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What’s Up With ConnectED 2015 And What I’m Up To…
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 204
Lots of Good News This Morning
Thu, Oct 30th 2014 389
My Connections Migration Checklist
Wed, Oct 1st 2014 138
Speaking at ConnectED 2015, the mysterious “track 6″
Fri, Sep 26th 2014 106
Getting Around Documentation Errors With Connections Scripts
Thu, Sep 18th 2014 81
One Dumb And Two Smart Things – Calling That A Win
Wed, Sep 17th 2014 76
IBM ConnectED 2014 Call For Abstracts – What Do Those Tracks Mean?
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 107
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Lots of Good News This Morning
Thu, Oct 30th 2014 389
What’s Up With ConnectED 2015 And What I’m Up To…
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 204
BP304: What We Wish We Had Known: Becoming an IBM Connections Administrator
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 144
My Connections Migration Checklist
Wed, Oct 1st 2014 138
Sametime Availability for iOS 8
Mon, Sep 15th 2014 125
How To Resist Punching Windows 2012 In Its Smug Face
Fri, Jun 27th 2014 116
Adding External Users To Connections 5
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 116
IBM ConnectED 2014 Call For Abstracts – What Do Those Tracks Mean?
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 107
When bad wasadmins go missing
Sun, Jun 22nd 2014 106
Speaking at ConnectED 2015, the mysterious “track 6″
Fri, Sep 26th 2014 106

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What’s Up With ConnectED 2015 And What I’m Up To…
Wed, Dec 10th 2014 7:40a   Gabriella
So it’s nearly holiday time which means it’s nearly panic finishing sessions time for the great January Florida adventure.  This year the conference is very different, more technical, smaller, modelled on the idea of a user group.  There are plenty of things you know and love like the Best Practices track curated by Susan Bulloch and some new things like the new Beyond track which are technical sessions demonstrating very cool stuff you can do when integrating IBM products with oth [read] Keywords: admin collaboration connections ibm sametime applications email exchange exchange skype

Lots of Good News This Morning
Thu, Oct 30th 2014 6:03a   Gabriella
I woke up this morning to two pieces of great news.. firstly according to this blog , my session in the Best Practices track at ConnectED has been accepted.  This session is focussed around all the work I’ve been doing with IBM Connections, helping customers choose from all the features and optional extras that are available and how to deploy them.  So I’m hoping you like the idea and that I will see you in Orlando in January… Oh and my 2nd piece of good news , my IBM Certi [read] Keywords: connections ibm sametime

My Connections Migration Checklist
Wed, Oct 1st 2014 3:36p   Gabriella
I’ve been doing a lot of Connections upgrades and migrations in the past few months and since I prefer to do a side-by-side upgrade there are lots of steps along the way to make sure the data is moved and upgraded from the existing servers to the new servers.  The documentation on how to do this in the Knowledge Center is good but there’s a lot of jumping around all over the place between tasks and I have found it helpful for me to have a checklist to make sure I don’t miss a [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm application applications database db2 java oracle profile server sql xml

Speaking at ConnectED 2015, the mysterious “track 6″
Fri, Sep 26th 2014 8:03a   Gabriella
This year the new ConnectED conference introduces a brand new track under breakout sessions – Track 6 entitled “Beyond The Everyday”.  The track is being put together by Christian Holsing and myself and it’s something very different we think has been missing from previous IBM conferences.  Although it has replaced the Show and Tell track the two aren’t connected in any way and the “Beyond” sessions are regular (60 mins) session length.  Best of all , [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm sametime show and tell

Getting Around Documentation Errors With Connections Scripts
Thu, Sep 18th 2014 9:03a   Gabriella
I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while.  And by “a while” I mean since v4 of Connections.  IBM supply a series of scripts with the Connections install that are found in the install directory under the folder connnections.sql.  These scripts are used for a variety of things but most people will have to use them if migrating from an earlier version of Connections to a new one.  The scripts are under the database type folder for each application so the scripts for th [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm application database db2 sql

One Dumb And Two Smart Things – Calling That A Win
Wed, Sep 17th 2014 4:03a   Gabriella
Last night / yesterday afternoon I was building a Connections server (for an internal project) when I wiped out hours of work doing something dumb.  I had spent some time downloading all the software and fixes to the server which was Windows 2008 R2 (because I have plenty of licensing for that)  and then I installed DB2 and WAS and created the WAS profile.  Next step was to run dbwizard.bat to create the databases but that’s where weird stuff started happening.  The dumb bit had alread [read] Keywords: connections database db2 java profile server vm


IBM ConnectED 2014 Call For Abstracts – What Do Those Tracks Mean?
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 10:13a   Gabriella
So the call for abstracts are out for ConnectED 2015 this coming January.  For those of you who don’t know.. ConnectED is a very different beast that Lotusphere or even Connect prreviously. It’s intention is to be much more technical as well as smaller (encompassing the Swan only). Think of it more like a technical user group, more opportunity to learn and network. Smaller also means fewer session slots available so you need to submit if you want to speak as soon as you can.  Call [read] Keywords: administration collaboration connections domino ibm lotusphere application applications community development email mobile network social software unified communications

Adding External Users To Connections 5
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 9:13a   Gabriella
Last week I did a presentation at Icon UK on the new Connections 5 feature that allows you to add external users into your Connections environment.  To write the presentation I built my own environment multiple times using different techniques for adding external users and discovered some interesting stuff along the way.  Since the presentation doesn’t have my commentary on it i’ll try and summarise that here 1. On page 6 are a list of things an external user can do according to IB [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm xpages community security server

Sametime Availability for iOS 8
Mon, Sep 15th 2014 4:56p   Gabriella
According to a new announcement from IBM, when Apple release iOS 8 this Wednesday (the 17th) the Sametime chat and meetings apps will not be supported. IBM are working to update them in the App Store but if those apps are important to you, you should not upgrade to iOS 8 until they are updated. Tagged: Sametime, Techincal [read] Keywords: ibm sametime apple

