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IBM Connections Activity Stream - Stopped working
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 193
IBM Connections - File Viewer 1.0.6 - Journey to Mime
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 778
Centos 7 - VM Ware Player
Sat, Aug 2nd 2014 174
Tue, May 13th 2014 98
$$Previous can be tricky with iFrames
Thu, May 8th 2014 88
XPages Mobile with offline Data - Caveat
Thu, Apr 17th 2014 80
Fun with Xpages
Wed, Dec 18th 2013 77
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IBM Connections - File Viewer 1.0.6 - Journey to Mime
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 778
IBM Connections Activity Stream - Stopped working
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 193
Sametime Auto-Status Changes troubleshooting
Wed, Feb 1st 2012 178
Centos 7 - VM Ware Player
Sat, Aug 2nd 2014 174
Update to Notes 9.0.1 on Ubuntu 13.04 x64
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 125
Tue, May 13th 2014 98
$$Previous can be tricky with iFrames
Thu, May 8th 2014 88
Domino Designer Crashes - Never Ending Story
Tue, Jun 7th 2011 81
XPages Mobile with offline Data - Caveat
Thu, Apr 17th 2014 80
Fun with Xpages
Wed, Dec 18th 2013 77

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IBM Connections Activity Stream - Stopped working
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 6:11a   Urs Meli
Dealing with Connections can be a pain. We just installed a new Connections environment. Customized it. Tweaked this and that. And all of a sudden the status updates stopped working. Writing a status update in the browser didn't show any errors. The update went to the stream, but it disappeared uppon refresh. The trace.log didnt show any exact failure. I was able to find my status updates in the homepage database, but not in my Homepage. A couple of days later, we had to remove "Admi [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm database security server websphere

IBM Connections - File Viewer 1.0.6 - Journey to Mime
Mon, Dec 15th 2014 10:10a   Urs Meli
We encountered a strange issue. We uploaded a thousends of files through the IBM SBT. Upon testing the files in the File Viewer 1.0.6 we saw that *.doc worked but the *.docx wouldn't. Examining the SystemOut on the Viewer Server I found CLFAF402W: Unsupported MIME type Having a quick look at the Files database showed, that all the docx/pptx had either no mime - type or the binary/octet-stream After correcting the mime-type everything worked. Here's the script for corr [read] Keywords: connections ibm application database server

Centos 7 - VM Ware Player
Sat, Aug 2nd 2014 2:14p   Urs Meli
I tested centos 7 on my vmware player. When I added a second network card, it was not detected from centos. A long journey through the internet began... I tried a lot of things... lspci showed both network cards, but the NetworkManager did not recognize the second NIC. The first card was an Intel, the second a AMD. I found a note that the support for this AMD card in Centos / RHEL 7 is dropped. In the VMWare Player config I could not change the type of nic. I had to edit my .vmx file [read] Keywords: centos network vm vmware

Tue, May 13th 2014 6:12a   Urs Meli
When Klaus Bild tried to implement the synchronization between our AD and the Domino, see here. We had some issues. The TDI scripts were working correctly on the test systems, but not in our productive environment. First we had this error CTGDKC065E Unable to execute Domino Action. NotesException occurred: ID=4,000, Error Text=Notes error: The disk drive specified for the ID file is not ready. After some research about DIIOP I finally discovered the "tell diiop dump config" command. Th [read] Keywords: domino notes notes client traveler server

$$Previous can be tricky with iFrames
Thu, May 8th 2014 10:13a   Urs Meli
Yesterday I ran in a strange error. There's this website in xpages, you click a button, which will open a new xpage form. After the page has been saved you should return to the first xpage. The submit button was very simple The funny part was, that the page which opened was just a small part from the first page. Further investigation showed that this small part was inside an iFrame inside custom control. The solution to this is simple. The before [read] Keywords: xpages development

XPages Mobile with offline Data - Caveat
Thu, Apr 17th 2014 6:09a   Urs Meli
I had to create an simple Xpages Mobile app which should only show some information online and offline. The webapp is built with Xpages Mobile controls and the openntf java api. The fun began when I got to the offline version. I went through the examples on openntf.org and implemented all the necessary stuff. Now the fun began. Testing the offline function on the device turned out to be very frustrating. In chrome you could use the url chrome://appcache-internals to view the applicatio [read] Keywords: domino xpages application css development firefox iphone java mobile openntf security server wiki


Fun with Xpages
Wed, Dec 18th 2013 10:09a   Urs Meli
I created a small XPage with only one link element inside. The URL is something like "mailto:have@fun.com". Opening the page in a browser is boring, as it works like you would expect. Opening the same page in XPINC, the fun began. After around 40 Internet Explorers had been opened, I had to shutdown my VM :-) [read] Keywords: xpages vm

