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Social Connections Vienna… it’s a wrap!!
Tue, Oct 31st 2017 4
Staying in Vienna? Why not join the IBM LiveGrid workshop?
Wed, Oct 11th 2017 13
Welcome to the Social Connections Gala night in Vienna!
Sat, Sep 30th 2017 6
Sponsor highlight – The Team from Kudos!
Fri, Sep 29th 2017 7
Sponsor highlight Appfusions
Thu, Sep 28th 2017 5
Sponsor highlight Infoware: Move and Merge all content and users in IBM Connections
Wed, Sep 27th 2017 4
Sponsor highlight panagenda: Make Your Data Work for You
Tue, Sep 26th 2017 5
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Staying in Vienna? Why not join the IBM LiveGrid workshop?
Wed, Oct 11th 2017 13
How do we host Social Connections? Here’s the answer…
Mon, Oct 20th 2014 8
Sponsor Highlight: FRITZ & MACZIOL
Thu, Apr 3rd 2014 7
Social Connections 10, we will go to Toronto!
Mon, Feb 22nd 2016 7
The Social Connections 10 Mobile App has hit the streets
Fri, Mar 4th 2016 7
Game time! Do you want to visit Hockey Hall of Fame with ur in Toronto this June?
Thu, Apr 7th 2016 7
Sponsor highlight – The Team from Kudos!
Fri, Sep 29th 2017 7
#soccnx VI Twitter Recap
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 6
New event, new country, new city, new site!
Mon, Oct 6th 2014 6
Sponsor highlight: Harbour Light
Tue, Mar 8th 2016 6

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Recent Blog Posts
Social Connections Vienna… it’s a wrap!!
Tue, Oct 31st 2017 3:06p   Wannes Rams
It’s over…. finally….. damn, it’s over… is it really??? Mixed emotions at the end of a conference as always. The team is physically and mentally exhausted, so we are happy to see an end to it as we can now go back to full nights sleep and actually taking time to have lunch during lunch. On the other hand, this conference that is so close to our hearts we have been working together on for months is over, how can it already be… It was too fun to be over alread
Staying in Vienna? Why not join the IBM LiveGrid workshop?
Wed, Oct 11th 2017 10:56a   Lars Samuelsson
Hi everyone! We wanted to share the invite we got from IBM. This offering is open to participants of Social Connections 12 ONLY, and the seats are filling up fast, so please register asap if you want to take part Author informationLars SamuelssonConsultant at LonganaSocial software enthusiast. IBM Champion in 2016 and 2017. Solution architect and extreme metal fan. | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | The post Staying in Vienna? Why not join the IBM LiveGrid workshop? appea
Welcome to the Social Connections Gala night in Vienna!
Sat, Sep 30th 2017 9:51p   Maria Nordin
Finding a venue for our Gala night is one of the most fun tasks when planning the Social Connections conference. We all know our attendees look forward to the days with sessions, learning, networking and fun. We also know that our attendees almost as much look forward to our Gala night where they can wind down/wind up (whatever they prefer) after a day of conferencing with their peers, friends, colleagues, customers and partners. Our Gala nights are often positively talked about long after the c
Sponsor highlight – The Team from Kudos!
