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Notes 9 and SmartCloud Activities – Heuston we have a…
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 69
It’s Friday ! – Undocumented Notes Table Shortcut you will love
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 74
Unread marks auditing plus Design Dumps…
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 140
Traveler 9/Apple issue – “mails from other people appear to come from me”
Wed, Jan 15th 2014 78
Domino 9 – DBMT in program documents
Thu, Sep 12th 2013 121
FLASH: Some users stop receiving updates after upgrade to Notes Traveler 8.5.3 UP2 IF3 (2013.07.23)
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013 142
Domino Fix Packs on Virtual Windows 2008 R2 (Windows Instrumentation Service problems)
Thu, Jul 11th 2013 65
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Show config *
Wed, Aug 31st 2011 279
Workaround for unread marks problem.
Thu, Aug 23rd 2012 270
Domino Server Console – Copy database command
Tue, Jan 4th 2011 224
New Traveler 9 Console Commands
Thu, Jun 13th 2013 205
Troubleshooting DAOS
Wed, Sep 15th 2010 155
Debugging SMTP in Domino
Tue, Mar 19th 2013 148
FLASH: Some users stop receiving updates after upgrade to Notes Traveler 8.5.3 UP2 IF3 (2013.07.23)
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013 142
Unread marks auditing plus Design Dumps…
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 140
Domino Error – Unable to Bind port…..
Wed, Jul 18th 2012 137
Domino 9 – DBMT in program documents
Thu, Sep 12th 2013 121

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Recent Blog Posts

Notes 9 and SmartCloud Activities – Heuston we have a…
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 1:13p   Steven Vaughan
Bit of a moan here. I just upgraded from Notes R8.5.3 to R9.0.1 FP1. There are a lot a features that I really like in R9.x but something is REALLY bugging me. In R8.5.3 I was an avid user of SmartCloud Activities in the sidebar – it worked really well. In R9.0.1 “Social Edition”, you would have expected it to be truly social. But no. SmartCloud Activities just will not work. I understand that Connections Activities do but why the regression of functionality? Why Connections but [read] Keywords: connections notes R8

It’s Friday ! – Undocumented Notes Table Shortcut you will love
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 11:10a   Steven Vaughan
I’ve never seen this before and a colleague came across this brilliant shortcut by accident. Here’s how it works (in Notes 8 and 9 anyway): 1. Create a table in Notes (or use an existing table) 2. Hold the shift key and hover the mouse pointer over a row line (not the top one) 3. The cursor will change to a thick black line with a little blue diamond above it 4. Double click while still holding down shift 5. A new row appears !!! This also works for columns as well. I think it’ [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client

Unread marks auditing plus Design Dumps…
Thu, Mar 6th 2014 9:13a   Steven Vaughan
Every Domino Admin worth their salt will have experienced  incidents with unread marks not working correctly and will have “fixed” these in variety of ways, mainly either marking all documents as read, or exchanging unread marks between replicas There’s another type of unread marks issue, where someone wants to audit unread marks (i.e. find out who has read a document and when).  Well IBM can provide with a free auditing tool that does just that (amongst other useful Develope [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus notes application database

Traveler 9/Apple issue – “mails from other people appear to come from me”
Wed, Jan 15th 2014 9:09a   Steven Vaughan
An issue was reported by multiple users on a customer site recently.   Since a Traveler 9.0.1 upgrade :- mails coming into user’s inbox that are from external Internet senders are showing up in the “who” column as being from the recipient’s name rather than the sender. This is only for some mails though, not all. The first steps taken were checking the SMTP headers to see had the message been modified by the mail gateway (McAfee).  Everything looked normal.  Checked th [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes notes client traveler apple development iphone mobile server smtp

Domino 9 – DBMT in program documents
Thu, Sep 12th 2013 9:11a   Steven Vaughan
The Database Maintenance Tool in R9, promises an awful lot; essentially, that it does everything compact, fixup and updall does, with more options including: controls on number of threads for each task conditional options such as running a fixup if compact doesn’t run a certain number of times all from one single command/program document. However, I’ve come across this on a couple of sites.  Admin is “trying out” new R9 features.  Admin reads help files for DBMT and g [read] Keywords: admin domino ldd lotus updall database server

