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BlackBerry Motion :: Don't worry about the battery. Ever.
Sun, Nov 19th 2017 78
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 71
Control Spotify via Alexa on Sonos
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 31
Brauche Nachhilfe für das Smart Home
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 65
This is how I started programming
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 138
Casey just started using the Note 8 Samsung is paying him to showcase
Fri, Nov 17th 2017 112
What's a computer
Fri, Nov 17th 2017 125
Top 10
Firefox Quantum
Tue, Nov 14th 2017 234
OneNote login issue resolved
Mon, Nov 13th 2017 185
How Apple TV has changed my TV consumption
Thu, Nov 16th 2017 144
This is how I started programming
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 138
What I want from a TV screen
Fri, Nov 17th 2017 129
What's a computer
Fri, Nov 17th 2017 125
Stuff that works :: AVM Fritz
Sun, Nov 12th 2017 123
Casey just started using the Note 8 Samsung is paying him to showcase
Fri, Nov 17th 2017 112
Sonos 8.2 with proper iPhone X support
Wed, Nov 15th 2017 108
My Windows clipboard is broken :: I need your ideas
Sat, Nov 11th 2017 83

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BlackBerry Motion :: Don't worry about the battery. Ever.
Sun, Nov 19th 2017 8:21a   Volker Weber
I got the BlackBerry Motion on Tuesday and charged it overnight. Took it off the charger on Wednesday morning and then never recharged it until this morning. Four days. Even more impressive: within one hour on the charger it was back at 75%. That means you can use it all day and then recharge it in maybe half an hour. And that is the charger that came in the box. No additional purchase necessary. Even if you forget to recharge it, the battery should always last a second day. That is just prac
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 9:32p   Volker Weber
Control Spotify via Alexa on Sonos
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 9:09p   Volker Weber
Na also: @Spotify mit #Alexa auf @Sonos. Einfach als Standard in der Alexa-App einstellen. pic.twitter.com/PfAMeqhXfZ— Volker Weber (@vowe) November 18, 2017 Sonos has started beta support for Spotify and you don't have to do anything to make it work. I'd advise to set Spotify as your default music service in the Alexa app, but you can also tell Alexa to play from Spotify. If you have a Sonos One, you are all set. It just works. If you have an Echo speaker, you have to dir
Brauche Nachhilfe für das Smart Home
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 4:52p   Volker Weber
Folgende Aufgabenstellung: Haus hat jede Menge Philips Hue. Jetzt gilt es, dumme Schalter von Gira (E2 55) für Deckenauslässe zu integrieren. Im Prinzip also: Schalter raus, neuen UP-Einsatz rein, Schalter darauf montieren. Busch-Jäger hat das, Gira nicht. Hue redet Zigbee.
This is how I started programming
Sat, Nov 18th 2017 7:40a   Volker Weber
Casey just started using the Note 8 Samsung is paying him to showcase
Fri, Nov 17th 2017 11:37a   Volker Weber
Samsung had a disaster last year with the Gallery Note 7 battery last year. To turn the tide the company is now dumping big money on Youtubers, or as Casey calls them "Creators". Casey's problem is that he does not know much about technology. I bet he did not know that we could see all along he was using Twitter on iPhone (and the web) when he was pretending to have "always been the Android guy". When iOS had this terrible autocorrect bug that turned a simple "I" into "A (illegible)" it
What's a computer
Fri, Nov 17th 2017 9:19a   Volker Weber
I love this video. Need to practive folding down the Smart Keyboard. ;-)
Das ist das BlackBerry Motion
Fri, Nov 17th 2017 9:12a   Volker Weber
What I want from a TV screen
Fri, Nov 17th 2017 8:54a   Volker Weber
I believe my perfect TV does not exist. But maybe you know better. Here is what I want (and don't want): A large 4k flat display, up to 100". Large is good. No 3D or curved glass. A TV satellite tuner for those moments I need to see live TV. Digital audio out via TOSlink. I don't need speakers. IR control for my Sonos. HDMI-CEC, USB Type A, several of each. All connectors in separate hide-away box. As little software as possible. No branding on the frame, or as little as possible.
