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Mail Merge with XPages
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 209
Command line mail merge
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 147
Application Migration vs. XPage enablement
Mon, Dec 1st 2014 302
Poking around the iNotes HTTP API (Part 3) - retrieve a message
Sun, Nov 30th 2014 150
Poking around the iNotes HTTP API (Part 2) - Fun with Rhino
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 194
Poking around the iNotes HTTP API (Part 1)
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 300
Flashcards - German Version: Die Lernkartei
Sun, Nov 23rd 2014 186
Top 10
Domino Development - Back to Basics - Part 5: Finding data - Collections and Search
Thu, Jan 2nd 2014 705
A peek in my JavaScript Toolbox
Fri, Nov 14th 2014 314
Last usage of a mail file - for all users
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 310
Application Migration vs. XPage enablement
Mon, Dec 1st 2014 302
Poking around the iNotes HTTP API (Part 1)
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 300
Custom REST service in XPages using a service bean
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 288
Building a shared approval frontend in XPages
Sun, Nov 16th 2014 282
Mustache Helper for Domino
Sun, Nov 16th 2014 278
Dear SingTel, please fix your routing performance!
Wed, Apr 24th 2013 262
Providing user information in JSON
Thu, Nov 20th 2014 226

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Mail Merge with XPages
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 7:11p   Stephan H Wissel
Being able to have individualized letters based on a template was one of the drivers to make Word processors popular. In the age of mass-communication of one. This tasks falls no longer to the printer, but your eMail processor. For a complete solution, check out Chris Toohey's excellent Mailer application, that is yours for USD 5.00 only. I was wondering what it would take to build something similar, minus the address management, in XPages. I defined a few constraints: I don't want to store [read] Keywords: domino ibm richtext xpages application email java openntf wiki

Command line mail merge
Fri, Dec 12th 2014 7:11p   Stephan H Wissel
As shown before mail merging with Notes and {{mustache}} is simple and easy to code. To be able to run merging on the command line, I modified the bean and removed the XPages dependency and added a static main function. Now you can run it off the command line easily. It requires 5 parameters: the database name the CSV file a file with a HTML message including {{mustache}} tags a file with a Text message including {{mustache}} tags The senders eMail [read] Keywords: ibm notes xpages database email

Application Migration vs. XPage enablement
Mon, Dec 1st 2014 5:12a   Stephan H Wissel
In a recent customer discussion a claim was made: "If Notes client application don't automagically can be converted into XPages applications, then we very well can migrate to another platform, it is just the same". An interesting claim, I'll subject it to a reality check. In any case it is a good idea to revisit your investment in your existing applications first. XPages Enablement A reasonable estimate for the required effort is up to 30% of the initial effort. It very much depends on the [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notes client xpages application applications bug mobile security

Poking around the iNotes HTTP API (Part 3) - retrieve a message
Sun, Nov 30th 2014 9:15p   Stephan H Wissel
So far we learned about the URLs, how to retrieve the Outline that contains folders and views and how to utilize JavaScript to deal with an API tha hadn't been designed for language neutral access. This part will deal with the retrieval of messages. There are quite some formats, strategies and tweaks to consider: A message consists of headers (fields), and message parts that can be plain text, HTML, embedded images, attachments or other stuff (like the JSON used for embedded experiences). When [read] Keywords: ibm inotes notes css java javascript network

Poking around the iNotes HTTP API (Part 2) - Fun with Rhino
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 10:15a   Stephan H Wissel
The iNotes HTTP API wasn't designed for consumption outside the iNotes web client. This becomes apparent when looking at Form=l_GetOutline_JSON or Form=l_JSVars that return JavaScript and not JSON! The difference? JSON contains data only, while JavaScript contains function definitions too. To make use of data included in the JavaScript there are 2 possibilities: do some elaborate String operation actually run JavaScript Since Java 6, the JDK contains a JavaScript engine, that originally was de [read] Keywords: ibm inotes notes java javascript

Poking around the iNotes HTTP API (Part 1)
Mon, Nov 24th 2014 11:12a   Stephan H Wissel
With the rise of web applications, something interesting happened: applications gained an observable API. Delivered over HTTP(s) with a few commands (GET, POST etc.) it became easier to find out "what is going on". Tools like Wireshark, Fiddler, Charlesproxy or TCPMon sit between your HTTP consuming client and the HTTP generating server. In browser applications the build in developer tools (Ctrl-Shift-I) provide the same level of access. So anything flowing over HTTP is effectively an API. Th [read] Keywords: ibm inotes ldd lotus notes applications google server twitter

Flashcards - German Version: Die Lernkartei
Sun, Nov 23rd 2014 6:12a   Stephan H Wissel
The offspring and SWMBO had an argument about the need for Chinese tuition when attending Singapore's oldest school. You can guess who had what position. Disecting the positions and looking at interest (you remember your basic negotiation skills, do you?) it boiled down to the wish of self directed learning vs. fear of failure. Having gone through both (I remember my Latin tuition teacher well. I loathed him and in return he pushed me within 6 month from F to A), I concluded: self direction ne [read] Keywords: application google wiki


Last usage of a mail file - for all users
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 8:18a   Stephan H Wissel
My admin is getting a little rusty. When I was asked: "How can I indentify a dormant mailbox?" I couldn't name a place in admin where to look. Of course, there is the NotesDatabase.LastModified property, but that would get updated on a design refresh too. So I asked innocently: "dormant, how?" After an amusing 2 hour discussion between the stake holders (only the popcorn was missing) we concluded that it is either No document has been created for a while (including incoming) No email has [read] Keywords: admin ibm lotusscript notes email

Providing user information in JSON
Thu, Nov 20th 2014 5:12a   Stephan H Wissel
In the MUSE project we encountered the need to retrieve user information in JSON format. Easy done one would think. The trouble starts, when you have multiple directories and you need reasonable speed. Sometimes falling back to @Fomulas gives you what you need, fast and easy. @NameLookup knows where to look and you don't need any extra configuration. A simple call to an form will give you all you need: https://yourserver/somedb.nsf/namelookup?Readform for yourself or add &User=John Doe for [read] Keywords: domino dxl ibm email

Building a shared approval frontend in XPages
Sun, Nov 16th 2014 8:18p   Stephan H Wissel
The saying goes: "God would not have been able to create the world in 7 days, if there would have been an installed base to take care of". As much as we wish to have divine powers, we need to make with less and look after an installed base. Point in case: You have a set of approval applications in classic Notes client code, like: Travel, Leave, Expenses, Gifts, Training, BoM changes etc. You are challenged to provide a web and/or mobile interface for them. Considering your options you have to [read] Keywords: lotusscript notes notes client policies xpages application applications development interface java mobile wiki