FLASH: Some users stop receiving updates after upgrade to Notes Traveler 8.5.3 UP2 IF3 (2013.07.23)
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013 10:18a   Steven Vaughan
IBM have sent out an update today, about 8.5.3 UP2 IF3 where users stop receiving mail. In short the fix is to upgrade to 8.5.3 UP2 IF4. The details are documented here Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes traveler

Domino Fix Packs on Virtual Windows 2008 R2 (Windows Instrumentation Service problems)
Thu, Jul 11th 2013 8:17a   Steven Vaughan
This is an addendum to an earlier blog post  but I found it so common on sites this year it’s worth it’s own blog post. As per my earlier post, it is often “difficult” to install 8.5.3 fix packs on Windows 2008 R2,  (there’s a couple of work arounds already listed, namely “run as administrator”, uninstalling previous fix packs and disabling SNMP, coincidently another one I’d add is disabling UAC). But the main and most consistent culprit I’ [read] Keywords: domino ibm server snmp


New Traveler 9 Console Commands
Thu, Jun 13th 2013 8:17a   Steven Vaughan
There’s a couple of new commands available when you issue a “tell traveler” from the Domino console in Traveler 9, that I haven’t seen documented elsewhere, namely: tell traveler cleanup and tell traveler netaddr  “tell traveler cleanup” is designed to force the removal of users that haven’t connected since the allocated cleanup period, [based on what is in the Server Document for the Traveler server, “IBM Traveler” Tab,  “User Cleanup Timeout” field (defa [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes traveler interface network server

Interesting Note on Windows Installation during Domino 8.5.3 FP4 upgrade
Thu, May 23rd 2013 7:16a   Steven Vaughan
It has already been noted that there is an Interim Fix available for the “early” release version of 8.5.3 FP 4. What is also of note is what is actually installed either with the interim fix or with the “new” version of 8.5.3 FP4. The Domino fix pack installs Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005.  What is worth noting is that it will install this version even if you have a later version installed on the OS. (ie on A windows 2008 R2 server for example Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 is [read] Keywords: domino ibm applications microsoft server

New iNotes 9.0 Undocumented Security Feature.
Wed, Apr 17th 2013 6:16a   Steven Vaughan
In iNotes on a Domino 8.x server you can view encrypted mail over http, once you’ve uploaded your ID. In iNotes on a Domino 9.0 server you get this message: It’s an interesting that this is now forced, I haven’t seen it documented anywhere. Not that we’d recommend that anyone use HTTP for any production releases of iNotes! Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd [read] Keywords: domino inotes notes security server

Debugging SMTP in Domino
Tue, Mar 19th 2013 8:12a   Steven Vaughan
These are some really useful notes.ini variables, if you’re changing any SMTP settings in Domino (in particular if you’re setting up or changing a TLS connection). SMTPClientDebug, SMTPDebug and SMTPDebugIO – Description and usage here TraceSSLHandshake – Description and usage here SmtpSaveOutboundToFile – Description and usage here  SMTPSaveImportErrors – Description and usage here Every time I’ve needed these in the past I’ve ended up corre [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus notes smtp

Installing Domino Fix Packs on Windows 2008 R2
Wed, Feb 6th 2013 10:09a   Steven Vaughan
I’ve come across few “gotchas”  in recent months that seem to be catching customers over and over again.  Particularly when it comes to installing Domino Fix packs on 8.5.X on Windows 2008 R2, I’ve heard the following scenarios multiple times: 1. You get an error saying you don’t have a valid version of 8.5.x installed.  You will probably need to uninstall previous hotfixes and/or fix packs before it will let you install. (Note that we’d always strongly [read] Keywords: domino server

Traveler capacity planning and NOTES.INI settings.
Thu, Jan 3rd 2013 5:13a   Steven Vaughan
IBM have recently published a series of new articles on the Domino Wiki site.  Two articles that really caught my eye were on:- Capacity Planning on Traveler - haven’t seen as detailed and specific guide as this before and Traveler notes.ini settings - it’s great that Traveler customisations are now published and this is a brilliant reference to bookmark. (Note:  that we already published an example of how to manually change these settings via NTSConfig.xml here - but having th [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus notes traveler wiki xml

