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TeamCal for Notes is available on the App Store!
Wed, Apr 2nd 2014 149
Working on my hobby project, my first iOS app “Team Calendar for Notes”
Wed, Feb 26th 2014 973
IBM Connect 2014: Mail Next and Social Collaboration Demo
Mon, Feb 17th 2014 247
Rebranding insights from Kramer Reeves
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 230
Die Zukunft von Notes/Domino…ist IBM Mail…oder doch nicht?
Tue, Jan 28th 2014 317
IBM Connect 2014, meine ersten Eindrücke
Mon, Jan 27th 2014 231
New version of ACL & Cluster Tool published on OpenNTF
Mon, Nov 11th 2013 122
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IBM Notes/Domino 9.0: Einfach nur eine weitere Notes Version oder ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung?
Thu, Aug 29th 2013 2383
Working on my hobby project, my first iOS app “Team Calendar for Notes”
Wed, Feb 26th 2014 973
How to re-create recent contacts after a corruption
Fri, Jul 20th 2012 575
iNotes not working as expected with Firefox 15 and later
Mon, Oct 29th 2012 471
IBM Notes Traveler includes new features and fixes
Tue, Jul 30th 2013 456
Reset workspace configuration data with “notes.exe -rparams -resetconfig”
Mon, Sep 17th 2012 440
IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 and Traveler 9.0.1 available
Tue, Oct 29th 2013 373
Die Zukunft von Notes/Domino…ist IBM Mail…oder doch nicht?
Tue, Jan 28th 2014 317
IBM Notes/Domino 9.0: Database Maintenance Tool (DBMT)
Wed, Jan 2nd 2013 312
Creating a Notes 9 silent installation package including the new browser plug-in
Sat, May 4th 2013 285

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TeamCal for Notes is available on the App Store!
Wed, Apr 2nd 2014 6:10a   Stephan Kopp
My first iOS app has been released today. It is a team calendar for Notes/Domino users. At the moment, you need a backend Notes database which collects all calendar entries, but in future releases I plan to connect directly to the mail servers using the REST api. The App is for free and the backend database also. Read more… Filed under: IBM Notes/Domino, iOS [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes notesdomino apple database facebook twitter

Working on my hobby project, my first iOS app “Team Calendar for Notes”
Wed, Feb 26th 2014 4:04p   Stephan Kopp
In the past years (almost 15 years…oh, my goodness), I’ve always developed in parallel to my infrastructure projects some system or migration tools based on LotusScript. But no real application development and not object oriented at all. End of last year I felt a little bit tired with my job and all the “boring” Notes/Domino stuff, so I came to the conclusion to start something completely different (at least in my free time, not a new job). When I’m looking around [read] Keywords: domino lotusscript notes apple application database development facebook twitter

IBM Connect 2014: Mail Next and Social Collaboration Demo
Mon, Feb 17th 2014 10:28a   Stephan Kopp
Filed under: IBM Connections, IBM Notes/Domino [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes notesdomino facebook twitter

Rebranding insights from Kramer Reeves
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 2:07a   Stephan Kopp
Some clarifications about the new product names: https://www.socialbizug.org/blogs/Kramer/entry/branding_insights I like short product names like “IBM Notes” or “IBM Docs”, but IBM obviously not… IBM Connections (including files, profiles, activities, wikis, forums, etc) IBM Connections Docs IBM Connections Chat IBM Connections Meetings IBM Connections Mail (including mail, calendar, contacts, etc) IBM Connections Content Manager IBM Notes / Domino will not be re [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes notesdomino facebook twitter

Die Zukunft von Notes/Domino…ist IBM Mail…oder doch nicht?
Tue, Jan 28th 2014 8:06a   Stephan Kopp
Ok, die ersten beiden Tage IBM Connect 2014 liegen hinter mir und es gab wirklich anders als erwartet eine Menge Neuigkeiten. Ganze zu Beginn, ich komme aus der Lotus Notes Welt und finde die Richtung die IBM einschlägt konsequent und sinnvoll, auch wenn viele den Produktnamen nachweinen oder Angst haben sich jetzt mit neuen Technologien beschäftigen zu müssen. Ich sehe das alles als eine Chance für die Zukunft und auch im Hinblick auf die Konkurrenzprodukte als ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal. W [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes lotus notes notes client notesdomino noteslotus sametime facebook outlook server twitter