WebSphere Things That Drive Me Insane – Pt..um.. 3
Thu, Sep 11th 2014 6:56a   Gabriella
I actually like WebSphere. Honestly I do.  But it really really does not like Domino and Domino is my first love (well 2nd love.. ccMail you’ll always be first in my heart).  I have always run into problems configuring Domino within WebSphere mostly due to the fact that Domino LDAP isn’t always hierarchical the way every other LDAP is.  Back in the original Sametime 8.5 days we couldn’t have users of ST who didn’t have hierarchical names and we used to have to fake a h [read] Keywords: connections domino sametime server websphere xml

Icon UK Presentation – External Users in Connections 5
Thu, Sep 11th 2014 6:56a   Gabriella
Today I am finishing my presentation for ICON UK on external users in Connections 5.  There’s a lot to cover and I’m trying to run neither over or under time and pull off the goldilocks of presentations covering… How external access works What can external users do (and not do) How your internal users interact with external users Configuring external user access Securing the perimeter Implications and things to think about… I’ll post the presentation here once I& [read] Keywords: connections ibm

IHS Errors or WHY Won’t Connections SSL Work
Tue, Sep 9th 2014 10:26a   Gabriella
It happens.  Usually when I’m building a test server on a single box and i’m building in a hurry.  I get everything configured and installed and take a brief stopover at IHS configuration on my way to completing security setup.   I create my keyfile using ikeyman, I import my trusted root certificates from whichever CA I plan to use and I generate a personal certificate.  I think it’s all working fine then I restart IHS and one of two things happen 1. IHS starts but only fo [read] Keywords: connections ibm application linux security server websphere xml

The IBM Champion – Dilemma
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 8:33a   Gabriella
It’s IBM Champion nomination time once more.  I’ve been extremely appreciative of being made a Champion in both 2013 and 2014 (since the program for Collaboration Services started) but each year it becomes a very stressful experience (not quite on a par with wondering if I’ll get to present in January but close). The process works by someone nominating you using this URL  on Greenhouse.  Existing Champions reset each year so having been one before is no guarantee you will b [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus community

Access Denied – Me vs OS and WebSphere Security
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 7:43a   Gabriella
Today I went to apply a patch to a customer’s Sametime Proxy server.  This is a server that’s been around for a few weeks.  I’ve logged into the SSC countless times in that time.  I launch Installation Manager (using “run as administrator”) and when it gets to the “sign on to SSC” part it fails saying it can’t connect.  I check the logs in /users/myname/appdata/local/temp/SSCLogs and find the error saying it can’t resolve :9443/console/de [read] Keywords: sametime application desktop password security server websphere xml

Connections 5 SPNEGO Confusion – Dogs & Cats Living Together!
Thu, Aug 28th 2014 9:23a   Gabriella
I have been working on a PMR for Connections 5 trying to configure SPNEGO , foolishly as it turns out using the IBM Connections 5 Knowledge Center.  I have just finished a 3hr screenshare with WebSphere security support who started the call asking why on earth I was configuring it the way I was.  When I showed them the documentation on the Knowledge Center for configuring SPNEGO I was asked “why are the Connections team saying to do that, that will never work”. Imagine my joy ha [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm ldd lotus security server websphere

Anyone Fancy An Indispensbile Tool For Connections Migrations?
Tue, Aug 19th 2014 4:00a   Gabriella
When working with Connections so much of the configuration is done in XML or properties files on the file system of the servers.  That means, no matter how organised I try and be, I often find multiple copies of files each with different date/time stamps or even with different names (LotusConnections-Config.PreNewNode for example) for me to identify.  This is especially true with the TDI syncing where I often end up creating multiple TDISol directories over the course of a deployment as custom [read] Keywords: admin connections mac properties server xml

Champion Gift Finding A Good Home
Mon, Aug 18th 2014 5:20a   Gabriella
Thanks to IBM my gifts for being an  IBM Champion have arrived.  This year we were given an amount to spend in the online store on various items like jackets and shirts and I chose to buy many of these hot and cold drinks containers which I can donate to charity.  As well as keeping a set myself :-)  They are very nicely made. Tagged: Misc [read] Keywords: ibm

Connections CCM Problems – Libraries not “quite” working
Fri, Aug 15th 2014 12:00p   Gabriella
My 2nd PMR this week was for Connections and Content Manager.  I had already installed FileNet in the test environment for this customer and the only difference between test and production was really the number of servers with CCM having its own dedicated VM.  The install completed and I tested uploading files, editing files, clicking “like” etc and it all seemed OK so I handed it over to the customer. Turns out there was a problem.  No library , once created, could be edited.  N [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm applications interface network security vm

Sametime Audio and Video Problems
Fri, Aug 15th 2014 11:33a   Gabriella
This week’s Sametime PMR was a problem with Audio / Video on a newly deployed infrastructure.  This is a long blog but hopefully you’ll find it all useful. The installs all went fine and the peer to peer calling worked, which meant the clients were able to register with the proxy registrar.  However multi user or meeting video was failing. The first thing you need to know about ST Audio / Video is that there are several moving parts – in this instance all servers are instal [read] Keywords: admin ibm sametime applications exchange exchange linux password server websphere

The IBM Support Overnight Mystery
Fri, Aug 15th 2014 4:00a   Gabriella
Several days this week I have worked on a different PMR (two ST bugs one CCM more on later) with people from IBM support who have been helpful, informed and as curious about the problem as I was (or faking it really really well) . We’ve had screen shares, investigated the problem and left it at the end of day the as “escalate to L3 development”. Then each morning I wake up to an overnight email from someone new saying they are in charge of the PMR but who has seemingly never s [read] Keywords: connections ibm sametime development email