Domino Server – Java Security vulnerability fixes
Wed, Nov 14th 2012 11:09a   Steven Vaughan
Hot off the press. IBM have issued a series of Interim fixes to plug four identified JVM vulnerabilities, details of which are here and the fixes are available here (for all operating systems) ** IBM ID Required to download Cormac McCarthy – Domino People [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes java security server

Two new interim fixes released for Traveler
Wed, Sep 19th 2012 10:11a   Steven Vaughan
Two new interim fixes were released for Traveler. 8.5.3 UP1 IFI 1 IFI 1 They’re both maintenance releases containing multiple fixes – APAR Listing You can download both of them from Fix Central A valid IBM ID is required. Cormac McCarthy – Domino People [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus notes traveler

Useful view for Replication or Save conflicts
Wed, Sep 19th 2012 7:09a   Steven Vaughan
This is a quick tip that can be used to find Replication or Save Conflicts in any Notes application, but as an Admin I’ve found it most useful for a Domain’s NAB. In a Notes application,  click Create -> View Change the view name to something appropriate. Change the “View type” to “Private” from the drop down menu. Change the “Selection conditions” box to SELECT @IsAvailable($Conflict) Click “Save and Customize”. Right Click on [read] Keywords: admin domino notes application properties

Workaround for unread marks problem.
Thu, Aug 23rd 2012 11:13a   Steven Vaughan
Scenario:  You’ve more than one Domino server, with more than one replica of a database (that’s everyone with Notes I think!) .  You’ve set unread marks to be maintained in Database properties BUT you notice at some stage (usually when a server crashes) that a replica that normally isn’t used has a completely different number of unread marks.  (it’s happened to us all!) The usual lazy helpdesk solution to this is to select all, mark all as read and tell the end u [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes database exchange exchange properties server workspace

Traveler – Update on known device limitations
Wed, Jul 25th 2012 8:12a   Steven Vaughan
IBM have updated their documentation on known device limitations for Traveler.  Although issues/limitations are decreasing all the time,  if you deploy Traveler, this is a great reference to have and familiarise yourself with: Apple Android Windows  Nokia/Symbian Please let us know if you experience any issues or limitations that haven’t been documented! Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus traveler apple

Domino Error – Unable to Bind port…..
Wed, Jul 18th 2012 9:11a   Steven Vaughan
Most Domino Admins will have seen this in a console from time to time.  It happens when a local OS application is using a port Domino wants to use.  So far, so simple.  But what’s the quickest way of finding out which application/service is using the port you want?  In windows it really is quite easy… Open a command prompt and type: netstat -an -o This will give you a list of applications (and PIDs) that have ownership of ports. Look for the port, and associate the PID with a Pro [read] Keywords: connections domino application applications server

SSL breaks after upgrading to Traveler 8.5.3 UP 1
Wed, Jun 27th 2012 6:13a   Steven Vaughan
On a production upgrade of Traveler to 8.5.3 U.P. 1 yesterday we came across a problem. The upgrade itself completed without issue but mobile clients couldn’t connect to the server automatically after the server was back up and running. We could see the following in the log :- “HTTP Server: SSL Error: Keyring file not found, key ring file [keyfile.kyr], [Default Server]” So we did some digging.  Before the upgrade the “SSL key file name” field (Server Document -> [read] Keywords: domino traveler mobile server

Traveler Interim Fix 1 released
Thu, May 24th 2012 10:10a   Steven Vaughan
Overview Lotus Traveler IF 1 is an Interim Fix release that contains APAR fixes for the Lotus Traveler server and clients. The information below outlines the changes included. Fix List See Lotus Traveler APAR Listing Feature List – new in IF 1 Install Multiple Lotus Traveler Instances on Linux OS Please ensure to read the detailed instructions. You can download the fix here. (requires a IBM ID). [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus notes traveler linux server