Mustache Helper for Domino
Sun, Nov 16th 2014 10:18a   Stephan H Wissel
Previously we had a look, how to use Mustache with the CKEditor to have an editing environment for templates. I glossed over the part where to store and how to use these templates. Let me continue there. I'll store the template in Notes documents and use an application managed bean to transform a document (and later other things) using these templates. I have 2 use cases in mind: one is to allow the configuration of HTML notification messages in applications and the other to configure the dis [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm notes xpages application applications database java xml

Karma and Wealth
Sat, Nov 15th 2014 11:19p   Stephan H Wissel
Karma has gotten some attention lately, while I muse it for some time. The common short explanation is "What goes around comes around" or in other words: "Every action (or inaction) you take has consequences, you ultimately will be confronted with". We are reminded by various spiritual traditions , that nothing good can come from a bad deed and that good deeds will yield (in mysterious ways, somewhen) good results. This is where the trouble starts. Our and the mystic perceptions what is "g [read] Keywords: wiki

A peek in my JavaScript Toolbox
Fri, Nov 14th 2014 5:19a   Stephan H Wissel
Every craftsman has a toolbox, except developers: we have many. For every type of challenge we use a different box. Here's a peek into my web front-end programming collection. It works with any of your favorite backends. In no specific order: AngularJS one of the popular data binding frameworks, created by Google engineers. With a focus on extensibility, testability and clear seperation of concerns it allows to build clean MVC style applications Data Driven Documents short: D3JS. If anything n [read] Keywords: ibm application applications community database eclipse google integration javascript server twitter wiki

Custom experience for IBM Connections Cloud - Project Muse
Wed, Nov 12th 2014 8:19a   Stephan H Wissel
The old saying goes: "You can't have your cake and eat it too". When organisations move computing from servers they control into a SaaS (the artist formerly known as ASP) environment, they swap customisability for configurability and standardisation. The idea is, that a vendor controlled cloud environment benefits from both the economy of scale as well as the frequent updates the claimed DevOps model brings. But you can have both. One of IBM's best secret are the assets that the IBM Softwar [read] Keywords: atlas collaboration connections ibm lotus application linkedin twitter wiki xml

LifeBEAM helmet first impressions
Wed, Nov 5th 2014 10:12a   Stephan H Wissel
After quite a wait (they were sold out) my LifeBEAM helmet arrived today. The helmet is based on a Lazer design. Here are my unpacking impressions: There are no experiments on the box. Black always has been the new black. [read] Keywords:

Enterprise architecture - from Silos to Layers
Wed, Nov 5th 2014 9:11a   Stephan H Wissel
In a recent discussion with a client the approaches and merits of Enterprise Architecture took center stage. IBM for a very long time proposed SOA (service oriented architecture) which today mostly gets implemented in a cloud stack. While it looks easy from high enough above, the devils is in the details. Mostly in the details how to get there. The client had an application landscape that was segmented along a full stack development platform with little or no interaction between the segments or [read] Keywords: ibm notes application applications development enterprise sap soa wiki

Custom REST service in XPages using a service bean
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 6:11a   Stephan H Wissel
Talking to your backend using JSON and REST is all the rage for contemporary development. Domino has supported, at least reading, this access for quite a while using ?ReadViewEntries[&OutputFormat=JSON]. Using Domino Access Services (DAS) this has been extended to read/write support for documents as well. However, as a result, your front-end application now needs to deal with the Domino way to present data, especially the odd use of @ in JSON keys (which e.g. jquery isn't fond of). [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus xpages application database development javascript openntf wiki xml

Put an angular face on your inbox
Mon, Sep 29th 2014 9:12p   Stephan H Wissel
In the last instalment I got vert.x to emit a Notes view, read from your local mail file, to be emitted as JSON stream. While that might be perfectly fine for the inner geek, normal mortals want to look (and interact) with something more pretty. The cool kids on the block for web interfaces and applications are Twitter BootStrap and AngularJS, so these will be the tools in this instalment. Not familiar with them? Go and watch some videos. Back? Let's get going. Since I'm not much of a desig [read] Keywords: admin ibm notes application applications css twitter

Rendering a Notes view as JSON REST service - on your client
Thu, Sep 25th 2014 11:13a   Stephan H Wissel
My next goal after getting the basic connection to Notes working is to be able to serve a potential API. Still making friends with the non-blocking approach of vert.x, I'm taking baby steps forward. In this round I want to be able to deliver a view or folder as JSON string. On a Domino server that is easy. You can use ?ReadViewEntries&OutputFormat=JSON. On a Notes client you have to do it yourself. In round one I will ignore categorized views (that's for the next time), but I already will [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes notes client application database java openntf server

Keeping up with all the GIT
Thu, Sep 25th 2014 6:13a   Stephan H Wissel
Unless you stuck in the last century, you might have noticed, that the gold standard for version control is GIT. Atlassian likes it, IBM DevOps supports it and of course the Linux Kernel is build with it. The prime destination for opensource projects is GitHub, with BitBucket coming in strong too. Getting the code of a project you work with (and I bet you do - jquery anyone) is just a git clone away. Of course that opens the challenge to keep up with all the changes and updates. While in the pr [read] Keywords: ibm linux network wiki ubuntu

Collaboration in context
Wed, Sep 24th 2014 10:12a   Stephan H Wissel
Harry, a storm is coming, at least if you follow Cary Youman. Nothing less that the way we collaborate will be, again, a focus for IBM. The need has not found a definite solution. The attempt to reinvent eMail is starving in the incubator. Great minds try to reinvent the conversation (and looks suspiciously like Wave). So what is so tricky about collaboration? In short it is context, the famous 5 W. In our hyperconnected world context can get big rather fast: [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm email openntf twitter wiki

Creating nginx configurations for Domino SSL
Sat, Sep 20th 2014 1:12p   Stephan H Wissel
Websites need to be secure, so the SHA-1 cipher is coming to an end. Despite best efforts, Domino is stuck with this outdated Cipher. While you can, on Windows, hide Domino behind IHS, I find nginx easier to tame. Jesse explains how to configure nginx as the Domino proxy. So all is good, expecially since he also covered High availability. But when you have a lot of sites, that's a lot of typing (and copy & paste from the Internet site documents). Mustache to the rescue! I've written abou [read] Keywords: domino ibm java server

Tracking down slow internet on SingTel Fibre to the home
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 8:12p   Stephan H Wissel
SingTel makes big claims about the beauty of their fibre offering. I do not experience the claimed benefits. So I'm starting to track down what is happening. Interestingly when you visit SpeedTest, it shows fantastic results. I smell rat. So I ran a test with Pocketinet in Walla Walla, WA. SpeedTest claims a 5ms ping response, but when I, immediate before or after such a test, issue a ping -c5 www.pocketinet.com I get results rather in the range of 200-230ms. Ein Schelm wer böses dab [read] Keywords: ibm google server wiki