How Apple TV has changed my TV consumption
Thu, Nov 16th 2017 10:06p   Volker Weber
People have asked me how I find the time for a more active livestyle, and I have two answers: no Facebook, no TV. This isn't the whole truth. I do browse Facebook occasionally, but I don't engage. And I do watch some TV shows and movies, but I only do this on my terms. No schedule, on demand only. Since the software on my 2012 Samsung TV is horrible, all the contents comes in through an Apple TV. When I got the chance to try the 4K model, I took it. This TV won't display in 4K, HDR or Dolb
One hundred to go #dontbreakthechain
Thu, Nov 16th 2017 8:36p   Volker Weber
In September 2015, more than two years and two months ago, I was proud to have completed 100 days tracking on the Apple Watch. Now it's just another 100 days to complete the last achievement of 1.000 Move goals.
Control Sonos from Tidal app
Thu, Nov 16th 2017 6:56p   Volker Weber
Music lovers can now enjoy the 51 million songs, 195,000 videos and more via TIDAL direct control with @Sonos. Learn more on https://t.co/4B5472I4tw pic.twitter.com/cfO4vZ1ODI— TIDAL (@TIDAL) November 16, 2017 More >
BlackBerry Motion: Da ist noch Leben in der Bude
Wed, Nov 15th 2017 3:38p   Volker Weber
Irgendwie war BlackBerry schon abgeschrieben. Zweimal mit BB OS und BB10 gescheitert, ein Neuanfang mit Android misslang. Aber nun fruchtet die Zusammenarbeit mit TCL. Nach dem KEYone stellt BlackBerry Mobile ein elegantes Touch-Gerät vor. More >
Polaroid Insta-Share Printer moto mod
Wed, Nov 15th 2017 3:19p   Volker Weber
Soon, a dishwasher?
Sonos 8.2 with proper iPhone X support
Wed, Nov 15th 2017 7:00a   Volker Weber
This was a quick update. Color me impressed. Sonos has tweaked the UI to support the iPhone X. They also made the app more discoverable. If you look at the top, there is now a hint that the Now Playing panel sits on top of the tabbed interface. US customers also get the ability to play directly from their Pandora app. We already have this with Spotify. This is a great direction.
Firefox Quantum
Tue, Nov 14th 2017 5:08p   Volker Weber
Firefox Quantum. Zeit für mehr Privacy in einem schnellen, schlanken Browser. Würde ich mal ausprobieren ... More >
OneNote login issue resolved
Mon, Nov 13th 2017 3:42p   Volker Weber
I still can’t get over how stupid this is. But if you are asked to log into your Microsoft account every single time you open Word or OneNote, don’t login. Instead, go to Settings/OneNote/Reset and delete your credentials. This resolves the problem. And now I want to know why OneNote cannot do this by itself.
init – der Wochenausblick: BlackBerry, SAP, Microsoft und Minecraft
Mon, Nov 13th 2017 8:06a   Volker Weber
Von Entwicklern über DevOps bis zu Minecraft - die Woche ist voll mit Konferenzen. Zu Microsoft muss man nicht mal reisen, sondern kann sich alles über das Internet anschauen. More >
Stuff that works :: AVM Fritz
Sun, Nov 12th 2017 6:26p   Volker Weber
Seit Jahren benutze (und empfehle) ich die Fritzboxen von AVM. Mit der 7580 hatte ich anfangs Probleme in Verbindung mit Sonos. Die Box hat sich immer wieder weggehängt und musste komplett neu gestartet werden. Seit Monaten sind diese Probleme verschwunden. Ich habe aber auch fleißig mit dem Support an einer Lösung gearbeitet. Nun ist alles superstabil und schnell. Die 7580 und die (verkabelten) 1750E schubsen alle Geräte wenn möglich in das viel sch
My Windows clipboard is broken :: I need your ideas
Sat, Nov 11th 2017 10:55p   Volker Weber
This Windows 10 installation is now eleven month old and it is broken in many places. Before I wipe it for a fresh install, I am asking for some ideas. Here is what is broken. I copy something in Edge, from a webpage, or a URL, and then I paste it into Word or OneNote, both from the Store. Works exactly once. Then I copy something else. When I try to paste it, I get the first copy, not the second. If I quite Word or OneNote, restart it, and then paste, I get the second copy. It looks like som
Site redirection with SSL
Sat, Nov 11th 2017 5:46p   Volker Weber
Try this little experiment. Type in these three addresses into the address bar of your browser. Don't forget the s, because that gives you a secure connection. All three sites try the same trick. Only two succeed.
