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Cooking again. This time for the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp.
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 102
Chef Watson part 2. Korean BBQ Lemon Cupcakes.
Sun, Oct 5th 2014 81
My first attempt with Chef Watson. “Irish Smokey Bacon Cookies”
Sun, Sep 28th 2014 131
2 Months in.
Thu, Jul 3rd 2014 77
Out of the Yellow, into the Blue.
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 75
Stories and learning.
Fri, Apr 18th 2014 86
Thanks for the Linkedin endorsements but..
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013 69
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Restarting your client after a crash without rebooting
Tue, Nov 3rd 2009 131
My first attempt with Chef Watson. “Irish Smokey Bacon Cookies”
Sun, Sep 28th 2014 131
Cooking again. This time for the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp.
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 102
Stories and learning.
Fri, Apr 18th 2014 86
Chef Watson part 2. Korean BBQ Lemon Cupcakes.
Sun, Oct 5th 2014 81
2 Months in.
Thu, Jul 3rd 2014 77
Out of the Yellow, into the Blue.
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 75
Forget about the Help NSF for the ND9 Designer client.
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 69
Thanks for the Linkedin endorsements but..
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013 69
A reminder to those going to Connect 2013.
Tue, Jan 22nd 2013 68

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Cooking again. This time for the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp.
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 2:15p   Simon O'Doherty
Let me preface this story with this warning. I AM NOT A CHEF Seriously. I have probably done more real cooking playing around with Chef Watson in the last month then I have done in years. I am good at following instructions, and searching for how to do things. So my food presentation skills suck. I know this (and more professional chefs told me to my face :). I also know without Chef Watson giving me the instructions I would be incapable of creating anything edible. So, to help out a co-worker [read] Keywords: apple application twitter

Chef Watson part 2. Korean BBQ Lemon Cupcakes.
Sun, Oct 5th 2014 9:11a   Simon O'Doherty
So I finally got all the ingredients for my next recipe from Chef Watson. This time it was Korean BBQ Lemon Cupcakes. I didn’t have to make any modifications to the amount this time. The main ingredients in the cupcakes are. Lemon Lime Figs Chilli Oil Peanut butter I found the taste to be fantastic. They start off tasting like normal cupcakes, then you get a slight hot sensation in your mouth after eating. The chilli oil is very subtle. It does share some attributes to the bacon cookies [read] Keywords:

My first attempt with Chef Watson. “Irish Smokey Bacon Cookies”
Sun, Sep 28th 2014 1:10p   Simon O'Doherty
I finally got access to Chef Watson in work. There has been a beta running for a while, but they opened it up for IBM’ers (limited access). Playing with it for a while, it is clearly still in Beta. I found some recipes had typos in them, or incorrect terms. But the system does make it clear that the steps are suggestions and not fixed guidelines. Also for the first recipe I had to reduce the amount of ingredients by a factor of four. It said it serves 19, but even at the reduced amount I w [read] Keywords: ibm apple

2 Months in.
Thu, Jul 3rd 2014 6:10a   Simon O'Doherty
So I have been two months in the new role. Most of that has been educational training (Littleton, Raleigh as well as local). It appears be a continual learning process, but I am slowly starting to work on customer related stuff. So what am I doing? I work in Lab Services for Watson Engagement Advisor (WEA). WEA is a version of Watson that you teach to become a domain expert. You do this by feeding it in unstructured data and then teaching it to understand the material. Once you teach it correctl [read] Keywords: ibm wiki

Out of the Yellow, into the Blue.
Wed, Apr 23rd 2014 6:13a   Simon O'Doherty
Today is my second last day as a Support Engineer for Notes/Domino. Out of my nineteen years or so in IBM, eight of them were spent in Level 2 support. When I first entered into the role, I mistaken belief that many others do (in and out of IBM!). In that it would be a call center reading a script. I couldn’t have been more further than the truth. Apart from the massive amounts of training in several product areas, you also got trained on how to deal with people. Something you don’t [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes community development openntf planet lotus wiki