Foundation of Software Development
Fri, Sep 12th 2014 6:13a   Stephan H Wissel
When you learn cooking, there are a few basic skills that need to be in place before you can get started: cutting, measuring, stiring and understanding of temperature's impact on food items. These skills are independent from what you want to cook: western, Chinese, Indian, Korean or Space Food. The same applies to software development. Interestingly we try to delegate these skills to ui designers, architects, project managers analyst or infrastructure owners. To be a good developer, you don't [read] Keywords: ibm development wiki

Flow, Rules, Complexity and Simplicity in Workflow
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 6:13a   Stephan H Wissel
When I make the claim "Most workflows are simple", in return I'm hit with bewildered looks and the assertion: "No, ours are quite complex". My little provocation is quite deliberate, since it serves as an opening gambit to discuss the relation between flow, rules and lookups. All workflows begin rather simple. I'll take a travel approval workflow as a sample (resemblance of workflows of existing companies would be pure coincidence). The explanation is simple: "You request approval from [read] Keywords: google

Rethinking the MimeDocument data source
Mon, Sep 1st 2014 12:13p   Stephan H Wissel
Tim (we miss you) and Jesse had the idea to store beans in Mime documents, which became an OpenNTF project. I love that idea and was musing how to make it more "domino like". In its binary format, a serialized bean can't be used for showing view data, nor can one be sure that it can be transported or deserialized other than through the same class version as the creator (this is why Serialized wants to have a serialid). With a little extra work, that becomes actually quite easy: Enter JAXB. [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes xpages email java linkedin openntf oracle profile xml

Bikepad SmartPhone mount review
Mon, Sep 1st 2014 10:12a   Stephan H Wissel
This is my field impression of the Bikepad SmartPhone mount having used it for a few weeks on my Montague Paratrooper pro TL:TRThe Bikepad is a highly functional accessory to keep your phone on your bike fully functional. Is has quality craftsmanship and a sleek design. If I had an editor-refuses-to-give-it-back award to give (I actually paid for it), I would award it. I do cycle for longer durations and some rough spots, so I like to keep a phone in reach. Not at last to keep SWMBO updated. [read] Keywords: iphone wiki

Long Term Storage and Retention
Thu, Aug 14th 2014 6:14a   Stephan H Wissel
Not just since Einstein time is relative. For a human brain anything above 3 seconds is long term. In IT this is a little more complex. Once a work artefact is completed, it runs through a legal vetting and it either goes to medium or long term storage. I'll explain the difference in a second. This logical flow manifests itself in multiple ways in concrete implementations: Journaling (both eMail and databases), archival, backups, write-once copies. Quite often all artifacts go to medium term [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes application archive database email office wiki xml

Time stamped encrypted archives
Wed, Aug 13th 2014 9:12a   Stephan H Wissel
Developers use Version Control, business users Document management and consultants ZIP files. From time to time I feel the need to safeguard a snapshot in time outside the machine I'm working with. Since "storage out of my control" isn't trustworthy, I encrypt data. This is the script I use: #!/bin/bash ############################################################################ # Saves the given directory (%1) in an SSL encrypted zip file (%2) within # the personalFiles folder. The name [read] Keywords: connections ibm linux network wiki

Designing a REST API for eMail
Sat, Aug 9th 2014 11:12a   Stephan H Wissel
Unencumbered by standards designed by committees I'm musing how a REST API would look like. A REST API consists of 3 parts: the URI (~ URL for browser access), the verb and the payload. Since I'm looking at browser only access, the structured data payload format clearly will be JSON with the prose payload delivered in MIME format. I will worry about calendar and social data later on. The verbs in REST are defined by the HTTP standard: , PUT, and DELETE. My base url would be http://localhost [read] Keywords: ibm email wiki

Running vert.x with the OpenNTF Domino API
Wed, Aug 6th 2014 1:11p   Stephan H Wissel
In the first part I got vert.x 3.0 running with my local Notes client. The mastered challenges there were 32 Bit Java for the Notes client and the usual adjustment for the path variables. The adoption of the OpenNTF Domino API required a few steps more: Set 2 evironment variables: DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/ibm/notes LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/ibm/notes Add the following parameter to your Java command line: -Dnotes.binary=/opt/ibm/notes -Duser.dir=/home/stw/lotus/notes/data -Djava.library.path=/opt/ib [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm lotus notes notes client applications eclipse java openntf

Workflow for beginners, Standards, Concepts and Confusion
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 10:12a   Stephan H Wissel
The nature of collaboration is the flow of information. So naturally I get asked about Workflows and its incarnation in IT systems a lot. Many of the question point to a fundamental confusion what Worflow is, and what it isn't. This entry will attempt to clarify concepts and terminology Wikipedia sums it up nicely: "A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, pro [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm applications email google openntf soa wiki

Warriors of Light
Sun, Jul 20th 2014 11:15a   Stephan H Wissel
Inspired by Paulo Coelho's manual for the Warrior of the Light: Warriors of Light We were born from the stars Descended from the heavens Armed with compassion Determined to end the suffering Subjected to the human condition Battling ignorance with wisdom Laying our lives for the liberation from illusion When you look in the mirror - remember! You are one of us. [read] Keywords:

Adventures with vert.x, 64Bit and the IBM Notes client
Thu, Jul 17th 2014 8:12a   Stephan H Wissel
The rising star of web servers currently is node.js, not at least due to the cambrian explosion in available packages with a clever package management system and the fact that "Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript" (according to Jeff Atwood). When talking to IBM Domino or IBM Connections node.js allows for very elegant solutions using the REST APIs. However when talking to a IBM Notes client, it can't do much since an external program ne [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes notes client application development eclipse google java javascript oracle python wiki ubuntu

Cycle where?
Sun, Jul 13th 2014 1:12p   Stephan H Wissel
I like to cycle, I do that often and from time to time I have fun with traffic participants. One of the interesting challenges are multi-lane crossings (note to my overseas readers: Singapore follows the British system of driving on the left, so cyclists are supposed to cycle on the left edge of the road - which makes me edgy in some situations. So for right driving countries, just flip the pictures) where the outer lane allows more than one direction. Like these: Road rules do require the [read] Keywords: google wiki

From XML to JSON and back
Fri, Jul 11th 2014 8:12p   Stephan H Wissel
In the beginning there was csv and the world of application neutral (almost) human readable data formats was good. Then unrest grew and the demand for more structure and contextual information grew. This gave birth to SGML (1986), adopted only by a few initiated. Only more than a decade later (1998) SGML's offspring XML took centre stage. With broad support for schemas, transformation and tooling the de facto standard for application neutral (almost) human readable data formats was established [read] Keywords: application java javascript server wiki xml xslt