Connections 5 Worksheet – In Case It’s Useful
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 7:50a   Gabriella
The IBM wiki and now Knowledge Centre publish a worksheet you can use when installing Connections to help document your work.  I have used  this,  or a version of this,  when I’m doing installs but unfortunately although the wiki (4.5) version can be copied / pasted straight into Excel and retain its table format, the Knowledge Centre Connections 5 one here  doesn’t format properly when I take it into a spreadsheet.  Rather than spend time trying to work out how to fix it I c [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm wiki

Hello IBM Support – How Can I Confuse You?
Fri, Aug 8th 2014 7:50a   Gabriella
It’s been a busy week of opening PMRs across various products and customers.  The IBM PMR system has nuggets of hilarity in it if you just decide to go with the flow….This morning I needed to open a PMR for a customer in the US.  My problem is that under my IBM registration I am listed as the admin or authority for several different customer numbers* but can only open a PMR for two of them.  No idea why just those two.  I also have , several times, opened a call and only had R [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm

Sametime Trusted IPs – A Problem That Won’t Go Away
Wed, Jul 30th 2014 3:50p   Gabriella
Every since Sametime 8.5.2 was released I have seen a continual problem with Sametime trusted ips that  is still there in Sametime 9.0.1.  The issue is that the trusted ips list (which tells the Community Server which server ips to accept connections from) is now entered into the Sametime System Console in WebSphere and not directly into the CommunityConnectivity document in stconfig.nsf.  This means that since 8.5.2  the trusted ips in the Community Server configuration in WebSphere are t [read] Keywords: connections domino sametime community server websphere

Choose Your Installation Manager Carefully….
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 9:10a   Gabriella
In both Sametime and Connections builds I have come across customers installing different versions of Installation Manager than that recommended or supplied with the product. The ST and Connections apps are both 32bit so although they will install under a 64bit version of Installation Manager, you will get a warning about it being 64bit.  Don’t ignore that. There’s no advantage to you choosing 64bit Installation Manager over 32bit on a 64bit platform and worse, since it manages all [read] Keywords: connections sametime

Hidden Pre-Reqs for Sametime VMCU – Surprise!
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 9:00a   Gabriella
Building out another Sametime environment this week and I hit a roadblock. Fortunately because I’m a control freak I always read along with the documentation when I do an install, no matter how many times I’ve done it before.  I do this because it’s always possible IBM have updated their documentation since I last saw it…..and so I found,  buried in the documentation here, on the install page of the VMCU.. under Deploying - Deploying Common Component - Deploying Audio a [read] Keywords: ibm sametime linux

How To Resist Punching Windows 2012 In Its Smug Face
Fri, Jun 27th 2014 4:00a   Gabriella
Windows 2012 surely comes from the deranged mind of a resentful Microsoft employee who then got the usability team drunk before releasing it to market. Much of the horror of 2012 was fixed in R2 so why don’t I just use that? Well sadly Sametime 9 does not officially support R2 as a platform only 2012. I’ve done plenty of ST installs since Sametime 9 shipped last Sept but funnily enough all of them on Linux or Windows 2008 R2. So what’s the problem? Let’s go through each o [read] Keywords: ibm sametime db2 desktop linux mac microsoft security server vm

When bad wasadmins go missing
Sun, Jun 22nd 2014 4:00p   Gabriella
Working yesterday on deploying a new application in a test Connections environment I was logged into the ISC using wasadmin for hours. Eventually I finish my work and restart everything to test.  I go to login to the deployment manager and no account will work, not wasadmin nor any of the LDAP administrative accounts set up.  So what do I do?  Well first I need to work out what’s going wrong and I check SystemOut.log when trying to login and see this error as a root cause CWWIM2009E Th [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm application java password profile security server websphere xml

Wrestling for Space
Sat, Jun 21st 2014 10:50a   Gabriella
I like to build VMs for any customer projects I’m working on so the OS and environment will match theirs.  That means I have between 8 – 10 VMs on my machine at any one time and with 500GB of disk I have to be careful of space.  My usual size for a Windows 7 or Windows 8 VM is 30 – 40GB since they usually contain only the OS and some administrative tools like Putty, Winscp, Domino Administrator, Jexplorer, Softerra’s LDAP browser etc.  Windows itself eats up more and m [read] Keywords: domino apple vm

Bye Bye Wikis – Hello Knowledge Center and Welcome Back PDFs
Wed, Jun 18th 2014 5:30a   Gabriella
Just in time for the release of Connections 5 (on June 26th people – mark your diaries),  the IBM documentation team are slow launching the new Knowledge Center  that is replacing many of the existing Wikis and all of them going forwards with IBM generated content. (clap)(clap)(dance)(clap)(finger click)(more dance) The Knowledge Center currently links back to the Wikis for some products (such as Connections 4.5) and has generated content for others (such as Sametime yay!).  Eventual [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm sametime wiki

The Curse Of The Maltese Falcon
Tue, May 27th 2014 4:01a   Gabriella
All Tim wants for his birthday is a copy of the Maltese Falcon on ebook. Without DRM.  For a book published in 1929 and famous worldwide you’d think that was possible.  Every summer he re-reads all the Raymond Chandler books and most of Dashiell Hammett (who wrote Falcon) and since we’re travelling most of this summer he wanted an ebook copy. This isn’t the first book this has happened with – getting non DRM copies of ebooks or even copies of books in digital form isn&# [read] Keywords: apple wireless

Norway & ISBG
Mon, May 26th 2014 2:20p   Gabriella
Last week I was in Norway at the ISBG conference in Larvik.  You would know this if I hadn’t messed up publishing my blog entry talking about how much I was looking forward to going and what I was presenting on but I tried to set it to publish “in the future” and got the year wrong – so yeah.. I”m back! At the bottom of this blog you’ll find links to my three presentations. Two of them are updates from ones I gave at Connect and the third is entirely new on h [read] Keywords:

Off to Norway for ISBG 2014
Thu, May 15th 2014 7:13a   Gabriella
Next week I visit Norway for the ISBG Conference in Larvik.  Last year was my first visit to both ISBG and Norway and I am very pleased to be invited back to enjoy both once more.  Hopefully this time it won’t pour with rain and we’ve managed to create time to explore Oslo after the conference finishes.  This year I am doing three sessions and of course joining in for the latest CSI - the CSI is a team / social /networking event where we have quizzes, puzzles and challenges to so [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes mobile networking

My Shameful Secret (well one of them)
Wed, May 14th 2014 5:00a   Gabriella
It’s sad but true, I have reached well into my 5th decade (no! surely not.. you’re right, I don’t look it) and have never owned a bike or even learnt to ride one.  For the past 4 years I’ve owned a recumbent exercise bike and cycle on that 6 – 10 miles a day but I’ve always wanted to ride a bike.  Partly because we live less than 1/4 mile from one of the most beautiful parks in London – Bushy Park and partly because when I met Tim he was an avid cycler [read] Keywords: facebook

How I Wrangled Control Back From My Browser
Mon, May 12th 2014 4:50a   Gabriella
I’ll admit it, I’m a privacy freak.  I limit what information I share publicly, I never give my actual date of birth, mother’s name, or correct answer to any question.  I have dummy mail accounts set up for when sites want me to register and I VPN if I’m anywhere but at home.  I think it’s important to be aware of what’s happening when you’re working in a browser, what happens when you leave tabs open and the degree to which you can and are tracked. [read] Keywords: ibm notes exchange exchange facebook google password security

Connections .. um Next?
Thu, May 8th 2014 4:20p   Gabriella
Next week on May 21st sees the launch of IBM Connections Next, coming 14 months after Connections 4.5.  Initially it will be in IBM’s cloud only but by the end of June we will have software to install on site.  That timeline matches IBM’s promise of end of Q2.  This is a major release so everyone is under NDA until May 21st. If you’re a Connections customer and you don’t have a test environment in place then you are going to want one to validate your customisation [read] Keywords: connections ibm sametime applications websphere

One Of Those Faces….
Mon, May 5th 2014 2:30p   Gabriella
Walking on Brighton seafront this weekend we came across the “Tight Modern” a tiny replica of the Tate Modern containing artworks by 60 disabled artists.  Well worth a look but that’s not important right now…What is important is that as I came out , one of the guides stopped me and said: “I know you don’t I?” Well no, no she didn’t but I come across this all the time.  It’s weird that people think they know me.. Not just “I might kno [read] Keywords:

Solving My Macbook Battery Problem
Thu, May 1st 2014 12:10a   Gabriella
In the past few months I’ve been frustrated by my Macbook Air, which is less than a year old, constantly draining the battery when I leave it unplugged and on sleep.  I often have work to do in the middle of the night or early morning so I’ll bring the fully charged laptop to bed, put it on sleep and set the alarm for 4am – then when I wake up and go to do work I discover the battery is almost completely drained. I found a thread on the apple support forums from late last year [read] Keywords: apple laptop macbook wifi

Connections DB Schemas
Mon, Apr 14th 2014 9:30a   Gabriella
A fantastic visual representation of the key relationships in Connection database schemas by Mark Myers.  None of this is documented by IBM publicly so this is entirely Mark’s effort to take apart and document.  Some of us have tried it in pieces but this is by far the most comprehensive and useful attempt to document the underlying architecture I’ve seen. Another one for the bookmarks… http://www.stickfight.co.uk/blog/Connections-Db-Schema-Tip2-Finding-the-UserID Tagged: de [read] Keywords: connections ibm database development

Adventures With CCM and Libraries
Thu, Apr 10th 2014 7:30a   Gabriella
Recently I’ve run into all sorts of problems deploying CCM for a customer who is running multiple servers.  In this case two of the biggest problems were down to the Filenet application server being different from the Connections application server so I’ll write them up here in case anyone else runs into the same thing. Problem No.1 CreateObjectStore batch file fails with “CC0050E CONTENT_FCA_ROOT_DOES_NOT_EXIST the root folder does not exist d:ibmconnectionsdatasharedccmR [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm application bug email mobile password server websphere

Keeping On Top Of Sametime Fixes
Thu, Apr 10th 2014 6:10a   Gabriella
Thanks to Jeffrey Miller @ IBM for posting a blog page with links to all the latest fixes for the Sametime components.  He has offered to keep this up to date and I strongly suggest you bookmark the page (I did) to save trying to navigate through the hundreds of individual items on fix list and work out what supersedes what. http://www.mymiller.name/wordpress/sametime/sametime-9-0-latest-published-versions/ Tagged: Sametime [read] Keywords: ibm sametime

Problems Deploying Sametime Policies – The Missing Link
Wed, Apr 2nd 2014 5:10a   Gabriella
I’ve recently run into a problem deploying Sametime Community Server 9.0.1 at two new sites and on an existing 8.5.2 IFR1 site which I’m not 100% convinced is the same issue but as part of my troubleshooting I discovered a missing piece of  policy behaviour that I”m finding extremely useful. Prior to Sametime 9, policies were deployed on the Community Server and used the database stpolicy.nsf.  That database no longer exists in v9 and later.  In Sametime 8.5.2, if you didn&# [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm policies rich text sametime community database db2 password properties server xml

Get a load of these speakers…
Mon, Mar 10th 2014 4:30a   Gabriella
I’m really excited by the breadth of world class speakers and moderators joining us at CSCEvent.   Take a look below and visit our agenda.  It’s only 2 weeks away and not only do you have us, LDC and these speakers but it’s being held at one of the most fun locations in London, The Soho Hotel (look at those seats!).  There are still a few places left so please join us and register here Tom Ball (Neardesk) Steven Chapman (Trailfinders) Alan Bell (Libertus Solutions) Samu [read] Keywords: collaboration community

