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Japan’s BestCommunications integrates CRM with IBM Connections
Wed, Nov 28th 2012 29
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Tue, Nov 6th 2012 30
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New IBM Connections 4.0 Plug-ins for Lotus Notes
Tue, Nov 6th 2012 30
Japan’s BestCommunications integrates CRM with IBM Connections
Wed, Nov 28th 2012 29
Sun, Nov 11th 2012 28
IBM Connections 4 - 10 Video "Shorts"
Wed, Sep 12th 2012 27
Introducing IBM Connections 4!
Wed, Sep 12th 2012 26
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Lotusphere 2012 #LS12 #IBMSocialBiz
Joseph Russo    

Hi everyone, here's a heads up for where you can catch me at Lotusphere. I'll be in the UX Lab, come see me at the Social Business Solutions Design table. I'll be running a Hands on Design activity where we can take your favorite solution and see how to enhance the design with Social. I'll also be talking about Social Business Design Elements, please come, hear about them and influence the design with your feedback.

Also, you can come to my presentation, under the Insights & Innovations Track

INV314 Designing Social Business Solutions

Abstract: Learn about the core principles that make a business solution social. We'll take you through
the basic values that any social business solution design delivers and we'll cover core Design Patterns
that enable you to become a Social Business. Learn about how social design patterns provide direct
value to any business solution, and provide them in the context of the people using them as well as how
adding social design patterns to a solution enhances the overall value of both your social network and
every business solution that makes use of social design patterns.

Speakers: Matt Flaherty, IBM; Joe Russo, IBM

Tech level: *
Date: Thursday, January 19, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: N. Hem E

and remember to follow me on twitter/russoDesigns, I'll be tweeting from Lotusphere.

I look forward to seeing you, meeting you for the first time or catching up with old friends...see you soon!

Jan 10, 2012
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Japan’s BestCommunications integrates CRM with IBM Connections
Wed, Nov 28th 2012 8:05a   Suzanne Livingston
BestCommunications has developed an integrated solution of their Notes/Domino based CRM application and IBM Connections. Their CRM application is named "e-Kokyaku" which means customers in Japanese. It provides a web interface to manage customer information such as company profile, call memo and information on past deals. Also, mobile access interface is provided. When in e-Kokyaku, comments or questions will be also posted to IBM Connections as status updates, where you can engage your networ [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes synch.rono.us application interface mobile network profile

Sun, Nov 11th 2012 1:42p   Joseph Russo
Today I needed to contact a colleague and was using SMS text to make the contact. In doing so, I was immediately struck by my behavior. Normally I would use Sametime to interact with my friend, but, due to being mobile (walking down the hall) I was using text instead. What I noticed in my own approach was this. When I "cold call" someone over Sametime, I always use what I'll call the "Accepted Social Interrupt Protocol" ASIP - I start with a simple "Hi", wait for a response, engage in a b [read] Keywords: sametime synch.rono.us exchange exchange mobile

New IBM Connections 4.0 Plug-ins for Lotus Notes
Tue, Nov 6th 2012 1:02p   Suzanne Livingston
We are very pleased to announce the general availability of the IBM Connections 4.0 Plug-ins for Lotus Notes. This linked value offering is now available on the IBM Business Solutions Catalog for customer download. Please have a look using the link above - we encourage everyone to install & use it! Some noteworthy features include: Social collaboration through Status Updates sidebar in Notes New features include like/unlike posts, activity stream support, view community posts i [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes quickr synch.rono.us community desktop mac microsoft sharepoint widget widgets

IBM Connections 4 - 10 Video "Shorts"
Wed, Sep 12th 2012 9:02a   Suzanne Livingston
If you want to quickly find out what's new with your favorite IBM Connections feature, check out this new video series on all the IBM Connections 4 apps. Most of the videos are about a minute long, and you can watch the whole series in one playlist here! IBM Connections 4 Video Shorts In this video series, we explore the various apps in IBM Connections V4.0, the newest version of IBM's market leading social software. New features include activity streams, embedded experiences, microb [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus synch.rono.us community integration social bookmarking social software

Introducing IBM Connections 4!
Wed, Sep 12th 2012 7:42a   Suzanne Livingston
Today we announce the IBM Connections 4, the market leading social business platform. We are excited to share with you all the great new capabilities in Connections 4. To help you better understand what is in Connections 4, I will share videos on the various elements of Connections, starting with the home page experience: Here are some of the new capabilities you will find in IBM Connections 4: 3rd Party Activity Stream Entries: Work with external apps within Activity Stream and act [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm ldd lotus notes synch.rono.us application applications community database email exchange exchange microsoft mobile

IBM Connections: Are you experienced?
Mon, Sep 10th 2012 7:22a   Suzanne Livingston
The IBM Collaboration Solutions UX/ID team is proud to announce the Experience IBM Connections site. This single-page, external site is intended to drive user adoption of IBM Connections and enhance the total client experience. This effort was inspired by feedback from customers requesting materials to help promote Notes to end users. The site includes tips and resources to learn more. It also highlights favorite tips and features from select IBMers and IBM Champions. http://learn.lotus. [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes synch.rono.us

IBM Sessions at SXSW 2013
Thu, Aug 16th 2012 8:46a   Suzanne Livingston
It's voting time! Here are the IBM sessions being proposed at SXSW 2013. Please vote for your favorites and do let me know if there are any missing! Getting Away With It: IBM Social Sells the Cloud Social and Relationships Dual Are You a Hacker’s Dream? Social, Mobile Safety Social and Relationships Dual Are you RAD enough? (Rapid Accessible Deployment) Design and Development Dual Corporate Culture Shock: when strategy isn't enough Entrepreneurialism and Business Pane [read] Keywords: ibm synch.rono.us community development mobile


Please vote for our sessions at SXSW 2013!!
Mon, Aug 13th 2012 12:46p   Suzanne Livingston
SXSW opens its PanelPicker app today for choosing your favorite sessions for consideration in 2013. It can be daunting to read though and vote on 3500+ sessions, so we'd like to help you find our sessions! Please vote for our sessions! Yes, that TPS Report can be social too - http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/582 At your job, your have access to a lot of information throughout many systems. Imagine if you had a single, social stream of updates from all the applications you worke [read] Keywords: synch.rono.us applications enterprise twitter

Intuition is a smokescreen
Wed, Aug 1st 2012 4:49p   Joseph Russo
Often times in design you will here people say something is intuitive or, maybe more often, something is not intuitive. And frankly, I've often found this is merely a smokescreen, to cast something they don't like and have solid argument to reason why they don't believe in the design. This happens because for some reason, people have learned that saying that something is "not intuitive" is somehow really important to design. And I want to be clear, we're talking about software here. An [read] Keywords: synch.rono.us interface wiki

Pocket Veto – the unspoken tenet of Social Software
Fri, Jun 29th 2012 11:30a   Joseph Russo
Ok, just to be a pain, I'm starting with civics lesson. In the United States, there is a process by which “bills” become law. The House of Representatives vote and if the majority agrees, the bill passes to the Senate. They vote and if majority agrees it goes to the President. He can sign the bill, making it a law, or he can veto it, and it goes back to congress for rehashing...or if it's near the end of the term, he can simply “pocket veto” it. This allows him to safely do [read] Keywords: synch.rono.us network networking social software

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