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Connected 2015 – What’s in it for Me?
Thu, Dec 18th 2014 284
Chalk Talks at ConnectED 2015
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 146
Who is joining me in Orlando for ConnectEd 2015?
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 346
The times, they are indeed changing
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 67
I don’t know where I’m gonna go when the volcano blows
Sun, Jun 16th 2013 58
Report from Manila
Tue, Jun 11th 2013 49
T Minus 7 days and counting
Fri, May 31st 2013 73
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Who is joining me in Orlando for ConnectEd 2015?
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 346
Connected 2015 – What’s in it for Me?
Thu, Dec 18th 2014 284
Chalk Talks at ConnectED 2015
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 146
T Minus 7 days and counting
Fri, May 31st 2013 73
My Week in Boston
Sun, Apr 21st 2013 67
The times, they are indeed changing
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 67
Open Mic Time with the Calendar Team
Thu, May 9th 2013 62
I don’t know where I’m gonna go when the volcano blows
Sun, Jun 16th 2013 58
Send the Elevator Back Down
Mon, Feb 11th 2013 54
Report from Manila
Tue, Jun 11th 2013 49

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Recent Blog Posts

Connected 2015 – What’s in it for Me?
Thu, Dec 18th 2014 5:48p   Susan
I’m hearing rumors that your boss won’t let you come to the ConnectED2015 show in Orlando next month because there’s not enough content for the Notes/Domino/Sametime faithful customers. Is that true? Let’s see if we can convince the boss that you need to attend. It’s true that the show is a day shorter, but its also $300 less to attend, and the boss will have you back at your desk a day earlier. Wait, maybe that’s not fun. But its not going to snow in Orlando – I can almost gu [read] Keywords: administration connections domino ibm inotes notes sametime traveler xpages application applications consulting development enterprise java mobile security

Chalk Talks at ConnectED 2015
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 11:25a   Susan
What are Chalk Talks you ask?  They are sort of like BOFs of the past conferences, but YOU get to decide what you want to see.  Plus, you get to use Connections Ideation blog to vote.   How? Go here:   socialbiz user group.  Look through here and vote away.  And of course if you submitted one, get all of your friends to vote, ok? [read] Keywords: connections

Who is joining me in Orlando for ConnectEd 2015?
Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 12:05p   Susan
This is normally a time of year when we start thinking about our annual Florida trip right?  We who work on the show actually got started early this year, and I’m already deep into the session selection process. In a few days, you’ll be seeing the names of sessions that are already approved, so you will know (and trust) what the show is about. Earlier this year, Kristin Keene gave an interview about what is the same and what has changed – the full interview is here:  What is [read] Keywords: ibm

The times, they are indeed changing
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 5:42a   notesgoddess
Try not to read too much into this ok?  I am starting a training “bootcamp” this week that will end with me joining the IBM Connections support team.    It felt good to get that out.    My work for almost 20 years has been around Lotus Notes.  I’ve worked for IBM for the last 12 years in various support roles, mostly on the road, but the last 2 years or so working at my home office, talking to customers and solving calendar and client-related problems.  I’m pretty good at it and I [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes office

I don’t know where I’m gonna go when the volcano blows
Sun, Jun 16th 2013 6:26p   notesgoddess
Our trip to see the Taal volcano was great fun, exhausting and a great lesson in local horse trading also. The hotel arranged for us to hire a driver with a large van (a very nice van), a tour guide at Taal, lunch and a boat trip to the volcano – which sits in a lake. The price worked out to a little less than $100 USD each – and was a bargain. Or so we thought. The drive out of Manila was great. The day was beautiful, we up into the beautiful resort town of Tagaytay, “Probably the [read] Keywords:

Report from Manila
Tue, Jun 11th 2013 7:25p   notesgoddess
I wish I knew how many days I’ve been in Manila.  I left home on Friday morning and it is Wednesday morning in Manila (Tuesday night back home) and I’ve worked 2 shifts.  The class has been great – with the usual hardware and software glitches – providing lots of opportunities for troubleshooting.  The students are happiest when they get things working, and we’re doing OK with planned and unplanned hands-on troubleshooting.  So far, Spanky has made a dozen or so new Faceboo [read] Keywords: facebook


