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Lotusphere 2012: Part 1
Tue, Jan 17th 2012 125
2011 Wrap up
Sat, Jan 14th 2012 103
First WineTwunch: a major success
Fri, Jul 1st 2011 132
iPad: my favorite apps (1 year later)
Wed, Jun 22nd 2011 135
UKLUG’s over, and it was great
Thu, Jun 2nd 2011 128
BLUG 2011: It’s a wrap
Sat, Apr 9th 2011 138
BLUG: March 31th-April 1st 2011: Announcing Speakers and Agenda
Wed, Feb 23rd 2011 158
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BLUG: March 31th-April 1st 2011: Announcing Speakers and Agenda
Wed, Feb 23rd 2011 158
BLUG 2011: It’s a wrap
Sat, Apr 9th 2011 138
iPad: my favorite apps (1 year later)
Wed, Jun 22nd 2011 135
First WineTwunch: a major success
Fri, Jul 1st 2011 132
UKLUG’s over, and it was great
Thu, Jun 2nd 2011 128
Lotusphere 2012: Part 1
Tue, Jan 17th 2012 125
Lotus Related Books: on sale
Wed, Feb 16th 2011 105
2011 Wrap up
Sat, Jan 14th 2012 103
Unexpected Email
Sat, Feb 5th 2011 77
Lotusphere 2011: It’s a wrap
Sat, Feb 5th 2011 71

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Recent Blog Posts

Lotusphere 2012: Part 1
Tue, Jan 17th 2012 7:23a   Theo Heselmans
I normally write a blogpost every day at Lotusphere #LS12. Not this year though. Every year I meet more people I'ld like to hang out with, and I get more socially involved too. So nights are short and thus free (blog) time is running in short supply. For the first time in the 17 years I've been at Lotusphere, I arrived on Friday evening instead of Saturday. Big difference, as it allows you to 'grow into' LS, and not been thrown into it. Meeting a lot of friends in the Dolphin bar/rotunda [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere

2011 Wrap up
Sat, Jan 14th 2012 4:02p   Theo Heselmans
I normally write a blogpost every day at Lotusphere #LS12. I'll do my utmost to keep up with this tradition, but I make no promisses. Every year I meet more people I'ld like to hang out with, and I get more socially involved too. So nights are short and thus free (blog) time are running in short supply. Let's start by wrapping up a weirdly busy (last) year, since it's been some time this blog was used (no apologies here, follow me on my blog @theoheselmans, were I got more to say): 201 [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus lotusphere development

First WineTwunch: a major success
Fri, Jul 1st 2011 8:25a   Theo Heselmans
A couple of weeks ago an idea started spreading across the Belgian wine-twitter scene: let's get together and enjoy what we like best: Wine! Filip, Jelle and Peter were the culprits. They took the initiative, and soon managed to get everything together: a date and time (yesterday) a sweet location (Wine-bar Pazzo in Antwerp) 15 eager people (Filip, Jelle, Peter, Danielle, Olaf, Stijn, Hans, Jonas, Jens, Werner, Melanie, Fabrice, Kaat, Wim and myself) a great flexible menu (moderately priced [read] Keywords: twitter

iPad: my favorite apps (1 year later)
Wed, Jun 22nd 2011 5:25a   Theo Heselmans
Almost exactly 1 year ago, I wrote a blogpost about my favorite iPad apps. A lot has changed during that period, not the least having almost 100,000 iPad specific apps in the App Store. Daunting ! What hasn't changed, it my enthusiasm for this device. I use it all the time! The huge success of the first iPad was followed by the same overwhelming interest in the iPad 2. I'm regularly asked (not only by newbies) what my favorite apps are (at the moment), so like before, here's my short-li [read] Keywords: notes traveler apple database desktop exchange exchange google iphone mac office podcast server twitter

UKLUG’s over, and it was great
Thu, Jun 2nd 2011 4:02a   Theo Heselmans
Manchester is a great city, and luckily we've seen a bit of it. On top of that, if you organize a LUG in the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), then there is no other option for us nerds, then to be there. Warren, Kitty and the rest of the team did a great job, as ever: smooth organizations, top-quality speakers, excellent sponsors, casual atmosphere, lots of attendees. Thanks guys! As I've started to 'know' quite a lot of people, it's always bliss to see so many old (and young) fri [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes xpages applications development google microsoft