IBM Connect 2014, meine ersten Eindrücke
Mon, Jan 27th 2014 8:09a   Stephan Kopp
In der Opening Session gab es einen ersten Ausblick auf die nächsten Versionen. IBM Mail Next Nein, nicht “Notes Next” aber auch nicht “Connections Mail Next”, das gefällt mir persönlich sehr gut… Domino wird weiterhin die strategische Plattform bleiben für Mail und auch für Applikationen. Darauf wurde explizit hingewiesen, also keine Befürchtungen, dass Domino verschwinden wird. Von einem Notes Client war aber keine Rede, was meiner Meinung nach auch höchs [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes notes client sametime archive email facebook integration twitter


New version of ACL & Cluster Tool published on OpenNTF
Mon, Nov 11th 2013 12:11p   Stephan Kopp
Today, I published a new version of my ACL & Cluster tool. Changes: - New feature to apply the mail-/homeserver of each mailfile owner as adminserver - from the setup document, you can now send console commands to execute the agents immediatelly (useful for testing) For more details and download, go to the project page on OpenNTF… Feature requests and bug reports are very welcome! Filed under: IBM Notes/Domino, Tools [read] Keywords: acl domino ibm notes notesdomino bug facebook openntf twitter

IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 and Traveler 9.0.1 available
Tue, Oct 29th 2013 6:24a   Stephan Kopp
The new release is now available for download. The detailed release notes are not yet completely available, but hopefully soon. Some of the new features from the “What’s new documents”… Notes 9.0.1 Search Directory For results are now displayed in alphabetical order Add, remove, or modify online meeting information in an existing calendar entry XULRunner upgraded to version 10.0.6 Domino 9.0.1 New ODS Version 52 Bug fixes for large encrypted databases, no new features k [read] Keywords: acl administration domino ibm id vault ldd lotus notes notes client notesdomino ods policies traveler xpages apple application applications bug desktop facebook interface java mobile network password security server twitter websphere widget widgets

Using iNotes as your default mail client
Wed, Oct 16th 2013 3:21p   Stephan Kopp
Did you know that you can configure iNotes as your default mail client? I didn’t know that and answered this question wrong many times, sorry for that to all persons concerned… The new iNotes 9 is great and in many disussions we came to this question: “iNotes is great, but can we use it with the send to function of windows?” – YES, you can! I never noticed that it is possible, because I use Internet Explorer only as a download tool for a better browser… You [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes notes notesdomino facebook firefox interface twitter

iNotes still shows old design after upgrading mailfiles with german mailtemplate to version 9.0
Mon, Sep 30th 2013 7:50a   Stephan Kopp
This bug is well known since the release of Domino 9 language packs, but I still can’t find a new download with a fixed mailtemplate version… Currently many customers in Germany are upgrading to version 9 and may now getting into trouble because of this issue. So I post again this solution found in the IBM Forum, but with a little bit different coding. The problem: After upgrading a Domino server to version 9.0, your users might also want to use a german mailtemplate with version [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes ldd lotus notes notes client notesdomino bug database facebook server twitter

IBM Notes/Domino 9.0: Einfach nur eine weitere Notes Version oder ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung?
Thu, Aug 29th 2013 8:13a   Stephan Kopp
Ja, die neue Version ist jetzt auch schon fast wieder ein halbes Jahr “alt”, aber ich finde dass IBM ein guter Wurf gelungen ist und man sollte durchaus weiterhin versuchen der allgemeinen “wir migrieren sowieso bald alle nach Exchange” Lethargie entgegenzuwirken. Eines ganz zu Beginn: IBM hat meiner Meinung nach die Versprechen, die auf der Lotusphere 2010 mit der Ankündigung von „Project Vulcan“ vielen als unrealistisch erschienen zu einem großen Teil eingelöst. [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes lotusphere notes notes client notesdomino xpages database exchange exchange facebook firefox integration java server twitter wiki workspace