Fri, Sep 29th 2017 6:13p   Jan Valdman
Here is Part 4 of our blogging series where we highlight our Platinum and Gold sponsors. And Today it’s time for our Gold sponsor – The team from Kudos! Kudos have been long time supporters of Social Connections and it is great to see them make the long trip to Vienna!. In addition to their widely used Kudos Badges and Kudos Analytics, they are showcasing some of their latest innovations around Connections and Watson Workspace. Kudos Boards (Pink!) transforms Activities within IBM Connection
Sponsor highlight Appfusions
Thu, Sep 28th 2017 3:09p   Simon Vaughan
Here is Part 3 of our blogging series where we highlight our Platinum and Gold sponsors. And Today it’s time for our Gold sponsor – AppFusions! The SocialConnections team are thrilled and excited to welcome Dion Hinchcliffe, from Washington DC, and Francois Nasser, from Chicago to join us in Vienna! Both of these Gentlemen are experts in their field and will provide real-world insights for the attendees of Social Connections Dion is well-known in the industry for his extensive thou
Sponsor highlight Infoware: Move and Merge all content and users in IBM Connections
Wed, Sep 27th 2017 8:16p   Maria Nordin
Part 2 of our blogging series where we highlight our Platinum and Gold sponsors is here. Today it’s time for the Swedish business partner Infoware who has been working with IBM products for over 20 years. You know IBM Connections right? What you might not know is, that we make it even more powerful, useful, better, tidier with DomainPatrol Social We can in 4 clicks merge two whole Communities. With everything in it! Neat and tidy. With the same function you can move and merge almost all c
Sponsor highlight panagenda: Make Your Data Work for You
Tue, Sep 26th 2017 9:34a   Maria Nordin
We are now kicking off our blogging series where we highlight our Platinum and Gold sponsors. And we start with none other than our Platinum and returning sponsor panagenda. And thank you for making us feel welcome in Vienna and Austria! Included in the solutions portfolio that panagenda offers, are analytics to reveal the important information required to utilize a system to its full potential. ConnectionsExpert, for example, has been specifically designed to provide continuous usage and adop
IBM Connections Customizer Contest
Wed, Sep 20th 2017 11:12a   Wannes Rams
IBM and OpenCode4Connections.org are running an event to jump start IBM Connections Customizer. The Pilot Program is running so you can start experimenting today. Check out OpenCode4Connections.org for more information about the contest. It will run from September 14 (so hurry up, you are lagging behind) until October 12. Winner will be announced at Social Connections in Vienna on October 17 during the Closing Session of our conference. Also check out Martin Donnelly’s blog post about
Social Connections presents the agenda for our conference in Vienna, 16-17 October
Mon, Sep 18th 2017 2:22p   Maria Nordin
  Welcome to the IBM Collaboration Solutions Conference Enjoy IBM Keynotes, Customer keynotes and deep dives in administration and development of IBM Connections. More exciting sessions in our Future of Work track where our speakers put their ear to the ground and predict future changes for all of us. Stay ahead and register today! As always we received a huge and wide range of abstracts and our team has worked hard to create that perfect mix of technical and non-technical sessions aiming at
It’s Friday, and we want to thank your sponsors!
Fri, Sep 1st 2017 4:55p   Maria Nordin
We can’t do a conference without our valued sponsors. They bring expertise, innovations and experience into our community. So here’s a little Friday tribute for them Also, look out for our blog posts presenting our Gold sponsors in the weeks to come. Lots of ideas to read about and learn from. Happy Friday all of you! P.S. Are your company interested in participating in this great event focusing on IBM Collaboration software? Take a look here Author informationMaria NordinA creative
We found ourselves a palace! Social Connections welcomes you to Vienna and Palais Pallavicini
Wed, Aug 23rd 2017 2:56p   Maria Enderstam
A palace! Nothing will suit us better than a palace when we return to Europe for our 12th conference. Welcome to Social Connections 12 in Vienna and Palais Pallavicini. The beautiful city of Vienna is awaiting us with its stunning architecture, good restaurants, chocolate cakes, castles, horses and den schönen blauen Donau. The venue we have chosen is one of the most stunning ones so far. The fabulous Palais pallavicini which foundation was laid in 1582. Home of a monastery, a count and now the
Social Connections 12 in Vienna – Sponsorship opportunities!
Wed, Aug 9th 2017 1:05p   Simon Vaughan
The clock is ticking and the countdown has begun for our next Social Connections event – Social Connections 12 in Vienna – Monday October 16th and Tuesday October 17th 2017. We are currently in the process of confirming the venue and we jhope to announce a great location very soon! With keynote speakers from  IBM, Business partners, IBM Champions and most importantly of all – Customers, this is the event that you need to attend to learn from others and find out what is coming
Call for abstracts for Social Connections 12 is open!
Mon, Jul 3rd 2017 12:22p   Martin Jinoch
Hi everyone! We have a call for abstracts running for Social Connections 12 in Austria. Do you have something super awesome that you want to tell the world about IBM Connections, or Social Business as a concept? Send in an abstract now. We would love to have you do your presentation. This time around we have some different time slots to choose from. You can go 15, 30 or even up to 60 minutes if you got something extra inspiring for everyone to hear and see! Haven’t got anything yet? Still
Social Connections 11 in Chicago – it’s a wrap!
Tue, Jun 20th 2017 2:39p   Maria Enderstam
First of all a big THANK YOU to all of you who partiticipated at Social Connections in Chicago in any way. Without you we couldn’t do an event! We had 2 great days in Chicago and what a city! Friendly and welcoming people, good food and a never-ending shining sun. I’m sure that many those of us who were there definitely has Chicago on our list of vacation cities. What makes Social Connections so great is just that. That we arrange our conference in a new city and country each time
It’s almost time!