Stories and learning.
Fri, Apr 18th 2014 7:09a   Simon O'Doherty
This is probably why David Leedy‘s blog actually helps you learn. [read] Keywords:


Thanks for the Linkedin endorsements but..
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013 8:12a   Simon O'Doherty
I appreciate everyone giving me LinkedIn endorsements, but I am really not an expert on WebSphere / Portal. Haven’t used either in years. Likewise with other non-related endorsements I’ve been deleting them as I find them. But I was wondering if people just accept these random endorsements? What would be the benefit in doing it? [read] Keywords: linkedin websphere

Forget about the Help NSF for the ND9 Designer client.
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 3:14p   Simon O'Doherty
For those of you who have just installed Notes Designer 9, I recommend to check out the new help features. Pressing F1 in the designer client will bring up the help, which you can move around the UI to where you like or expand it to full screen. Here is an example looking for getDocumentByUNID method. As you can see the methods now have the Object reference in the title along with the language. If this isn’t enough you can also filter out what you don’t want. For example clicking [read] Keywords: ibm notes java

Because no one need suffer the pain I did. (C-API)
Wed, Mar 6th 2013 12:09p   Simon O'Doherty
I’m ramping up on C-API stuff at the moment. I’ve been having a pretty horrific time trying to get installed and running properly on OSX (Thanks Parag for the help!). What has driven me to near insanity though was creating a simple project to run in XCode. After numerous trial and error it appeared to all stem from one wrong little backslash in a string! That’s what I get for expecting it to execute the same way as the command line. So I wrote up my steps on the Domino Appdev W [read] Keywords: domino ldd lotus wiki

A reminder to those going to Connect 2013.
Tue, Jan 22nd 2013 8:14a   Simon O'Doherty
It’s that time of the year again. From a support point of view, to maximise your time there I recommend doing the following. 1. If you have a particularly tricky PMR, or a block of PMRs that you want to discuss at the conference with someone (i.e. Developer), let your support engineer for the PMR/s know that you will be there. No guarantees!, but they hopefully should be able to get some time with a developer for you that is relevant to the issues. 2. If you aren’t available for PMR [read] Keywords:

As quiet as my blog.
Mon, Jan 21st 2013 5:16a   Simon O'Doherty
Still alive.. Busy with lots of stuff, not all I can put on a blog. [read] Keywords:

Using LanguageWare with Lotus Notes
Sun, Oct 28th 2012 7:10a   Simon O'Doherty
I had meant to finish this a long time ago, but I remembered how annoying it is to do video recording, so I might ramble on a bit (It’s no notes in 9!). So this demo will give a very brief overview of how you can create a personalised live text/analysis system in XPages using UIMA. It demonstrates using Languageware, which takes a lot of the pain out of working with UIMA. We quickly create a names dictionary of over 5,000 first names, then teach it how to understand a full name. Apologies [read] Keywords: lotus notes xpages

I really need to pay more attention to OpenNTF
Wed, Oct 17th 2012 12:33p   Simon O'Doherty
Just finished day 1 of IBM XPages Master class. In the morning we were introduced to the XPages Toolbox. In support we deal with issues related to Notes/Domino and not the customers application. So from the get-go we have to ask the customer to create a sample to remove their application from the equation. The majority of customers are just as passionate in creating test cases as they do with full scale applications. That said, I can still relate to the amount of work that can be involved in doi [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages application applications openntf

My 5am wake up call.
Wed, Oct 17th 2012 6:55a   Simon O'Doherty
Spiderman alarm clock. [read] Keywords:

Happiness and presentations.
Wed, Aug 1st 2012 6:16a   Simon O'Doherty
Two good books I am reading at the moment (well almost finished), is “The Happiness Advantage” and “100 Things Every Presenter Needs to Know About People“. I picked these up as something to apply to a project I am working on, and both have been very helpful. While the presentation one is interesting, the techniques don’t only apply to presenting. I’ve been using some of the tips to help others consume data/actions I needed. Here are two short presentations on [read] Keywords:

Impressed with Dell support!
Tue, Jul 31st 2012 11:06a   Simon O'Doherty
I’ve bought stuff from Dell over the years and my run in with their support a few years back helped in finally switching me totally over to Apple Macs. So they lost a customer back then, due to how I was handled. I should stress that as long as I didn’t have to deal with support the hardware was worth the price. But the possible stress of it happening again wasn’t worth it. My wife on the other hand still has her PC from back then and has bought two Dell monitors since that fat [read] Keywords: apple
Tue, Jul 31st 2012 10:45a   Simon O'Doherty
So often I have to sit back and watch misinformed/incorrect troll for hit stories being posted on a  so called tech blog. While I can correct the information, I am not in the position to do it (on behalf of my employer). To be honest I am not sure why I even read their blog anymore, it isn’t like there is anything of worth in the areas I am interested in. I do take contention however when the bullshit is directed at me though as an individual. To obviously try and goad me into saying some [read] Keywords:

My Macbook Air just won’t let go.
Thu, Jul 12th 2012 2:42a   Simon O'Doherty
I am in the process of resetting my Macbook Air 2011 so that I can resell it. However trying to do this is trying my patience. So first I could not get the recovery disk to reinstall. It kept coming up disk is locked. After much messing around I found that I had to delete the Bootcamp partition while inside OSX, then resize the partition there. Once I did that the recovery disk allowed me to erase the partition completely and create a new one (format) before running the reinstall. However it sai [read] Keywords: macbook network

Creative Thinking Techniques
Sun, Jun 10th 2012 8:54a   Simon O'Doherty
This is a presentation I did a few years ago and at least once a year since then. I have now converted it over to Prezi format for your enjoyment. [read] Keywords: application

Trying to push my MacBook Pro to the limit.
Fri, May 25th 2012 11:58a   Simon O'Doherty
I recently upgraded my Mac Book Pro (Fall 2011) to 16GB. Just day to day work I get 0 page outs. But I also have a lot of memory just sitting there idle. So I am attempting to see how far I can push it. At the moment I have the following setup running and the machine isn’t even breaking a sweat. Note: Picture does not show all my other day to day applications running outside the VM. The plan is to set up multiple partition servers with cluster on the Windows VM, along with another Domino [read] Keywords: domino sametime applications mac macbook server vm

Life without Flash.
Sun, May 6th 2012 4:57a   Simon O'Doherty
Using flash on the Mac has been for sometime quite painful. Even a trivial flash app will bump the CPU up, and most times causing the fans to kick into overdrive. On a Macbook Air, it is quite painful to listen to the machine screaming because someone sent me a link to some cat doing something funny. I’ve noticed since getting the iPad there is very little if any website that requires me to have flash to view it. So I removed Flash from my Mac to see how I get on (as well as Silverlight) [read] Keywords: agent mac macbook

Siri revisited
Mon, Apr 30th 2012 9:29a   Simon O'Doherty
Further to the prank I posted the other day with Siri, further testing it appears calendar entries are also open for abuse without having the passcode access to the phone. Example: “Change Meeting this afternoon” (I only had one). “Change the location to You will never find the room” [read] Keywords:

Social media that I consume.
Thu, Jan 5th 2012 4:46p   Simon O'Doherty
[read] Keywords: application facebook twitter

Are you going to Lotusphere 2012 and have open PMRs?
Wed, Jan 4th 2012 3:01a   Simon O'Doherty
Lotusphere is a great time to meet developers and support face to face. So if you have any open PMRs that you want to address at the event, I recommend mentioning this to engineer working that PMR. This way we can inform development/support representatives attending and see if they can arrange time to discuss with you in more detail. Also when you are at Lotusphere if someone suggests to open a PMR so they can look at it, don’t forget to get their name to add to the PMR! This helps routing [read] Keywords: lotusphere development facebook twitter

Connecting to Domino on the iPhone (Restoring old files)
Tue, Jan 3rd 2012 7:44a   Simon O'Doherty
Checking my previous blog, I noticed that the tutorials on connecting an iPhone to Domino was missing. The PDF’s are for an older version of XCode, but someone may still find useful. Tutorial 1 – Connecting to a Domino View in an iPhone Application Tutorial 2 – Connecting to a Domino Document in an iPhone Application Tutorial 3 – Displaying an image from a Notes document. [read] Keywords: domino notes application facebook iphone twitter