Interim Fix 3 for IBM Domino 9.0 available
Tue, Jul 30th 2013 7:20a   Stephan Kopp
http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21644599 This Interim Fix addresses the following SPRs: SPR Description MKEN966HFR IHS sends back a 500 status code if mod_domino receives a 449 status code, causes Notes Traveler to fail. (Note: This is a Windows-specific SPR) DMEA96CMVX Web: Database with SSL redirect and missing WSIS header with connectors enabled results in looping JPAI93JKUR Full Text message: d:notefilemailczimmet.ftftgi.P02 Read error. errcode = 3353 errno = 0 HB [read] Keywords: domino ibm id vault inotes lotus notes notesdomino traveler xpages aix database facebook linux office security server twitter

IBM Notes Traveler includes new features and fixes
Tue, Jul 30th 2013 7:00a   Stephan Kopp
Notes Traveler is a feature release that includes new function and APAR fixes for the Notes Traveler server and Android client. More details… Attachment security settings New for, Attachment Security Settings can now be defined for Apple iOS devices and the IBM Notes Traveler client running on Android devices. Using the Approved Application interface, the IBM Notes Traveler administrator defines which applications on the mobile device are allowed to open or view attachment [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus notes notes client traveler apple application applications blackberry email facebook google interface mobile office password security server twitter widget widgets

Interim Fix 2 for IBM Notes/Domino 9.0 available
Mon, Jul 15th 2013 9:42a   Stephan Kopp
IBM released a new interim fix for Domino Server and Notes Client. Detailes and download links: Domino Server Notes Client Filed under: IBM Notes/Domino [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes notes client notesdomino facebook server twitter

Using the calendar overlay feature in iNotes to display other Notes calendars and iCal feeds
Wed, Jun 12th 2013 1:10a   Stephan Kopp
Calendar overlay is a great features, but unfortunatelly IBM didn’t include it in the latest iNotes 9 release. That was my answer to those questions, at least until this morning… Thanks to Mat Newman, I found the notes.ini paramter iNotes_WA_CalOverlay=3. Just put it to your domino server notes.ini and the overlay feature is available for notes users and iCal feeds. By default, only Google calendar is available. Filed under: IBM Notes/Domino Tagged: Calendar, Domino, Feed, IBM, iC [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes lotus notes notesdomino facebook google server twitter

Replacing Lotus Notes…
Thu, May 30th 2013 6:17a   Stephan Kopp
Very funny, but true in so many points… Filed under: IBM Notes/Domino Tagged: Domino, Exchange, IBM, Lotus, Migration, Notes, Outlook, Replacing, Sharepoint [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notesdomino exchange exchange facebook outlook sharepoint twitter

Creating a Notes 9 silent installation package including the new browser plug-in
Sat, May 4th 2013 9:17p   Stephan Kopp
The new browser plug-in is a great feature. You can choose to deploy only the browser plug-in or you can install it as an additional option with the standard client. For some users, the browser plug-in together with the awesome new iNotes may be a good option to a standard client deployment and they won’t need a client anymore. This option is very interesting for citrix environments… But also when you decide to deploy the standard client, you can install the browser plug-in as an add [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes lotus notes notesdomino citrix facebook twitter

Notes/Domino 8.5.3 FP4 available
Tue, Apr 16th 2013 3:28p   Stephan Kopp
Details about the included fixes and download links can be found here. Top 8.5.3 Fix Pack 4 Fix List descriptions: Client SPR# GMAA8TQEVG (LO69022) – Fixes issue where view column sorting isn’t maintained in the inbox view. This is a … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes notesdomino

Watch the IBM Connections 4.5 Demo
Fri, Mar 15th 2013 3:28a   Stephan Kopp
  Filed under: IBM Connections Tagged: Connections 4.5, Demo, IBM [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Watch the IBM Notes/Domino 9 Demo
Wed, Mar 13th 2013 5:02p   Stephan Kopp
  Filed under: Lotus Notes Tagged: Demo, IBM, Notes 9, Video [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notesdomino