Fri, May 26th 2017 1:25p   Social Connections
The last few trembling days are upon us. In the US, Memorial Day weekend is ahead and with that the unofficial start of the summer! We can’t wait to kick off the summer in Chicago with Social Connections 11 next week, the agenda is jam packed with great sessions from amazing speakers and our evening event will be something to talk about for ages! Right now, we wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Chicago, if you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time to do so. Th
Red Pill Now
Mon, May 22nd 2017 11:54a   Martin Jinoch
The last Gold sponsor to get highlighted in this series is Red Pill Now. A new sponsor to Social Connections! Since its inception, Red Pill Now has focused on providing new and exciting ways for organizations to get the highest possible ROI from their Notes data by looking beyond the Notes client. Rather than migrating data to other platforms, Red Pill Now’s development efforts focus on cost-effective, low risk solutions based on Java and  Graph technologies. The Red Pill Now API is designed
Jan Valdman
Fri, May 19th 2017 4:09p   Femke Goedhart
Jan Valdman works as a business development manager and consultant in Whitesoft, a premier IBM business partner in the Czech Republic and Belgium. Jan is a Connections-addict IT evangelist, consultant, solution architect, advisor and lecturer. He is a former portal guy with wide experience in IT including system administration, web applications, project management and software engineering. In parallel to his main job in Whitesoft he also works as an assistant professor on system integration. Jan
We’re getting closer!
Thu, May 18th 2017 7:17p   Lars Samuelsson
We’re just two weeks out from Social Connections 11 and we are starting to get that conference feeling. We hope you are too! For those of you not yet registered. Sign up now! Just click this link and get going! And yes, have you downloaded the conference app yet? If not, you should! You can connect with other attendees there and follow the agenda and everything else around the conference on the go! You can find all the details over here: https://socialconnections.info/mobile-app/ See
Sponsor Highlight: Genus
Tue, May 16th 2017 7:32p   Femke Goedhart
Today’s sponsor highlight goes out to returning sponsor Genus Technologies. After sponsoring us in Boston it is good to see them again for Social Connections Chicago! Genus Media Upshot for Connections™ adds to the robust functionality of IBM’s business social network platform by simplifying the process of creating, managing, sharing and tracking documents, images, video and other rich media. With integration with Watson for image and voice recognition plus complete transcription (vo
Party time! Time to reveal the location of Social Connections fabulous Gala evening!
Mon, May 15th 2017 9:08p   Maria Enderstam
We know that a perfect way to end the first day our conference is a fabulous Gala evening together with old and new friends! Other ingredients should include good food, refreshing beverages and something extra fun. And this is the Chicago edition! Welcome to a fun and playful evening at the table tennis club Ace Bounce – the home of PING PONG. Ace Bounce offers an immense subterranean playground. Filled with ping pong tables each with their own party going. All kept in perpetual motion by D
Last chance for the regular ticket!
Fri, May 12th 2017 7:19a   Lars Samuelsson
Calling all people interrested in IBM Connections! Today is the last chance of obtaining the regular price ticket for Social Connections 11 in Chicago on June 1st and 2nd. Tomorrow the prices go up! Register while you still can and avoid the higher price! In other news, our evening event should be announced any day now. The team is working on the last few details on what will be a memorable, and above all, FUN night. Time is ticking and I personally can’t wait to get on the plane and get
Sponsor highlight: RIVA CRM
Fri, May 5th 2017 10:38a   Femke Goedhart
Todays sponsor highlight goes out to our gold sponsor Riva. another one of the sponsors that make Social Connections possible! Riva integrates the world’s best CRM systems – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP Cloud for Customer, Oracle Sales Cloud, SugarCRM, NetSuite, and others – directly with IBM Collaboration Solutions. By doing so it allows you to seamlessly sync CRM contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects with IBM Verse, IBM Sm
Sponsor highlight: panagenda
Wed, May 3rd 2017 4:12p   Simon Vaughan
It’s time once more to call out some of the sponsors that make Social Connections possible and today we want to highlight panagenda.  One of our long term loyal PLATINUM sponsors! panagenda focuses on improving enterprise communication and collaboration with analytics, business intelligence and making sense of big data.  By providing IT transformation, TCO reduction and infrastructure transparency through state-of-the-art solutions and expertise, panagenda optimizes and transforms c
We want YOU to register!
