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Social Connections
Blog Title Social Connections
Blog Description The independent worldwide Social Business user group
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Recent Blog Posts
5 2017-12-20 Maria Nordin Social Connections 13 is announced! 26-27 April 2018 East Coast, USA
4 2017-12-19 Maria Nordin Welcome Nico Meisenzahl to the Social Connections team!
1 2017-10-31 Wannes Rams Social Connections Vienna… it’s a wrap!!
2 2017-10-11 Lars Samuelsson Staying in Vienna? Why not join the IBM LiveGrid workshop?
3 2017-09-30 Maria Nordin Welcome to the Social Connections Gala night in Vienna!
3 2017-09-29 Jan Valdman Sponsor highlight – The Team from Kudos!
3 2017-09-28 Simon Vaughan Sponsor highlight Appfusions
2 2017-09-27 Maria Nordin Sponsor highlight Infoware: Move and Merge all content and users in IBM Connections
6 2017-09-26 Maria Nordin Sponsor highlight panagenda: Make Your Data Work for You
3 2017-09-20 Wannes Rams IBM Connections Customizer Contest
3 2017-09-18 Maria Nordin Social Connections presents the agenda for our conference in Vienna, 16-17 October
1 2017-09-01 Maria Nordin It’s Friday, and we want to thank your sponsors!
1 2017-08-23 Maria Enderstam We found ourselves a palace! Social Connections welcomes you to Vienna and Palais Pallavicini
1 2017-08-09 Simon Vaughan Social Connections 12 in Vienna – Sponsorship opportunities!
0 2017-07-03 Martin Jinoch Call for abstracts for Social Connections 12 is open!
3 2017-06-20 Maria Enderstam Social Connections 11 in Chicago – it’s a wrap!
4 2017-05-26 Social Connections It’s almost time!
2 2017-05-22 Martin Jinoch Red Pill Now
3 2017-05-19 Femke Goedhart Jan Valdman
2 2017-05-18 Lars Samuelsson We’re getting closer!
3 2017-05-16 Femke Goedhart Sponsor Highlight: Genus
19 2017-05-15 Maria Enderstam Party time! Time to reveal the location of Social Connections fabulous Gala evening!
3 2017-05-12 Lars Samuelsson Last chance for the regular ticket!
3 2017-05-05 Femke Goedhart Sponsor highlight: RIVA CRM
2 2017-05-03 Simon Vaughan Sponsor highlight: panagenda
1 2017-05-02 Lars Samuelsson We want YOU to register!
0 2017-04-21 Wannes Rams IBM Connections Next Developer Briefing brought to you by IBM on May 31st
0 2017-04-18 Doug Morrison Social Connections 11 – Our Agenda is published!
0 2017-04-04 Maria Enderstam Ed Brill and Chris Crummey keynotes at Social Connections in Chicago
1 2017-03-31 Femke Goedhart SOCCNX11 Abstract submission extended – we’ve listened and give you an extra chance
0 2017-03-31 Maria Enderstam Time for another sneak peek of our agenda – What’s new in IBM Connections 6
0 2017-03-30 Lars Samuelsson Sponsor highlight: Kudos
0 2017-03-29 Lars Samuelsson Sponsor Highlight: Appfusions
0 2017-03-28 Simon Vaughan Time is nearly up for the early bird to get a good deal….
0 2017-03-23 Wannes Rams Think Pink, Connections Pink comes to Social Connections Chicago!
3 2017-03-23 Lars Samuelsson The abstract deadline is approaching! Get yours in today!
1 2017-03-22 Lars Samuelsson Sponsor Highlight: TimeToAct
1 2017-02-21 Lars Samuelsson It’s IBM Connect – And we want to celebrate!
3 2017-02-20 Maria Enderstam Social Connections and DNUG collaborate to give you 2 great conferences in June 2017
0 2017-02-14 Wannes Rams Social Connections 11 Chicago Venue decided. We are going to Summit West on June 1st and 2nd!
2 2017-01-26 Simon Vaughan Join the Social Connections team at IBM Connect 2017!
2 2017-01-17 Maria Enderstam Announcement: Social Connections 11 comes to Chicago! See you there!

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