Video From Spark Ideas @ Connect 2014?
Thu, Feb 13th 2014 9:23a   Gabriella
If you missed Spark Ideas and our great speakers or just want to see them again, the videos of each talk are now uploaded to our Vimeo channel. Thanks to Chris Miller and Spiked Studios for recording producing and uploading! Spark Ideas Videos Get your motor running – Head out on the highway – Looking for adventure – And whatever comes our way (Debora Cole) Fighting For Rural Internet (Bill Buchan) Living without walls: How some goats, an orphan and a very long cup of tea changed my life [read] Keywords: community

Something Different This Way Comes..
Tue, Feb 11th 2014 4:10p   Gabriella
If you’re in the UK (or visiting) and have any kind of interest or background in Collaborative technologies, we, together with our friends at LDC, are putting together a new networking event in London on March 21st.  The agenda can be found on our website http://cscevent.com/agenda and you’ll see we are trying something different (and no-one, least of all us, will be selling to you.) “This is a technologically agnostic networking event for those who work in or are interested [read] Keywords: networking security

SHOW401: Taking IBM Sametime Mobile
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 9:20a   Gabriella
This is my Show and Tell presentation with Paul Mooney.  We start with a single Domino server and take you step by step through installing Sametime 9.0.1 System Console, Community Server, Proxy Server and configuring SSL and mobile access. Tagged: IBM Connect, Sametime [read] Keywords: domino ibm sametime show and tell community mobile server

BP304: What We Wish We Had Known: Becoming an IBM Connections Administrator
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 9:20a   Gabriella
This is my presentation with Paul Mooney on Connections administration.  In it we attempted to cover all the key things about Connections administration we think you need to get started.  I realise it’s a very heavily graphics based presentation and I will be uploading some speaker notes to go with it next week hopefully. Tagged: Connections, IBM Connect [read] Keywords: administration connections ibm notes

BP104: Simplifying The S’s: Single Sign-On, SPNEGO and SAML
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 9:20a   Gabriella
This is my presentation with  Chris Miller on Single Sign On technologies.  We struggled with how to convey such complex ideas and varying technical implementations in such a short time and opted to step away from much of the low level technical detail and talk about the concepts and use cases instead. Tagged: IBM Connect, SSO [read] Keywords: ibm

IBM Connect Wrap Up
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 9:10a   Gabriella
Hello again.. well i’m still in the US but now fully recovered from Connect and the nasty bug that took me out and apparently used me as a carrier to take out 40% of the community.  Last year I spent most of Connect down with flu so this year I thought ahead, got a flu jab and lasted until Weds night, right after the geek challenge before being wiped out by a stomach bug.  Curse you random travel bugs preying on my lack of sleep and reduced immunity!!! So how was my Connect?  Truthfully [read] Keywords: calendaring domino ibm lotusphere notes roaming application bug community development facebook interface server

Announcing A New Kind Of Event For The UK
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 9:50a   Gabriella
I’m very happy to announce that, together with our friends at LDC we are putting together a technical networking event in London this March. This is something new and different and we hope people will come to exchange ideas across a broad range of topics, share what they are working on and learn from others. Collaboration Stack Community Event Do you work with collaboration platforms? Meet your peers at an informal, technical get-together. Whilst making valuable new contacts, you can sha [read] Keywords: collaboration best practice community development exchange exchange networking security

One Of Our Sparks Is Missing…
Mon, Jan 13th 2014 8:40a   Gabriella
Stupidly amongst all my cutting / pasting last week to get the Sparks in place on the Nerd Girls blog I completely lost one of them.  Apologies to Stuart McIntyre who spotted he’d been lost in the shuffle, I think you’ll agree his is one not to be missed.  I’ve updated the Nerd Girl Blog as well Is love enough? The passion to help children find a home for good (Stuart McIntyre) Parents to two boys and two girls (currently 9-16 years old), home educators and business owners, s [read] Keywords: ibm

Sparks Ideas Is Back – Don’t Miss It
Fri, Jan 10th 2014 10:30a   Gabriella
Over on the Nerd Girls Blog we have posted the speakers and topics for our Spark Ideas session at IBM Connect 2014 on Tuesday at 11.15 am in Swan Mockingbird 1&2.  Susan Bulloch and I will be watching the clock and keeping things moving.. There are more great speakers and topics this year , see them all here and we will all see you in Orlando Nerd Girl Blog Spark Ideas Full Details  [read] Keywords: ibm

My Search For The Perfect Doorbell Is Over (Yes Seriously)
Thu, Jan 9th 2014 5:40a   Gabriella
Last March the build of our home office was completed.  It sits at the end of our , not very long garden and is s our primary place to work now.  We love it. About 20m from the back of the house The only downside to the office is that it’s the full length of the house and the length of the garden away from the doorbell.  We order plenty of things for home delivery and our poor neighbours were having to take things in because we never heard the bell ring.  So we tried a few things 1. Bu [read] Keywords: mobile office wireless

Connect 2014 Sessions, Plans For The Month & Thank Yous
Wed, Jan 8th 2014 10:50a   Gabriella
Let’s start with the thank you’s – I was delighted to be named an IBM Champion again for 2014 and for that I have to thank the (anonymous) people who nominated me.  I find the whole nomination / tell us why you’re good process very difficult to work with as I think I lot of English people do.  Being self effacing is more our style but this year I made a promise to myself that if I were nominated I would take a deep breath and fill in as much information as I could on wh [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm sametime show and tell mobile password server

Dukes of Hazzard Analogy
Tue, Dec 10th 2013 5:10a   Tim
I was talking about development and customers today, and remembered an email I once sent to a customer a long time ago. The customer was complaining that the system that we had developed and that he had been using for a few years did not do a certain thing. We should add it for free because it should have been included from the beginning as it was an obvious requirement. I used this analogy in my reply: Imagine you are the Dukes of Hazzard. You have been getting in and out of your car by the win [read] Keywords: development email