IBM Notes/Domino 9.0 will be available on 21st of March
Tue, Mar 12th 2013 5:13a   Stephan Kopp
The long wait is over, IBM Notes/Domino 9.0 will be available next week! More details: http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?subtype=ca&infotype=an&appname=iSource&supplier=877&letternum=ENUSZP13-0108 Filed under: Lotus Notes Tagged: availibility, Domino, Domino 9, IBM, Notes, Notes 9, Release date [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notesdomino

Integration, Integration, alles dreht sich um die Integration
Wed, Mar 6th 2013 2:42a   Stephan Kopp
…und das ist auch gut so! Ein großes Thema, gerade jetzt wo Notes/Domino 9 und Connections 4.5 vor der Tür stehen (erscheint Ende März). Das ist natürlich nicht neu, aber wenn wir ehrlich sind, bleibt das Thema doch oft genug … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: connections domino notes integration

Veranstaltung: IBM Connect 2013 comes to you
Mon, Feb 4th 2013 12:36a   Stephan Kopp
Zurück aus Orlando kann ich sagen, dass es wieder eine äußerst interessante IBM Connect (formerly known as Lotusphere) war. In den letzten Jahren gab es schon viele Ausblicke auf die kommende Social Business Welt, aber zum Teil hat mir dann … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotusphere notes

My favorite IBM Notes/Domino 9.0 features
Wed, Jan 30th 2013 10:10p   Stephan Kopp
Only a short wrap-up with the best Notes/Domino features, there is so much more interesting stuff to talk about… Notes/Domino, Connections, IBM Docs, Sametime, etc. 1) SAML Now you can finally get rid of all your Notes id and http passwords. You can completely use for example Active Directory for Notes Client and iNotes (http) logon. This is not a password sync and no SSO, users authenticate against AD and Domino allows access to the ID-File in the ID-Vault without further passwords (Note [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes lotus lotusphere notes notes client notesdomino sametime xpages applications citrix database facebook firefox integration interface linux mac office password twitter widgets

IBM Notes/Domino 9.0: Database Maintenance Tool (DBMT)
Wed, Jan 2nd 2013 3:01a   Stephan Kopp
A nice little tool will be shipped with Domino 9 called “database maintenance tool”. Excerpt from the release notes: In this beta release, you can take advantage of a new tool for performing multiple daily/weekly administrative tasks on user’s mail database files. The dbmt tool does all of the following: runs copy-style compact operations purges deletion stubs expires soft deleted entries updates views reorganizes folders merges full-text indexes updates unread lists ensures [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm ldd lotus notes notesdomino updall database facebook server twitter

Webinterface not working after upgrading to traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2
Wed, Dec 12th 2012 8:36a   Stephan Kopp
We had an issue with the traveler webinterface after upgrading to 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2. The webinterface didn’t show any content: It is working when accessing one of the traveler servers directly, but not when using the external proxy URL. During the setup procedure, some changes will be applied to the website configuration document. But in our case not to all of them (we have different ones for internal and external access). There is a new setting in the website configuration document, [read] Keywords: lotus notes traveler bug facebook twitter

Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2 is available
Tue, Dec 11th 2012 8:57a   Stephan Kopp
…and it brings to-do synchronization, great, but sadly nothing else! The what’s new page is not really impressive: Lotus Notes To Do support Support for Lotus Notes To Do’s has been added for Lotus Notes Traveler on Android and Apple iOS devices. iOS devices require the Lotus Notes Traveler To Do application which is available from the Apple App store. The To Do application for Android devices is bundled with the applications that make up the Lotus Notes Traveler client for An [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus notes traveler apple application applications facebook interface twitter

New OpenNTF Project: ACL and Cluster Tool
Thu, Nov 22nd 2012 4:07a   Stephan Kopp
My tool is now also available on OpenNTF! To all XPage developers out there: A nice looking XPage UI would be a great improvement for the next release… Filed under: Lotus Notes, Tools Tagged: ACL, Cluster, Lotus Notes, OpenNTF, Tool [read] Keywords: acl lotus notes facebook openntf twitter