BLUG 2011: It’s a wrap
Sat, Apr 9th 2011 4:02a   Theo Heselmans
This 3rd big BLUG event is the second one I've organized, and I made 2 wrong assumptions: It would be a lot easier, because I had done it before, and all bases were covered (website, workflow & mailing-tools, ...) A two days event would be the same effort as a 1 day event Well, the first one was partially correct. But still, it's a pretty big task, and involves a lot of things to think about. I decided to work with ToDo lists (Think on my iPad), and that helped a lot. I certainly felt mor [read] Keywords: lotus applications google


BLUG: March 31th-April 1st 2011: Announcing Speakers and Agenda
Wed, Feb 23rd 2011 3:02a   Theo Heselmans
5 weeks from now, our third major BLUG event is starting. Our first 2-day event, and it's still FREE. This weekend we announced the complete agenda and all approved sessions. It was tough to decide which abstracts would be accepted. And as usual those that made it are happy, and others are disappointed. The winners for sure are the attendees, and boy, do we have something for you ! Our keynote speaker will be Kevin Cavanaugh, IBM Vice President Messaging and Collaboration Products. [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus lotusphere

Lotus Related Books: on sale
Wed, Feb 16th 2011 5:45a   Theo Heselmans
We've always complained about there being so few books about our beloved software. At Lotusphere #LS11 we were treated to 2 brand new and interesting books (which sold out very fast): Overview of IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User's Guide, by Packt Publishing Written by Marie L. Scott and Thomas Duff Collaborate securely with your colleagues and teammates both inside and outside your organization by using Sametime features such as instant messaging and online meetings Make your i [read] Keywords: admin administration domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes quickr sametime xpages application development google instant messaging integration

Unexpected Email
Sat, Feb 5th 2011 9:06a   Theo Heselmans
When I was at Lotusphere, I got a very unexpected email from my mother. Why unexpected? Well, to start with, she's turning 81 soon, and she has never used a computer in her life. We, her children, gave here an iPad for Christmas, so she could use it for some leisurely gaming (solitaire mainly) and looking at her photo's. After some basic 'training' she managed to 'surf the web' a bit too. But this week, to my utter amazement I got a (albeit short) email from her. I'm pretty proud of [read] Keywords: lotusphere email

Lotusphere 2011: It’s a wrap
Sat, Feb 5th 2011 8:45a   Theo Heselmans
Day 4: Thursday As there weren't that many session this morning at #LS11, I had a chance to catch up on some sleep. Sorely needed too ! At 10am the Gurupalooza was on. Susan Bulloch (track manager for the BP track this year) did a good job of keeping everything under control. Most questions were about admin stuff though. Still I like coming to this session every year, as it gives me the opportunity to see a lot of (now) familiar faces on stage at the same time. As I do every year, I went [read] Keywords: admin ibm lotus lotusphere blogging community network twitter wifi

Lotusphere 2011: Wednesday
Wed, Feb 2nd 2011 11:43p   Theo Heselmans
Day 3: Wednesday Had to wake up early again. We did a repeat BOF session re. Organizing a Lotus User Group event at 7am. Eileen was so kind as to replace Warren (he had another BOF). A few people turned up again. Had no breakfast :-( Next up was the keynote about the future of Social Business. The intro by Andrew MacAfee was very good. I'm going to follow him on twitter (@amacafee). They certainly ’advertised' other IBM software products: Cognos, Case Management and Rational. Next yea [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere xpages iphone server twitter

Lotusphere 2011: Tuesday
Tue, Feb 1st 2011 10:23p   Theo Heselmans
Day 2, Tuesday Woke up at 5h, so had 3 hours of sleep. Shower, dress, started writing these blogposts, and then off to the Swan, for my first Lotusphere #LS11 gig ever, a BOF re. LUGs, with Warren Elsmore. Initially scheduled for Wednesday, and moved to Tuesday on the printed schedule, but not on LS Online. No wonder we only had 7 people. But it sure was cozy ànd informative. Because we think some people will show up tomorrow, we decided to have a BOF repeat. Probably the first ever at LS. So [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere xpages dojo eclipse openntf

Lotusphere 2011: Monday
Tue, Feb 1st 2011 3:46p   Theo Heselmans
Day 1, Monday OGS at #LS11. Where to start? The opening music from the Mass Ensemble was just excellent. The huge harp was stellar. The surprise guest this year was Kevin Spacey. He was pretty engaging and better than last years' Kirk. Then the 'have-to-say-this-many-times-because-of-the-press-and-analysts' section, which lasted too long. For us Belgians, we had a bit of a 'Proud' moment, when Geert Tilborghs of KBC was on stage. The first ever OGSser from Belgium. Of course everyone was [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client quickr sametime xpages database email exchange exchange

