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IBM i Skype Chat
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 138
Wanna Have An Adventure?
Tue, Nov 18th 2014 160
One Reason Why I'm Disabling the Notes 9 Discover Tab
Thu, Sep 25th 2014 89
IBM, We Have an SSL Problem
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 162
Cloud First. Mail Next. Customer Last.
Mon, Aug 4th 2014 92
Instructions for Updating Domino 9 to Interim Fix 3 on IBM i
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 91
Busy, Busy and Busy Still
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 62
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IBM, We Have an SSL Problem
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 162
Wanna Have An Adventure?
Tue, Nov 18th 2014 160
IBM i Skype Chat
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 138
EPA Migrates 25,000 Lotus Notes Mail Files to Office 365...Without 14 Years of Historical Data?
Sun, Mar 10th 2013 133
Using Lotus Notes Policies to Improve the User Experience: Part 1 - Dynamic Desktop
Wed, May 16th 2012 132
Cloud First. Mail Next. Customer Last.
Mon, Aug 4th 2014 92
Instructions for Updating Domino 9 to Interim Fix 3 on IBM i
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 91
IBM Connections on IBM i - DB2, JDBC and IASPs
Mon, Apr 29th 2013 89
One Reason Why I'm Disabling the Notes 9 Discover Tab
Thu, Sep 25th 2014 89
My Issue With the IBM Connections Plugin for IBM Notes - Solved
Tue, May 21st 2013 83

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IBM i Skype Chat
Tue, Dec 2nd 2014 11:11a   Steve Pitcher
If you want to join an IBM i group chat we have on Skype, please click on the following link. We talk about hardware, software and everything IBM i related. It's just another great avenue to share information and connect with people in the IBM i and Power Systems community. That being said, if you're an AIX or Linux on Power Systems guru then you're more than welcome to join as well. IBM i Group Chat [read] Keywords: ibm aix community linux skype

Wanna Have An Adventure?
Tue, Nov 18th 2014 12:54p   Steve Pitcher
Thinking of a friend today. I had a quick consulting gig a few years ago to help a Notes customer move from R7 to R85. It's a small shop with only 40 users or so. Their entire business was built on top of Notes and were a customer since R4. My liaison at the company and I quickly built a friendship and learned a lot about each other's businesses and how we applied technology. He had a wonderful passion for technology and especially Lotus Notes. Sadly, he had a sudden stroke last week and [read] Keywords: lotus notes R4 R7 consulting

One Reason Why I'm Disabling the Notes 9 Discover Tab
Thu, Sep 25th 2014 7:15a   Steve Pitcher
Because users have no idea what a caret is and probably have no practical reason to change the size of one. [read] Keywords: notes

IBM, We Have an SSL Problem
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 1:47p   Steve Pitcher
In an article I wrote for MC Press Online I share my opinion on the desperate need for full SHA-2 support. http://www.mcpressonline.com/commentary/in-the-wheelhouse-ibm-we-have-an-ssl-problem.html Also, feel free to tell IBM you want to see action on this SPR by creating a PMR. Check out the details here: http://blog.darrenduke.net/darren/ddbz.nsf/dx/so-domino-and-sha2.....theres-a-spr-for-that.htm [read] Keywords: domino ibm

Cloud First. Mail Next. Customer Last.
Mon, Aug 4th 2014 9:10a   Steve Pitcher
Here's an article I wrote for MC Press Online regarding the recent IBM Mail Next webcast. http://www.mcpressonline.com/commentary/in-the-wheelhouse-cloud-first-mail-next-customer-last.html [read] Keywords: ibm

Instructions for Updating Domino 9 to Interim Fix 3 on IBM i
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 10:01p   Steve Pitcher
I couldn't find any documentation on updating Domino to Interim Fix levels on IBM i anywhere, including the tech notes for Domino 9 IF1, IF2 and IF3 so I just assumed the Interim Fix update was a similar process as with installing fix packs in prior releases This means loading and applying a PTF. For the benefit of anyone trying to get up to the latest release, here's my instructions: Download the QL604291.SAVF file from Fix Central. Create a save file on IBM i... CRTSAVF FILE(QGPL/QL6042 [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes


Busy, Busy and Busy Still
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 9:16p   Steve Pitcher
It's been a while since I blogged anything. I've been quite busy with a VOIP implementation and implementing IBM Connections on IBM i in my day job over the last few months. Plus baseball season has started so I'm coaching two nights a week. Prepping content for some fall conferences too. Most things I've written recently have come in the form of articles at MC Press Online so I'll point you there. Just released today is an analysis of new features in IBM Notes 9. Enjoy. IBM Notes [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm notes db2

My Issue With the IBM Connections Plugin for IBM Notes - Solved
Tue, May 21st 2013 8:53p   Steve Pitcher
After installing the Connections plugin for IBM Notes I couldn't seem to get either Files, Activities or Status Updates to work. I could however connect to Greenhouse with no issue. I also reach my Connections server via the web or via the desktop plugin as well. Another oddity was that none of the other integrated Connections components would work such as the business card integration in Sametime. It turned out to be SSL related. Spe [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes sametime desktop integration password server vm xml

IBM Connections on IBM i - DB2, JDBC and IASPs
Mon, Apr 29th 2013 9:21p   Steve Pitcher
For anyone looking to do an IBM Connections install on IBM i, the biggest "gotcha" I encountered was due to the fact that I have an Independent Auxilliary Storage Pool (IASP) defined in my relational database directory entries list (think WRKRDBDIRE). If you're using IBM PowerHA for replication then you'll have an IASP defined. I would log into the Connections homepage successfully but then get an error that the request couldn't be completed. I found errors in the systemout.log for each a [read] Keywords: connections ibm application applications blogging database db2 server sql twitter websphere

EPA Migrates 25,000 Lotus Notes Mail Files to Office 365...Without 14 Years of Historical Data?
Sun, Mar 10th 2013 11:13a   Steve Pitcher
http://gcn.com/articles/2013/03/08/million-message-mailboxes-complicate-epa-move-office-365.aspx The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was a Lotus Notes shop for about 15 years until their very recent move to Office 365, facilitated by Microsoft and Lockheed Martin. Lynn Singleton, director of environment services for Lockheed Martin is featured in the article and provides much insight into the rapid migration schedule along with some of the struggles and successes. A couple of things [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes application applications archiving microsoft network office server

Installing WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager
Thu, Mar 7th 2013 10:13a   Steve Pitcher
The installation instructions for WebSphere Portal on IBM i could be a little more clear. I'll be submitting my suggestions to IBM to update them. Here's what I did in order to install Portal and WCM on IBM i. If you're not using IBM i, but want to do a silent installation using response files, you may still get some value out of this. I downloaded the following images from IBM Passport Advantage. All these images need to be consolidated in a single repository. More on that below. CI7 [read] Keywords: ibm application eclipse interface network password server websphere websphere portal xml