Spotify mit Alexa auf Sonos
Fri, Nov 10th 2017 9:33p   Volker Weber
Testet das schon jemand von Euch oder fällt das in sechs Wochen wie ein Klavier vom Himmel, mit der Hoffnung, dass es dann auch funktioniert? Mir scheint der Termin mehr vom Weihnachtsfest als von der Entwicklung getrieben zu sein. "Alexa, spiel Weihnachtsmusik im Wohnzimmer." - "Ich bin nicht sicher, was Du meinst."
How good is your iOS dev game?
Fri, Nov 10th 2017 9:21p   Volker Weber
Lots of apps already suppport the new iPhone X aspect ratio. Twitter and Flipboard do. Many don’t. And that looks sloppy. I am keeping a timer. And I will judge you. Feedly and Signal. Spotify and Sonos.
Swipe to open
Fri, Nov 10th 2017 8:39p   Volker Weber
Face ID works just as well as Touch ID. It's completely invisible. Can you remember how we did not have passwords or PINs on our devices, if not forced by corporate IT? You just swiped to open. When you activate your iPhone X, you are led through a very short process to register your face. Way faster than registering a finger in Touch ID. And then you forget it's there. You just swipe up. This becomes natural in a few hours. After that you forgot how you ever operated an iPhone earlier. Be
Microsoft, your authentication is FUBAR
Fri, Nov 10th 2017 2:11p   Volker Weber
I need to stop using O365 if this cannot be resolved.
Qi charging is a big deal
Fri, Nov 10th 2017 10:35a   Volker Weber
How I was missing inductive charging. My Lumias used to be all charged up all day. With the new iPhones it's back. I am using some of the old Nokia gear and one new Mophie Charger. It's supposed to get an upgrade to faster charging, but I don't really care. I automatically put the iPhone down on the charger when not using it, so speed is not important. It will keep it at 100 percent one or the other. The coolest charger of all contains a battery. It charges itself via MicroUSB or Qi, and i
Muhammad Ali In His Prime :: Blinding Speed
Fri, Nov 10th 2017 8:32a   Volker Weber
I used Ali this week as a metaphor for the need to be agile.
Apple updates Clips with iPhone X support
Thu, Nov 9th 2017 8:06p   Volker Weber
Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth
Thu, Nov 9th 2017 2:02p   Volker Weber
Urbanears has refreshed their Plattan line of headsets. Great colors, very clean design, Bluetooth. And now with the control knob I so like on the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth. (Hint: Marshall Headphones and Urbanears are the same company.) These are on-ear headsets and very comfortable. You can fold them to store them away in your bag, you can attach a 3.5mm wire if your battery is low or you need to connect to in-flight entertainment. No active noise cancelling though. If you are listenin
IBM's Quest To Design The 'New Helvetica'
Thu, Nov 9th 2017 1:07p   Volker Weber
IBM is no stranger to icons. Over the years, it’s created quite a few: the mainframe computer, the ThinkPad laptop, the Selectric typewriter, the Eye-Bee-M logo. The company hopes its new bespoke typeface IBM Plex, which launched in beta this week (though the official version won’t be released until early 2018), could become just as iconic–a kind of Helvetica for this century. More >
iPhone X :: Here is my problem
Thu, Nov 9th 2017 7:25a   Volker Weber
How do your review a perfect product? There has to be something that needs improvement. There has to be something that doesn't work. Nope. I want it just the way it is. I put my b/s detector in overdrive and did not come up with anything: Apple keeps stressing the fact that this is the future of the smartphone. And with that they mean iPhone. That is exactly what the iPhone X is. The original iPhone was perfected all the way to the iPhone 8. Draw a rectangle, a line above it, a circl
Annoyed by Microsoft
Tue, Nov 7th 2017 9:55p   Volker Weber
I delivered a presentation today and I had to fall back to plan C. Plan A was to bring my PPTX on a thumbdrive and deliver it through a PC that was already set up at the venue. That fell through since they did not have audio. So I brought Surface Pro 4 and a speaker, testet this at home, and it looked OK. However, when I tried it on site, PowerPoint Mobile froze three out of three times and I fell back to plan C: use my iPhone. In the end I lugged a bag, a Surface a speaker, a power supply, a bu
Huawei Mate 10 Pro :: Monochrome
Tue, Nov 7th 2017 7:36p   Volker Weber
Today I travelled with my iPhone and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. I wanted to shoot monochrome photos with the 20 MP sensor in the Mate 10 Pro. And I was very disappointed upon return. Most of the photos were blurred and I found them to be boring. OK, that is a photographer and not a camera problem. It's just not for me.