Update to Notes 9.0.1 on Ubuntu 13.04 x64
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 6:10a   Urs Meli
According to this Link Ubuntu should be supported for 9.0.1. So I tried to upgrade my Notes 9.0 on ubuntu 13.04. First I tried the smartupgrade.sh without success. Some dependency problems. Next I changed the DEBIAN/CONTROLS file in the ibm-notes-9.0.1.i586.deb file according to this link (Step 3). The newly created ibm-notes-9.0.1.i586.deb file installed fine. After that, all the other packages installed too. Upgradeing was much easier than installing Notes 9.0 in the first place :- [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes smartupgrade ubuntu

Fun with word 2013 - Calibri from hell
Wed, Aug 28th 2013 5:57a   Urs Meli
Exporting Data from Notes to Word seems to be an easy task. Filling the document. replacing some tags with data, formatting the document, creating the TOC. Works fine, unless I try to save...... The default font is set back to Calibri, the padding changes... The whole layout just breaks.... First I thought, I broke something with my coding. I displayed the word document before I saved it. Everything is how it should be. Saveing the document, close word, reopen the document and the layout is [read] Keywords: notes bleedyellow bleedyellow.com database

Getlibs 2.06 missing?
Tue, Apr 2nd 2013 4:16p   Urs Meli
If you want to install Lotus Notes 8.5.X on Ubuntu 12 you'll need this getlibs. The link for Launchpad is not working anymore. [read] Keywords: lotus notes bleedyellow bleedyellow.com ubuntu

Traveler UP2 - connection errors
Wed, Mar 6th 2013 5:08a   Urs Meli
I tried to install Traveler UP2 some days ago. I had a test server running Traveler UP1, which I upgraded. After the upgrade I could register new devices (iphone and android) but they were unable to sync. The device log showed an error 500 http error. The server console showed some longish severe error messages from traveler. Something about getDevicePreferences error. The common reason for this error is a misstyped traveler url in the server document or the notes.ini, which in fact [read] Keywords: notes traveler iphone server

Traveler - logging user activity - Part 1
Tue, Nov 20th 2012 5:08a   Urs Meli
Ever wondered that traveler does not provide any statistics about the user activities? Do you want to know how much data gots transmitted over your traveler server? The statistics from the traveler task gives you just a brief overview but if you want to track a single user you are lost, are you? There's a simple way to get the results. Do you remember DomLog.nsf ? If you enable Domlog.nsf on the traveler server every request gets logged. I built a new view - traveler - in the domlo [read] Keywords: agent traveler archiving archive server

Attachments - Thunderbird
Thu, May 10th 2012 3:09p   Urs Meli
Sometimes there are some small things that disrupt useability. I use thunderbird for my personal mail accounts. I was very surprised, when I missed a little feature. I tried to drag an attachment into a new mail as I'm used to do from Notes. I was very surprised, that this doesn't work. It's only a small thing, but it's anoying. [read] Keywords: notes

Sametime Auto-Status Changes troubleshooting
Wed, Feb 1st 2012 8:11a   Urs Meli
Today I ran into something strange. A user tried to enable the auto-status change feature in sametime embedded. Everytime he opened the preferences he got an error message. And when he changed the properties they wouldn't save. After some investigation I discovered, that the file notesdataworkspace.metadata.pluginscom.ibm.collaboration.realtime.alertmanagerautostatus.xml was empty but 1kb big. So I copied the file from another workstation. After the user had restarted the notes clien [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm notes notes client sametime properties workspace xml

SPNEGO - SSO from Hell
Fri, Jan 27th 2012 5:10a   Urs Meli
Just during Lotusphere I got the message that our SPNEGO support stoppt working. Right back from Orlando I checked everything in the troubleshooting guide . Nothing helped. No one did any changes to our dominos or to the active directory. Wireshark revealed a KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED error, while authentication. So I lurked around the internet for this error without success. Some pages indicated, that it is a replication problem between domain controllers. But dcdiag.exe didn't find anything. [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotusphere bleedyellow bleedyellow.com password server

NotesDateTime to Java Timestamp
Wed, Nov 16th 2011 6:11a   Urs Meli
Based on this work I needed a function to convert a notesdatetime to a java timestamp. I changed the getTimestamp method to Function getTimestamp(dt As Variant) As String Const EPOCH_DATE = "01/01/1970 00:00:00" Const DT_TYPENAME= "NOTESDATETIME" Dim epochDT As New NotesDateTime(EPOCH_DATE) Dim tempDT As New NotesDateTime(Now) If(TypeName(dt) = DT_TYPENAME) Then tempDT.LSLocalTime = dt.Lslocaltime Else tempDT.LSLocalTime = dt End If getTimestamp = cstr(tempDT.TimeDifference(epo [read] Keywords: lotus lotusscript notes blogging java