The Worst Product Apple Have Ever Released
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 5:20p   Gabriella
It hurts me to say this and goodness knows I’m not a fan of the “if Steve Jobs” were alive mantra but Apple have finally managed to release a product so bad, so beta, so limited and so shonky that I had to spend time working out how to remove it and that takes me back to my windows days. So what is it? Well most of you won’t even notice but in Mavericks Apple kindly introduced iBooks for OSX.  I read a lot on my iPad on my iPhone and  - you know – actual books.   [read] Keywords: apple community iphone mac

Rethinking the iPad Air
Sat, Nov 2nd 2013 10:30a   Gabriella
Yesterday I switched my iPad for an iPad Air. I had an iPad and I have an iPad mini which I thought would replace my regular iPad but it’s now barely used. The iPad has two SIM cards, one for O2 in the UK (which also works in Europe at no charge which I suspect O2 don’t know) and one for AT&T in the US. Despite its size and weight (and how difficult it is to fit in a handbag) I find it more enjoyable to read books on and it’s really reliable for data connections. The iPad m [read] Keywords: connections apple iphone

A word of warning about Sametime 9 Community Server
Mon, Oct 28th 2013 9:10a   Gabriella
Someone on our Sametime exam team questioned this this morning and I realised it definitely needs to be publicly called out. The Sametime 9 Community Server no longer has any stpolicy.nsf database or a policies view under the old school web based admin. If you upgrade to Sametime 9 you must install the system console (and db2) to be able to manage and maintain policies going forward. Something for your planning… Tagged: Sametime [read] Keywords: admin policies sametime community database db2 server

Sametime Pt 3: Installing Communicate
Mon, Oct 21st 2013 5:40a   Gabriella
As I said when Sametime 9 shipped, I wanted to spend a few weeks working with it and trying to install it and migrate my existing sites before I blogged.  I’m coming near the end of that now and so wanted to share a few things.  This first blog is about Sametime Communicate which includes Domino , Sametime Community Server, DB2, LDAP, Sametime System Console and Sametime Proxy.  It also includes installing the Sametime Advanced server for Persistent Chat and Broadcast Tools but I want t [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus sametime apple community database db2 google interface mobile networking security server vm websphere

Keeping It Clean
Thu, Oct 17th 2013 7:50a   Gabriella
Two recommendations for accessories for my Macbook Air extremely useful for both what they are meant to do and also as something completely different.  The first was a simple privacy screen to keep things private when I’m sat in meetings making notes I don’t want seen travelling.  The second is a keyboard cover to protect the keys from my aggressive typing (I wore the M and N keys away in 6 months on my last laptop). The unexpected bonus of the privacy screen is that, because  I b [read] Keywords: notes protector laptop macbook

MOBUG 2014 – The Mobile User Group
Thu, Oct 10th 2013 12:40p   Gabriella
Some of you may have already heard of MOBUG from some activity this year but for those that haven’t, MOBUG is a new idea for a user group and community around all things Mobile.   Designed to be entirely independent of software, hardware and service provider  it hopes to bring together anyone involved in mobile strategy at strategic or technical levels to share knowledge and discuss ideas. For this format there needs to be a different approach so alongside regular expert presentations th [read] Keywords: community mobile

Great Geek Challenge is coming to Connect 2014
Mon, Sep 30th 2013 12:30a   Mike Smith
The Great Geek Challenge is back at Connect 2014 - for more info see our new blog here ... [read] Keywords:

Great Geek Challenge – Connect 2014
Sun, Sep 29th 2013 12:47p   Gabriella
If you’ve been to IBM Connect (formerly known as  LotusSphere) in the past 3 years you may have heard of the Great Geek Challenge organised by the Nerd Girls.  On Tuesday night of the conference we take over the Fountain restaurant at the Dolphin hotel (the one that sells Ice Cream) and have a fun, loud, stupid, competitive, quiz evening.  Carl Tyler and Paul Mooney have been hosting the past few years and although we are limited by the capacity of the restaurant and the number of event [read] Keywords: ibm

My Webcast with Chris Miller on Sametime 9 Tomorrow
Wed, Sep 25th 2013 11:10a   Gabriella Davis
See here for my latest blog talking about the webcast tomorrow on Sametime 9 Sorry again for the PL post - it's the only way I can link until addresses are updated. ... [read] Keywords: sametime

My Webcast With Chris Miller on Sametime 9
Wed, Sep 25th 2013 10:59a   Gabriella
Just finished a great couple of days with the Salvation Army team here in Orlando talking about all things ICS and CCM (I do loves me some acronyms.. that’s IBM’s Collaboration products like Connections, Sametime, Notes etc plus Connections Content Manager and the Filenet engine).  I don’t often get the opportunity to talk to an international group all working together on a single strategic direction so both the content and the audience (if not the location were new and fun. [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm notes sametime

Some Punny Title With The Word Abstract In It
Tue, Sep 24th 2013 12:30a   Gabriella Davis
Sorry - redirection to our new blog since PL still has the old address. Today I'm talking about the IBM Connect Call For Abstracts and changes in the Show and Tell track. Click here to read. Thanks! ... [read] Keywords: ibm show and tell

Some Punny Title With The Word “Abstract” In It..
Tue, Sep 24th 2013 12:16a   Gabriella
IBM Call for Abstracts is open as I’m sure you’ve heard from 100 other sources but I wanted to talk a bit about some of the tracks and especially the Show and Tell track that Paul and I have been working on with the track manager Christian Holsing at IBM since its inception.  You’ll notice if you go look (oh go on, here’s a URL if you can’t wait) that the Lotusphere Technical Program at IBM Connect remains a big  component of the overall Kenexa World / IBM Connect [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotusphere show and tell application community development

Sametime 9 Launch Day
Fri, Sep 20th 2013 4:00a   Mike Smith
Gabriella has just blogged about today being launch day for Sametime 9 and her plans - you can see it over on our new blog http://turtleblog.info ... [read] Keywords: sametime