Ich rede nicht mit Sonos
Mon, Nov 6th 2017 7:41p   Volker Weber
Die ganze Sprachstuerung geht an mir komplett vorbei. Ich frage Alexa nach allem möglichen, aber nicht danach, irgendwas abzuspielen. Das liegt an vielen Dingen. Ich höre zum Beispiel kein Radio (so wie ich kein lineares Fernsehen schaue). Ich habe kein Amazon Musik-Abo (und auch kein Prime). Für mich steht das Pferd einfach falsch rum. Sonos-Lausprecher sollen Musik spielen und sich ansonsten raus halten, Ich sage Spotify, was ich hören will, sei es auf Surfa
IBM Bluemix is no more
Mon, Nov 6th 2017 12:57p   Volker Weber
Today we are excited to announce that we are merging the Bluemix brand with IBM Cloud brand since they’ve grown to be synonymous. All the Bluemix products, services, support etc that you know and love will continue being offered with no changes, except for a simpler name … IBM Cloud. We’ve simplified our user experience, introducing the new IBM Cloud Lite account that never expires – it gives users access to try services with no time restrictions. It's a
init - der Wochenausblick: Klimagipfel, Web Summit, Openstack Summit
Mon, Nov 6th 2017 9:37a   Volker Weber
In Barcelona, Lissabon, Bonn und Sydney, überall gipfelt es diese Woche. Microsoft tritt mit Xbox One X gegen Sonys Playstation an. Und dann gedenken wir noch des größten Wunders der deutschen Geschichte. More >
iPhone X oder 8 Plus :: Welcher Bildschirm ist größer
Sun, Nov 5th 2017 12:06p   Volker Weber
Es gibt Dinge, die lassen mir keine Ruhe. Und dann muss ich rechnen. So etwa bei den Displays von iPhone X und 8 Plus. Welcher ist denn nun größer? Die Antwort ist wie so oft: es kommt darauf an. Da Apple keine Angaben zu Höhe und Breite macht, habe ich aus den Angaben zu Pixel und Pixel pro Inch die Dimensionen in Zoll (Inch) gerechnet. Höhe mal Breite gibt dann die Fläche, die Diagonale kann man nach Pythagoras rechnen. Könnt Ihr noch,
How to schedule an event when you don't want Americans to attend
Sat, Nov 4th 2017 10:23p   Volker Weber
In less than three weeks there is an opportunity to schedule events or meetings you don't want Americans to attend. Thursday, November 23rd, is Thanksgiving 2017. The day before until the Sunday of that week is the biggest travel season in the US because everybody needs to be home with their families. Friday after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, because it is a huge shopping day where red ink turns into black. This is your chance to fly under the radar and go completely unnoticed.
Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs. iPhone 8 Plus :: Impressive low light performance
Sat, Nov 4th 2017 10:03p   Volker Weber
I tried two quick shots with the Mate 10 Pro (above) and iPhone 8 Plus (below). Both one handed with zero support in full automatic. The Mate 10 Pro shot with f/1.6, 1/4s and ISO1250, the iPhone has a slower lens with f/1.8, 1/4s and ISO800. That is why the iPhone photo turns out darker. Both are very impressive but I would give the Mate 10 Pro a slight edge over the iPhone 8 Plus.
Halo iPhone X
Fri, Nov 3rd 2017 4:50p   Volker Weber
Fühlt sich super an. Wie ein schwereres, längeres iPhone 8. Nicht nur das Gehäuse sondern auch der Bildschirm ist kleiner als der des iPhone 8 Plus, auch wenn die Zahlen etwas anderes suggerieren. Der Fehler entsteht, weil Apple nur die Diagonale angibt, nicht aber die Höhe und Breite. Dazu wird die Diagonale auch noch in die gedachte Ecke des abgerundeten Rechtecks gemessen. Aktuell benutzen die meisten Apps den zusätzlichen Platz oben und unten n
Huawei Mate 10 Pro :: First impressions
Fri, Nov 3rd 2017 11:22a   Volker Weber
Three weeks ago I was supposed to be at the Huawei Mate 10 Pro launch in Munich. Instead I went to the doctor. Which was a life-saving decision. Nevertheless, Huawei asked me whether I wanted to take the Mate 10 Pro for a spin. Of course I want. This is a beginning of a longer journey. There aren't any bad smartphones anymore. And the Mate 10 Pro is Huawei's best. It competes directly with the iPhone 8 Plus, in size, capabilities, speed, camera etc. First impression: totally worth the high
Android One :: So wird ein Schuh draus
Thu, Nov 2nd 2017 8:18a   Volker Weber
Aus einer Pressemitteilung von HTC: das Gütesiegel Android One garantiert drei Jahre lang monatliche Sicherheitsupdates und mind. zwei Jahre lang das jeweils aktuellste Android Betriebssystem. Das HTC U11 life läuft unter Android Oreo und bringt damit das aktuellste unverfälschte Software-Erlebnis von Google in die Mittelklasse. So wird Android für Otto Normalbenutzer endlich brauchbar. Keine Crapware, aktuelle Sicherheitspatches und Software Upgrades.