Tue, May 2nd 2017 10:21a   Lars Samuelsson
Have you registered yet for Social Connections? If not, why? It’s less than a month away! Have you SEEN the agenda for this event? And the fact that we are going to be in Chicago. That is a pretty cool place, right? The team have been hard at work finalizing details and we are pushing on with getting the evening event up and running! Come on now, get your registrations in before the ticket price goes up in two weeks. We’re going to have a lot of fun, have great discussions, awesome
IBM Connections Next Developer Briefing brought to you by IBM on May 31st
Fri, Apr 21st 2017 1:24p   Wannes Rams
The Social Connections team is proud to announce that IBM will be hosting an IBM Connections Next Developer Briefing the day before our event. The briefing will take place at the IBM building on 71 South Wacker Drive in Chicago, IL 60606 on Wednesday May 31st. It will start at 9 am and will end at 5 pm. Join Alan Hamilton and the other IBM speakers for a full day of exciting new technology. Join us for this exciting preview of some of the technologies and techniques we are using to build the
Social Connections 11 – Our Agenda is published!
Tue, Apr 18th 2017 8:29a   Doug Morrison
Still undecided about attending Social Connections 11 in Chicago on Thursday June 1st and Friday June 2nd? If you are then with 43 days to go until the event we are please to announce that our agenda is now available on the site! Why not check out some of the great sessions by speakers from across the globe! The agenda is now publish on our website Link and in our mobile app (where you can create you own personal schedule for the event)! Here is a selection of some the great sessions you need to
Ed Brill and Chris Crummey keynotes at Social Connections in Chicago
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 9:13p   Maria Enderstam
The Social Connections team is very proud to present our first keynote session and speakers for Social Connections 11 in Chicago. Please welcome Ed Brill, Vice President, Product Management and Design and Christopher C. Crummey, Executive Director of Customer Experience and Evangelism and their session Collaboration Today. We really enjoyed their session at IBM Connect in San Francisco where they gave us insights in IBM’s flagship products within collaboration solutions. Real life demos o
SOCCNX11 Abstract submission extended – we’ve listened and give you an extra chance
Fri, Mar 31st 2017 11:00p   Femke Goedhart
As abstracts for Social Connections 11 in Chicago this June are pouring in we also get some rather frantic requests from people asking for just a little more time. With the end of quarter upon us some seem to struggle to hand in that abstract before the deadline. And as we really want to make sure we can provide you with the best possible selection of sessions and give everyone a chance to submit, we’ve decided to extend it. So, if you haven’t yet submitted and thought you were too l
Time for another sneak peek of our agenda – What’s new in IBM Connections 6
Fri, Mar 31st 2017 1:05p   Maria Enderstam
You might have read our first session sneak peek where we announce Baan Slavens and Jason Gary, both IBM, doing a retake on their immensely popular IBM Connections Pink session from IBM Connect. Think Pink, Connections Pink comes to Social Connections Chicago! Next in line we have Jim Puckett and Daniel Kim. Their session has the title What’s new in IBM Connections 6 IBM Connections provides the platform of social tools you need to transform your organization. IBM Connections enables yo
Sponsor highlight: Kudos
Thu, Mar 30th 2017 6:23a   Lars Samuelsson
More returning sponsors to be announced! Our ISW friends from down under brings you Kudos! Check out http://www.kudosbadges.com for a look at a truly great product that extends IBM Connections to new levels! Please take your time to see these guys at their booth and listen to what they offer, it’s great. Author informationLars SamuelssonConsultant at LonganaWorking with IBM ICS software as well as licensing metering with ILMT Privately i spend as much time as possible with my family, e
Sponsor Highlight: Appfusions
Wed, Mar 29th 2017 8:22a   Lars Samuelsson
We’re welcoming back another of our trusted sponsors! We are so happy to see sponsors return and help us run this every time. Big thank. you! Please check them out at the conference and their homepage at https://www.appfusions.com/ Integrations grow customers who grow markets that grow platforms and good business for all. AppFusions is connecting enterprises’ systems, applications, data (IoT and other), and people. Through IBM Connections (cloud or on-premise) or an adaptive collaborat
Time is nearly up for the early bird to get a good deal….
Tue, Mar 28th 2017 5:01p   Simon Vaughan
Very soon, April will be upon us and we are then another month closer to our next event in Chicago on June 1st and 2nd! April 1st also sees another significant date for anyone planning to attend the event – our early bird discount ticket sale ends and the regular ticket sale starts! What does this mean? Right now you can buy a ticket to our event in Chicago for the great price of $159! This ticket will gain you access to two day’s filled with keynote sessions, quality speakers, capti
Think Pink, Connections Pink comes to Social Connections Chicago!