The folly of root cause analysis
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 6:12a   Stephan H Wissel
IT support's dealing with management is a funny business. Whenever something goes wrong, support teams engage in "defensive blaming" and the elusive quest for a root cause. I've seen this quest (and blaming god and country along the way if it doesn't appear) taking priority over problem resolution and prevention. The twisted thought is: "If I'm not sure about the (single) root cause, I can't neither fix nor prevent it from happening again". Why is that a folly? It paralyses: If a pe [read] Keywords: application database google wiki

Documents vs eMails
Fri, Jul 4th 2014 6:14a   Stephan H Wissel
With a public sector customer I had an interesting discussion on non-repudiation, messaging and regulatory control. We were discussing how to ensure awareness of information that has behavioural or legal consequences. While "I didn't know" is hardly a viable defence, relying on the other party to keep themselves updated is just asking for trouble. In a collaborative environment, where a regulator sees itself primarily as the facilitator of orderly conduct and only as policing the conduct as s [read] Keywords: domino database email microsoft server wiki xml

The taxi loyalty program isn't working and how to fix it
Mon, Jun 16th 2014 10:11a   Stephan H Wissel
Singapore is a little like New York: train and taxis are a mainstay of the daily commute. So the taxi market is highly regulated and fiercely competitive. As no surprise taxi companies try to bind customers before they loyalty switches to alternative bookings or the disruptors. So Comfort & CityCab started CabRewards. After all loyalty cards work well for their inventor. In a smart move, instead of creating a new piece of plastic, Comfort teamed up with ezLink Singapore's leading provider [read] Keywords: admin administration application mobile wiki

Let's ditch IBM Notes and Domino
Thu, May 29th 2014 7:11p   Stephan H Wissel
Finally you decided it is time to move on, legacy no longer means "tried and tested" but "we need to move one" to you. After all you never really liked Cher. Notes data is available via LotusScript, dotNet (through the COM bridge), in Java, Corba, C++, XML, REST, MIME, so how hard can it be? Actually not very hard, you just need to: Find sutiable replacement application platform(s) Rewrite the applications (don't dream: there is no such thing as "migrate an app") Migrate your users Migr [read] Keywords: domino ibm lei lotusscript notes richtext xpages application applications community database db2 enterprise google integration java linux mobile server wiki xml

Value, Features and Workflows
Mon, May 12th 2014 6:11a   Stephan H Wissel
In sales school we are taught to sell value. Initially that approach was designed to defang the threat of endless haggling over price, but it took an extra twist in the software industry. Since software companies rely on user's desire to "buy the next version" to secure revenue from maintenance and upgrade sales, a feature war was the consequence. As a result, buyers frequently request feature comparison tables, driving the proponents of "value & vision" up the wall. It also creates te [read] Keywords: ibm notes application archive email outlook server wiki

You want to move to Domino? You need a plan!
Thu, Apr 17th 2014 6:12a   Stephan H Wissel
Cloud services are all en vogue, the hot kid on the block and irressitible. So you decided to move there, but you decided your luggage has to come along. And suddenly your realize, that flipping a switch won't do the trick. Now you need to listen to the expert. The good folks at Amazon have compiled a table that gives you some idea how much it would take to transfer data: Available Internet Connection Theoretical Min. Number of Days to Transfer 1TB at 80% Network Utilization T1 [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages database java microsoft network office wiki

Domino Design Pattern: Secret documents
Thu, Apr 17th 2014 6:12a   Stephan H Wissel
Domino's stronghold is security. However security is only as good as you design it. A frequent requirement in applications is to store a data set that is partially confidential and partially available for a wider audience. When you store these 2 data sets in one document, it isn't too hard to have the confidential information slip out: using the document properties in a Notes client using the document rest service the property control from openNTF In a nutshell: if you have 2 sets of data [read] Keywords: agent domino notes notes client xpages application applications openntf properties security

SmartCloud Notes little agent helper
Wed, Apr 16th 2014 9:11p   Stephan H Wissel
Now that we all drank the Cloud Computing CoolAid, we need to make it work. IBM's SmartCloud Notes looks enticing, since it offers 25G of eMail storage, way beyond what IT departments usually want to commit. SmartCloud Notes even allows you customisation albeit within clear limits. So before you upload your extension forms you need to plan well. One of the most unpleasant restrictions is: "No customer agents or scripts will be executed on server ", so no agent, no DOLS tasks. However you ca [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm inotes ldd lotus notes application eclipse email facebook interface java javascript server xml

Mustache and CKEditor - Round two
Mon, Apr 14th 2014 9:11a   Stephan H Wissel
ving just a few static values in the CK Editor drop down list really doesn't cut it. So we extend the bean today to have more flexible options. There are a few that spring to mind: List of all items in a given document List of all fields in a form (including subforms), eventually with or without the $ fields List of provided field names So here we go: Mustache and CKEdit demo The big change here is the replacement of the EL Expression mustache.sampleData wit [read] Keywords: ibm xpages database java javascript xml

Lotus de la Mancha
Wed, Apr 9th 2014 10:12a   Stephan H Wissel
One of my personal heroes is Don Quixote de la Mancha. He is a bat-shit crazy knight, who is true in his courtship of his Lady Dulcinea and never tired to pick a fight with a giant (windmill). His charge against the windmills, is regarded as a result of his craziness, but digging deeper you will find a nobility, worthy of a true knight: stand in for what you deem is right, regardless of the odds of success. Being true to your calling resonates with me. Wikipedia has an image of the crest of La [read] Keywords: lotus wiki

CKEditor and Mustache become friends
Tue, Apr 8th 2014 9:11p   Stephan H Wissel
In the beginning there was WordStar and CSV and the possibility of (then printed) personalized mass-communication arrived in the form of mail-merge. For Notes eMails that is still a challenge (the latest version of OpenOffice now seems to have a reasonable eMail-Merge, but that's off topic here) since creating the template is kind of fuzzy (a.k.a usually out of the reach of mere mortal users). XPages, Mustache and CKEditor to the rescue! The CKEditor shipping with XPages can be easily customiz [read] Keywords: ibm notes rich-text xpages email java javascript openntf openoffice wiki xml

MongoDB to switch to IBM storage backend
Tue, Apr 1st 2014 6:12a   Stephan H Wissel
One of the rising stars in NoSQL land is MongoDB. It is prominently featured in IBM BlueMix and in conjunction with Node.js the darling of the startup scene. However it isn't trouble free, has been called broken by design, bad for data and a folly. In a bold move to silence all critiques, the makers turned to IBM to get access to a distributed, robust and secure backend storage engine: the venerable NSF. As Bryce Nyeggen clearly stated:"But actually, that’s the Tao-like genius of MongoDB â [read] Keywords: ibm xpages google wiki