A Lotus Domino Server Installed/Patched In 57 Seconds
Fri, Feb 15th 2013 8:23p   Steve Pitcher
I had to load a new Domino server this afternoon for a new product we've purchased. Once I hit the Enter key to set the server installer program into action I got up, walked twenty feet and refilled my cup with black coffee. I had a quick look out the window and walked back to my laptop with the server ready to rock n' roll. That was pretty fast...so I did another installation test and timed it at 76 seconds. I traded tweets with Keith Brooks who interestingly did a upgrade time trial on [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus sametime application blogger google laptop server twitter

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sun, Jan 20th 2013 11:17a   Steve Pitcher
OK, this post is far from technical but I wanted to share it because I'm a big food guy. I do a lot of the cooking in our house. In the last few months I've been trying my hand at baking sweets, cookies, breads, etc. I may even start a different blog for that type of content. I've made some decent chocolate chip cookies in the last little while but they turned out flat like a normal homemade cookie. I wanted to get more "fluff" so I began playing around with cream cheese as a partial [read] Keywords:

Business Agility and Efficiency with Consolidation
Mon, Jan 14th 2013 11:00a   Steve Pitcher
At IBM Connect, Tim Rowe, Roxanne Reynolds-Lair and I will review how business value can be achieved with the state-of-the-art collaboration solutions running on Power Systems while keeping a simplified, agile and efficient IT environment. http://www.vivastream.com/events/connect2013/sessions/CUST112 [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm

Goodbye Active Directory?
Sat, Dec 29th 2012 8:21p   Steve Pitcher
For me, just maybe. I'm going to at least give this a solid look. We have a loose migration plan for all of our x64-based Microsoft Windows servers to IBM Power Systems. All except our Active Directory servers. We use those for Group Policy, Domain authentication, Domino web authentication, DNS and a few other familiar functions. As per ZDNet, the release of Samba 4 appears to be a viable alternative to Active Directory. More to come once I dig a bit more information about it. I wonder i [read] Keywords: domino ibm microsoft

Selling the Metal!
Tue, Dec 18th 2012 7:07a   Steve Pitcher
Here's a piece I wrote for MC Press Online. Check it out. In the Wheelhouse: Selling the Metal Let's dissect two studies that put IBM i at the top of the list for lowest total cost of ownership, total cost of acquisition, and total amounts of awesome! You want justification? You got it. ITG Studies to Help You Sell the Metal International Technology Group (ITG) recently published two studies that talk about total cost of ownership, total cost of acquisition, risk exposure, cost of downt [read] Keywords: ibm community integration security virus

We're Speaking At IBM Connect 2013!
Fri, Dec 14th 2012 7:50p   Steve Pitcher
Yes! Now the real work begins! All sessions are listed here. Session Business Agility and Efficiency with Consolidation Program Lotusphere - For IT Practitioners Track Track 08: Customer Case Studies (from an IT perspective) Activity Type Lecture Speaker(s) Tim Rowe, IBM; Steve Pitcher, Scotsburn Dairy Group; Roxanne Reynolds-Lair, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Abstract In today’s flat world, successful businesses have their staff, customers and business partne [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotusphere blogger email instant messaging mobile networking

2013 IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions Announced
Tue, Dec 11th 2012 9:21p   Steve Pitcher
Today IBM announced their 2013 IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions. I'm humbled to be included in this group for a second year. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. https://www-304.ibm.com/connections/blogs/socialbusiness/entry/december_10_2012_10_05_pm3?lang=en_us [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm blogger

Gmail 10GB Attachments...Isn't That Quickr?
Tue, Nov 27th 2012 6:57p   Steve Pitcher
Didn't IBM do that many years ago with Lotus Notes integration with Quickr (formerly Quickplace)? Let's see. I choose a file from Drive (Quickr) and insert a link into an email (Lotus Notes). Then, I send the email to a user. If the user is authorized to the file, he/she downloads the file from Drive (Quickr) and voila. Google markets it as 10GB attachments and the crowd goes wild at the...ahem..innovation. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2412534,00.asp [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes quickplace quickr blogger email google integration

A Rose By Any Other Name
Tue, Nov 20th 2012 6:11a   Steve Pitcher
Here's an article I did for MC Press which covers IBM's long overdue replacement of the Lotus brand, IBM Traveler support on IBM i and the COMMON Europe Top Concerns survey. In the Wheelhouse: A Rose by Any Other Name IBM rebrands one of its most revered products, and we take a good, hard look at COMMON Europe's Top Concerns survey. Plus, IBM i gets native support for the product formerly known as Lotus Notes Traveler: IBM Traveler. IBM Previews New Lotus IBM Notes and Domino 9! Lotus [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes traveler blogger

Traveler on IBM i
Fri, Nov 16th 2012 11:11a   Steve Pitcher
IBM Traveler, formerly Lotus Notes Traveler, is planned to be supported on the IBM i operating environment in Q1 2013 according to the IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition preview and announcements. I've written about the full IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition preview on MC Press Online in my next bi-weekly column coming on Monday, November 13th. Many IBM i customers, including myself, are ecstatic with the news. Thank you IBM! [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes traveler blogger

IBM i Access for Web Part II: Getting Productive Without All the Green Stuff
Fri, Nov 16th 2012 9:37a   Steve Pitcher
Here's a recent TechTip I did for MC Press Online about using the modern web based interface for IBM i: TechTip: IBM i Access for Web Part II: Getting Productive Without All the Green Stuff Let's look at some other features of IBM i Access for Web, including how to convert spooled files to PDF and how to manage your IBM i from mobile devices or Lotus Notes. Last time, we had a look at how to set up IBM i Access for Web and briefly explored the Web-based 5250-style interface. We'll go a l [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes blogger interface mobile

Locking Down QSYSOPR From IBM i Users Who Have *ALLOBJ Authority
Fri, Nov 9th 2012 7:51p   Steve Pitcher
A few months ago I posed the following question on Twitter: how do you restrict delete rights on the QSYSOPR message queue for an IBM i user with *ALLOBJ special authority? I had a few responses ranging from: Take *ALLOBJ special authority away from the user and restrict rights for that user on the message queue. That's easier said than done and a perfect example why programmers shouldn't have *ALLOBJ special authority.Create a never ending program that allocates the message queue so that n [read] Keywords: ibm blogger profile twitter

Hurricane Sandy Relief Widget - South Central NY
Wed, Oct 31st 2012 7:59a   Steve Pitcher
Forbes provided a link to a widget that you can embed on your website that donates directly to the South Central NY district of the American Red Cross. If you'd like to put it on your website, feel free. The direct link to the widget code is here. [read] Keywords: blogger widget