Return of VB6?
Mon, Oct 31st 2011 4:53a   Urs Meli
The last 3 days I was porting a VB6 application to .NET. I had to remove some relicts from the past: - UI used some 3rd party components wich had their EOL by october 2005..... - underlying sql 2000 server changed to sql 2008 When did you last store data in multidimensional dynamic arrays? [read] Keywords: application server sql

Managed beans and the revenge of the ACL
Fri, Oct 14th 2011 7:11a   Urs Meli
Yesterday I started the upgrade process for pure notes client database. The plan was to put a xpage database besides the original notes db. Instead of using views as datasources I tried to do it with beans. Very simple: Xpages and managed beans When I openend the XPage, there was no data. So I put a lot of debug statements in my java code. I could track it down until I found that Document doc = view.getFirstDocument(); returned alwas null. So I double checked the view: there were document [read] Keywords: acl notes notes client xpages database interface java password server

Designer 8.5.3 - Whooohaaa
Fri, Oct 7th 2011 12:11a   Urs Meli
Working now the 2nd day with the 8.5.3 designer without a crash. Switching ID's works. No crashes while editing and / or viewing large script libraries. It seems that I'm able to work again with Lotusscript. Thank you, Domino Designer Developers, great job. [read] Keywords: domino lotusscript

Contact's Picture
Mon, Oct 3rd 2011 7:09a   Urs Meli
Just finished a small agent, which sync's all company contacts into the mailfiles. Now every employee has all the contact infos from the others on their smartphone. It copies even the sametime picture to the contact document. We are 25 employees at the moment, so its just a small amount of data. The agent is based on http://www.lotusgeek.com/LotusGeek/LotusGeekBlog.nsf/d6plinks/ROLR-78SJJ2 and http://www.openntf.org/internal/home.nsf/project.xsp?action=openDocument&name=Lot [read] Keywords: agent lotusscript sametime openntf

DDE Crash Cleaner script.......
Tue, Aug 16th 2011 6:10a   Urs Meli
Here a small script to clean up some temporary files after a designer crash ----> Link [read] Keywords: bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

Script Library from Hell
Mon, Aug 8th 2011 10:12a   Urs Meli
After I upgraded my notesclient to 8.5.2 FP 3 I encountered a strange error. I couldn't open the library in the editor. Once open, the client would crash after the first click. After 5 crashes I switched to the old editor. It openend. It didn't crash. BUT I couldn't save. Ok. there were a few red lines in the declaration section. Correcting them did drop random line of codes to null. After a lot of swearing I exported the library to an lss file. Opened it with gVim and what d [read] Keywords: script library

Fri, Jul 1st 2011 6:16a   Urs Meli
I just stumbled over a "using document" in a customers notes application. The original document was created in march '96. Since then the app was modified just a little bit here and there, added some new functionality. Whats exciting about that? The base coding from 96 still runs in 2011, Notes 4 to Notes 8.5... amazing Did anyone try to compile an old Windows application with a modern compiler, without changing the code? [read] Keywords: notes application

Domino Designer Crashes - Never Ending Story
Tue, Jun 7th 2011 7:11a   Urs Meli
Yesterday I had a very annoying experience. Writeing a line of code, hit enter, restart DDE, 5 or 6 times in a row..... even restarting the whole client didn't solve the crashes.... Everytime I started writing something in Lotusscript, the client would crash. Clientconfiguration: Notes 8.5.2 FP 2 on Win XP in vmware. After compacting the workspace, removing the cache.ndk and all the references in the dataworkspace directory I'm able to work with Lotusscript again. I wonder whats [read] Keywords: domino lotusscript notes vmware workspace

Notes agent from hell
Thu, May 26th 2011 6:12a   Urs Meli
This agent is was driving me crazy....It's a very simple agent. Select some responsedocument from the currently open notesuidocument. Store the noteid's in a seperate document and run an agent to produce a PDF. In the development version it ran, in production it didn't. No error was found in the logfile. I turned on the debugger and ran the agent. Debugger didn't start, when I started the agent.Put some stop's in my code. Debugger won't start.Recompiled everything. Compact Workspace [read] Keywords: agent notes scriptlibrary database development workspace