Thu, Mar 23rd 2017 9:24p   Wannes Rams
We are announcing our first session! We are proud to present Mr. Pink Jason Gary as a speaker at Social Connections. Jason will tell us all about the future of IBM Connections which we know as Connections Pink. Those of you who attended IBM Connect remember the excitement and vibe in his session where the room was so full we all had to stand in the back and along the walls. We can’t wait to hear more from Jason on the latest updates regarding Pink since IBM Connect. Jason will be bring Ji
The abstract deadline is approaching! Get yours in today!
Thu, Mar 23rd 2017 1:49p   Lars Samuelsson
Hi guys We’re closing in on the end of March, and that means that we are also closing in on the abstract submission deadline! Please view this as a friendly reminder to submit, submit, submit! We wanna hear your thoughts, ideas and stories! Not a seasoned veteran when it comes to speaking? Don’t worry! We want to hear from everyone, and on every possible and impossible topic related to IBM Connections, IBM Watson and Social Business. Just send it in, and then send another one in. We
Sponsor Highlight: TimeToAct
Wed, Mar 22nd 2017 1:56p   Lars Samuelsson
It’s once again time to highlight and thank one of our returning gold sponsors! TIMETOACT GROUP provides professional services for IBM Software, Microsoft, Google Software, other Partners and open standards. The group includes the companies edcom, BLUETRADE, CLOUDPILOTS, novaCapta, TIMETOACT and X-INTEGRATE. Founded in 1998, more than 280 employees are now working at TIMETOACT GROUP which is located in seven locations in Germany and sales locations in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherla
It’s IBM Connect – And we want to celebrate!
Tue, Feb 21st 2017 8:00p   Lars Samuelsson
Hey everyone! Since it’s time for IBM Connect and most of the team is enjoying San Francisco, we wanted to celebrate this event by giving you the chance to register for Social Connections 11 in Chicago – at a great price! During Connect we have lowered the ticket price to just $99! For that you will get 2 days of great sessions, a wonderful gala event that will knock your socks off. I’m still tingling from the Hockey hall of fame! And all in all a great time! Register now! Th
Social Connections and DNUG collaborate to give you 2 great conferences in June 2017
Mon, Feb 20th 2017 4:57p   Maria Enderstam
Conflict in Dates!? No Conflict between Teams! – June is the month to enjoy one of the two major User Group Events in 2017 There will be a conflict in dates between the conferences of Social Connections and DNUG on June 1st, 2017. This happened by accident. We regret this inevitable circumstances very much, both boards agreed to cooperate and stay in close touch. We will be able to offer two world class user group conferences in close time. As part of the short overlap between the opening sess
Social Connections 11 Chicago Venue decided. We are going to Summit West on June 1st and 2nd!
Tue, Feb 14th 2017 1:59p   Wannes Rams
After a frantic couple of weeks, the searching, comparing, discussing and negotiating is over! We have made the choice, signed the contract so it is official – It’s gonna be Summit West that will host Social Connections 11 in Chicago. The event will take place June 1 & 2 in this amazing downtown location! The venue we have chosen for our 11th event is for sure gonna rock. It is called Summit Chicago and is located in the heart of Chicago with plenty of hotels nearby. Those of
Join the Social Connections team at IBM Connect 2017!
Thu, Jan 26th 2017 1:28p   Simon Vaughan
While we are working hard on planning Social Connections 11 in Chicago we want to do a shout out to another great conference: IBM Connect in San Francisco! The Social Connections team have four speakers at IBM Connect delivering 5 sessions, details below, so we’re pretty excited! IBM Connect 2017 promises to be an interesting event. Firstly, it is in a new city and conference venue, the Moscone Centre, San Francisco, which guarantees something new and refreshing. Secondly, with new Wat
Announcement: Social Connections 11 comes to Chicago! See you there!
Tue, Jan 17th 2017 1:24p   Maria Enderstam
Social Connections comes to CHICAGO!!! Are you ready for the best conference of the year, organized by the largest user group focusing on social collaboration technology from IBM? Good, we are too! We are sorry to have kept you waiting. A somewhat bumpy road since our last event has the made us focus on the thing we knew all along. Quality before quantity. So here we are, ready to announce the location of Social Connections 11. We want to welcome you all in the beginning of June to the

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