In the Wheelhouse: How Many Updates Did IBM Squeeze into IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 5?
Mon, Oct 15th 2012 11:11a   Steve Pitcher
Really, it's that full. Overflowing even. Within the last two weeks, IBM announced new PureSystems offerings, new POWER7+ iron, and IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 5. I'll touch on the hardware but focus on what everyone can take advantage of: IBM i 7.1 TR5. IBM Announces IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 5 On October 3, 2012, IBM announced IBM i Technology Refresh 5, which will be available for download on October 19. Some of the features you can get right now and others not until December. The IBM [read] Keywords: ibm blogger integration

Enabling Quickr 8.5.1 Functionality for IE9
Mon, Oct 8th 2012 12:31p   Steve Pitcher
This is a nice little tip I came across. It does state that Quickr 8.5.1 support for Internet Explorer 9 will be coming in the next fix pack which would be FP32. That kind of makes this tip a moot point. For what it's worth, and if you need to get this IE9 functionality right away, here's how you do it: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/lqwiki.nsf/dx/HowTo_enable_Quickr__8.5.1_%28HF6%29_for_IE9 A caveat is that if you're running the IBM i operating environment, fix packs for Quickr are usuall [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus quickr blogger

Monitor Energy Use with IBM Systems Director Active Energy Monitor
Mon, Oct 8th 2012 10:32a   Steve Pitcher
Could you be managing your data center energy usage more effectively? IBM Active Energy Manager can help you find out and then do something about it. Here's a link to my most recent article on MC Press Online where I have a look at the product: Monitor Energy Use with IBM Systems Director Active Energy Monitor. [read] Keywords: ibm blogger

Add Some Sametime Advanced Features Without a Physical Sametime Advanced Server
Tue, Sep 25th 2012 10:05a   Steve Pitcher
I saw an article on DeveloperWorks by two Sametime on IBM i developers from China talking about some great features of Sametime 8.5.2 IFR1: offline messages, n-way file transfer and multiple file and folder transfer. These features are covered under the Sametime Advanced license, but that no Advanced server installation was required. Wow. I totally missed this. Old news for some perhaps, so I apologize if this is a rehash. Since I already have some Sametime Advanced server licenses, but no [read] Keywords: ibm sametime blogger community server

University of Nebraska Migrates 68,000 to Office 365...Where's the Savings?
Wed, Sep 12th 2012 3:58p   Steve Pitcher
I came across an article a few weeks ago which I've seen promoted a number of times on Twitter. Perhaps my math is off, or maybe I'm still stuck in vacation mode, but this just sounds like it doesn't make sense: "The university's maintenance agreements were costing them $250,000 annually, and they wanted to conclude the transition before they needed to renew the next agreement. Still, their projected total is $2.5 million over the next five years by making the move to Office 365." I'm [read] Keywords: lotus notes applications blogger email office twitter

IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i: Free. Integrated. Simple.
Wed, Sep 12th 2012 3:20p   Steve Pitcher
Here's a link to an article on MC Press Online where I explain how to configure IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i. Enjoy. http://www.mcpressonline.com/dev-tools/ibm-integrated-web-application-server-for-i-free-integrated-simple.html [read] Keywords: ibm application blogger server

An Overdue MWLUG Recap
Tue, Sep 4th 2012 9:06p   Steve Pitcher
I really should've done a MWLUG recap sooner but I've been snowed under for the last week or so. Here it is. I flew into Newark, NJ the day before the conference and my connecting flight from Newark to Pittsburgh, PA was cancelled. Sadly, United Airlines lost my bag for a couple of hours and I missed my newly negotiated connecting flight out of LaGuardia. So, I turned lemons into lemonade by renting a car and driving on down to Pittsburgh. Having never driven through New Jersey or Pennsyl [read] Keywords: lotus notes policies sametime blogger consulting desktop exchange exchange twitter widget widgets

14 Years Ago: Shared Success in the Pairing of AS/400 and Lotus Domino
Tue, Aug 28th 2012 8:43p   Steve Pitcher
I came across a few great articles from years gone by that really help highlight the importance of the IBM AS/400 in the history of Lotus Domino and vice versa. Below are a few points that may be of interest to you. At Lotusphere 1999, only 11 months after IBM supported Lotus Domino on the AS/400, IBM sold "$500 million dollars in AS/400 hardware with Domino running native on it, and more than 20,000 licenses of Domino (server) on the AS/400." "Twenty-five percent of the customers running [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus lotusphere blogger community security server

In the Wheelhouse: Setting Fire to the Rumor Mill
Mon, Aug 20th 2012 8:11a   Steve Pitcher
Here's a link to my latest article. We're talking about IBM i install base numbers, Connections 4 Beta in the Greenhouse, new ThinkPad tablets and rumors of IBM buying a piece of RIM. http://www.mcpressonline.com/analysis-of-news-events/in-the-wheelhouse-setting-fire-to-the-rumor-mill.html [read] Keywords: connections ibm blogger rim

Anybody Want a Free Lotus Domino Replication Utility?
Tue, Aug 14th 2012 9:26a   Steve Pitcher
First off, the code in this NSF is certainly not up to par to those who program LotusScript 10 hours a day for the last 10 years. However, this program works just fine for me. Would I've liked to have written it better and more readable? Absolutely. With that being said, here's what it does: Similar to what you can do with CL Copy on a command line, it will create a replica on another server, but it does it with full directories and a bunch of options you can turn on. In the setup docum [read] Keywords: access control list adminp agent domino lotus lotusscript notes ods archive blogger database google properties server

Java issues while upgrading Sametime 8.5.2 to IFR1 on IBM i
Thu, Aug 9th 2012 4:03p   Steve Pitcher
A few weeks ago while upgrading my IBM Sametime servers to 8.5.2 IFR1, I ran into an issue upgrading the Sametime System Console. ADMC0016E: The system cannot create a SOAP connector to connect to host hostname at port 8881. After a bit of searching I came across the following IBM Technote that outlined the problem was due to me having IBM i 7.1 PTF Group level 8 installed, which contains JDK6032 SR10 (PTF's SI45555 and SI45463). Due to a Java incompatibility problem, these PTF's will caus [read] Keywords: ibm sametime blogger community java server

Battle Antivirus: Cloud vs x86-64 vs IBM Power Systems!
Mon, Jul 23rd 2012 5:13p   Steve Pitcher
I was given a short notice assignment this past week. The goal was to move our cloud hosted antivirus service to an in-house solution before the end of the month. The cloud solution was paid for until the end of July and quite expensive. The in-house solution was already bought and paid for as part of a larger package and my task was to coordinate efforts so that IBM Lotus Domino email would send/receive filtered mail through the solution. I had a couple of small issues with it. First, the [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus application blogger database db2 email microsoft security server virus vm