T Minus 7 days and counting
Fri, May 31st 2013 5:25a   notesgoddess
In 7 days, I will be embarking on an adventure.  I leave for a 1 month work assignment in Manila, The Philippines where I will be part of the second wave of trainers for our service center there.  This trip represents a lot of firsts for me.  This will be the longest I’ve been away from home.  The trip includes the longest flights I’ve ever been on (13 hours) and it will be my first experience working ‘the graveyard shift’ (we’re working American hours – so noon here on the e [read] Keywords: ibm notes blogging facebook google

Open Mic Time with the Calendar Team
Thu, May 9th 2013 7:05p   notesgoddess
What are you doing next Wednesday? That’s May 15. At 11:00 AM EDT? Why don’t you join the Notes C&S team for an Open Mic call? It’s hosted by Andrea Mitchell and Todd Bailey who will talk about tips and tricks they’ve learned, then open the floor for your questions. As usual, we will coerce some of the developers out to answer questions and much of the rest of the L2 crew will be in the meeting chat answering any questions you want to throw in there. I will be ther [read] Keywords: ibm notes

My Week in Boston
Sun, Apr 21st 2013 7:25a   notesgoddess
This is the second attempt at a blog about my week in Boston.  I won’t tell you what happened there because you already know.  Here are my details.  I had planned to visit my colleagues in Littleton from Sunday to Tuesday, then speak at the ViewAdmin 2013 in Cambridge from Wednesday until Friday.  That happened.  I was in the lockdown area near the police shootout with the bad guys.  I got home on Friday night after the roughest, most turbulent flight I’ve ever been on – and I’ [read] Keywords: facebook security twitter

Where I find my Inspiration
Fri, Mar 22nd 2013 8:25a   notesgoddess
There are times when I get down, lose my energy and inspiration.  We all do.  I look around and often find inspiration in unusual places.  This week, I found it in my young grand-nephew Tyson.  He and his family took their first-ever airplane ride to Texas.  He and his brother Eli learned among other things that yes, tumbleweeds are real and  - oh by the way, they have thorns.  I learned something from young Tyson, too. This first picture is my favorite actually.  He’s aboard the S [read] Keywords:

Send the Elevator Back Down
Mon, Feb 11th 2013 4:45a   notesgoddess
In 2004, Ed Brill took a chance on me.  He approved my friend Kathleen McGivney and me to speak at Lotusphere 2005, doing a Domino Administration Jumpstart.  Kathleen and I both did presentations as part of our Field Support Engineer jobs and we’d spoken at smaller conferences, but let’s face it, Lotusphere is the big stage for the community we’re in.  Kathleen and I work great as a team and we did so well on that session that we not only presented it that year, but at least twice more, [read] Keywords: administration adminp domino ibm lotusphere community

Thank you to the people who made IBM Connect 2013 a hit
Sat, Feb 2nd 2013 7:45a   notesgoddess
I arrived in Orlando this year after driving the 8 hours by choice.  I arrived a day early to get myself ready for what many in the ‘community’ saw as the end of Lotusphere.  I knew it would be stressful for many, including me.  I’m an insider, so I knew the messages that were on the way and wondered how they’d be received. On Saturday, I watched the community soccer/flag football party on the beach, greeted the incoming arrivals, collected a thousand or more hugs, then participated i [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere blogger community

I’m so excited! Its IBM Connect 2013 time!
Tue, Jan 22nd 2013 6:25p   notesgoddess
I’ve been holding back the excitement so far, but I can’t help it how – its nearly time for IBM Connect 2013. 2 days before I head out to Orlando! I’ve been working hard on the Best Practices track, helping calm nervous speakers, herding the cats into submitting slides, editing, posting.  There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make it all work.  At times, from inside and out, it looks like a train wreck, and often it almost is.  All of the track managers [read] Keywords: ibm blogging google

