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If your blog content appears on PlanetLotus, LotusLearns.com is likely infringing on your copyright...
Thomas Admin Duff    

LotusLearns.com is a site set up by Kellie Smith as a "resource" for the Lotus community.  But, unlike PlanetLotus (which points to the sites that host the content), she is copying the entire content onto her site with only a small link back to the site it came from.  This is a blatant violation of copyright laws, in addition to being extremely inconsiderate of those in the community that create and post the content on their own site.

In communications with a member of the Lotus community, she states this is a "service" that she provides for countries that have bandwidth issues.  Somehow she believes that getting all this content from her site is less bandwidth-intensive than going directly to the original sites.  In my opinion, this doesn't hold much water.  A site like PlanetLotus allows someone to quickly see what content is available, and only click through to the content of interest.  Her method means they would be forced to load everything that she steals from other sites.  Even subscribing to RSS feeds is a better solution for these bandwidth-challenged sites than reading through everything on LotusLearns.

While sympathetic to the desire to aid other areas that do not have access to reliable communication infrastructure, that does not give her the right to ignore copyright law and repost content.

LotusLearns is a site hosted on Blogger.  If you'd like to notify Google of this infringement and ask for action, you may do so by using their Report Abuse link.

Apr 20, 2012
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