Let Me Think About Migrating Lotus Notes to Google Apps for a Minute
Mon, Jul 23rd 2012 9:35a   Steve Pitcher
Maybe I live in my own delusional world or something. I received an email from a vendor offering to move Lotus Notes customers to the cloud. They showcased a case study which had a client move to cloud-based Google Apps, GMail, Google Calendar and GTalk. The client originally had 32,000 users and 6,000 applications running on 250 servers. Two hundred and fifty servers! Is that what it's like in the x86-64 world? I'm honestly not being facetious...I just don't know. That's 38,000 a [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes applications blogger email google server system i

In The Wheelhouse: IBM i Access Client Solutions - Where Have You Been All My Life?
Sun, Jul 15th 2012 8:03p   Steve Pitcher
I have a new bi-weekly column on MC Press Online called In the Wheelhouse. It's partly an industry analysis column but I try to focus towards any IBM related news. It's been going pretty well for the last 6 weeks but I realized I haven't mentioned it at all on my blog! With that in mind, here's links to the most recent colums. Please have a read. Especially the IBM i Access Client Solutions one as it's a great product and well worth the read if you maintain IBM i Access for Windows inst [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm blackberry blogger research in motion rim

Lotus Notes' Bad Spelling Perception
Tue, Jul 10th 2012 3:12p   Steve Pitcher
No, it's not Lotus Notes. It's the language. I find this perception quite a bit. It's usually a user trying to spell something like "theatre." Lotus Notes puts a red line under the text. Then they complain that Notes can't spell and write off the spell checker as incorrect. The culprit? Their dictionary is on English (US). Here in Canada (and virtually everywhere else outside the US that uses a variation of English), theatre is spelled with a "re" instead of with an "er." US E [read] Keywords: lotus notes blogger outlook

My favorite new Lotus Notes sidebar app: web based IBM i
Tue, Jul 10th 2012 8:02a   Steve Pitcher
IBM i Access for Web looks pretty good as a widget. I can get a web enabled 5250 session, create a user profile, view messages, access printer output, manage jobs and all that good stuff using a modern interface. This morning I added it as a panel in my Lotus Notes sidebar. Now I can be even more productive within Lotus Notes! [read] Keywords: clp ibm lotus notes blogger interface profile widget

New IBM i Customers Feature
Mon, Jul 9th 2012 8:10p   Steve Pitcher
I'd like to speak with companies that have new installations of IBM i on Power Systems willing to be featured in an article. Each feature will probably be less than 300 words, so I just need a little information from you. If you're interested, please email me and I'll send you the details. [read] Keywords: ibm blogger email

Getting Users to USE Their Lotus Notes Calendar
Wed, Jun 20th 2012 1:18p   Steve Pitcher
I find I can preach all day about how powerful Lotus Notes is for calendar, but some users just won't use it. They have a mental checklist or they *cough* write things down. That is, until I show them how to integrate their Facebook birthdays and a 7 day weather forecast in there. Some users just need to be shown the fun stuff. Then they have their reason to use the calendar. I encourage all my users to meld their personal schedule with their work schedule. Print a weekly calendar to a [read] Keywords: lotus notes blogger facebook twitter

In The Wheelhouse
Mon, Jun 18th 2012 1:31p   Steve Pitcher
I have a new bi-weekly column at MC Press Online called In The Wheelhouse. I'll be covering industry events and analysis. Most of the content have an IBM flavor, but there's plenty of other things I'll be talking about. In this edition I'll talk about IBM PureSystems, IBM Collaboration Solutions (Lotus) education, Betamax vs. IBM i, and the striking similarities between the RPG programming language and Freddy Krueger. [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus blogger

I knew Lotus Notes was awesome, but how about THIS?
Sun, Jun 3rd 2012 11:53a   Steve Pitcher
The Irish Times has reported some information on IBM's Dublin involvement in the development of Watson. You remember Watson, don't you? It's the IBM system that beat two very skilled human contestants on Jeopardy! about a year and a half ago. While the hardware of Watson is outstandingly impressive (about 90 Power Systems 750's, 2880 processor nodes and 16 TB of RAM), the software of Watson is what stole the show. The ability for a computer to analyze incredible amounts of data and then [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes blogger development

IBM i App Store?
Tue, May 29th 2012 5:09p   Steve Pitcher
Stuart Bramley mentioned on Twitter that IBM i should really have it's own "app store." He may be on to something there. There's oodles of IBM i content on the web, from how-to's to fully functional applications someone has built and shared with the community. I don't think anyone has tried to consolidate any of these tools into a repository. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in helping to facilitate this. If anyone in the IBM i world wants to weigh in with ideas or offer s [read] Keywords: ibm applications blogger community twitter

Fact Checking Articles - "IBM ditches Siebel" and Lotus Notes being "left behind?"
Mon, May 21st 2012 11:18a   Steve Pitcher
In reading this blog I'm amazed at the leaps of faith taken in order to draw conclusions about IBM and the future of Lotus Notes. IBM Ditches Siebel http://www.roketix.co.uk/2012/05/11/ibm-ditches-siebel/4776.html "What is perhaps interesting, however, is that IBM, the owner of Lotus Notes (which itself is being left behind), should also move away from a computer-based system to a cloud or web-based solution." I have a couple of issues here. How is Lotus Notes being "left behind?" Do [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes blogger

Fact Checking Articles - "Switch from Lotus Notes to Google Apps"
Mon, May 21st 2012 9:52a   Steve Pitcher
I'm going to clear up a few factual errors on the RocketIX.co.uk blog where the obviously Google-biased author (or perhaps authors...I don't know because they don't publish any names) have made Lotus Notes a target. I encourage you to leave a comment on that blog to express your dissatisfaction with the factually incorrect content. Switch from Lotus Notes to Google Apps http://www.roketix.co.uk/2012/04/03/switch-from-lotus-notes-to-google-apps/4347.html "If you still use Lotus Notes, then [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm inotes lotus notes quickr sametime smart upgrade traveler blogger desktop email google interface ipod microsoft mobile office

Fact Checking Articles - "The problem with Lotus Notes"
Mon, May 21st 2012 9:52a   Steve Pitcher
I'm going to clear up a few factual errors on the RocketIX.co.uk blog where the obviously Google-biased author (or perhaps authors...I don't know because they don't publish any names) have made Lotus Notes a target. I encourage you to leave a comment on that blog to express your dissatisfaction with the factually incorrect content. The problem with Lotus Notes http://www.roketix.co.uk/2012/04/20/the-problem-with-lotus-notes/4557.html "IBM’s Lotus Notes is still used by many companies aro [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes quickr sametime application applications blogger bug development google integration laptop microsoft office server tivoli widgets