Communicate with a German
Tue, Apr 1st 2014 6:12a   Stephan H Wissel
It was going around for a while, how to decode what an English man actually means when he says something. A Harvard Business Review article attributes the insights to Nannette Ripmeester's research and insights. What I was missing in all those tables is the reverse translation. So here it goes: What a German saysWhat the British should hearWhat the German meant Bad idea!Please think about that some moreBad idea! But I will still drink beer with you This won't workInteresting approach, qui [read] Keywords: google linkedin

On a quest for the best biking application
Thu, Mar 27th 2014 9:11p   Stephan H Wissel
Preparing for my June adventure, I'm tracking my cycling progress. So far I tried Endomondo, RunKeeper and had a look at Strava. They all have their ups and downs: Endomondo doesn't provide a open data API and I never got the live broadcast working, but the UI is readable on a bike RunKeeper UI is too tiny for cycling mount, but live broadcast works nicely and the data API is open Strava doesn't seem to provide live updates, but rather tracking after the tour Battery live sucks for all of th [read] Keywords: application

Learning a new language or platform
Thu, Mar 27th 2014 11:11a   Stephan H Wissel
The first programming language I learned was COBOL both using a Microfocus compiler (with an innovative tool called Animator, today commonly refered to as "Source level debugger") and on an IBM System /36. Until today I think Cobol is cool, not at least since you can reuse its source code, read aloud, as tranquiliser and only in COBOL this compiles without error: PERFORM makemoney UNTIL rich. You have to read "full stop" at the end to get all COBOL nuts laughing, because when you missed it [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotusscript xpages applications development javascript mobile server wiki xml

Fun with {{Mustache}} and Notes Forms
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 12:11p   Stephan H Wissel
Creating output from your objects is a never ending story. In XPages we use Expression Language, in classic Notes forms (including $$ViewTemplates). For the JavaScript front-end developers there is an ever growing selection and there's the good old String concatenation. On the JavaScript side I like AngularJS and Mustache. The big question with templating is: how much logic should go into the template. Mustache is one of the logic-less approaches that expects most of the logic to be presented [read] Keywords: notes xpages interface java javascript twitter wiki xml xslt

Rethinking Social Software
Sat, Mar 1st 2014 5:11a   Stephan H Wissel
Einstein is attributed with a famous quote:"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (called Einstein's razor, the counter balance to Occam's razor). Looking at the social software landscape today I must conclude that it is both too simple and not as simple as possible. In the "too simple" camp with have the notion: "everything is just one big stream of collaboration and a few tags will do" (and it's variations). If you follow this notion all collaboration you w [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm email social software twitter wiki

What is your investment in Notes applications - revisited
Tue, Feb 25th 2014 8:11p   Stephan H Wissel
About 2 years ago I asked: "What's your investment in Notes Applications?" and provided steps using DXLMagic to base the answer to that question on evidence rather opinion. With the arrival of version control capabilities in Domino Designer that task became easier (or different - your take). Revisiting the code base I devised new requirements: The analysis should run against the On-Disk-Project rather than the NSF. The simplified assumption here: you deselected the "Use Binary DXL for sourc [read] Keywords: domino dxl ibm notes application applications database integration java openntf properties server

Numbers are numbers, you have to see it! - Selenium edition
Sat, Feb 15th 2014 8:11a   Stephan H Wissel
When looking at performance data and comparisons, numbers are just that: "X is 23% faster than y" is a statement few people can actually visualize. You have to see it in action to get a feel for the real difference. Applies to vehicles and web sites in the same manner. Instinctively one would opt for a load test to see loading speeds, but after checking options I found a functional test will do just fine. My tool of choice here is Selenium WebDriver. It can be easily integrated into JUnit tes [read] Keywords: ajax community google java javascript mobile profile wiki

Domino Development - Back to Basics - Part 7: Map Reduce Domino Style
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 11:13p   Stephan H Wissel
One of the odd things about Domino is the way things are called. It is Memo instead of eMail, Replication instead of Sync, Note store/Document store instead of NoSQL etc. The simple reason is the fact, that all these capabilities predate the more common terms and there was no label for them when Notes had them. In NoSQL circles MapReduce is a hot topic. Introduced by Google, now part of Apache Hadoop it can be found in MongoDB, Apache CouchDB and others. Interestingly it seems that short of Hado [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages application database development email google server wiki

The perception of emptiness
Mon, Feb 10th 2014 7:11p   Stephan H Wissel
In an ACI Singapore class I'm studying Master Shantideva's famous work "A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life" (Bodhicaryavatara). A recurring tenant in his, or any other deep Buddhist teaching, is the concept, that the perception of the world around us isn't coming at us, but from us. Objects around us have no inherit nature without being observed (did the tree in the forest fall if nobody sees it?). The true nature of things is emptiness which Buddhist practise tries to perceive on th [read] Keywords: apple wiki

Domino Development - Back to Basics - Part 6: Better save than sorry - Security
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 6:15a   Stephan H Wissel
Continuing from Part 5, this final installment will shed a light on security. Domino applications are protected by a hirarchical control system. If you fail to pass one hierachy level's test, it doesn't matter if a lower level would be compatible to you current credentials. E.g. when a database would allow anonymous access, but the server is configured to require authentication, you must authenticate. To fully understand the options, sit back and recall the difference between authentication a [read] Keywords: access control list acl admin agent domino ibm lotus notes notes client xpages application applications database development java microsoft network oracle password security server smtp wiki xml

Download Connect 2014 presentation files
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 5:10a   Stephan H Wissel
The show is over and the annual question arises: how do I download all the presentations? To do that, you will need a valid username and password for the Connect 2014 site, no anonymous access here. The 2014 site is build on IBM Portal and IBM Connections. IBM Connections has a ATOM REST API, that opens interesting possibilities. With a few steps you can get hands on all files. I will use CURL to do this. Create or edit your .netrc file to add your Connect 2014 credentials (in one line) machin [read] Keywords: connections ibm ldd lotus java password xml xslt

GMail2XPages in less than 300 lines
Tue, Jan 14th 2014 11:11a   Stephan H Wissel
I admit, the headline is an attention grabber The total number of lines is, of cause, longer. For one, I used previous code, as well e.printStackTrace() isn't error handling. Moving data between two places is a favorite IT pasttime (believe me, there are worse ways to kill time). Since I made friends with MIME Messages before, I was wondering how that would fit together with gMail. Every eMail system has its little "specialties". To connect to gMail I used the IMAP with username and passwo [read] Keywords: ibm notes email google java oracle password wiki

Mon, Jan 6th 2014 5:12a   Stephan H Wissel
[read] Keywords:

Using a web service to send an eMail
Sun, Jan 5th 2014 10:11p   Stephan H Wissel
In an integration project with other platforms the need arose to send messages that are triggered by a web service. In Domino this is just a few lines of code. Added bonus: the message is fully "embedded experiences" enabled. This is the LotusScript class: Public Class SendADocumentWithPDFAttachment Public sendTo As String Public subject As String Public textBody As String Public htmlBody As String Public callBackURL As String Public attachmentAsMime As String Public Function sendM [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotusscript notes application email integration