Do you like online translator ?
Wed, May 25th 2011 8:09a   Urs Meli
 Recently I had a lot to research on microsoft products. Now and then I had to cope with translated pages... on the fly translated pages....And I have to say, I DON'T LIKE IT !!!  Because I normally ignore the webpageheaders and immediatly start reading the text, I stumbled over some very weird translations.  Reading the first sentences and realising they don't make any sense in german doesn't make me feel better.Having to switch back to english to understand the german translations [read] Keywords: microsoft

Notes Admin shows some really big files
Tue, Mar 15th 2011 6:10a   Urs Meli
   This is what my Admin client shows about the filesizes. This makes 142'258'259 GB per file.To my surprise I have only a 320GB HD. Do I have a compressed drive? Are there some files corrupt? Who knows? [read] Keywords: admin notes bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

Extlib trouble?
Wed, Mar 9th 2011 6:10a   Urs Meli
The extension library is a good thing.  I recently deployed a xpages webapplication at a customers site. The app is based on the extension library.After an update I had a very strange error....The startpage showed lots of #{javascrpt: code.Opening another xpage I got an "Unresolved compilation proplems: The import com.ibm.xsp.extlib cannot be resolved...." When I opened the DB and made a cleanup, everything worked again.Digging into the whole setup, I've found that the client didn't [read] Keywords: admin agent ibm xpages application vm

Replication Conflict From Hell (RCFH)
Mon, Feb 28th 2011 8:12a   Urs Meli
 Today I encountered a strange behaviour in a customers database. Everytime the customer saved a document, he produced a replica conflict. The database is on a 8.5.1 FP5 cluster. Clients are still 8.5.1 FP2. There are some actions in querysave and postsave, but nothing special. Before the upgrade everything worked fine.Of course this happened only in the customers database. In the development Environment everything worked, even with plain 8.5.1 clients. One big change between the previous [read] Keywords: database development

Trace Xpages clientside actions
Thu, Feb 3rd 2011 5:18a   Urs Meli
 Based on this article by Teresa Monahan and this blog entry I came up with a little idea. Writing usefull debug messages in JS is something awkward. Putting alerts in the code and removeing them afterwards.With the alerts I have to click away the popus. What would be a better solution. 1. it should be activatable at runtime. In a productive application I don't want to start the designer client to just enable the debugmode. 2. there should be somehting like a message history. M [read] Keywords: ldd lotus xpages application

How To "close" a DB in Domino Designer
Wed, Feb 2nd 2011 4:13p   Urs Meli
Did you ever wonder how to "close" a Notesdatabase in the DDE? If you are used to eclipse development you are used to "close" unused projects in your workspace. When you collapse a database it is still open.  The first and second notesdatabase are just collapsed. I opened them to "read" some design elements. The third one is still closed, as I didn't touch it. To get the first one back to its "closed" state you have to open the java package explore, right click on the db an [read] Keywords: domino bleedyellow bleedyellow.com database development eclipse java workspace

Ultimate office challange?
Wed, Jan 19th 2011 5:13a   Urs Meli
 Today I won the my office challenge #1: refuse the urge to pick up the phone. Just realized that my office phone sucks. It interrupts my flow of work all the time. Especially when I stated "In a meeting" in sametime.......Wonder when Sametime telephony will be integrated in our office......   [read] Keywords: sametime office

Connections 2.5 API - Blogs
Thu, Jan 13th 2011 3:13p   Urs Meli
Playin with Lotus Connections Blog API, it is a good Idea to set the draft property to true :-).Struggling with different Java Rest Toolkits (ROME, Apache Wink, Apache Abdera), I'm now able to create a simple blog entry.Tomorrow I'll try to integrate it into a notesdatabase.....more to come, when it runs...   [read] Keywords: connections lotus java

Fun with Notes URL's
Thu, Jan 6th 2011 10:16a   Urs Meli
 Today I ran into a strange problem.  I tried to open a notes URL in the browser: http://[SEVERNAME]/__[REPLICAID].nsf/showDocument.xsp?action=openDocument&documentId=E64ED2462D25FC66C12577F5004D94E4  The first time I clicked the link the browser told me "Command not handled exception". When I clicked the link a second time, the document opened without any problem. A quick look at the servers console showed some mysterious JVM Errors: file does not exist This behaviour is o [read] Keywords: notes