Old Perceptions Seem to Linger On Like It's 1988
Thu, May 17th 2012 7:02p   Steve Pitcher
Trevor Perry started a thread on LinkedIn asking people "what it would take to call the platform IBM i?" I posted the following comment, but I think in my mind I wanted to understand "what do people gain by calling IBM i on Power Systems an AS/400?" I call it IBM i on Power Systems, and educate my users to do the same, because of two main reasons: 1. It's the name of the OS and hardware that we currently run. 2. It ensures that everyone in the company, from shop floor to CEO, is aware w [read] Keywords: ibm sametime blogger linkedin system i

Using Lotus Notes Policies to Improve the User Experience: Part 1 - Dynamic Desktop
Wed, May 16th 2012 10:42a   Steve Pitcher
I've been speaking with many users on Twitter who have restrictive policies imposed on their Lotus Notes clients. Here are a few policies you can push out by default to improve your Lotus Notes users experiences from the get go. I usually just set the initial value, so users can modify these settings after the fact. For instance, the majority of our users want previewed mail to be marked as read, which Notes doesn't do by default. I turn this on with a policy and educate users they can ch [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm inotes ldd lotus notes ods policies quickr sametime applications blogger community desktop email google openntf password server twitter websphere widget widgets

Ahaheim Recap
Tue, May 8th 2012 12:56p   Steve Pitcher
It's hard to sum up a conference that's not over yet. Just know that I'm not. I'm actually just giving a quick recap of my last few days. I'm the newest member of the Common Americas Advisory Council (CAAC). We met for two days of meetings this past Friday and Saturday before the Common User Group annual meeting and expo in Ahaheim, CA. I arrived in Anaheim after about twelve hours of travelling from Nova Scotia. Air Canada, you're not Westjet in terms of in-flight service, but you g [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm blackberry blogger community security

IBM PureSystems Announcement - Bittersweet Vindication with a Glaring Omission
Fri, Apr 13th 2012 10:09a   Steve Pitcher
The major characteristics of IBM i on Power Systems are the main selling points of IBM PureSystems. I won't go too deeply into it here because it's all too familiar. You save money on manpower, save computer room space, you have intelligent computing and integrated everything. Those key words of Expert Integrated Systems kept ringing about like an IBM i announcement: integration by design, simplified experience, built-in experience. We've been touting similar concepts for years since the [read] Keywords: ibm aix applications blogger integration linux

Two Ways to Stomp the Toxicity Potential of Anti-Lotus Notes Users
Mon, Apr 9th 2012 12:05p   Steve Pitcher
I tend to search Twitter from time to time, seeing if I can assist people having trouble with technology areas I'm familiar with (i.e., Lotus Notes, Domino and IBM i). When I search for "Lotus Notes" a lot of times I'll see things like this: "I hate Lotus Notes #withallmyheart" "I am sure there is a special circle in hell for the inventor of lotus notes" "My dad laughed when I said my new job uses Lotus Notes. Apparently it's from the 80s. I hadn't even heard of it 'till now. #love [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes sametime blogger email microsoft network office outlook security server twitter virus

Windows/Linux on x86 is More Costly Than IBM i on Power Systems
Thu, Apr 5th 2012 11:57a   Steve Pitcher
I came across this paper which outlines the value proposition for IBM i on Power Systems. Contained within is some fantastic information, including the following whopper: "The cost advantages of POWER7 based systems and IBM i 7.1 may be illustrated by comparing costs for server infrastructures in four midsize businesses with $200 million to $1.3 billion in sales, and 500 to 4,500 employees. Overall three-year costs for use of POWER7 based systems and IBM i 7.1 average 42 percent less than f [read] Keywords: administration clp connections ibm lotus notes R5 sametime traveler blogger database linux microsoft oracle server sql virtualization vmware

No-charge Lotus Notes Traveler Gives Me Exactly What I Want...But Is It Free For Everyone?
Tue, Apr 3rd 2012 11:02a   Steve Pitcher
I've invested more time/money/resources installing Lotus Notes Traveler then need be, considering I am a loyal IBM i customer. This is not to say Traveler isn't a great product. It is. In fact, it's probably IBM's best example of "doing more with less." Traveler is a small piece of software that packs a major punch to enable customers to do mobile by using smart devices to access mail. Many companies are going mobile with iPad, Android, iPhone, etc., not just for mail, but for the simpli [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes traveler aix applications blogger email iphone linux mobile server system i vm

The Sametime Contest
Fri, Mar 30th 2012 11:12p   Steve Pitcher
In order to promote IBM Sametime usage at my company, I started a little contest for the month of March. Here's the details...I already log all Sametime chats to a directory on our server, so capturing the data isn't an issue. I just need to copy them together using a little CL program. For you Windows folks, that can be accomplished easily by joining them via DOS command like copy * chats.txt. Once you have the big file, just open it in a spreadsheet editor like Symphony and get slicing and d [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus policies sametime symphony archive blogger exchange exchange profile server

Quickr Library Downloads - Slooooooooow
Tue, Mar 27th 2012 7:18p   Steve Pitcher
Well, they were. I used to have, typically, 50-100 Kbps download speeds from our IBM Quickr server. I checked everything twice and three times. I made performance tweaks left and right to no avail. I had a great conversation with Keith Brooks about it and he pointed me at DNS as a common culprit. Our DNS server was correct but I began checking the IBM i host table, notes.ini for the Quickr Domino server, the Domino server document, qpconfig.xml...everything appeared clean. Then I took a c [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes quickr blogger network server twitter xml

Thanking a Teacher
Tue, Mar 27th 2012 6:39p   Steve Pitcher
My soon to be 5-year old son will be starting school this fall. It's a big step in his life. Hell, it's a big step in mine too. We have twin daughters at 19 months and it's amazing to think my son was that small just a few short years ago. As you get older, the names of all the teachers you had start to get harder to remember. I've been out of high school for 15 years or so and I really only remember, unless I really think about it, three or four teachers from my senior year. I'd like [read] Keywords: blogger

Quickr with STlinks and Sametime Preferred Chat Method
Sun, Mar 18th 2012 9:13p   Steve Pitcher
I had an issue last week where our IBM Quickr users were having a problem with the web based Sametime chat facilitated by STlinks. When others would send the affected users a Sametime instant message, if they had a pop-up blocker in their web browser they'd never get the message. Even if they were logged into Lotus Notes with the embedded Sametime Connect, it seemed that Sametime messages were being pushed to the web based chat, which is less feature-rich than the full client. The solution l [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes quickr sametime blogger instant message server

Clustering Multiple Domino Servers on the Same Box!
Wed, Mar 14th 2012 10:58a   Steve Pitcher
Check out this article I wrote for MC Press Online. [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm blogger