New version of ACL & Cluster Tool available
Wed, Nov 21st 2012 9:06a   Stephan Kopp
I’ve just published a small update for my ACL & Cluster Tool. An additional option is now available to create an automatic report containing the currently missing databases on the cluster server. You can specify to create missing replicas automatically, create them and send a report or send only a report. I would appreciate any feedback about your experience using this tool. Also feature requests for next version are welcome! More details and download link can be found here. Filed [read] Keywords: acl agent domino lotus notes facebook server twitter

IBM Notes/Domino 9 Social Edition is coming
Tue, Nov 13th 2012 11:26p   Stephan Kopp
Public beta will be available on 14th of December, register now! My favorite features are embedded experience, activity stream, browser plugin and the nice one ui theme. Most of the features will be also available for iNotes. You can take a look at it already on greenhouse, looks good and the embedded experience with connections works great. Hopefully we will see some more “out of the box” embedded experience examples shipping with the beta or the final release in Q1/2013. It is als [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes lotus lotusphere notes notesdomino facebook twitter

IBM Connections Plug-ins for Notes: One installer to get them all
Tue, Nov 6th 2012 2:45p   Stephan Kopp
IBM just released a single installer for the available plug-ins: Status Updates Files Activities Business Card …and also added some new features Status Updates plug-in: NEW: attach a file to a status update NEW: like / unlike a status update NEW: Activity stream integration allows to monitor updates for all Connections services NEW: search by people and communities Files plug-in: NEW Lock/unlock files More details and download is available here. Filed under: Lotus Notes Tagged: [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes facebook integration twitter

iNotes not working as expected with Firefox 15 and later
Mon, Oct 29th 2012 2:02p   Stephan Kopp
Some features using signed scripts no longer work, which results in the following problems: - send and save button not working - urls not converted into hotpots - attachements cannot be added to mail messages Starting with Domino 8.5.3 you can prevent such errors by disabling signed scripts using this notes.ini parameter: iNotes_WA_FirefoxSignedScript=0 The functions will be replaced by the older DHTML versions, but this will solve the issues. Details from the IBM Flash Alert: Abstract Update [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes lotus notes dhtml facebook firefox interface server twitter

November 13th: IBM Notes/Domino Social Edition Preview and Announcement
Mon, Oct 29th 2012 2:06a   Stephan Kopp
You can register for the special webcast here Filed under: Lotus Notes [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notesdomino facebook twitter

IBM Lotus Notes ID Vault Database Scanner
Fri, Oct 5th 2012 4:29a   Stephan Kopp
Do you want to know if all of your id files have been collected and stored in the id vault? And more important: If not, which are missing? Then try this new IBM tool: IBM Lotus Notes ID Vault Database Scanner Filed under: Lotus Notes, Tools Tagged: Database Scanner, IBM, ID Vault, Lotus Notes, Tool [read] Keywords: ibm id vault ldd lotus notes database facebook twitter

OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion support for Lotus Notes 8.5.3
Thu, Oct 4th 2012 1:11p   Stephan Kopp
IBM now offers support for OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion. There are two possibilities: - Interim Fix 1 for 8.5.3 Fixpack 2 - Notes 8.5.3 Slipstream Follow this link for more information and download: Supportability Q&A about Lotus Notes and OS X 10.8.x Filed under: Lotus Notes Tagged: 10.8.x, 8.5.3, Lion, Lotus, Mac, Mountian, Notes [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes facebook mac twitter

OpenNTF Project “Custom Login Page”
Tue, Oct 2nd 2012 7:10a   Stephan Kopp
A new interesting project called “Custom Login Page” has been published on OpenNTF. The database is based on the domcfg5.ntf template and provides much more options to customize your login pages and error messages. One use case could be to provide an alternative login screen in case of SPNEGO login failures. By default, you get only an error message and users don’t have the possbility to login with username and password instead of SPNEGO logon. See more details and download on [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes ntf database facebook openntf password twitter