A short history of directory trees
Sun, Jan 5th 2014 6:12a   Stephan H Wissel
I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey: Where did directory trees come from? This isn't about flowers and bees or our green friends, who missed the evolutionary advantage to emit WIFI signals, but the constructs we rely on for authentication and keeping the network in order, in other words: your directory. Banyan VINES In the beginning there was Banyan VINES and StreetTalk. While they are gone, they are fondly remembered. Other than the Wikipedia article I recall, that it nee [read] Keywords: google microsoft network odbc server sql wifi wiki

Domino Development - Back to Basics - Part 5: Finding data - Collections and Search
Thu, Jan 2nd 2014 5:12a   Stephan H Wissel
Continuing from Part 4, this installment will clarify finding data. It, again, is different from other database concepts. Read on: In a RDBMS your data retrieval queries are formulated in SQL, while XML, RDF or Graph databases might use sparQL, Gremlin, Cypher or JavaScript. There is no shortage of Query languages (one you should master in any case is XPath, get the full reference from the inventor himself). On a first look a Query Language seems absent from IBM Notes. On a second look, there [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes application database development java javascript openntf oracle security sql wiki xml

The 5 Stages
Wed, Jan 1st 2014 11:11p   Stephan H Wissel
In all areas of live things grown, mature and decline. In Buddhist scripture that is called Samsara, the wheel of life. IT is no exception to it. When something new, a violation of the natural order of things, comes along and displaces beloved technology, every fanboy has to go through the 5 stages of grief: Denial There is no question OLDTECH is the best in the market, there is nothing that comes close, especially NEWTECH doesn't live up to its expectations. Look at OLDTECH's installed b [read] Keywords: collaboration community email sharepoint wiki

Domino Development - Back to Basics - Part 4: Domino views are different
Wed, Dec 25th 2013 11:11p   Stephan H Wissel
Continuing from Part 3, this part is typically the hardest to understand when coming from an RDBMS background. So take your time. Domino Views are different In Domino data is typically accessed via a view, but views are different than the ones you know in an RDBMS. The following table should provide an rough overview. table.compare tr.even { background-color : #F2FFF2 } table.compare td {vertical-align : top; border-bottom : 1px solid #FFEEEE; border-left : 1px solid #FFEEEE; padding : 3px; ma [read] Keywords: admin dblookup domino dxl ibm lotus notes notes client xpages css database development oracle server sql wiki xml

Domino Development - Back to Basics - Part 3: Not all Documents are created equally
Wed, Dec 25th 2013 5:11a   Stephan H Wissel
Continuing from Part 2 this installment will introduce you to the four types of documents you can find inside an NSF: Documents Responses Response to Responses Profiles Profile Documents All document types follow the same rules as outlined in Part 2, but differ in the way they are created or accessed. Short of profiles all documents typically get accessed in one or more views, by users or your code. Profiles on the other hand, never show up in a view, they are only accessed using some code. Th [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lei lotus lotusscript notes notes client nsfdb2 R5 xpages application applications bug community database db2 development enterprise java javascript linux odbc profile properties server tivoli wiki xml

Domino Development - Back to Basics - Part 2: Forms and Documents
Mon, Dec 23rd 2013 5:12a   Stephan H Wissel
Continuing from Part 1 you now know that everything in Notes is stored in a Note. To further understand how Notes "ticks" some light needs to be shed on the relation between forms and documents. In the simplest way to look at it, a form acts like the schema to be used to populate a document with values. The fields one fills into a form get stored as items into a document. This explanation is good enough for starters, but warrants a closer look to fully appreciate Notes' flexibility. In a RDB [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm notes notes client xpages database development

Domino Development - Back to Basics - Part 1: The NSF
Sun, Dec 22nd 2013 10:17p   Stephan H Wissel
Over the last five years I have trained many developers on XPages. A good portion of them came from a non-Notes development background: Java, dotNet, PHP and others. Most of them had a better grasp on the necessities of web development than most of their die-hard-is-there-anything-other-than-the-Notes-client LotusScript colleagues. However they struggled to fully appreciate the finer points of the NSF based nature of Domino development. The little article series is for them. In short: Notes is [read] Keywords: access control list domino ibm ldd lotus lotusscript notes richtext xpages application applications database development java javascript profile properties security server smtp

You approved what?
Thu, Dec 12th 2013 11:11p   Stephan H Wissel
We all love our processes and the associated workflows. I recently even discovered a set of paper based ones at a customer site. I'm looking here at approval flows, not execution flows (that basically are checklists so everything is done in the right sequence and documented). In a nutshell they are all the same: Someone request something, a set of approvers mused about it and the result has consequences. We all have build this type of applications in eMail, Notes, Sharepoint, dbBase, using s [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client applications email sharepoint wiki xml

iOS vs Android
Tue, Dec 10th 2013 10:10p   Stephan H Wissel
My Samsung Galaxy S4 decided more than two months ago to take a different flight. At the same time SWMBO declared that she had enough from her iPhone 5 and demanded a bigger screen. So I took the opportunity and switched to an iPhone (for now). Here is my completely biased, partial and unscientific - but 100% accurate review for the most important use case for me: my Smartphone usage: I'm not much of a photography buff, player or mobile music listener. I check and answer emails, social content [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes sametime traveler apple application applications css development email google iphone java mac mobile profile server skype twitter widgets ubuntu

Evolution of the Self
Fri, Nov 29th 2013 7:16a   Stephan H Wissel
We all are are somebody some body more than others, but at least we want to be somebody. Interestingly build into us it the opposite wish: disappear, be nobody. We are masters to disguise that wish: 3 hours in the movies, when it sucked you in, where were you? Working on something exiting, getting into the flow, where where you? Your self disappeared! But it doesn't stop there There is a third level of self: the Everybody self. The Rotarians would call it Service above self. Lama Marut calls [read] Keywords: wiki

eLearning - are we there yet?
Sat, Nov 9th 2013 11:11p   Stephan H Wissel
having two teenagers in two of Singapore's top schools, friends providing eLearning solutions and interesting conversations led me to a lot of interactions with schools, teachers and other educators. The education space is getting more and more attention from technology companies and passionate educators: The Khan Academy provides an ever growing K12 syllabus, that rivals top schools Coursera offers higher education as does ED/X (I still would love to work at the MIT) Intel buys Kno and become [read] Keywords: google microsoft wiki xml