New years wiki updates.
Sun, Jan 1st 2012 6:40a   Simon O'Doherty
Happy new year!  To start the new year I have updated the Domino Appdev wiki with the following. Mapping Agent code to an NSD crash stack. Updated it with more relevant information to help you track that code which is causing a crash. Creating your first Web Service provider and consumer in LotusScript and Java. A tutorial for newbies to web services. Testing your Domino web service provider and consumer using SoapUI. After following the previous walkthrough this goes through how to capture [read] Keywords: agent domino ldd lotus lotusscript nsd facebook java twitter wiki

Moved to a new Blog.
Sun, Jan 1st 2012 12:05a   Simon O'Doherty
I have moved off BleedYellow to my new shiny blog. [read] Keywords: bleedyellow bleedyellow.com facebook twitter

Put up a small OpenNTF app.
Thu, Sep 2nd 2010 5:25a   Simon O'Doherty
div The whole OpenNTF process internally was a lot less painless then I expected. Kudos for the guys on the setup and the patience with me going through it. :) /divdiv /divdivI submitted a small project which we often get requests for. It will allow you to trap the SOAP request/response from Domino Web Services.  You can have a look at it on the a href=http://www.openntf.org/internal/home.nsf/project.xsp?action=openDocumentamp;name=SOAP%20CatcherOpenNTF Project page/a. br //div [read] Keywords: domino openntf

The joys of XPATH
Mon, Jun 7th 2010 4:25p   Simon O'Doherty
I did up a new greasemonkey script for something that has been annoying me for a while. It is a site I view where a number of links to items are shown. But you have to click through numerous links to find the correct images. This time I tried out XPATH and I have to say I am very impressed with it. Makes life so much easier. Here is the breakdown of the code. First using XPATH I tell it to return all links which point to an image file. var links = document.evaluate(             [read] Keywords:

Tutorial 3 - Reading an image from a document into an iPhone app
Thu, Feb 25th 2010 1:41p   Simon O'Doherty
With the use of the Rich Text Lite field type it is very easy to get an image from a document and display on the iPhone. I have uploaded the third tutorial. You will have to complete the second tutorial first though. Here is what you should see if it works. :) [read] Keywords: domino ibm rich text bleedyellow bleedyellow.com iphone

Tutorial 2 - Connecting to a Domino App from an iPhone App
Sun, Feb 21st 2010 7:30a   Simon O'Doherty
 Following on from my first write up I have created the second tutorial. It is an extension of the first one. Using an agent it will display the details of the selected document in the view on the iPhone app. You can download the second part as a PDF file. I have also uploaded an image file of the sample. Here is what it should look like when your finished. [read] Keywords: agent domino bleedyellow bleedyellow.com iphone

Connecting to a Domino view with an iPhone application.
Thu, Feb 18th 2010 5:36a   Simon O'Doherty
I have taken up studying Objective-C for iPhone development. More as a hobby then a business need at this point.  For studying I've been using the iPhone Developers cookbook. Very easy to follow and well worth reading! As part of the learning process I normally do up small samples and create write ups of my steps (meta-cognition trick). So I will have a few mini-tutorial/walk through posted as I go. If your already a experienced Objective-C developer you are probably going to find it very no [read] Keywords: domino application development iphone xml

So has anyone started using the Tech Chat yet?
Thu, Jan 28th 2010 2:01a   Simon O'Doherty
 It probably got missed with Lotusphere going on, but there is now a new feature in EMEA support called Tech Chat . when you open a PMR you can sametime chat to the engineer assigned. It also allows you to log into the community and have an engineer ping you if they need you. Wondering if anyone has used it yet, or plans to? [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere sametime community