Lotus Domino R8.5.3 Interim Fix for Traveler (Win 64bit)
Tue, Apr 24th 2012 7:10a   Steven Vaughan
If you are running Lotus Traveler on Domino 8.5.3 FP1 (Windows 64 bit), there’s a new interim fix available that may avoid serious issues (such as server crashes). Details are available at this IBM tech note - http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21591859 (please note to download the fix requires an IBM log in) [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus R8 traveler server

Lotus Traveler – Latest Device Updates (Feb 2012)
Tue, Feb 21st 2012 11:11a   Steven Vaughan
It’s worth noting this article published by IBM to make sure you’re on an appropriate release of Traveler for your users’ devices.  (and also for information on upcoming Traveler device support!) http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21577369&myns=swglotus&mynp=OCSSYRPW&mync=E Steven Vaughan – Domino People Ltd [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus traveler

The BES for Domino Extended Threading Model
Thu, Feb 16th 2012 5:11a   Steven Vaughan
Did you know that there is a default number of threads (40) on a Domino BES server that allow for connections to remote target mail servers which are used to read/write to users mail files? Performance problems can occur if you have multiple target mail servers with a good number of target users. The Domino BES server by default will automatically allocate threads by target mail server numbers. A simple explanation is as follows: Server A – 5 Users – 5 Threads Allocated out of 40 ava [read] Keywords: connections domino bes blackberry network rim server

Lotus Traveler – Latest Device Updates
Thu, Jan 26th 2012 5:11a   Steven Vaughan
It’s worth noting this article  published by IBM to make sure you’re on an appropriate release of Traveler for your users’ devices.  (and also for information on upcoming Traveler support!) http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21577369&myns=swglotus&mynp=OCSSYRPW&mync=E Cormac McCarthy – Domino People Ltd [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus traveler

Compare Domino Server/Configuration Documents
Wed, Jan 11th 2012 10:11a   Steven Vaughan
This is a really good tip for checking what changes have been made to Server and Configuration documents over the lifetime of a server and can be really useful when a  number of changes have been made in a short period of time especially when things are not working correctly! If you open up the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT folder on the Domino server (within the data folder), look files with a DXL extension. EVERY change made to a Server and Configuration document for that server will be stored here i [read] Keywords: domino dxl ibm lotus lotusscript notes application database server

Traveler Interim Fix Released
Thu, Jan 5th 2012 5:11a   Steven Vaughan

Domino BES – testing handhelds are functioning
Wed, Dec 21st 2011 9:09a   Steven Vaughan
A quick and easy test to ascertain if one or more of your Blackberry Enterprise Server users is setup correctly server side or if their device is configured correctly is possible and here’s how…… From your normal Lotus Notes mail (I’m assuming you are using Notes mail !), send the user, users or group an email with the following subject line: If the Blackberry device is able to receive and send messages, you will get an automatic  reply. If you don’t get a message [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes bes blackberry email enterprise server

Yellow Status on Lotus Traveler – What to do ?
Thu, Nov 3rd 2011 8:10a   Steven Vaughan
Scenario:  Every time you connect to the traveler server and issue a “tell traveler status” command from the Domino console, you get a yellow status returned or more particularly “The response times for opening databases on mail server X are above the acceptable threshold.” Mail users on server “X”  are perfectly happy with how quickly messages get to their devices and you want to understand how this “threshold” works and  to confirm if it is do [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus traveler network server xml

Domino Designer R8.5.3 – Ctrl+Shift Bug ?
Wed, Oct 19th 2011 6:10a   Steven Vaughan
We recently upgraded our clients to Notes R8.5.3 which included the Admin and Domino Designer clients. One of our developers is a real keyboard shortcut nut and is complaining bitterly about what may be a bug or “feature” in this new release. Previously, when pressing Ctrl+Shift, he was able to select words and upon releasing Ctrl and clicking the down arrow, select lines. Now (when editing Script Libraries) when you press Ctrl+Shift (right-hand-side of keyboard)it changes the text [read] Keywords: admin domino notes R8 script library bug

“No Network Connection” icon in Notes Client
Fri, Sep 16th 2011 7:10a   Steven Vaughan
Have never seen this before (maybe because our network is so reliable) but our network had an outage today and this icon appeared just to the left of the selected Location Doc: Now that is cool ! When the network came back online, it disappeared ! Nice one IBM ! [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client network