IBM i Unity in 20i2
Wed, Mar 7th 2012 7:09p   Steve Pitcher
A small request from a guy who's been plugging his own survey for 5 months: if you're an IBM i enthusiast, please go to http://www.ibmi2.com and fill out the small survey about your perceptions of the IBM i platform. Trevor Perry has collected 600 responses from the IBM i community. Great work! IT Jungle and System i Network have published articles on it as well. Check it out and get involved! [read] Keywords: ibm blogger community network system i

Steal This Post!
Fri, Feb 24th 2012 12:12p   Steve Pitcher
Help us drum up support and please copy/paste this for your own blog. Short and sweet...like a flyer. IBM Should Support IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and Lotus Notes Traveler on IBM i Why Should these IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) products run on IBM i?IBM i on Power Systems and it's predecessors have literally hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide. IBM i customers want to leverage existing investments in hardware, software, personnel and training. Running ICS servers on ot [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes sametime traveler aix blogger linux security server

IBM i 5.4 End of Support Announced - What does this mean for IBM Sametime 7.5 customers?
Wed, Feb 8th 2012 1:57p   Steve Pitcher
IBM i 5.4 end of support was just announced for September 2013. Many customers will be planning the jump to IBM i 7.1 and possibly some newer Power Systems hardware. What does this mean if you currently run Sametime 7.5 on IBM i 5.4? Since Sametime 7.5 is not supported on IBM i 7.1, you'll need to upgrade to Sametime 8.5.2Sametime 8.5.2 requires you to use Windows or Linux on x86-64 servers for the audio/video components now offered in Sametime Media Manager. Deploying Sametime Media Manage [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm sametime blogger linux server

Pitcher's Lotus-on-IBM-i Campaign Pays Dividends
Thu, Feb 2nd 2012 8:30p   Steve Pitcher
Here's an article IT Jungle ran on getting IBM Connections, IBM Sametime Media Manager and Lotus Notes Traveler on IBM i. It ran a few weeks ago but I never had a chance to blog a link to it. http://www.itjungle.com/fhs/fhs012412-story01.html I will say that IT Jungle were interested enough in what we're doing to seek me out for an interview, and not the other way around. Kudos to them. That also tells me this is getting a little bigger. [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes sametime traveler blogger

Sametime Instant Messaging - Simplicity, One Year Later
Tue, Jan 31st 2012 11:37a   Steve Pitcher
Working for a company who's a relatively new adopter of all things Lotus, I really see the benefits of something simple as Sametime Instant Messaging. In 18 months we installed all sorts of software, from Lotus Notes/Domino to Quickr to Sametime Standard and soon Sametime Unified Telephony Lite. All great tools. But Sametime IM is special. Sametime IM gives us something we never had before: simplicity and awareness. When I say simple, I'm not referring to the software. I'm sure develop [read] Keywords: admin atlantic domino ibm lotus notes policies quickr sametime blogger community instant messaging server

"Our Software is Platform Agnostic" - Another Load of Marketing Crap
Mon, Jan 30th 2012 9:49a   Steve Pitcher
This was another oddity I heard at the vendor showcase at Lotusphere 2012. I heard from a good few vendors that claimed their software was "platform agnostic," and therefore will run on any platform. I thought this foolishness died out a few years ago, but it's rearing it's ugly head again; probably due to the increasingly growing number of now-public atheists/agnostics in recent faith polls. This is just another example of language designed to pull the wool over the eyes of potential cust [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger

My Thoughts on Lotusphere 2012
Sun, Jan 29th 2012 6:10p   Steve Pitcher
First, I had the good fortune to meet and talk with a lot of people, many for the first time: Hai Bo Yu and Shuang Hong Wang (two very awesome IBM i developers from IBM in China). Kim Greene and Amy Hoerle from Kim Greene Consulting Sharon Bellamy Lisa Duke Femke Goedhart Stuart MacIntyre Darren Duke (who I'm convinced is my UK double in terms of a dry sense of humor) Bill Malchisky Kevin Mort Alistair Rennie (who I ambushed on my last day but was gracious enough to spend a few minutes talkin [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus lotusphere notes xpages applications blogger community consulting twitter

A Bit of a Push
Thu, Jan 12th 2012 2:55p   Steve Pitcher
I've got a bunch of meetings at Lotusphere 2012 justifying Connections and Sametime Media Server on IBM i. I really want to bring us over the 500,000 user license mark. 200,000 was the original goal. Half a million is a statement. We're at 406,551 right now. On stage, at lunch, or in the hallways I want to tell people there's 500,000 licenses. http://spitcher.wufoo.com/forms/make-ibm-i-your-social-collaboration-platform There's currently 400,000 "i" systems worldwide. Many of you [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus lotusphere sametime blogger server

Connections on IBM i: Not Supported...But Will it Work?
Mon, Jan 2nd 2012 5:51p   Steve Pitcher
I had a thought today after perusing Frankeni.com. I check the site every few months or so to see what Larry Bolhuis has been up to. You see, Larry has been doing some fun stuff over the years with old AS/400's all the way up to current systems. Essentially, he'd take a system and break support rules by installing all sorts of components that aren't "allowed." I've never met Larry personally, but I'd equate him to the Eddie Van Halen of the early 80's who'd take a guitar, literally [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes sametime aix application blogger email server system i

Happy New Year! 2011 briefly in review...
Sun, Jan 1st 2012 4:12p   Steve Pitcher
I wanted to quickly reflect on 2011 as I've had a heck of a year, both personally and professionally. At the tail end of 2010, my twin girls (Madeleine and Abbigail) were born. Close enough to 2011 and so life changing I had to mention it first and foremost.After eight years with Minas Basin Pulp & Power, I resigned in March of 2011 and joined Scotsburn Dairy Group. Scotsburn had just adopted Lotus Notes and there was so much potential in terms of collaboration solutions. It was a great [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes sametime traveler apple blackberry blogger system i

IBM Collaboration Solutions on IBM i - LinkedIn Group
Sun, Jan 1st 2012 1:22p   Steve Pitcher
I've been using LinkedIn very much in the last 6 months or so. In drumming up support for our "Lotus on i" campaign it's been incredibly helpful. With that in mind, I started a group in LinkedIn specifically for IBM Collaboration Solutions running on IBM i. I was surprised there wasn't one already given the amount of i (IBM i, iSeries, System i, and even AS/400) installations out there. The biggest congregation seems to be on the Domino400 mailing list on Midrange.com (which is great, b [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus sametime blogger linkedin system i

370,000 users? Ho Ho Ho!
Sun, Dec 18th 2011 8:25p   Steve Pitcher
Happy holidays everyone. It's time for a little update and to spread some holiday cheer. The tally right now is 153 customers and business partners representing 370,000 potential user licenses demanding native support for IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and Lotus Notes Traveler on IBM i! Perhaps by December 25th, Santa will deliver a couple of big submissions to bring us to the half a million mark. The big shops help tremendously, but what would be really awesome would be another hundred SMB [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes sametime traveler aix blogger linux server