Will the real notes client please stand up
Tue, Nov 17th 2009 2:48p   Simon O'Doherty
 I installed the new Parallels 5 and I am really liking it. The new feature is "Crystal" mode. This allows you to run windows applications like as if they are OSX apps. If you stop using the windows app for a period of time, it will also suspend the VM to let other apps run better. Coming out of suspension is very fast (not like a full VM suspend). Here is an example of the notes client in OSX, Windows and Designer running. Apart from the menu being visible there is not much difference. [read] Keywords: notes notes client applications bleedyellow bleedyellow.com vm

Nice little obvious feature for Symphony documents in notes
Wed, Nov 11th 2009 6:34a   Simon O'Doherty
I am pretty sure this was so obvious, that I am the last person to realise this. I fully switched over to the IBM productivity tools (internal Symphony in Notes). One annoyance for me is finding the documents I am working on. Normally I would have a directory set up for related tasks. But occasionally I will forget to place one in the right place. The "recent files" option in the file menu was great. But that doesn't exist in Notes. So what I have found now is to right click on the tab an [read] Keywords: ibm notes symphony

Restarting your client after a crash without rebooting
Tue, Nov 3rd 2009 10:00a   Simon O'Doherty
This one goes out to all the Tweeters out there who tend to restart their machine to start up notes after a crash.  These steps should work as far back as Notes 6. !! IMPORTANT !!   Some IT departments get annoyed if users do things without checking with them first. So if in doubt you should check with your IT guys that is OK to do. Especially if anything below doesn't make any sense to you. Option 1. Open a command prompt (Start menu -> Run -> cmd.exe). Go to the folder where not [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes nsd

Converting my Sametime plugins to 8.5.1
Sun, Nov 1st 2009 1:27p   Simon O'Doherty
I have a number of plugins I wrote for 7.5.1 which after a couple of weeks with 8.5.1 installed I find I can't live without. So I am currently in the process of upgrading them to 8.5.1.  The installation of XPD 6.2.1 and setup went totally without a hitch, thanks to the XPD Wiki. Just starting on the first plugin (which is very simple) converts certain text into a URL. Already bumped into my first annoyance. No code change, yet when I get the text, it converts to the URL fine but then Same [read] Keywords: ldd lotus sametime wiki

Faith Calendar in ICS Format
Thu, Oct 15th 2009 5:17a   Simon O'Doherty
 So I am stuck at home at the moment with some kind of virus. The wife has locked out the games on my machine (Her argument is if I am well enough to play games then I well enough to get out of the house). So bored to tears watching TV. :-/ Ed Brill twittered (tweeted?) yesterday looking for a faith based ICS file for a customer. The BBC Website has a nice list of everything. But no ICS format. However you can format the page using greasemonkey to generate the ICS. So I created a script to [read] Keywords: bleedyellow bleedyellow.com twitter virus wiki

My first annoyance with 8.5.1
Wed, Oct 7th 2009 1:07a   Simon O'Doherty
In before the next wave of announcements appear. :) It is funny how the annoyance becomes the habit after a while. I've had to stop myself a few times with this. When I am writing up my table I am so used to doing the following when resizing it. Press CTRL-KSelect "Table" from drop down menuModify cell/table settings. Now through habit I am almost into Point 3 when I realise I can just now resize the table with my mouse.  There are probably other feature improvements that I am going to h [read] Keywords:

Re: Notes 8.5.1 On The Launch Pad
Mon, Oct 5th 2009 11:43p   Simon O'Doherty
In response to: Notes 8.5.1 On The Launch PadFor those who haven't played with 8.5.1 yet and want to see the XPages features, I recommend the demo on the LDD Wiki. Add to that. If you don't have Lotus Notes designer, you will be able to get it for free. [read] Keywords: domino ldd lotus notes notesdomino xpages bleedyellow bleedyellow.com wiki

Wow moment from Swatch.
Mon, Sep 28th 2009 10:30a   Simon O'Doherty
I got my son Adam (4 1/2) a watch recently to help teach him the time. It was a Swatch Flik-Flak. In the package you also get a cardboard watch picture with moving hands you can attach. He really loves it.  However travesty occurred when the cardboard got ripped. He got pretty emotional about it. We went looking on the Swatch website together to try and find the watch poster again to print out. No luck at all. So I fired off an email to their customer support in the hope they would have a PDF. [read] Keywords: bleedyellow bleedyellow.com email facebook twitter