I like this argument: “We’d only be trying to make SharePoint do what we can already do with the Notes platform.”
Wed, Sep 26th 2012 7:10a   Stephan Kopp
I currently don’t read many of those news, that’s why I (and many others) think it is worth blogging this itnews.com article. Bureau of Statistics retains Notes in IT transformation Commits to IBM’s collaboration platform.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has committed itself to its legacy IBM Lotus platform as it pushes forward with its seven-year transformation program to 2017. The so-called ABS 2017 program (pdf) aimed to update statistical business processes a [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus notes sametime applications blogging desktop development email enterprise facebook integration microsoft mobile office sharepoint twitter unified communications

Reset workspace configuration data with “notes.exe -rparams -resetconfig”
Mon, Sep 17th 2012 8:10a   Stephan Kopp
Not a new one, but today it was useful fixing a customer issue with opening URLs in external browser. I didn’t knew this parameter, learned it from a teammate… Problem: In the Notes client preferences, “use operating system browser” was selected, but users couldn’t open any URL. Embedded URLs and even bookmarks did not open the browser. It simply happened nothing, no error message. Solution: Just used notes.exe -rparams -resetconfig parameter to reset the works [read] Keywords: domino ldd lotus notes notes client facebook twitter wiki workspace

2-in-1: ACL & Cluster Tool for free!
Thu, Sep 6th 2012 3:51a   Stephan Kopp
Over many years and through many customer projects I created a lot of code and tools. Most of them only for particular projects. But some time ago, I could make at least two of them easy to use for all administrators without any development background. I want to contribute these tools to the Lotus Notes community and hopefully some of you find it useful. Both tools are incorporated into one single database: The ACL Tool can be used to manage the database ACL on one or multiple servers. You can [read] Keywords: acl lotus notes community database development facebook interface twitter

Good bye Lotusphere…
Fri, Aug 24th 2012 4:10p   Stephan Kopp
welcome IBM Connect 2013: http://www.lotusphere.com Mir hat der Name Lotusphere besser gefallen, aber das kommt vermutlich daher, dass ich ein altbackener Notes Geek bin… In den letzten 5 Jahren war ich 4 mal in Orlando und es war jedes mal die Reise wert (manchmal mehr, manchmal weniger). Ich hoffe die Qualität der Sessions und der ganzen Veranstaltung bleibt auf dem hohen Niveau, auch wenn der Name Lotus nun endgültig gestrichen wurde. Ob ich nächstes Jahr wieder dort sein werde i [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere notes facebook twitter

Release date of Lotus Notes 8.5.4 Social Edition changed to February 2013
Sat, Aug 18th 2012 10:06a   Stephan Kopp
Original schedule was last quarter of 2012, but now rescheduled to February 2013 Found on Developer Works: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/fixlist.nsf/(Progress)/854 Filed under: General [read] Keywords: ldd lotus notes facebook twitter

IBM interested in buying RIM enterprise services, what could that mean?
Sat, Aug 11th 2012 1:00a   Stephan Kopp
According to some sources (CNET and heise), IBM might be interested to acquire RIM enterprise services. This could lead to some interesting products and offerings in the future. Maybe a new product as a result of combining BES and Traveler? Could be interesting, let’s see what the future brings… Filed under: Lotus Traveler, Mobile Tagged: BES, Blackberry, Lotus Traveler, RIM [read] Keywords: ibm lotus traveler bes blackberry enterprise facebook mobile rim server twitter

Upgrading my old 2009 MacBook Pro
Wed, Aug 8th 2012 5:18a   Stephan Kopp
Just upgraded my old MacBook… 2 GB RAM  –> 8 GB 160 GB Hard Disk –> 256 GB SSD 10 minutes replacing the hardware (very easy) 60 minutes to download and create a bootable external usb hard drive with mountain lion (because no USB stick and no DVD available at home…) 3 hours to create the partition and time-machine restore done And the most impressing: After a few days, it still works  :-) Filed under: General Tagged: hardware, macbook, os x [read] Keywords: facebook macbook twitter

I’m outta here…
Fri, Aug 3rd 2012 6:45a   Stephan Kopp
For my summer vacation, yeah! I will relax and try keeping any thoughts of work, IBM, Lotus Notes and anything else off my mind. You can still contact me, but don’t expect an immediate response. Will be back in September. Stay tuned! Filed under: General [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes facebook twitter