Why you will become ‘social’ in business
Wed, Jan 2nd 2013 8:05a   notesgoddess
I sometimes hear my friends talking about ‘social’ in almost a sneer when it comes to their business.  For every company that is panicking about not getting into the ‘social thing’, there seem to be more who are of the opinion of “Oh Please, this is so much Internet hype.  Its just a costly fad that will fall by the wayside like all the others.” If you find yourself in either camp, consider this.  Both arguments are wrong and I think you’re already &# [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm sametime blogging facebook microsoft skype twitter widgets xml

When will we be notified about sessions?
Thu, Nov 29th 2012 7:05p   notesgoddess
When are those notifications going out?  Heard anything about my session?  Hey, when will we be notified?  Hate to bother you, but – can I ask about my session?  I know you’re busy… This is a sample of the skype chats popping up for me in the last couple of days.  The internal emails and Sametime chats are getting insane. So what are we doing?  This is the time where the track managers get real.  We have trading sessions.  It goes something like this: Other Track Manage [read] Keywords: sametime skype

Anybody want to talk about abstracts?
Thu, Oct 11th 2012 8:22p   notesgoddess
As you know, its the run up to Call for Abstracts for IBM Connect 2013.  And as you are staring at the calendar wondering when the call will go out, let me say that the answer is ‘soon’.  But why wait?  If you plan to submit, write the abstract.  Use 75 words to say what you want to talk about.  It may take several tries to get it to short enough. And that’s 75 words. That paragraph above is it.  All you get to work with.  A few sentences.  Practice. Gab Davis has already posted ab [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Thoughts on changing a conference name.
Sun, Aug 26th 2012 3:22p   notesgoddess
I thought I’d take advantage of the time between the unofficial blog/twitter discussions about the change of name from Lotusphere 2013 to IBM Connect 2013 and the official reports that will surely come out early this week As many of you know, I’ve been the track manager of the Best Practices track for 2 years at Lotusphere.  I don’t know if I’ll be asked to do it again – but given that the track trounced all the others for those years, I’m thinking I may pl [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere twitter

The ‘next big thing’ for Notes Admins
Mon, Aug 6th 2012 2:29p   notesgoddess
This is a question, not a statement.  And before you wonder, No – I’m not looking for work and not worried.  I don’t know any inside information.  This subject came up in discussions with some other Notes Admin types recently. Career counselors always urge us to keep our skills up to date.  In IT, this is especially true because technologies and trends (and fads) change quickly.  Those of us who work with Notes have seen our Developer-type colleagues study newer technologi [read] Keywords: admin domino notes xpages dojo java linux mobile server xml

Speaking this Spring
Sat, Apr 14th 2012 10:24a   notesgoddess
The nice people over at THE VIEW have once again allowed me to be a speaker at their spring conference this year.  The conference is in a different location this year, but its an exciting one. Check out the conference website called AdminDev2012 and see all of the great sessions that are coming to the Metro DC area from May 15 – 18.  I’m pretty excited to be doing 4 sessions, including 2 C&S based ones.  I’m also doing a version of Mat Newman‘s User Blast (with Mat [read] Keywords: admin collaboration ibm lotus notes facebook podcast twitter

Open Mic Goodness – The Resource Database
Fri, Apr 6th 2012 7:20a   notesgoddess
Hey!  Long time, no see!  I’ve missed you. Why don’t you call me?  Seriously.  Call – next week.  We’re having an Open Mic call – the second of the year for the Calendar team over here in Support. We’ll be here on Tuesday, April 10 from 11 until the phones go dead and they make us stop talking. See this link for a calendar entry to add to your own calendar – and see THIS link to post your questions in advance. An Open is Mic is where we talk for a w [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus database facebook twitter

Take my Job - Please!
Thu, Jan 12th 2012 7:02a   Susan Bulloch
For those of you headed down to Lotusphere, please come learn my job. I'm serious. My courageous and foolish colleague Todd Bailey agreed to help me ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Making the Move to WordPress
Thu, Dec 22nd 2011 7:16p   notesgoddess
I’m about the last one to move over here, and I’ve been putting it off because I thought it was hard, I’ve been too busy, etc.  Yeah, plus laziness.  I need a site that’s more mobile friendly and easier to update from an iThing. I hope to make this more visually interesting with sidebars and stuff, but for now, I’m just going to start.  I’m going to leave my archives over at Connectria‘s site in my Domino-based blog, but I’ll probably eventually [read] Keywords: domino ibm facebook mobile twitter

