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Ways to avoid Information Governance pitfalls
Wed, Oct 5th 2016 3
Finding PCI and PII Data with Discovery Attender
Wed, Sep 21st 2016 1
Bring Your Own Device & Data Security
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 5
Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation
Wed, Aug 24th 2016 2
Targeting Risks in IT – 5 Things to Consider
Mon, Jul 11th 2016 2
FOIA reforms are on the way, are you ready?
Wed, Jun 22nd 2016 2
Breach of Security: Measuring the Cost of Cyber Crime
Wed, Jun 8th 2016 3
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Infographic: Two-Question Survey on Policy Enforcement and eDiscovery
Mon, Oct 12th 2015 6
Altitude IG September Updates
Thu, Sep 17th 2015 5
White paper: Understanding Data, The Value of Reporting and Analytics to Your Business
Mon, Oct 12th 2015 5
Bring Your Own Device & Data Security
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 5
April Altitude IG Updates
Tue, Apr 28th 2015 4
Altitude IG – Platform Updates for July
Wed, Jul 8th 2015 4
Policy-Driven Information Governance: The Ultimate Guide
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 3
Office 365 roadmap: What to expect
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 3
Attachments: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them
Mon, Jul 7th 2014 3
Demystifying Defensible Deletion
Thu, Nov 6th 2014 3

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Ways to avoid Information Governance pitfalls
Wed, Oct 5th 2016 10:25a   Jeff Tujetsch
Ways to avoid Information Governance pitfalls Information Governance (IG) -It sounds like it is a very extensive process because unfortunately, it is.  There are many components to IG, with the two major players being software and people. In this article, I will try to expose possible issues that you can hopefully avoid. For those of you that have had school-age kids, you can attest to the kids succeeding more when a routine is established and followed. So why am I talking about routine? Becaus
Finding PCI and PII Data with Discovery Attender
Wed, Sep 21st 2016 9:21a   Marta Farensbach
Finding PCI and PII Data with Discovery Attender Various privacy laws and other data security regulations detail how private, financial, and other confidential records should be handled. These rules cover the usage and storage of data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, social insurance information, and health care records. As described in a previous blog article, having this Personally Identifiable information (PII) or Payment Card Industry (PCI) data loose in your sy
Bring Your Own Device & Data Security
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 12:25p   Harvey Coblin
With the proliferation of portable electronic devices, increasing numbers of professionals are preferring to carry their own smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc. to use for work-related purposes. Rather than transporting duplicate devices to distinguish between professional vs. personal data, employees can work where and when they please and with hardware and applications they are already familiar with. It is estimated worldwide that one in three employees are utilizing personal devices at the w
Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation
Wed, Aug 24th 2016 9:13a   Rick Wilson
If your organization has international operations in the European Union, you should be planning for GDPR compliance now! The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to become the overriding data protection regulation with the EU. It was adopted by the European Parliament Council and Commission in 2015, took effect in 2016 and enforcement is scheduled to begin in May of 2018. At its core, the GDPR is intended to provide citizens of the EU with greater control over their personal data a
Targeting Risks in IT – 5 Things to Consider
Mon, Jul 11th 2016 2:04p   Marta Farensbach
Today’s compliance, litigation, and regulation-heavy business environments introduce a number of challenges for busy IT professionals. Ignoring any of these areas, as well as failing to implement a strong Information Governance (IG) platform, can introduce substantial risk into your organization. In the worst cases, data breaches, adverse judgements, or non-compliance penalties could thrust a company into the glare of national headlines. Poor policy can affect more than just the finances of a
FOIA reforms are on the way, are you ready?