Wireless headphones I use
Wed, Nov 1st 2017 9:33p   Volker Weber
These are not recommendations but simply headphones I use for varirous reasons: Apple Airpods are my go-to headphones for everything. They live in my pocket. I use them for phone calls and playing music. They don't run very long but quickly recharge in their case which always lasts me a day. Marshall Monitor Bluetooth is my favorite headset when I want to hear music and nothing else. They run for at least 24 hours, no matter how far you crank them up. I hardly ever go beyond 50% volume. V
Alexa on Sonos to get Spotify support by Xmas
Wed, Nov 1st 2017 8:44p   Volker Weber
Spotify users: Currently you cannot ask Alexa to start music from Spotify on Sonos. You can start music with the Sonos or Spotify app. We will offer full voice support for Spotify by December 21. Thre is really only a handful of services supported. Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, SiriusXM. This is dragging along ... More >
watchOS 4.1 :: Listening to Beats 1
Wed, Nov 1st 2017 3:40p   Volker Weber
That was easy. Upgraded to watchOS 4.1 last night, opened the new Radio app and started the free Beats 1 station. Watch connected to Airpods and it just works, over WiFi or cellular. I am not an Apple Music subscriber, so I am hoping that Spotify might one day come out with a watchOS app.
Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced
Wed, Nov 1st 2017 12:25p   Volker Weber
Photo Microsoft Microsoft announced an LTE-enabled Surface Pro with Cat 9 modem (20 bands, 450 Mbps) yesterday at Future Decoded in London. It's available for pre-order now for enterprise customers and ships in a month. Consumers should be able to purchase it early next year. Two configs: i5/4/128 (1329 €) and i5/8/256 (1629 €), SRP including tax. More >
Signal Desktop
Wed, Nov 1st 2017 12:19p   Volker Weber
Signal finally gets a desktop client which replaces the Chrome extension. Halleluja. More >
Best video from The Verge in a long time
Tue, Oct 31st 2017 10:48a   Volker Weber
A very different iPhone
Tue, Oct 31st 2017 10:10a   Volker Weber
There will be quite a few formal reviews of the iPhone X today and my guess that many of them will center around Face ID. People are curious if it works as well as Touch ID, but I am confident that it will, if not better. There will also be lots of experts claiming it is completely unsafe and can be fooled easily. And then you will never hear of any actual situations where it happened. Since there is no home button on the iPhone X you will have to learn how to actually use it. Your muscle mem
Apple scheint nervös
Tue, Oct 31st 2017 8:34a   Volker Weber
Nachdem Samsung ja schon Casey Neistat und andere Youtube "Creators" -- hier ein etwas simplerer Zeitgenosse -- im Sack hat, musste sich Apple der zweiten oder dritten Garde bedienen, um vorab ein wenig Aufmerksamkeit bei der simpleren Zielgruppe für das iPhone X zu ergattern. Ein paar Beispiele:
Sonos One :: First impressions
Mon, Oct 30th 2017 12:30p   Volker Weber
Sonos One is the new PLAY:1 with Alexa built in. Same dimensions as the older speaker with a new top. There is microphone array under the circle at the top to pick up your voice from a distance. The physical buttons get replaced by a touch panel in the middle, which works the same as on the 2nd gen PLAY:5. Tap to pause/play, tap on the left for volume down and on the right for volume up, swipe left to right for next track and right to left for previous. There are two LED indicators. The smaller
init - der Wochenausblick: Ali, Luther, Microsoft und noch mal iPhone X
Mon, Oct 30th 2017 8:12a   Volker Weber
Ein Brückentag, ein Feiertag und dann nur noch drei Arbeitstage, schwupps ist die Arbeitswoche um. In London aber blickt Microsoft mit 14.000 Teilnehmern in die Zukunft. Und wir denken auch an den Größten aller Zeiten. More >
Passport was my best smartphone. And a complete failure.