Driving Embedded Experiences Adoption
Sun, Nov 3rd 2013 9:10a   Stephan H Wissel
With the introduction of Connections Mail and IBM Notes 9.0 a brand new productivity feature was made available in eMail: Embedded Experiences (EE). They are defined by the Open Social Foundation and can also be found in IBM Connections or Atlassian's Confluence Wiki. The use case for embedded experiences in eMail is simple: "Any application that sends a notification message to your attention and/or action can reduce the time and clicks required for processing by taking advantage of an embed [read] Keywords: agent connections domino expeditor ibm inotes ldd lotus notes notes client xpages application applications email gadget mobile wiki

Aggregating view data for use in d3js graphics
Tue, Sep 24th 2013 7:11a   Stephan H Wissel
Dashboards are all the rage, so it is natural that your XPages application need a dash of a dashboard. A view makes an excellent source for dashboard data and the ability to categorize views handles the heavy lifting of aggregating the values you want to use e.g. in a bar or pie chart. I've been fallen in love with d3js since she is the ultimate visualization (if in doubt, read the classics). D3Js is a harsh mistress of exceptional beauty, so you might want to check out some of her offsprings [read] Keywords: xpages application javascript wiki

Notes addressbook sync with IBM SmartCloud
Thu, Sep 19th 2013 12:11a   Stephan H Wissel
Every organisation has its little secrets. The running joke about IBM is, that the secret are the products. An Example: When you use IBM SmartCloud for Social Business Engage (SCSB) you get a contacts feature. It will list all your network contacts, but also is able to list arbitrary contacts, serving as your address book. Latest since the arrival of mobile devices however the saying goes: "only a synced contact is a good contact". Well hidden in the SCSB help are the instructions how to sy [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes eclipse mobile network widgets xml

Pimp your IBM Connections installation
Wed, Sep 11th 2013 10:13p   Stephan H Wissel
Depending how you look at it, IBM Connections is something different: A leading Social Business application, ready to use A set of services and APIs to integrate into your applications A platform to build social enabled applications (Like Steve Jobs: a touch enabled iPod, an enhanced phone and an Internet access device - 3 items in one device). There are a growing number of applications and add-ons available that take advantage of item two and three. Markus Thömmes compiled a nice list in an [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm lotus xpages application applications integration ipod linkedin mobile widget widgets

Extend the Replicator
Tue, Aug 20th 2013 5:35a   Stephan H Wissel
One elegant way to improve perceived performance is to run computing task outside of user time. In Notes that is done using (scheduled) agents and scheduled replication (On mobile devices it is called PushMail ). When you have longer running tasks that only make sense when new data might have arrived, a scheduled agent doesn't make much sense. Triggering a process "On Replication" is much preferable. Classic Notes agents don't have this ability, but the Notes full client can do that. Alread [read] Keywords: agent ibm notes notes client eclipse java mobile xml

Extracting data from Domino into PDF using XSLT and XSL:FO (Part 5)
Sun, Aug 11th 2013 11:20p   Stephan H Wissel
This entry is part of the series Domino, XSL:FO and XSLT that dives into the use of XSLT and XSL:FO in IBM Lotus Domino. XSL:FO and XSLT are text based formats, so you could use your favorite text editor (or a modern heir) to write your XML. You also can poke yourself in they eye. A XSL* transformation is code running with pattern matching, priorities (and closing tags), so the probability you get it right, especially when you are new to the domain approaches zero. A good content aware edito [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus show-n-tell eclipse google java linux xml xslt

Protecting your XPages Application
Wed, Jul 24th 2013 6:03a   Stephan H Wissel
One of the hallmarks and success factors of IBM Notes was the openness of the design of all Notes applications. Since lots of people put blood, sweat and tears into their applications, Lotus added the possibility to hide the design of an application to protect it from spying eyes. While I don't like hidden designs I can understand the rationale. Others keep their design open, but compile the LotusScript libraries with references to lss files outside, so the core business logic is protected. H [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus lotusscript notes xpages application applications css database java wiki xml

NotesSessions, XPages and Threads
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013 6:19a   Stephan H Wissel
When you build an XPages application, long running operations will time out. After all there is a timing limit how long a browser (or XPiNC) client (and the user) will wait for a response. You could resort to launching an agent via a console command, but besides the security consideration it is quite a hack and headache. Mixing XPages and agents doesn't have a happy ending (and should be confined to the upgrading phase of your classic application). Enter Java multi-threading. I call it "Teena [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm lotus notes xpages application database interface java oracle security

XPiNC development insights
Sat, Jul 20th 2013 10:14p   Stephan H Wissel
I am developing a rather large XPiNC application for IBM internal use. One application and parameter database pushes data around 10 backend databases. Part of the databases might be local (depending on the user), some might be on the server and not all users have access to all databases. Most of my business logic lives in Java code, both in classes, beans and managed beans. In the course of the development I stumbled over a series of insights a XPiNC developer should be aware of. Here it goes, i [read] Keywords: agent expeditor ibm ldd lotus notes notes client xpages application applications database development exchange exchange java openntf oracle profile server wiki

The Science of Gastronomy - Week 1
Thu, Jul 18th 2013 6:14a   Stephan H Wissel
To understand a new phenomenon, often a good way to get a grasp is full immersion. So I decided to participate in a MOOC at Coursea namely The Science of Gastronomy. The course description reads quite appealing: This course introduces students to elements of science behind cooking, cuisine preparation and the enjoyment of food. The ultimate goal is to help students recognise the importance of scientific principles being applied in everyday life, so that they will appreciate and be able to apply [read] Keywords: wiki

MAMIL gone mad
Sun, Jun 30th 2013 8:18p   Stephan H Wissel
Don't worry, there won't be another Mamil picture in this post. Yesterday I went on a nice joy ride with a group of outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to the planning efforts of T.S. Chua we navigated 100km of Singapore's Park Connector Network and a few connecting roads. Including getting from and too the meeting point that was 120km for me, the longest bike ride I ever done in a single day (so much for can't teach an old dog a new trick). I found the company a rather pleasant and cheerful lot [read] Keywords: network office

Air Quality Measurements
Mon, Jun 24th 2013 7:20a   Stephan H Wissel
Singapore is facing a severe haze crisis. Besides the subjective "this is bad", I got curious how the official air quality gets reported. Singapore's National Environment Agency uses the US devised Pollution Standard Index, but reports that onlt only as 24h, but also 3 h average for different places in the republic. Besides that they report the 2.5µ particle (PM2.5) count that isn't part of the PSI ( PM stands for particulate matter). So far it feels like the information is genuine. Ne [read] Keywords: application google wiki xml

Managed Beans, XPages and Testability
Thu, Jun 20th 2013 6:17a   Stephan H Wissel
I like my Java to be well managed, properly prepared and of top quality. Unless you are living under an XRock, you know that managed beans are (one of) the talk of the town in the XPages community. While managed beans are simple beans that have been given a name and a scope, they need some thought when you want to test your applications. Refering from one bean to another or to a session and the current database is made easy using com.ibm.xsp.extlib.util.ExtLibUtil. However I like to test my c [read] Keywords: acl domino ibm lotus xpages application applications community database eclipse google java wiki xml