Adding a google map to your notes document/mail
Fri, Sep 25th 2009 11:21a   Simon O'Doherty
 Saw a comment on Twitter from a random notes user (nishantmodak). The question was "Can I embed a Google map location in an email from Lotus Notes?". The answer is Yes! :) Some important points first. 1. There is some security implications in doing this, so if your admins have locked down your ECL then you might not be able to do this. However if your a designer and want to do this in your application then these steps should work fine. 2. Your embedding a web browser control. So sending [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus notes rich text application email google javascript microsoft properties security twitter

My new twitter logo
Tue, Sep 22nd 2009 4:57a   Simon O'Doherty
Thought I'd make a QRCode for my twitter logo. Links back to here. Very easy to do. You can get your QRCODE generated at Kaywa . After that the image itself has around 30% redundancy in it. This means you can modify it to some extent. Places to avoid are the 4 marker squares (3 big ones and 1 small in bottom right). Also avoid the data area at the top. After that you can edit it away to put you logo into it. I used Gimp. I would create a new layer, add my logo then scan the QR code to make su [read] Keywords: bleedyellow bleedyellow.com iphone twitter

Twitter spam: Why Lotus Notes?
Tue, Sep 8th 2009 6:34a   Simon O'Doherty
I am slowly starting to grow on twitter. It does help in finding people who need help and pointing them in the right direction. Takes a little practise to determine who needs help and who just needs to vent. :) But the spam is insidious. Not going to post the link although you can find them easy enough with the subject title. But very annoying to see what looks like a glorified Lotus Notes advert spammed by WOMM bots. I really hope we didn't pay for that. :-/ [read] Keywords: lotus notes twitter wiki

Forced to use 8.5.1
Tue, Sep 8th 2009 6:19a   Simon O'Doherty
Well forced is a bit harsh. I have been using 8.5.1 for a few months now, but just got a note that everyone is to start using it to help on reporting any issues. So far quite a few switched over and looking good! No complaints yet, more in awe of the speed of the client now. [read] Keywords:

I got a Sony ereader (PRS-505)
Mon, Aug 31st 2009 3:54a   Simon O'Doherty
Sitting in front of a screen reading can get tiring, and I never really liked printing stuff out to have to bind it and read. The iTouch screen is too small and my laptops too big. :) So I got a Sony ereader. The PRS-505. For a lot cheaper then that website. It has been giving me heartache for the last few days but eventually figured out some stuff. The good. The screen is very easy to read and uses almost no battery power when active. PDFs render reasonably ok. It is comfy in the hand. Usin [read] Keywords: mac

It is not always technical.
Tue, Aug 11th 2009 9:57a   Simon O'Doherty
What separates a call center from a support center is that the former is more focused on just resolving the technical issue. With the support center you need to be more focused on "fixing the customer". Although I hate that term as it kind of implies the customer is broken when this isn't true at all. The best way to explain it is from start to finish of a support call you are offering a service to your customer. You could solve the customers issue to exactly how they want it but they can s [read] Keywords:

Getting the most from Lotus Support.
Thu, Jun 18th 2009 12:03p   Simon O'Doherty
I thought I'd post up some tips on getting the most out of any support calls you put in. There are probably more then this so if I have missed anything that you find quirkly about support please respond and I will follow up. Read the IBM Support handbook. Pretty much everything is covered in the IBM support handbook to handle any situation you come across. When I started writing this I just found I was reproducing a lot of what is already mentioned there. Define a clear business impact. G [read] Keywords: administration ibm lotus notes bug development server

Google translate needs serious peer review
Thu, Apr 23rd 2009 11:26a   Simon O'Doherty
Just before heading out this morning I got an IM from my mother in law. Part of the conversation was. 사이먼이 나오니꺼 너무 반가워 The above sentence says "Simon it is a pleasure to see you" My knowledge of Korean is still not that great, so I didn't fully understand the whole conversation she said. So I fired it into Google translate. Really NSFW and left me confused. [read] Keywords: google

