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quick tip: stripping HTML tags from string content in XPages
Tim Tripcony    

I was asked today how to remove HTML tags from a String in SSJS. My recommendation was to use the ACF API that is built in to XPages.

Editable input controls, such as inputText, inputTextarea, and inputRichText, support properties of htmlFilter and htmlFilterIn. These properties allow you to select a content filter option to automatically clean the submitted value. As far as I can tell, the only option that actually does anything useful is "striptags", which does exactly that: it just removes any HTML markup from the value, leaving the rest of the content intact.

Behind the scenes, this simply calls:


This makes it very easy to use the same approach to filtering String data even when it's not necessarily data being submitted via an input control. For example, in SSJS the syntax would be:

var filtered = 

Feb 23, 2012
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