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Doing a TED Talk: The Full Story
Thu, Mar 3rd 2016 5
Recruiting for a new Jive consultant – interested?
Tue, Feb 16th 2016 8
Women Not Objects
Wed, Jan 27th 2016 4
Time to let go…
Mon, Jan 4th 2016 6
That river’s flowing…
Fri, Oct 16th 2015 7
Stuff that works – Anker USB chargers
Tue, Oct 6th 2015 5
Safari 9 Responsive Design Mode
Tue, Oct 6th 2015 5
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Greenhouse now running IBM Connections 5.0
Thu, Jul 17th 2014 12
Collaborative office art
Thu, Jun 18th 2015 12
The old culture has to die
Thu, Jul 23rd 2015 12
Issue with Connections media widget timing out
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 11
Yahoo shutters Pipes
Fri, Jun 5th 2015 10
What if we offered you stock options?
Mon, Jun 29th 2015 10
Just a glance…
Thu, Jul 23rd 2015 10
Apache Struts security issues ‐ time to patch your IBM Connections install
Mon, Aug 4th 2014 9
IBM Connections 4.5 CR5 is now available
Tue, Aug 5th 2014 9
It’s time to Chime!
Wed, Apr 29th 2015 9

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Doing a TED Talk: The Full Story
Thu, Mar 3rd 2016 2:07a   Stuart McIntyre
Imagine being asked to speak at TED. Not the independent TEDx conferences, but as Tim Urban explains… The thing I was asked to speak at was the big Vancouver one. I say this not only to brag, but also to explain why this whole thing had me freaking out so much. The same thing that made it extra extra scary also made it extra extra not turn-downable. So I accepted. What follows is the very scary yet utterly compelling story of how Tim prepared and delivered his session.  Really great readi
Recruiting for a new Jive consultant – interested?
Tue, Feb 16th 2016 1:02p   Stuart McIntyre
Jive Software is seeking a Business Consultant to join the Professional Services team for the EMEA Region, based in Paris, France. This role will work with Jive’s largest and most complex clients in formulating and implementing their strategy around usage of the Jive solutions.The Business Consultant works directly with our customers to help them get their Jive community set up and ready for launch. This position requires strong customer interaction skills and a demonstrated background working
Women Not Objects
Wed, Jan 27th 2016 6:31a   Stuart McIntyre
As the married father of two daughters, this issue is being brought home to me right now… The rise of YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat as advertising media has not helped in any way – the problem just seems to get worse year-on-year. It has to stop. #WomenNotObjects Author informationStuart McIntyreStuart McIntyre is a Senior Strategist at Jive Software. He curates a number of product-focused news sites, is a lapsed podcaster, founded the Social Connections user group and regularly
Time to let go…
Mon, Jan 4th 2016 11:52a   Stuart McIntyre
The Lotus IBM Collaboration Solutions space is an incredible demonstration of what online communities can become through the truly altruistic efforts of its members.  I’ve always known that, but stepping away somewhat over the past year has allowed me to observe the relationships, events and online activities through a new and less obscured lens.  A little distance and independence has done nothing but confirm the wonderfully inclusive family-like nature of this community. A little backgroun
That river’s flowing…
Fri, Oct 16th 2015 5:05a   Stuart McIntyre
No matter what we do, or how focused or mindful we are, the time just keeps passing doesn’t it? As the great Peter Gabriel once sung: Whatever may come and whatever may go that river’s flowing that river’s flowing (Linking to the ’94 version with Paula Cole – my personal favourite version of an amazing song…) Somehow, over 7 months have passed since I joined the team at Jive Software.   It seems both like my switch happened yesterday, and yet also that I
Stuff that works – Anker USB chargers
Tue, Oct 6th 2015 3:07p   Stuart McIntyre
Friends and colleagues that have travelled with me in recent times will undoubtedly have noticed that I’m a great fan of Anker electronics components. Anker is a relatively new brand, at least on these shores, having appeared in the UK about 3-4 years ago. Through a combination of good clean design, comprehensive well thought-out feature sets, high-quality build and competitive prices. I first bought a multi-port USB charger from Anker perhaps 2.5 years ago, and it is still in daily us
Safari 9 Responsive Design Mode
Tue, Oct 6th 2015 10:24a   Stuart McIntyre
Do you host a site or platform that you need to make available to a wide range of desktop and mobile devices, including those Apple iThings running iOS9? Then you need to check out Safari’s Responsive Design Mode (found in the Develop menu in Safari 9 for the Mac).  Take a look at this (video courtesy of Casey Liss): http://stuart-mcintyre.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/responsive_design_mode.mp4 Yes, you can test your site in all the new split-screen modes available in iOS9.  This fe
Twitter timeline zero
Mon, Oct 5th 2015 4:22a   Stuart McIntyre
Over the years, my Twitter followed list had become somewhat cluttered… Just over 4,000 accounts – the usual mixture of friends, family, colleagues, partners, thought leaders, brands and celebrities.  I’d had a few occasional cleanups, but put it this way, it was becoming difficult to see the wood for the trees.  The signal to noise ratio had become pretty awful, and most of the value I was seeing from Twitter came through the search terms I used in Tweetdeck columns, rathe
Jive Software named as #2 best company to work for in the UK
Fri, Sep 4th 2015 9:26a   Stuart McIntyre
There were few companies in the world that could have tempted me back into permanent employment, and I was really happy to join Jive Software almost 6 months ago. I’ve loved my experience of the organisation so far – the culture and workstyle mixes damn hard work with fun, humour, camaraderie and great support from the leadership. Therefore it’s satisfying to see that others feel the same way. Glassdoor have just published their 2015 list of the best organisations in the UK to
Moving on…
Mon, Jul 27th 2015 9:37a   Stuart McIntyre
Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard. Dave Mustaine This site (and IBMConnectionsBlog.com) will close today, with all posts migrated to Stuart-McIntyre.com for posterity. Thanks for reading, commenting and contributing over so many years. Stuart The post Moving on… appeared first on IBM Connections.

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