How to send Non Delivery Reports to your users without attachments
Mon, Jul 30th 2012 8:45a   Stephan Kopp
The problem Most companies limit the maximum size of outgoing mails to the internet. In case of an existing size limit for outgoing mails, Lotus Notes will send Non Delivery Reports back to the users containing the original attachments. This is a good behaviour, because users can easily use the “resend” functionality to change the mail and send it again to the intended recipients. But especially when users are working with local mail files, this can cause a lot of additional traffic sending [read] Keywords: acl agent connections domino lotus notes notes client database facebook server twitter

Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 Fix Pack 3 available (
Wed, Jul 25th 2012 3:32p   Stephan Kopp
Download: http://bit.ly/LOSQVC Version is a maintenance release and does not include any functionality delivered by Upgrade Pack 1. A detailed fixlist is now available: Lotus Notes Traveler includes all APAR fixes up to and including IF1 in addition to the APARs listed here. Lotus Traveler does not include features delivered in Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 and can not be installed on that release. A separate maintenance delivery will be provided for [read] Keywords: ldd lotus notes traveler facebook twitter

Disable new mail notify for mails delivered to junk or other folders
Mon, Jul 23rd 2012 8:39a   Stephan Kopp
It is unfortunatelly not possible to disable the new mail notfiy when mails are moved to junkmail or other folders. They still raise a new mail notification even if they are not in your inbox. Vote for this idea on IdeaJam to show IBM that we want this feature: http://bit.ly/NOWG2P Filed under: Lotus Notes Tagged: IdeaJam [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes facebook ideajam twitter

How to re-create recent contacts after a corruption
Fri, Jul 20th 2012 12:00a   Stephan Kopp
In addition to my former post: “Recent Contacts Tuning” I found a technote explaining how to re-create the recent contacts, for example after a corruption, without deleting all of them. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21265985 Question Is there a way to reset the contents of the Recent Contacts view if, for example, corruption is suspected? Answer The steps provided below can be used to reset the contents of the Recent Contacts view: Confirm that the “Do n [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client facebook twitter workspace

Limit the total size of a sent mail including the number of recipients
Wed, Jul 18th 2012 12:00a   Stephan Kopp
Even if you limit the maximum message size in the router restrictions tab of the configuration document for example to 10 MB, users can still send a mail with 9.5 MB to 10.000 Users! To limit also the total size including all recipients, computed like [message size] * [number of recipients], you can additionally use these notes.ini parameters: RouterMaxEffectiveSize=10240 RouterMaxEffectiveSizeIncAttach=1 RouterMaxEffectiveSize defines the maximum size in KB computed in the mentioned way. Route [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes facebook server twitter

Domino 8.5.3 Fix Pack 2 available
Sat, Jul 14th 2012 2:50a   Stephan Kopp
Download: http://ibm.co/PTFcqr 8.5.3 Fix Pack 2 Fix List descriptions: Client SPR# VSHA8AZVL4 (LO66100) – Fixed a Notes client crash that could occur closing a database SPR# VSHA8B2R79 (LO61397) – Fixes potential hang on launch of an attachment +SPR# PCHE89APJV (LO54770) – Fixed a problem where the view pane shrunk after multiple opens. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. SPR# RHAN8CVS32 (LO57550) – Notes client crash trying to delete message after error “ILL [read] Keywords: adminp domino ibm inotes lotus notes notes client rich text roaming traveler xpages database facebook javascript microsoft office properties security server twitter

You can open your designer or admin help database, but you can’t see it?
Thu, Jul 12th 2012 10:34a   Stephan Kopp
I had the problem, that my designer help was opened, but I can’t see the window. It was shown in my Windows task bar, but I can’t bring it to the front or switch to it with any keyboard shortcut. Deleting these notes.ini parameters solved my problem: HELPWINDOWSIZEWIN HELPMAXIMIZED Just restart the client and the default settings are restored. I think this is a Windows 7 only problem, I never had something like this before…. Filed under: Lotus Notes Tagged: Client, Designer [read] Keywords: admin lotus notes database facebook twitter