Wed, Jun 22nd 2016 10:06a   Rick Wilson
If you are employed by a federal government agency, then you are probably well aware of FOIA, or the Freedom of Information Act. FOIA was originally signed into law during the 1960’s by then President Lyndon B. Johnson to establish a process whereby citizens can request copies of governmental records that are not published in the Federal Registry. Agencies, in turn, are required to provide this information in a timely fashion (usually 20 days). Although FOIA is a federal mandate, it has also
Breach of Security: Measuring the Cost of Cyber Crime
Wed, Jun 8th 2016 10:10a   Harvey Coblin
Cybercrime is an increasing threat. Estimates vary widely, but according to a recent Reuters article, “Cyber crime costs (the) global economy $445 billion a year.” Other estimates place the costs as high as $1 trillion. The reason estimates vary is due in part to the fact that cybercrime can come in many forms, ranging from denial of service, theft of credit card or other financial information  (PCI/PII), industrial espionage, all the way up the ladder to state-sponsored terrorism
How to Survive Data Discovery in the Digital age
Mon, May 9th 2016 10:42a   Jeff Tujetsch
eDiscovery. That one word will make IT professionals start shaking. But, as the most technologically advanced civilization in the world, why is that? Is it because of what will be found? Is it because of what they are asked to search? Or is it because of the search terms they are asked to use? Well, the answer to each question is ‘Yes’. Data Discovery has grown into a multi-billion dollar world-wide business. Though the United States might lead the way because of our litigiousness, w
Information Governance and the Internet of Things
Mon, May 9th 2016 10:28a   Marta Farensbach
Machines talking to machines.  Once the province of science fiction, the Internet of Things is set to transform industries as visionaries incorporate its wide reach into everyday objects. On a very simple level, the Internet of Things (IoT) describes the freeing of communication from the domain of computers and smart phones by allowing all types of devices to share information across the internet.  ‘Things’ like cars, fridges, health monitors, water meters and so much more can be empower
WHITE PAPER: Implementing Office 365: Inherent Features and the Need for Third Party Tools
Wed, May 4th 2016 9:59a   Kayla Badini
In this white paper, the topic of Office 365 and complementary solutions will be discussed; insights will be offered on a business’ future migration plans and knowing the options available. One will learn:  Why Office 365 is a compelling platform, Examples of productivity integrations, About the importance of information governance integration, Supplementing with third party software Click here to download this white paper! The post WHITE PAPER: Implementing Office 365: Inherent Features an
Don’t be next! Minecraft Third-Party Suffers Security Breach
Fri, Apr 29th 2016 9:04a   Sherpa Software
By now, you have heard of the security breach suffered by a Minecraft third party called Lifeboat which caused roughly 7 million user passwords to be penetrated or hacked.  The even more unfortunate part? It happened months before Lifeboat admitted to the breach.  By not being transparent, users were put at risk for further breaches.  This lack of communication could have affected users who use the same password for multiple accounts and brands, like Lifeboat, need to understand that breaches
8 Reasons to visit Pittsburgh, PA
Tue, Apr 26th 2016 4:31p   Kayla Badini
Pittsburgh marathon weekend is upon us and this city is about to have hundreds of guest cross one of the many bridges to participate in the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay and more.  Once you have picked up your race packet and explored the David L. Lawrence Convention Center at the GNC Live Well Pittsburgh Health and Fitness Expo full of vendors, entertainment, etc., you may want to spend your evening exploring what Pittsburgh has to offer.  Not joining us fo
How IT can take the lead in Information Governance projects
Wed, Apr 20th 2016 9:09a   Rick Wilson
Instituting a structured information governance (IG) program has evolved from being little more than an interesting research project to a business critical initiative within many organizations. In fact, there is a groundswell of support building for formalizing the leadership role of Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) within the corporate hierarchy. Many resources, including Sherpa’s own white paper series “Building a Corporate Information Governance Program” and the EDRM
How IT can meet the demands of eDiscovery & Policy Enforcement
Tue, Apr 12th 2016 11:06a   Harvey Coblin
A company’s email system is arguably the center of their corporate communications. Not only is it the centerpiece in the actual message content, but also as a mechanism for sharing files and documents that can be transmitted and retransmitted across the organization. As such, an email system is a likely target for eDiscovery requests in the event of litigation. For companies starting down the path of developing an information governance program, including records retention and eDiscovery (or a
WHITE PAPER: An Introduction to PCI and PII: Securing Your Organization’s Data
Tue, Mar 29th 2016 8:32a   Kayla Badini
Just about every day, the national headlines include stories about data breaches that have compromised the security of thousands or even millions of confidential electronic records, often containing credit card or social security numbers. Usually, this occurs at organizations found to be in violation of various regulations or industry standards designed to prevent such incursions.  These notable hacks and thefts have prompted organizations to look to their own policies to avoid becoming the nex
The Results are in! eDiscovery 2016 Survey
Wed, Mar 23rd 2016 11:47a   Kayla Badini
A recent survey asked eDiscovery, Legal and IT professionals questions pertaining to their eDiscovery projects and needs. More than 250 industry professionals participated and shared their insights. As promised, we have compiled the data and created a detailed infographic to illustrate the results. Click here to download the infographic now! we appreciate your time and look forward to answering any of your eDiscovery questions. information@sherpasoftware.com | www.sherpasoftware.com | 1.800.255
Bridging the chasm between IT and Legal – (Part 2 of 2)
Tue, Mar 8th 2016 9:06a   Jeff Tujetsch
IT and Legal must work hand-in-hand in order to allow your organization to be profitable and successful. By developing a thorough plan and properly implementing the right tools, you can create a cohesive team. In Part 1 of this series, we provided insight into how you can strengthen the relationship and collaboration between IT and Legal by addressing: Why collaborate? and Where to start? Part 2 will focus on What tasks require collaboration? and When should the partnership begin? What tasks r
Why bring eDiscovery in-house?