Of Lotusphere Sessions and Speakers
Mon, Oct 24th 2011 7:31p   Susan Bulloch
It's that time again. Time for many of you to think about making that step this year and going out on stage at Lotusphere. Time to see if your idea ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Learn Notes C&S - in Barcelona or online
Sun, Oct 16th 2011 2:02p   Susan Bulloch
Once again this year, I'm fortunate enough to be speaking for the View in Europe. Next month, I'll be in Barcelona at AdminEurope. I hear there's an ... [read] Keywords: notes

Hanging up the Rolling Bag
Sat, Aug 20th 2011 2:42p   Susan Bulloch
I’ve been working in a new role at IBM for a little over a month. After a being on the road or on call pretty much every day for over 2 years, I basi ... [read] Keywords: ibm

Get Social, Do Business - How do I do that?
Thu, Apr 7th 2011 11:22a   Susan Bulloch
So before, I mentioned that I'd be back asking for help with my job - and here I am. As I said before, we (IBM employees) are being asked to Get So ... [read] Keywords: ibm

Get Social, Do Business Part 1 - Living in Two Worlds
Thu, Mar 10th 2011 7:09a   Susan Bulloch
Well, the Big Dog has come to play in the world of ‘social’. Welcome to all the people from my employer, IBM who are this year being challenged to “G ... [read] Keywords: ibm

Living The Dream
Wed, Jan 26th 2011 8:22a   Susan Bulloch
Everybody remembers the first time right? The first time I attended Lotusphere, I had changed careers, was working for a bank where I was expected to ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Hosting GURUpalooza at Lotusphere 2011
Wed, Jan 12th 2011 6:42a   Susan Bulloch
Yes, OK - I know what you're thinking. What is GURUpalooza? Isn't the nerdfest called Lotusphere a GURUpalooza all week? Well, yes and no. There ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Notes CS Schema Update
Thu, Sep 30th 2010 12:13p   Susan Bulloch
If you've ever tried to program around the calendar in Lotus Notes, you've probably run across the calendar schema. It lists the fields and forms and ... [read] Keywords: lotus notes

A Good Week
Sat, Jun 19th 2010 7:33a   Susan Bulloch
Every now and then it happens at work. You have A Good Week. I had one this week. My current job involves travel. Most of my 11 years at Lotus/ ... [read] Keywords: lotus

Free Code: Not Just your average book review
Tue, Feb 2nd 2010 5:42a   Susan Bulloch
I too have been asked by Packt publishing to review the book: IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 by Tim Speed and an army of other ISSL folks. We revi ... [read] Keywords: administration domino ibm lotus notes

Nerd Girls Rule
Thu, Jan 7th 2010 3:34p   Susan Bulloch
Earlier this week, the Lotusphere Blog posted about the 2nd annual Nerd Girl Panel at Lotusphere 2010 - NERD101 in your programs. They (mistakenly) ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Resource Reservation New Documentation and Open Mic goodness
Fri, Sep 4th 2009 4:07p   Susan Bulloch
I've been busy updating existing documentation on Lotus Notes C&S and even creating new documents this summer. I've been doing this in between se ... [read] Keywords: administration domino lotus notes reservation

On Travel, Friends, and Work
Fri, May 22nd 2009 3:57p   Susan Bulloch
I've been traveling more for work with my new assignment. I'm on the SWAT team now at IBM. We're the group they drop into your place when there's a ... [read] Keywords: ibm swat

Free Stuff
Thu, Mar 26th 2009 2:55p   Susan Bulloch
We all like free stuff! I like free time, a free lunch, free money. Now, those things are mythical, but free articles from the View - that's for rea ... [read] Keywords: administration domino

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