IBM Wiki Outage…
Fri, Sep 20th 2013 3:24a   Gabriella
IBM Wiki Outages Coming up “Planned outage Friday October 4 to Monday October 7, 2013 This wiki, along with all other wikis, forums and other applications hosted on www-10.lotus.com, www-12.lotus.com, and infolib.lotus.com are expected to be unavailable from 5:00 PM EDT (9:00 PM GMT) Friday, October 4th 2013 to 9:00 AM EDT (1:00 PM GMT) Monday, October 7th, 2013 due to maintenance work at our facility” [read] Keywords: ibm lotus applications wiki

Sametime Launch – Backing Out Of The Race
Fri, Sep 20th 2013 2:47a   Gabriella
Today is the launch day for Sametime 9 which means the gold code should be available to download and install.  Usually on gold release day I see a rush on blogs and twitter to download the software get it installed and start talking about it which always makes me feel under pressure.  Added to that is that i’m currently at the airport heading to Florida to do some presentations on Connections Content Management, Quickr migration and Filenet so the chances of me getting a) time and b) dec [read] Keywords: connections quickr sametime db2 redhat twitter vm

Fun With Domino LDAP
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 9:50a   Gabriella Davis
Sorry for the redirection, just whilst PL is updated. Here's where you get to laugh at the time I wasted troubleshooting something I'm fairly sure everyone else knows ... [read] Keywords: domino

Domino LDAP Insufficient Access
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 9:48a   Gabriella
Here’s where you all get to laugh and point at me for not knowing this sooner.  I was setting up Domino for LDAP access on a server with multiple directories in DA.  Everything was working fine until I wanted to write values from another source into the Domino LDAP.  Insufficient access.  OK so let’s check Account being use to authenticate has Editor access to the ACL in all directories in Directory Assistance Global Configuration document in Domino is set to allow LDAP write ac [read] Keywords: acl domino ntf interface server

Adventures In TDI – Connections and Updating Profiles
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 4:00a   Gabriella Davis
A new entry on our (new) blog on using TDI and creating your own Assemblylines. See it here. Sorry for the crosslink but PL still points to this location for our blog. ... [read] Keywords: connections

Adventures in TDI – Connections and Updating Profiles
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 5:00p   Gabriella
Recently (well the past couple of months) I have been working on building custom Assemblylines to sync Connections data held in DB2 to LDAP data held in Domino.  I really struggled with finding good documentation for doing this and that’s because the best documentation was written for 3.0.1 and hasn’t been updated since.  Thanks to help from some people at IBM (who I’d name publicly here but I’m not sure they want emails from everyone) I managed to get hold of some draf [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus db2 linux profile properties sql tivoli xml

A Refreshing Dose of Meh..
Sat, Sep 14th 2013 10:01a   Gabriella
At Malpensa (Milan) airport and heading home for a few days I really notice the Italian difference. You see although I travel a lot, about 70% is to the US and the rest to Europe but much of that’s driving. I haven’t been to Italy in 3 years since I visited Rome but I remember travelling with only hand baggage and being frustrated I couldn’t buy some perfume in Capri because I’d have to check a bag to get it home. However when we flew back from Rome no-one cared about liq [read] Keywords: security

Thu, Sep 12th 2013 1:00p   Gabriella Davis
We are transitioning our blog to a new site and whilst PlanetLotus updates I am cross posting a link here . Today's blog is more on Sametime 9 Please read it here http://turtleblog.info ... [read] Keywords: sametime planetlotus

Thu, Sep 12th 2013 12:55p   Gabriella
THIS IS THE BLOG I MEANT TO WRITE – CALL IT A DO-OVER Still staying within NDA here until Sametime 9 ships, so please bear in mind there are things I can’t talk about in detail until then. I’m not leaving gaps purposefully but did want to post what is public to help people prepare. So let’s get started on what you need to know if you’re an existing Sametime customer. As I said yesterday the Community Server, which is still based on Domino, runs on Domino 9 and isn&# [read] Keywords: domino ibm sametime community development email linux server websphere

Icon UK Presentations
Wed, Sep 11th 2013 12:21p   Gabriella
Doesn’t time fly? Icon UK is already nearly two weeks’ behind us but here, finally , are my presentation slides.  I did two presentations this year both with great presenters.   My first one was with Mark Myers (who, despite having a genius brain, has not grasped that I understand very little of what he says regarding development).  Our presentation was on how Administrators and Developers have to work together when doing Connections customisations and developments and was based [read] Keywords: connections development

We have revamped our blog - and its in a new place with a new article ’Sametime 9 - Part 1: The Basics’
Wed, Sep 11th 2013 7:40a   Mike Smith
After quite a long while we have revamped our blog again, and and as part of that you'll find its in a new place. To see our new blog please go to: http://turtleblog.info Gabriella has already po ... [read] Keywords: sametime

Connections101.Net Updated and Live
Tue, Feb 19th 2013 2:00p   Gabriella Davis
Paul and I are pleased to announce a week's worth of re-writing connections101.net. Now, you have (hopefully) in an educational format the steps required to deploy a pilot installation of Connections ... [read] Keywords: connections

The Conference That Never Happened And My Slides From It
Tue, Feb 12th 2013 5:00a   Gabriella Davis
Apparently a conference happened two weeks' ago. I heard good things however if you saw me any time after Monday night it would be good to know what I was doing and where I was because, like many oth ... [read] Keywords: ibm

The Conference That Never Happened and My Slides From It
Tue, Feb 12th 2013 4:40a   Gabriella Davis
Apparently a conference happened two weeks' ago. I heard good things however if you saw me any time after Monday night it would be good to know what I was doing and where I was because, like many oth ... [read] Keywords: ibm

ST Connections and Domino LDAP Not Playing Well Together
Mon, Jan 21st 2013 6:30p   Gabriella Davis
An interesting problem I wanted to write up here. A customer is using Domino LDAP serving both Sametime and Connections (currently 3.0.1). For Sametime I always configure the LDAP settings in the Gl ... [read] Keywords: connections domino sametime