Tue, Mar 8th 2016 9:05a   Marta Farensbach
Traditional models of eDiscovery have involved collecting electronic files from email servers, file shares and other data repositories, then handing if off wholesale to outside vendors for culling, processing and review. With the advent of effective in-house software and solutions, more and more organizations are looking to in-sourcing as an effective method to reduce costs and gain control of their eDiscovery processes. This article will discuss the reasons why moving eDiscovery in-house can be
Deleting Data from a Device: Is it really gone?
Tue, Feb 23rd 2016 4:19p   Sherpa Software
We’ve all had to delete data from our devices, whether the plan was to sell or just dispose of them.  Of course, we try to remove all confidential information, pictures, emails and files so that they cannot be accessed by someone else and when we permanently delete the data files, we typically empty the recycle bin to ensure that they have been removed. But is it all really gone? The answer is a definitive no.  According to Webopedia, “Files that are moved to the recycle bin (on PCs) or
Off-the-topic: 5 Winter Getaway Ideas
Tue, Feb 9th 2016 9:19a   Sherpa Software
Once the holidays pass and the snow finally settles, cabin fever is sure to kick in. Don’t get stuck in the usual winter rut; try any of the five getaway ideas below to shake things up. Your family will thank you! Indoor waterpark – You’ve skied, rode sleds, built a snowman, and just about every other basic winter activity, but now you’re bored. Thanks to places like Kalahari Resorts & Conventions, located in Sandusky, OH, you and your kids can experience summer months ahead of time
Altitude IG Updates for January
Tue, Feb 2nd 2016 9:43a   Sherpa Software
The new Altitude IG updates for January are being released at the end of the month.  The update includes several new legal hold notification features: Automated re-sending of the hold notice if the custodian has not acknowledged the hold within a defined timeframe Periodic email reminders to custodians that are part of ongoing holds Automatic email to inform custodians when they have been released from a hold The option to CC other users of a hold notifications (i.e. an employees man
Sherpa’s Top 10 Must Reads!
Tue, Jan 26th 2016 9:42a   Kayla Badini
As 2016 kicks off, you’ve most likely heard “new year, new you” more times than you can count. New resolutions, new goals, new perspective, new, new, new.  We too look at the New Year with a view toward developing great new content.  But while starting off the year with new and exciting content is expected, we can’t help but reflect back on the great content that was created in the past but is just as relevant today. Sherpa is always striving to keep you up-to-date with the latest indu
Predictive Coding
Fri, Jan 22nd 2016 2:41p   Harvey Coblin
In my article on reducing eDiscovery costs in last month’s Sherpa newsletter, I made mention of an automated document review technique known as Predictive Coding. As discussed in the article, the primary expense involved in the eDiscovery process isn’t so much in the actual gathering of the relevant documents, but in the lengthy process of manually reviewing them to determine which are responsive, privileged or just plain irrelevant. Also known as technology-assisted review, predictive codin
[Video] Sherpa Altitude IG: An Overview
Wed, Oct 28th 2015 2:45p   Stephanie DiPaolo
Introducing Sherpa Altitude IG, the complete, cost-effective solution for Information Governance & eDiscovery. Altitude IG provides a comprehensive suite of tools to support multiple organizational functions from a single platform. Offering a high degree of flexibility, Altitude IG allows information professionals to craft a solution that best fits their individual information governance and eDiscovery needs. Watch the video to learn more! The post [Video] Sherpa Altitude IG: An Overview ap
Altitude IG October 2015 Updates
Wed, Oct 28th 2015 2:44p   Sherpa Software
The Altitude IG October update introduces new features for policy management and eDiscovery modules as well as a few administrative additions.  The following list details the changes: eDiscovery Module Updates: Allows Groups to be added as eDiscovery Custodians DeNISTing of search results* Added an option to provide the full-text of original documents and emails when viewing search result details on the console Policy Management Module Updates: Added an action to Copy/Move messages from O365

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