225,000 Potential Users and 133 Companies...Not Too Shabby
Fri, Dec 2nd 2011 6:34a   Steve Pitcher
Saying our little campaign had a good month would be a drastic understatement. There is, in fact, a very decent amount of customer and business partner demand for IBM Sametime, IBM Connections and Lotus Notes Traveler on IBM i. More and more people, especially ones running Sametime 7.5 who are at the IBM i 7.1 upgrade crossroads, are coming out of the woodwork and making their voices heard. How fast do you think we can get to half a million? By Lotusphere 2012 in January? I really believe [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes sametime traveler blogger

Have You Already Moved Away from Domino on i?
Tue, Nov 29th 2011 7:26p   Steve Pitcher
Did your company move away from Lotus Domino to another platform? Did you used to run Domino on IBM i (or iSeries, System i or AS/400)? If you answered yes to both, I would like to hear from you and understand your story. Feel free to e-mail me privately. [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus blogger system i

ICS on IBM i - More Coverage!
Mon, Nov 21st 2011 12:37p   Steve Pitcher
Thanks to Linda Harty at System i Network for putting this little piece together on the ICS on IBM i campaign! [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm sametimelotus blogger network system i

Lotus on IBM i - The Reasons Why YOU Should Care
Sun, Nov 13th 2011 7:05p   Steve Pitcher
I had some correspondence last week with a customer who is running Domino on IBM i. He didn't feel the need to fill out my little survey due to the fact he had no intention of purchasing Sametime or Connections and had no use for Lotus Notes Traveler. I strongly disagree that he has no reason to jump in and offer support. Let me tell you why. My very valid point to EVERYONE running IBM i (or supported i operating systems on iSeries and System i) would be: If you ever were to investigate [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus notes quickr sametime sametimelotus traveler aix blogger linux system i

IBM i on Power or AS/400 Tin Can?
Fri, Nov 11th 2011 10:18p   Steve Pitcher
Initial Clarifications IBM i is an operating system. IBM i is the grandchild of OS/400, the operating system of the AS/400 hardware platform. OS/400 gave way to the i5/OS name with the advent of the Power5 processor, and then renamed IBM i. IBM i is not OS/400, OS400, i5/OS or even iOS (that's Apple). IBM Power Systems is a server platform launched in 2008 that featured the Power6 (now Power7) processor and runs the operating systems IBM i, AIX and Linux. Initially the AS/400 and RS/6000 [read] Keywords: calendaring collaboration connections domino ibm lotus notes quickr sametime traveler xpages aix apple applications blogger instant messaging linux security server

Occupy IBM? This is golden!
Wed, Nov 2nd 2011 11:26a   Steve Pitcher
Evidently Ken Jennings wants to start a new revolution. [read] Keywords: ibm blogger

Cloud Services: Terms and Conditions
Tue, Nov 1st 2011 6:15p   Steve Pitcher
Here are two terms and conditions excerpts from a couple of popular cloud storage vendors. I'm not trying to spread FUD because cloud computing really is a fantastic concept. I'm just offering fair warning for you to do your own research and take responsibility for your data. Displayed very clearly, these two excerpts make it pretty clear the liability is on you, no matter what happens to your data. From Carbonite: "CARBONITE DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE CARBONITE PRODUCTS, THIRD PARTY [read] Keywords: blogger security

Do Social Media Grassroots Campaigns Work? Have I Got a Story For You...
Thu, Oct 27th 2011 8:23a   Steve Pitcher
Since launching this survey on October 14, I'm very proud to say that we've hit the 100,000 mark in all 3 categories. This means that you folks have pledged that if you were to run Connections, Sametime and Lotus Notes Traveler servers, then you would do it ONLY on IBM i. All together, there is (so far) 100,000 potential licenses in your shops; from 20-user small businesses to 20,000-user giants. For solution providers and ISV's there's thousands in your customer's shops too. This tells [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes sametime traveler aix blogger community linkedin linux mobile server

Google Translate Widget
Wed, Oct 19th 2011 10:12p   Steve Pitcher
Hey, it's the least I can do considering the amount of traffic I get from Germany, Sweden and Denmark to just name a few. Then you have a whole lot of Spanish speaking countries. Only 40-50% of my web traffic comes from Canada, USA and the UK. I'm not sure how great a job it does, given it just does a bare bones text translation, but hopefully it works OK for you. Cheers. [read] Keywords: blogger google widget

RIM Gives Away $100 in Free Stuff? Puh-lease.
Mon, Oct 17th 2011 11:35a   Steve Pitcher
Last week I traveled from Halifax, NS to Boston, MA on Tuesday morning for the IBM Leadership Alliance gathering. Like most Blackberry users, I use it much more often than my laptop which remained in my hotel room. For probably 75% of 36 hours or so, I had no solid data communication aside from basic SMS service. No email, no calendar updates, no 5250 emulator to IBM i boxes, no VNC, and no real communication from anybody at RIM. The other 25% was when the service appeared to return, only [read] Keywords: ibm blackberry blogger email laptop rim twitter

Lotus Domino Administration Workshop
Thu, Oct 13th 2011 8:53p   Steve Pitcher
Amy Hoerle and Kim Greene are hosting a series of webinars that cover a whole lotta Lotus and more! They're covering 8 hours of content over 4 days. $149 for Common User Group members and $249 for non-members. That's fantastic value for not only the educational content but for two presenters who certainly need no introduction in the Lotus and IBM i communities. Below content source: http://www.common.org/index.php/webinars.html#lotus Lotus Domino Administration WorkshopPresenters: Kim Gr [read] Keywords: administration calendaring domino ibm lotus notes notes client traveler bes blogger consulting database mobile security server

IBM Wants to Hear from You About Making IBM i Your Social Collaboration Platform
Thu, Oct 13th 2011 11:06a   Steve Pitcher
Well folks, IBM wants to hear from you! If you're an IBM i (or System i or iSeries) customer and you want to run all components of IBM Connections, IBM Sametime or Lotus Notes Traveler on your system, then fill out the little form on the left hand side. Your responses will be forwarded to the appropriate product managers at IBM that are responsible for platform support. [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes sametime traveler blogger system i

You Want a Solution
Wed, Oct 12th 2011 10:11p   Steve Pitcher
[read] Keywords: blogger

Nice, But You Missed a Great Selling Point
Mon, Oct 10th 2011 8:07a   Steve Pitcher
There's a great article and whitepaper that offers a ton of great information on gauging the appropriateness of IBM i for your business. The one major omission, in my opinion, is that there is no mention of IBM Collaboration Solutions (i.e., Lotus) in this whitepaper. I betcha there are thousands of IBM i on Power Systems (or the systems preceding it) that run Lotus Domino, Quickr and Sametime that already know this great secret. The benefits of this platform combination are awesome sellin [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus quickr sametime blogger

