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LotusLearns wants you to think my content is theirs
Tim Tripcony    

It was brought to my attention today that LotusLearns.com has been aggregating all sorts of Lotus-related content (including some of mine) without obvious attribution.

Check out Nathan's post for more information.

If information that I share is useful to others, then I'm always happy to see it reach a wider audience. But our community has a pretty good track record of giving credit where credit's due, and it concerns me that LotusLearns is representing so much content as their own. For sake of comparison, look at the PlanetLotus home page, then look at LotusLearns.com, and decide for yourself which site makes it easier to identify where each article originated.

Of particular concern is that the very first link on the Downloads page is a full PDF of Mastering XPages. Either Miss Smith isn't screening the content she's aggregating enough to realize she is linking to an illegal copy of that publication... or she simply doesn't care.

Apr 20, 2012
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