3 weeks and counting... speaking, learning, being, doing, hanging
Thu, Jan 3rd 2013 5:50a   Gabriella Davis
Well here it is, 2013 and Connect 2013 is fast approaching. As always I'm nervous/panicked/trepiditious/excited to be going and hope to see many of you there. Here's what I'm planning Speaking I hav ... [read] Keywords:

Connect 2013 - New Tracks And Things You May Not Know
Wed, Oct 17th 2012 6:00a   Gabriella Davis
So everyone knows by now that the Call For Abstracts for Connect 2013 is open and ready for your abstract submissions. The timeline for submissions is short, they have to be in by November 1st but tw ... [read] Keywords:

Heathrow Lost Property - Incredible Service
Tue, Oct 16th 2012 5:30a   Gabriella Davis
Flying out to Switzerland with my parents in September, my stepfather left his iPad at Heathrow T5 security. We didn't notice until boarding the plane and despite many phone calls around the airport, ... [read] Keywords: security

Time to take a bow, I have officially broken the ibookstore app
Mon, Oct 15th 2012 10:30a   Gabriella Davis
It finally happened. I bought more books than the ibookstore app can handle. It's not the library itself, all my books sync fine and appear in their collections. The problem is the "Purchased" page ... [read] Keywords: apple

Connect Abstracts - Start Your Engines Everyone
Tue, Oct 9th 2012 12:10p   Gabriella Davis
At the IBM Leadership Alliance conference in Boston last week Paul and I had many conversations with people from IBM about Connect 2013 and the Lotusphere track within it. I know lots of people (incl ... [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

Connections 4, Two Upgrades and a New Install - That Went Well’ish
Mon, Sep 17th 2012 6:43p   Gabriella Davis
Well that was quick. Lots of demand over here for Connections 4 which have resulted in upgrades of 2 pilot environments and the install of a new server entirely for test. No big upgrades yet, we're ... [read] Keywords: connections server

OK If I’m going to boo.. it’s only fair I also cheer
Mon, Sep 10th 2012 6:20p   Gabriella Davis
Very nice new site from IBM on the Connections 4 Experience. Great design, clear and clean content and some nice relatable quotes. Send anyhone who's curious about Connections here to find out more ... [read] Keywords: connections ibm

How To Make Installing Connections 4 Impossible or IBM What Were You Thinking?
Mon, Sep 10th 2012 1:24p   Gabriella Davis
Tonight I decided to upgrade one of our servers to Connections 4. I was involved in the beta but this server is still so I start at the beginning, with the system requirements. What I want to ... [read] Keywords: connections ibm server

Debug Days. Sametime Failing To Login
Thu, Jul 5th 2012 6:23a   Gabriella Davis
Here was an old problem that came back from nowhere. I built two new ST 8.5.2 IFR1 servers for a customer. With a Sametime Proxy Server and a separate Multiplexor. I set up an LTPA Token and SSO. ... [read] Keywords: sametime server

Communities and How Things Have Changed
Mon, Jul 2nd 2012 7:53a   Gabriella Davis
I've been thinking a lot lately about my changing world and Tom's recent blog post on user groups has encouraged me to put my thoughts into words. When I started working with ccMail I had no concept ... [read] Keywords:

Traveler HA Webcast This Afternoon with Paul Mooney, Chris Miller and Me
Thu, Jun 21st 2012 7:43a   Gabriella Davis
This afternoon I am taking part in a webcast on the upcoming Traveler High Availability features with Paul Mooney and Chris Miller. You can register for it here . There's lots we're going to talk ab ... [read] Keywords: traveler

Head Down Working - Connections, Sametime and Lots of System Design
Thu, Jun 14th 2012 8:23a   Gabriella Davis
I realised recently that my blog has been quiet for a few weeks and so have I. I was travelling pretty much non stop from mid March to end of May and nearly all of it was for work. I'm working on so ... [read] Keywords: connections sametime

Problem Solving The 1-2-3 Punch. LDAP, WAS and SSO
Tue, May 8th 2012 4:40p   Gabriella Davis
Last weekend I was working on a Sametime install and ran across 3 separate problems that took more time than I'd like to resolve. I thought I'd post here in case it's of use to anyone else. Problem ... [read] Keywords: sametime

Connections101 Blog
Tue, Mar 27th 2012 8:40a   Gabriella Davis
This is a joint post by Paul and Gab. As posted on here a few weeks ago and due to the feedback from the community and IBM, we have decided to go live with an education site dedicated to IBM connect ... [read] Keywords: connections ibm community

Off To Melbourne AUSLUG Jumpstarts and Travelling to China
Fri, Feb 17th 2012 4:40a   Gabriella Davis
Well that was sudden. I had been hoping to make it to Melbourne for the 2nd AUSLUG this March but things just didn't gel when I was trying to plan. Then about a week ago Mat contacted me to ask if I ... [read] Keywords:

Spark Ideas Video Online - Plus BLUG!
Thu, Feb 16th 2012 4:51a   Gabriella Davis
For those that didn't make it to Lotusphere this year or those that did and missed out on our Spark Ideas session, or those that came to the session and loved it so much you want to see it again (we k ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Presenting at BLUG on Sametime
Wed, Feb 15th 2012 6:10p   Gabriella Davis
I'm delighted to say that i'll be speaking at the fantastic BLUG conference in Antwerp on March 22nd (sidebar -only 5 weeks away!). My session is on Sametime and is the only one able to be squeezed i ... [read] Keywords: sametime

Why I love XPages
Tue, Feb 7th 2012 10:20a   Tim Davis
I have been thinking a lot recently about why I love developing XPages. I had a few conversations at Lotusphere around this subject, and certainly while most people consider it powerful and the right ... [read] Keywords: lotusphere xpages

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