Sametime 8.5.2 and Domino 8.5.3
Fri, Oct 7th 2011 7:54a   Steve Pitcher
Nothing states so in the system requirements document for Sametime 8.5.2 but I have confirmation from IBM support that this configuration is supported. [read] Keywords: domino ibm sametime blogger

I Read Somewhere That Lotus Notes Is Not Social, Mobile or Easy to Use, Integrate and Administer
Mon, Oct 3rd 2011 1:00p   Steve Pitcher
I was sent a link to Salesforce.com that had an interesting little table on the bottom of the page.  It essentially claimed five major drawbacks in Lotus Notes by putting little red X's next to them: Social Mobile Easy to use Easy to integrate Easy to administer Wondering if I'm completely missing the boat here (ahem) by continuing to use and promote my preferred collaboration tool, I decided I'm [read] Keywords: collaboration lotus notes mobile

Connecting to other Sametime Communities
Sat, Sep 24th 2011 10:06a   Steve Pitcher
I ran across this post from Stephan Wissel that outlines a number of useful Sametime servers that you can connect to and instructions on how to do it.  Fantastic info! Expand your IM contacts.  I just joined Sametime communities for the IBM external Sametime server, the Greenhouse and Bleedyellow.  Feel free to contact me there! [read] Keywords: ibm lotus sametime bleedyellow server

Adventures in Sametime 8.5.2 - Case Sensitivity Sucks
Wed, Sep 21st 2011 9:11p   Steve Pitcher
I installed Sametime Standard 8.5.2 a while ago.  Along with that I installed the Sametime System Console, Proxy Server and Meeting Server on IBM i.  Furthermore, I converted Sametime from standard Domino to Domino LDAP off another Domino server we have.  I was the 1st person on the newest client.  Everyone else was on the stock 8.0.2 Sametime client that comes with the Notes 8.5.1 install image [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes sametime server

Succeeding with Social Business: Seven Steps to Greatness
Mon, Sep 12th 2011 10:46a   Steve Pitcher
An InformationWeek Webcast: Succeeding with Social Business: Seven Steps to Greatness  Register Here Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET Duration: 60 minutes Companies, especially in the midmarket, struggle with social business. It’s difficult to execute it well while retaining corporate identity and voice. And then there’s the question of [read] Keywords:

Will IBM Continue Supporting Domino, Quickr and Sametime?
Fri, Sep 2nd 2011 12:54a   Steve Pitcher
In the past two months I've spoken with a number of IBM employees and customers to help bring support for IBM i to Connections and Sametime. The general consensus from IBM Collaboration Solutions (i.e., Lotus) is that it's a great idea, however there hadn't been any real demand from existing IBM i customers.  This is why those products were released without full native support. What I hope [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus quickr sametime

A Call To Action - Demand Support
Sat, Aug 27th 2011 12:42p   Steve Pitcher
In the past two months I've spoken with a number of IBM employees and customers to help bring support for IBM i to Connections and Sametime. The general consensus from IBM Collaboration Solutions (i.e., Lotus) is that it's a great idea, however there hadn't been any real demand from existing IBM i customers.  This is why those products were released without full native support. What I hope is [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus sametime

I Heard That Lotus Notes Sucks
Wed, Aug 24th 2011 7:41a   Steve Pitcher
Yeah, you heard that right.  Happens from time to time for any Notes advocate.  I heard it again recently when I met a guy...we'll call him Phil McGillicuddy.  Phil is in his mid-forties and works for an energy company.  He's in middle management and an end user.  Nice guy. The focus of our conversation turned to technology.  Since he had no idea that I'm a Notes advocate, only a "computer guy [read] Keywords: lotus notes

Copy IFS Directory - QSHELL Can Be Your Friend
Thu, Aug 18th 2011 10:10p   Steve Pitcher
I needed to push an entire IFS directory of objects (including sub-directories) into another directory and maintain authority.  I'm not a Unix guy so I tend to get frustrated with Qshell a bit.  However, I'm getting more impressed the more I use it.  For instance, it was incredibly easy to do what I want with Qshell instead of coding an RPG program to read the directory structure and build each [read] Keywords: ibm

Is i Social? i Can be!
Mon, Aug 15th 2011 7:24a   Steve Pitcher
I need literally 10 seconds of your time to help me bring a good idea into reality. Please click the link below and then cast your vote for Connections to run natively on IBM i.  https://greenhouse.lotus.com/blogs/We047f6e69323_42ff_8db6_8bd4fe32a841/entry/native_support_for_ibm_i?lang=en_us For those who aren't aware of the IBM i operating system, here are some fun facts: It has been [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus

Get the Ball Rolling! Please Vote for Connections on IBM i in the Greenhouse!
Fri, Aug 12th 2011 7:10p   Steve Pitcher
I need literally 10 seconds of your time to help me bring a good idea into reality. Please click the link below to cast a vote for Connections to run natively on IBM i. https://greenhouse.lotus.com/blogs/We047f6e69323_42ff_8db6_8bd4fe32a841/entry/native_support_for_ibm_i?lang=en_us For those who aren't aware of the IBM i operating system, here are some fun facts: It has been rated as [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus

Is Your System's Performance The Very Best It Can Be?
Wed, Aug 10th 2011 5:13a   Steve Pitcher
Here's a link to an article on IBM i performance I wrote for MC Press: http://www.mcpressonline.com/system-administration/performance-monitoring-&-tuning/is-your-systems-performance-the-very-best-it-can-be.html [read] Keywords: administration ibm

Breathing New Life - An IBM i "Growth Play" & Full Support for Lotus Connections/Sametime on IBM i
Sat, Aug 6th 2011 8:10a   Steve Pitcher
There's an amazing opportunity for IBM here. In preparation for a full Sametime Unified Telephony (SUT) Lite deployment, over the last two weeks I've been installing Sametime 8.5.2 components piece by piece.  I'll admit, it's a bit of a challenge because of the sheer magnitude of the product suite.  You've got a good number of components of the entire solution that run natively on IBM i: Domino [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus sametime sametimelotus

The past 24 hours with Sametime
Fri, Jul 29th 2011 3:09p   Steve Pitcher
Converting my existing Sametime Entry server to a full Sametime Community server was a snap.  We've used IM and presence awareness for the last 6 months and we've got the licensing for Sametime Standard and nearly there for the SUT Lite licenses.  Ideally in the end I'll have a full ST deployment w/SUT Lite all running under our Power Systems server.  That's one box.  Then a clustered solution to [read] Keywords: sametime community server

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