Why deleting .ft directories on running Domino servers is a bad idea
Tue, Jul 10th 2012 2:52p   Stephan Kopp
On unix or linux servers, deleting .ft directories while Domino is running can cause problems. In some cases, Domino is still accessing already deleted files, which will prohibit fulltext index rebuild and lead to error messages like this: Error full text indexing document NT00000000 .......  (rc=268) File is in use by another program To solve this: Shutdown server Delete the affected .ft directory Restart Domino server Rebuild fulltext index Filed under: Lotus Notes Tagged: Domino, Lotus [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes facebook linux server twitter

Using the plugin_customization.ini to define eclipse client default settings
Mon, Jul 9th 2012 9:00a   Stephan Kopp
When creating a client package for automatic rollout, you can use the plugin_customization.ini to specify many default settings and customize the clients. The plugin_customization.ini can be found in the “deploy” subdirectory of the client installer package. Some examples, which might be helpful to set the most common options for new or upgraded clients: com.ibm.rcp.ui/DOCKED_LAUNCHER=1 --> dock the open list by default com.ibm.rcp.ui.browser.launcher/USE_EMBEDDED_BROWSER=fals [read] Keywords: admin collaboration ibm lotus notes sametime community eclipse facebook password server twitter widget

Performance tuning of large databases
Fri, Jul 6th 2012 4:00a   Stephan Kopp
Do you have very large notes databases on your server and experiencing performance issues? Would you be glad to get a secret notes.ini parameter like performance=on? Ok, it is not soooo easy, but below you find some quick tipps to tune your domino server a little bit. 1. notes.ini (server) FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1 SERVER_NAME_LOOKUP_NO_UPDATE=1 UPDATE_FULLTEXT_THREAD=1 UPDATERS=4 Yes I know, you can get this list also with the Domino Configuration Tuner. But, how many people know what DCT is? 2. [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes database facebook properties server twitter

Recent Contacts Tuning
Thu, Jul 5th 2012 10:09a   Stephan Kopp
With each version of Notes, there are more options to customize the recent contacts behaviour. But these parameters are still interesting, because there is no UI representation: DPABRemoveRule=domainA,domainB,textC DPABRemoveRuleSetting=1 Using these parameters, you can exclude all recipients from the recent contacts matching one of the strings (example: user@domainA.com will be removed). Since version 8.5.2, these parameters will also delete already existing documents from the recent contacts [read] Keywords: lotus notes facebook twitter

Lotus Notes Social Edition doch ein eigenes Release und nicht nur ein Addon
Tue, Jul 3rd 2012 5:15a   Stephan Kopp
Glücklicherweise rudert die IBM zurück und wirft die Strategie über den Haufen, die Social Edtion nur als Addon zu vermarkten. Ursprünglich hieß es, es gäbe die Social Edition nur als einfaches Addon zu einem der nächsten Notes Versionen. Jetzt wird es aber definitiv eine Lotus Notes 8.5.4 Social Edition geben, die man dann einfach optional mit oder ohne die Social Komponenten installieren kann. Ob die generelle Strategie mit einer Social Integration funktionieren wird, zeigt sich Ende de [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes facebook integration twitter

Lotus Traveler NTSConfig.xml settings sind ab 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 in der notes.ini zu finden
Fri, Jun 29th 2012 6:09a   Stephan Kopp
Mit dem High Availibility Upgrade Pack wurden einige Optionen aus der NTSConfig.xml in die notes.ini umgezogen. NTSConfig.xml:      ALLOWED_USER_AGENT_REGEX Notes.ini:        NTS_USER_AGENT_ALLOWED_REGEX Eine komplette Liste habe ich noch nicht gefunden. Ob alle Settings mit der gleichen Syntax auch in der notes.ini funktionieren, habe ich auch noch nicht ausprobiert. Über weiteres Feedback dazu wäre ich dankbar… Filed under: Lotus Traveler Tagged: Lotus, notes.ini, Travele [read] Keywords: lotus notes traveler facebook twitter xml

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