Lotusphere 2011: Saturday & Sunday
Tue, Feb 1st 2011 3:23p   Theo Heselmans
I know I normally write a blogpost every day at Lotusphere #LS11. But I got 3 good reasons why I haven't written anything for these past couple of days: I'm getting older, so I need more sleep If I had less beer/wine, I would still be reasonably 'fit' at 1am If there weren't so many friends I like to talk too, I would get to my room sooner Anyway, let's start with day -1, Saturday Up early to catch my flight, arrived in the Dolphin around 21h. Registered, and got my badge and (rather s [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusphere development

Spotlight Award 2011: Listen to the Taking Notes podcast, and then enter the contest
Mon, Dec 20th 2010 4:01a   Theo Heselmans
Remember my delight at Lotusphere 2009, when winning the Teamstudio Spotlight Award. This year Teamstudio does it again, for the 4th time ! Bruce Elgort, Julian Robichaux from the Taking Notes Podcast invited me to their most recent podcast (episode 129). Teamstudio's Craig Schumann and Karen Frasca join in too. Have a listen, as the Taking Notes podcast is exactly the reason I joined the contest myself. If you've created an incredible Lotus Notes application, then show the world yo [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere notes application community podcast taking notes

ILUG 2010: it’s about content and community
Mon, Nov 15th 2010 3:02a   Theo Heselmans
I've returned from Belfast, (Norn Iron) UK, where the 3 day ILUG conference was held. It felt good seeing so many familiar faces again. As I arrived before the actual start of the conference, I helped out 'filling the bags'. The hotel of the venue, was located out of the city center, so I was happy that there was a great Indian restaurant next door. I just love Indian food. Of course the evening was not complete without some Guinness! Steve McDonagh added some of his home made brew to that : [read] Keywords: domino ibm ilug lotus lotusphere symphony xpages community xml

Lotusphere backpacks are packed
Sun, Nov 7th 2010 4:02a   Theo Heselmans
Alex, a former colleague of mine is helping out people in Gambia. Every year he collects stuff to ship to them by filling (part) of a container. He goes there (with his family) to distribute the goods themselves, so you know the goods are given directly to those who need it most. This year he asked for the usual stuff like cloths, baby-things, shoes, toys,..., but what caught my eye was that he also asked for backpack and football gear. So here you go: I got a whole bunch of Lotusphere (and [read] Keywords: ilug lotusphere

Italian Wine: Part 6
Sat, Oct 30th 2010 6:14a   Theo Heselmans
Our last virtual trip around Italy covered the south: Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, and 2 islands: Sardegnia and Sicilia. After his theoretical intro, Wim came up with 8 wines from these regions. Because he had a few extras, and some people brought along a bottle, we had around 16 wines to taste. Nobody complained :-) Both the Greco and the Fiano produced some decent and distinct whites. In red, we had some excellent wines made from Primitivo (Zinfandel is a clone), Negroamaro, Aglianico and N [read] Keywords:

BLUG: Another great meeting
Wed, Oct 27th 2010 11:14a   Theo Heselmans
Last Tuesday, October 26th, we had another BLUG meeting in Brussels. 2 topics were on the agenda: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for Domino, which will be released next week. A completely free BES server for Domino ! Dominic Groven from RIM gave us a nice overview (and comparison with the 'full' BES for Domino). Then it was Nathan T. Freeman's turn. He gave a short introduction about XPages, and was very soon digging away behind the scenes. Very technical stuff, but interesting backgr [read] Keywords: domino ibm ilug lotus lotusphere xpages bes blackberry enterprise openntf rim server

Italian Wine: Part 5
Sat, Oct 23rd 2010 4:14a   Theo Heselmans
Tuscany (Toscana) was the main (and only) topic of the evening. It's a big region (bigger than e.g. Bordeaux), with lots of appellations (DOCG, DOC and IGT). Many 'famous' Italian wines originate here. And I have to say, the wines we tasted lived up to its promise. Wim gathered a very nice selection indeed. Thanks Wim. One overall negative point is the price. Tuscany is not cheap (to visit, eat or drink). You pay for quality and you hopefully get quality ! If you've never been to Tuscany [read] Keywords:

In the Newspaper again !
Wed, Oct 20th 2010 12:14p   Theo Heselmans
2 weeks ago, my family in law surprised me by telling I was on the back cover of the local newspaper 'Nieuwsblad van Geel'. And indeed, I was, together with my classmates from the 6th Latin-Science class in 1977 in a college in Geel. Brought back great memories. The editors of the newspaper managed to get the names of everyone, and even got the education and current info for most. For me they said: 'He went into IT and is a wine-connoisseur'. If this is how I go into the history books, I c [read] Keywords:

Italian Wine: Part 4
Sat, Oct 16th 2010 7:44a   Theo Heselmans
What was expected to be the 'least' interesting part of Italy, ended up having a few surprises. Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, Lazio, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise where on the agenda. Toscana (Tuscany), even if it is part of middle-Italy too, will be covered next week, considering the importance (and fame) of this region. One red grape varietal stood out: Montepulciano. Don't get confused. A famous DOCG in Tuscany is called 'Vino Nobile de Montepulciano'. Montepulciano is at the same time a town [read] Keywords:

IdeaJam: Text Highlighter needs some small UI changes to be more intuitive
Wed, Oct 13th 2010 1:14p   Theo Heselmans
[read] Keywords: domino ideajam

IdeaJam: Change the cursors for the Permanent Pen and Highlighter so they’re easier to position
Wed, Oct 13th 2010 1:14p   Theo Heselmans
[read] Keywords: domino ideajam

Tannat: how to tame a sturdy grape
Wed, Oct 13th 2010 6:44a   Theo Heselmans
I know I'm blogging a lot about wine lately, and until the Italian wine course is finished (end of October), you'll have to bear with me. Today however, I'm not going to talk about Italian wines. Yesterday in my wine club, I did a presentation about Tannat. This is a red grape, that mainly is being used in the South-West of France, predominantly in Madiran, and also in Uruguay, where it constitutes 30% of the country's wine production. As the name suggests, it produces a very tannin-rich w [read] Keywords: blogging

Italian Wine: Part 3
Sat, Oct 9th 2010 4:44p   Theo Heselmans
Yesterday on the agenda: North-East Italy: Alto Adige - Trentino, Friuli and Veneto. Same story: many local grape varieties, lots of (often small) DOC(G)s. In the last 10 years so many DOCs have been 'upgraded' to DOCGs, it's becoming kind of ridiculous. What's the G (garantita) adding to the status, unless it's a more commercial touch, allowing the producers to raise their price. Most of the whites were a bit disappointing (I expected the Friulis to be crispy). We did have a great Ries [read] Keywords:

Italian Wine: Part 2
Sat, Oct 2nd 2010 3:14a   Theo Heselmans
The previous 'Italian Wine' lesson introduced Italy in general. This time we covered the North-West of Italy: Valle d'Aosta, Liguria, Lombardia and the famous Piemonte, where Nebbiolo is king. Again, we learned a lot during the theoretical part of the evening. I was really amazed about the number of DOCG and DOC for these regions, on top of the staggering amount of indigenous grape varietals. We tasted a pretty good Franciacorte, some basic whites, one bad Dolcetta (slightly corky smell), [read] Keywords:

Why I cancelled my iPhone 4 order
Wed, Sep 29th 2010 1:14p   Theo Heselmans
My iPhone 3G is about 2,5 years old now. I pre-ordered an iPhone 4 at the end of June (note that they became officially available in Belgium end of July). My Apple dealer needs to 'buy' them from the official carrier (Mobistar), and not from Apple. This means they only get about 5 (yes five) new phones in every week! Apple is really behind in supplying iPhones to Belgium. Every reseller I asked (be it Apple resellers or Mobistar shops) has a backlog of at least 200 units. I'm around nr. 190 o [read] Keywords: calendaring apple iphone ipod podcast

Italian Wine: Part 1
Fri, Sep 17th 2010 7:13p   Theo Heselmans
I don't blog enough (about wine). So let's do something about that. 12 years ago, in 1998, I started enjoying and learning more about wine. I'm still not a big fan of 'old world wines', but I have to admit I have tasted some excellent French and Italian wines. Wines from France are rather 'known' territory, but Italy remains somewhat blurred. My biggest problems with Italian wines are the enormous variety of indigenous grapes, the plethora of IGT/DOC/DOCGs and the complex labels. So I [read] Keywords:

BLUG: Topic confirmed: Xpages Extensions
Sat, Aug 21st 2010 6:43a   Theo Heselmans
Just last month, I asked for speakers for our BLUG meeting on October 26th. On Yellowday, Nathan T. Freeman announced some cool Extensions to Xpages he and his team are developing together with IBM. These will be freely available via OpenNTF.org (in the coming months). Nathan graciously accepted our invitation and is coming to Belgium, to demonstrate this stuff. He will also talk about @Transmogrifier, and Medusa (he doesn't know this yet). So, if you're a developer, and skipped Xpages b [read] Keywords: ibm lotus ntf xpages openntf

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