Thu, May 30th 2013 1:17p   Stephan H Wissel
In an ideal world a corporate IT department would run a standardized, secure environment that fulfills all user requirement. The members of the CIO office are well respected and often invited, since when they turn up, things start moving. Also everybody loves the flying cars they use for transport. In reality most IT departments are caught between a rock and a hard place. Under the (justified or not) pretext of standardization (read: saving cost for the IT department) and security IT department [read] Keywords: domino email laptop office security server

Don't try this at home!
Tue, May 21st 2013 1:14p   Stephan H Wissel
Domino has a refined security system, so the java.policy file can be a real PITA. So you would be tempted to write a few lines of LotusScript and run it on a scheduled agent, so on the next server restart that pain goes away. Of course you wouldn't write code like below which lacks any error handling.You also would not hide this code from your admin people who would want an impact study and your firstborn for any change they make. So instead of doing all this you wait until there is a proper co [read] Keywords: admin agent domino lotusscript xpages google java security server

Enterprise 2.0 and weight loss - siblings separated at birth?
Tue, May 14th 2013 12:18p   Stephan H Wissel
This blog entry is inspired and largely translated from this German article authored by enterprise consultant Andreas Schulze-Kopp. Having gone through some personal transformation (final results in November) myself I found Andreas' comparison of Enterprise 2.0 initiatives and weight loss programs intriguing. The tasks are comparable: alter habits, break through the mould of old behavioural pattern (a.k.a processes in business lingo) show enough determination and will power to see it through. [read] Keywords: connections ibm development enterprise linux profile wiki

Modernizing Notes applications - lessons from the trenches
Thu, May 9th 2013 6:18a   Stephan H Wissel
Not only since mobile first became fashionable corporations are trying to ditch the Lotus IBM Notes client - for various reasons. These efforts were branded "modernization", "web enablement", "mobile enablement" or if a competitor had a word "migration". Initially there was hope that this would be a short, painless and automated process (the upgrades, not the migrations that is). But reality taught a few facts that you need to consider: A Rich Client is based on RichText, a browser cli [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusscript notes notes client richtext xpages application applications bleedyellow bleedyellow.com css enterprise google mobile server twitter wiki

CRM > Sales Tracking
Sun, May 5th 2013 9:20a   Stephan H Wissel
IBM is ditching Siebel CRM in favour of SugarCRM. Cloud based CRM was made popular by SalesForce while Zoho wants a share of the pie too. All to often CRM offers or is used as sales force automation tool, which it is not (only). But what makes a good CRM? It needs to provide access to anything that relates to a customer. Doh - that's what the name claims. In larger organisations CRM typically is understood very narrowly as sales tracking tool, the broader definition as outlined above gets c [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes applications wiki

Dear SingTel, please fix your routing performance!
Wed, Apr 24th 2013 9:18p   Stephan H Wissel
Slashdot asked for the latency to their site, so I ran a few tests with pretty consistent results in the 250ms range. Slashdot labels that as "still stuck on dialup or in space". Their expectations for overseas users was 80 to 150ms. Puzzled by the result (local websites typically respond in the sub 2ms range), I used traceroute to get to the bottom of this. Here are the results: td.Default {border-right : 1px dotted #CCCCCC; border-bottom : 1px dotted #EEEEEE; padding : 1px} Hop IP DNS [read] Keywords: admin css

I want one
Tue, Apr 23rd 2013 6:18a   Stephan H Wissel
[read] Keywords:

Sun, Apr 21st 2013 6:17a   Stephan H Wissel
Cycling in Singapore can be fun once you: Find the right group Do it at night Are not afraid to cycle along an unlit Cemetery or ghosts * Middle Aged Man In Lycra [read] Keywords: wiki

A more actionable Connections UI
Fri, Apr 19th 2013 6:18a   Stephan H Wissel
IBM Connections is a two headed beast: on one hand it is a set of rich APIs offering different services (Status, Blogs, Wiki, Text, Activities etc) on the other it provides a set of UIs on top of this APIs. Yes, not one, but a set: Browser, Android, iShiny™ and IBM Notes. I'm a big fan of the APIs. After all they stand for IBM's commitment to open standards and are build with XML, REST, ATOM and ActivityStreams compliant to the OpenSocial specifications. I'm not so sure about the UIs, [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes application wiki xml

Planning applications (XPages MindMap)
Thu, Apr 18th 2013 8:18a   Stephan H Wissel
In a recent XPages workshop in Kuala Lumpur, the class brainstormed on the planning process for an XPages application. This is what we came up with. For every item on the list one could elaborate quite a bit, but putting that on the map would make it rather messy. Enjoy [read] Keywords: xpages application applications

Is SharePoint a Failed Vision for Collaboration?
Sun, Apr 14th 2013 6:16a   Stephan H Wissel
Rich Blank (of Jive software) makes a case on CMSWire to consider SharePoint a failure for collaboration. Looking closely it isn't SharePoint to fault. SharePoint with its place concept and flat views is a 1:1 conceptual copy of Lotus Notes implemented with a (then) current Microsoft technology stack. Thus it does have the potential for successful collaboration, as the (then) success of Lotus Notes clearly showed. With the right effort of adoption any collaborative technology can be successfu [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes email linkedin microsoft sharepoint skype wiki

Round-Trip editing experience in web browsers
Wed, Mar 27th 2013 10:18p   Stephan H Wissel
Our applications are increasingly moving to http(s) based interfaces, that is HTML(5) or apps. Besides the irony, that we abandon client applications on desktops to reintroduce them on mobile devices (is ObjectiveC the VB of the 21st century?), that's a good thing™ However from time to time, unless you live in the cloud, we need to integrate into extisting standing desktop applications, mostly but not limited to Office applications. The emerging standard for this is clearly CMIS. Most of [read] Keywords: ibm notes application applications desktop google linux microsoft mobile networking office openntf sap security server sharepoint wiki ubuntu

System Administrator's Mantra
Wed, Mar 27th 2013 8:13p   Stephan H Wissel
All that can be automated is inherently boring All that is inherently boring will slip my attention All that slips my attention will lead to trouble Sooner or later the trouble will catch with me I therefore vow to fight the beast of boredom With skills and scripts and automation To spend time with and for what really matters You, my user! [read] Keywords:

We love Java and JavaScript
Tue, Mar 12th 2013 10:11p   Stephan H Wissel
But there are the other too... Comment from Oliver:"That's not originally mine. I never made a cartoon about LotusScript. I guess it originally was about VBA (or the like). Someone had forked the original cartoon. Why not ;) " [read] Keywords: lotusscript xpages java javascript

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