2014.  Yeah, that last year went fast! It’s that time again where the holidays are over and everyone is getting back into the swing of things. And for us IBM’ers, we are now counting down the days until we land in sunny Orlando, FL.  That’s right, it’s nearing IBM Connect time - the annual gathering of fellow IBM friends for good times, some tech talk and a few drinks at the local watering hole. When I left last year, I said things would be [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm facebook integration office xml

(Re) Introduction to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 8:11a   Harvey Coblin
Just in time for the New Year, authorities have announced that as many as 40 million debit and credit cards may have been compromised as a result of a breach of Target’s payment system. Details of how the theft occurred are still emerging, but it now appears that nearly all of the 1,797 Target stores in the United States were the… um, target… of the theft of customer name and credit card information. In light of this significant (but not unprecedented) crime, let’s revisit the topic of t [read] Keywords: policies network security wiki xml

What’s new in Discovery Attender version 3.9
Fri, Jan 3rd 2014 12:11p   Stephanie Sheaffer
Discovery Attender is a software tool designed to automate the search and collection of electronically stored information across a variety of platforms. This cost-effective solution enables in-house talent to identify and gather responsive information in a timely, defensible manner. Up and running in minutes, Discovery Attender streamlines the process of locating and producing data for electronic discovery requests, compliance, internal investigations and much more. The “What’s New&# [read] Keywords: email exchange exchange xml

Predictions for 2014: What will change about cloud computing?
Fri, Dec 20th 2013 10:17a   Melissa Moraes
It’s typical that during the last few weeks of each year, the internet is flooded with article after article with predictions for the following year. These typically are made up from various categories from consumer spending habits, to fashion trends, to technological advances. As far as the forecast of the cloud market’s shelf life, Forbes.com contributor Joe McKendrick stated his two cents yesterday on the matter: “In the spirit of prediction-making, I am offering my own. But rather than [read] Keywords: archiving email mobile sharepoint xml

Top 10 YouTube Videos: Sherpa Software 2013 Wrap-Up
Mon, Dec 16th 2013 3:16p   Melissa Moraes
As we look forward and plan for new video creation, we looked back at the most popular videos on Sherpa Software YouTube channel. From email/data management struggles to overviews of our latest product offerings, these videos are designed to provide insightful information as well as best practices within the industry. Here’s a brief countdown of the videos you’ve all viewed the most in the last year or so. Make sure to check out any that you’ve missed! #10: e-Discovery in Exch [read] Keywords: ibm notes policies archiving archive email exchange exchange microsoft network sharepoint xml

Q&A with Jeff Tujetsch: How to minimize risks when an employee leaves
Fri, Dec 6th 2013 5:11a   Melissa Moraes
Employees don’t stay in one job forever; it’s a certain fact of work life. For the IT manager, an employee transition, voluntary or involuntary, can be a file management nightmare. Sherpa Software’s Jeff Tujetsch offers practical tips to navigate and troubleshoot employee turnover.  What’s the rule of thumb for how long to keep files from an employee’s computer after they leave? JT – It must depend on the regulations that govern the company’s retention policy. If ther [read] Keywords: lotus notes desktop email laptop security server xml

INFOGRAPHIC: Results on November 2013 PST Management Survey
Tue, Dec 3rd 2013 8:17a   Melissa Moraes
A recent survey administered by Sherpa Software in November 2013 asked IT Managers questions pertaining to their PST management needs and future plans. More than 65 industry professionals participated and shared their insights. As promised, we have compiled the data and created this detailed infographic, shown below, to illustrate the results. We encourage you to share with your colleagues and send us feedback! Additionally, we appreciate your time and look forward to answering any PST managem [read] Keywords: xml

Social media statistics for 2013: How Vine became a game-changer
Mon, Dec 2nd 2013 8:15a   Melissa Moraes
Whether you Tweet your thoughts in 140 characters, Instagram a 612×612 px memory (by way of a fancy filter) or Pinterest the sangria recipe you made at last night’s dinner party, your abilities to capture and share moments with the use of social media have become limitless in the year 2013. There are at least two platforms for everything you could want to share with loved ones and connections via the internet. Social apps have grown exponentially. Instagram started out with only 13 emplo [read] Keywords: connections facebook javascript skype twitter xml

Legacy Data Cleanup with Attender Online
Wed, Nov 27th 2013 2:17p   Stephanie Sheaffer
What is legacy data? According to GCOC The Council, it is “all information that is ”inactive” – data that is stored in physical or electronic format and is not currently understood, used or managed. This includes tremendous volumes of data accumulated in files and data stores originally saved for specific reasons – disaster recovery, business needs, retention and preservation processes – that has since outlived its value.” Types of legacy data includes: emails PDFs SharePo [read] Keywords: email sharepoint xml

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