Managed Bean as a source
Thu, Dec 9th 2010 6:13a   Urs Meli
div  Today I tried the Xpages extension library. The value picker looks nice./divdiv Problem: Pick only members of a given group from the directory./divdiv /divdivSolution:br /font color=#0000cdbr /lt;?xml version=quot;1.0quot; encoding=quot;UTF-8quot;?gt;br /lt;xp:view xmlns:xp=quot;http://www.ibm.com/xsp/corequot; xmlns:xc=quot;http://www.ibm.com/xsp/customquot;br /    xmlns:xe=quot;http://www.ibm.com/xsp/coreexquot;gt;br /    lt;xe:valuePicker id=quot;valuePicker1quot; for=quot;inpu [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages bleedyellow bleedyellow.com eclipse java xml

Installer for Outlook Plugin ?
Wed, Nov 17th 2010 8:13a   Urs Meli
divI had to write an outlook 2010 plugin for a customer.  They wanted to connect outlook to their alcatel phone system./divdivWriting the plugin was easy. Debugging the plugin, quite easy. Deploying the plugin....br /VS 2010 gives an easy way to build a vsto file which installes the plugin for the user. br /But the customer wanted a .msi package for their software distribution system.br /There are some good resources about converting a vsto to a msi package. br /One small step in this build pro [read] Keywords: outlook

I dont like some download pages
Thu, Nov 4th 2010 5:26a   Urs Meli
divWhy do some companys have so silly downloadpages? br /I just wanted to download stuffit expander. No Trial version. No Full Version. Just the expander./divdivI had to confirm that too many times until the download started. This sucks. /divdivIf the button says Download, I expect the download to start and not being redirected to another download site and another and another...... br //div [read] Keywords:

The day, the debugger went crazy
Fri, Oct 15th 2010 8:29a   Urs Meli
divToday, the notes debugger just ignored me. Even some quot;stopquot; instructions didnt stop the debugger. /divdivThe agent which I used to compose a new document started the debugger like I expected. br /But the forms querysave event never hit the debugger. I had some field evaluation in the querysave script. They were processed, but the debugger didnt fire./divdiv /divdivThe customer uses 7.0.4, so I tried to launch my old notes 7 client, recompiled the whole code. (only 1 issue found Notes [read] Keywords: agent notes

Thou shall not use email for error logging
Thu, Sep 23rd 2010 11:26a   Urs Meli
divHi/divdiv /divdivOne customers domino server was very slow. A short view showed a lot of mails waiting. show server told about 25000 Mails pending./divdivPop3 and router were hanging (maybe I should have waited more than a minute to let them quit.... ) so I restarted the server./divdivAfter the restart I stopped the router task and pop3. Each of the 3 mail.box files contained around 43000 messages. br /br //divdivSo 130000 messages were pending. 130000 error messages saying something like qu [read] Keywords: domino notes archive email server

Secure Webservices
Thu, Sep 2nd 2010 4:35a   Urs Meli
divHi/divdiv /divdivAnyone succeeded in consuming a SSL protected Webservice with a Lotusscript server agent?/divdivWhen I try to access it I got an Error 4746:   SSL Error: Keyring file not found /divdiv /divdivAnyone got the same problem or has some advice or solution?br /br /Kind regards/divdiv /divdivUrs br //div [read] Keywords: agent lotusscript server

Notes ID switching
Wed, Sep 1st 2010 6:26a   Urs Meli
div Working with multiple IDs strikewas /strike is still a pain in Standard Client. Maybe in 8.5.2 it will be better. Have to test it./divdivBut with my new Notebook (i7 with 6GB ram) i can run 3 vms in parallel: 1 for my admin id, 1 for my regular id, 1 for my testing and my developer id on the host./divdivInstead of swithing notes Ids. I switch VMs :-) br //div [read] Keywords: admin notes

Update jpegphoto in an LDAP Server
Tue, Aug 17th 2010 10:27a   Urs Meli
div /divdivOur Customer has an LDAP Server. And they wanted to store the users pictures there. /divdivHR stores the pictures in an ASP.Net application. And my application should transfer them to the LDAP and resize them, so they will show in sametime (lt;30Kb). /divdivAnd later, they will show the pictures in OCS.( 96X96px) br //divdiv /divdivI decided to do it in C# because the customer doesnt like java so much./divdiv /divdivOk. After a few hours of travelling the internet and lots of codin [read] Keywords: sametime application java laptop network server

Wed, Aug 11th 2010 4:26a   Urs Meli
div Yesterday I found some pieces of Lotusscript code I built back in 2000. I built it for R5. Now it runs on 8.5.1 without any changes./divdivIt was very exciting. I had to laugh out loud when I saw my quot;old stylequot; of coding. /divdiv /divdivAll the agents are so stable that no one ever had to check the logfile. In 10 years. br /If anybody hat checked the logfiles, they would have noticed that old logentries were not deleted./divdivIt has now around 1700000 log-documents inside..... Tri [read] Keywords: lotusscript R5

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