Show config *
Wed, Aug 31st 2011 9:08a   Steven Vaughan
It’s always a joy to learn new shortcuts and commands even after all these years Try at the Domino server console : show config * This will not only list all of the contents of the NOTES.INI file, but magically puts them in alphabetical order and outputs to the console. Perfect if you don’t have physical access to the NOTES.INI file. [read] Keywords: domino notes server

Restrict email to Domino directory Groups – now coming to iNotes !
Wed, Jan 26th 2011 9:19a   Steven Vaughan
It’s fairly well documented that you can restrict users from emailing certain groups if you change the readers field on the group to specified users/groups. That works great (in later releases). You can’t however say the same about iNotes. When a user addresses a memo to a “restricted” group in iNotes, they get the following error: If the user clicks on “Use Name Anyway” the mail is successfully sent. Not great. This will apparently be fixed in Domino R8.5.2 [read] Keywords: domino inotes R8 email

Domino Server Console – Copy database command
Tue, Jan 4th 2011 7:15a   Steven Vaughan
Happy new year ! This is a great tip brought to my attention by one of our developers which allows you to make a new database copy, replica copy or database template on the same or different Domino server. Very useful for large databases if you don’t want to use the Notes client or don’t have physical access to the Domino Server. Firstly, you need to set Cluster_admin_on=1 in the server’s NOTES.INI file. This takes place immediately and does not require your server be in a clus [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes notes client database server

Lotus Foundations Start – Syncing Users and Groups
Tue, Dec 7th 2010 11:18a   Steven Vaughan
For anyone with Lotus Foundations Start with the Domino add-on here is some undocumented information for you ! If you have a requirement for users Internet email addresses to be different from the Lotus Foundation Start account name, you can change the person document to reflect the new Internet Email Address (but don’t change the domain or the short name). If you change the Domino short name and it does not match the LFS account name, the next time Domino is restarted the account will be [read] Keywords: domino foundations lotus notes email server

Compact -b -S10 Does it work ?
Mon, Dec 6th 2010 8:12a   Steven Vaughan
Just had an instance where a customer running Lotus Domino R8.5.2 had a program document running a nightly Compact -b -S10 The compact -b is the recommended option or switch for Domino Servers running Transactional logging as per quote from the help file below: Uses in-place compacting and recovers unused space without reducing the file size, unless there’s a pending structural change to a database, in which case copy-style compacting occurs. This is the recommended method of compacting. H [read] Keywords: domino lotus R8 database server

Domino R8.5.2 HF16
Mon, Sep 27th 2010 7:35a   Steven Vaughan
Just to confirm that the documented problems with SMTP hanging in R8.5.2 and the subsequent interim fix does indeed solve the problem. The problem is described here: link Downloading the interim fix pack from IBM (http://www-933.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/) shows the following files (for Windows platform): interim fix: DominoServer_852IF1_W64 interim fix: DominoServer_852IF1_W32 The Server however shows: Domino Server Showing correct version Which is a little confusing but if your server shows t [read] Keywords: domino ibm R8 server smtp

Email Signatures with Graphics
Fri, Sep 17th 2010 5:54a   Steven Vaughan
A question that comes up on occasion from our customers relates to having graphics in email signatures. Do they work ? Why do the graphics appear as attachments for some recipients etc ? Of course some companies love using graphics in email signatures. It promotes the brand, can make the email look very professional but it doesn’t always work. Why ? Embedded Graphics Using embedded graphics in signatures can lead to problems with the recipient seeing the signature as sent. The graphics ma [read] Keywords: policies email security server

Troubleshooting DAOS
Wed, Sep 15th 2010 10:16a   Steven Vaughan
If you are having problems with your Domino DAOS data store, there are a wealth of technical documents out there to deal with the various problems. I have gathered some of this information which I will share with you below. This assumes you had DAOS up and running prior to experiencing problems. You have tried the synch options but to no avail. What now ? ‘Tell DoasMgr prune 0” at the server console (that is a zero at the end BTW). This will get rid of any unwanted attachments from [read] Keywords: domino database server

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