Start branding at an early age
Mon, Apr 20th 2009 3:50p   Simon O'Doherty
My son saw my Thinkpad screen saver and has been repeating this over and over. :) [read] Keywords: ibm application

Some Lotus Personas
Thu, Apr 16th 2009 1:45p   Simon O'Doherty
I had a go at making some sample Personas. They are very easy to do. The header image should be 3000x200 pixels and the footer 3000x100. The headers anchor is from the top right and footers from the top left. Here is a sample Connections one. I have uploaded a few different ones. You will have to manually to set them by setting your custom mode on in Personas in the preferences. At least until they show up in the gallery. NotesNotes DesignerConnectionsQuickR [read] Keywords: connections lotus lotusnotes notes quickr bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

Tue, Apr 14th 2009 12:54p   Simon O'Doherty
I recently started playing with Personas. This is how UI customization should always be done! What is nice about this is that you can create GUI branding to the browser on the fly. Not sure if you can do it on a site by site basis but that would be cool. Now all we need is a few Lotus ones. :)  [read] Keywords: lotus

Using extst .. appears to work.
Mon, Apr 13th 2009 5:36a   Simon O'Doherty
I recently installed Adium and appears to be working quite well. I noticed it has sametime support so I tried it with bleedyellow and EXTST and both work. I don't know anyone who is using bleedyellow server to test it but says I am online. :) Server: im.bleedyellow.com Port: 1533 User/Pass: bleedyellow login. For extst it appears to allow me to log in using Adium. Apart from it being a holiday today I tried testing and I could not ping people I knew were online. I suspect that there is a phy [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm sametime bleedyellow bleedyellow.com server

8.5 Designer client on the mac.
Fri, Apr 3rd 2009 4:52a   Simon O'Doherty
I installed the Mac version of Notes and wasn't too impressed with it. Mainly because I prefer to be able to develop and there is no designer client. So I tried for a laugh to install the windows Domino 8.5 + Full Client. For the VM software I used Parallels and Vista Ultimate. I have the applications running in Confluence mode (so applications look like Mac apps, no window of the vista OS). Installing. - Parallels was very easy to install. - Vista on the other hand was a pain to get it f [read] Keywords: domino notes notes client sametime symphony applications desktop development integration mac server vista vm

First impressions of the mini mac
Mon, Mar 16th 2009 6:54a   Simon O'Doherty
My Mac arrived Friday and I set it up over the weekend. 1. Setting it up onto the network required almost no work at all. Not to the level that I had to set up a windows machine. 2. Does not recognize my keyboard correctly (Logitech UltraX). The keyboard works fine except for "Insert/Del/Home/End/PgUp/PgDwn". Need to check more into this. 3. The UI takes a little getting used to. the max/min/close buttons are to the right, which if you are using the scroll bar requires more work to get t [read] Keywords: apple eclipse firefox iphone mac network office wiki

Next week is Mac induction week for me.
Thu, Mar 12th 2009 9:18a   Simon O'Doherty
So finally my Mini Mac is shipping. :D Based on the details should arrive next week. So I ordered some books as well. Cocoa Programming for Mac OS XProgramming in Objective-C 2.0 (Developer's Library)Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK I've played a little bit with Objective-C the last week or so using Cygwin + GNUStep. Overall it is easy enough language to learn. I haven't done anything serious in C in well over 15 years, but I suspect if you are a C programmer the syntax [read] Keywords: development iphone mac

Ok so I joined Twitter. Now what?
Thu, Mar 12th 2009 8:55a   Simon O'Doherty
Actually I joined twitter a long time ago and didn't really see the point. Still don't really. Colm keeps trying to sell it to me. :) But so far all I know is he likes porridge and bananas for brekfast. I mean I can see some uses for it, keeping up with what is going on with Decs Xpages tutorial is handy but can't see anything else. :/ Maybe I am just too comfy with other Web2.0 technologies. [read] Keywords: xpages bleedyellow bleedyellow.com twitter web2.0

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