Sun, Oct 29th 2017 9:09a   Volker Weber
If I had to choose the best smartphone ever, it would be the BlackBerry Passport. This thing was rock solid, had great battery life and cell reception. It was both a phantastic messaging device as well as a perfect phone. Its screen was square and you could read everything with ease. When scrolling you did not even have to touch the screen because the hardware keyboard served as trackpad. Its software let you easily view business and personal content without ever mixing them up. Unfortunately
Notes :: A bitter-sweet analysis
Thu, Oct 26th 2017 2:22p   Volker Weber
Poll: IBM offloading Notes/Domino dev to HCL. What does that mean? (Please vote and retweet)— Volker Weber (@vowe) October 25, 2017 I always need a bit of time to think before I can form my own opinion. Executive summary: it's the best scenario for a Notes endgame. Notes has been an exceptional success story. There is no other application platform that has lived and prospered for so long. It has pioneered many technologies we enjoy today but it never set the standard for those
So sieht IBM den HCL-Deal
Wed, Oct 25th 2017 10:12p   Volker Weber
Thomas Zeizel freut sich: IBM behält bei den Collaboration-Lösungen die Rolle des Motors und HCL Technologies wird der neue Bi-Turbo. Gemeinsames Ziel ist die Beschleunigung und der Ausbau der Weiterentwicklung. Ich bin gespannt, ob die Kunden das auch so sehen. More >
IBM schiebt Notes, Domino und Sametime ab
Wed, Oct 25th 2017 8:53p   Volker Weber
Sinkende Umsätze, Sparmaßnahmen und Entlassungen brachten das IBM-Kollarationsportfolio immer mehr in Schieflage. Nun übenimmt HCL die Entwicklung und den Service, Vertrieb und Marketing bleiben bei IBM. More >
From my inbox
Tue, Oct 24th 2017 3:24p   Volker Weber
Genesungswünsche aus München. Ich soll jetzt Meister werden. Dankeschön!
What if the iPhone X isn't the best iPhone?
Tue, Oct 24th 2017 9:25a   Volker Weber
Three days from now you may have preordered the iPhone X. Deliveries start ten days from now. And I am really curious about it. It's the first major redesign of the original iPhone concept. It will be a huge upgrade from an iPhone but not necessarily from an iPhone Plus. Apple does not break out the sales numbers, but I'd wager that the 7 Plus is actually the best deal of the three in terms of performance per € spent. What you see above it the top of the line for iPhone X, iPhone 8
init - der Wochenausblick: BlackBerry, Microsoft tagt, das iPhone X kommt
Mon, Oct 23rd 2017 6:21a   Volker Weber
Ab Freitag ist das iPhone X vorbestellbar. Am Montag vor sechzehn Jahren hätte man allerdings statt des ersten iPods besser Apple-Aktien erworben. Was die Woche außer der dunklen Winterzeit noch bringt, zeigt wie immer der Wochenausblick. More >
What made me go to the doctor?
Sun, Oct 22nd 2017 1:26p   Volker Weber
I keep getting asked the same question: how could you possibly tolerate the pain for so long? This is a hard question to answer. It's a combination of many factors and I am not going to try answering it. The more interesting question is why I decided to no longer tolerate it. The answer is easy: I could see that my body was failing. Look at the two graphs above, both taken from Apple Health. The data originates from the heart rate sensor of my Apple Watch. I have been wearing it for years, 2
Alex und Kira :: Eine ganz persönliche Perspektive
Sat, Oct 21st 2017 8:43a   Volker Weber
[Ich möchte Euch erzählen, wie die Welt diese Woche aus meiner neuen Perspektive aussah. Da dies nicht jeden interessiert, verstecke ich sie hinter dieser Falte.]
Sonos One needs serious B/S detection
Fri, Oct 20th 2017 7:02p   Volker Weber
Today I switched my b/s detector back on, and boy was it off the charts reading about the new Sonos One. In many reviews it comes across as a premium mix of Sonos and Alexa. And it clearly is not. So what is it anyway? Play One looks like a Play:1 Tone Limited Edition when viewed from the side. It's either pure white or pure black. That is a good choice. The top has changed. There are no physical buttons. You control it via a large touch panel. You also no longer have the recessed top that w
Restart completed
Fri, Oct 20th 2017 5:31p   Volker Weber
Restart completed #feelinggood pic.twitter.com/XZBZtEf9MP— Volker Weber (@vowe) October 20, 2017 Thank you all for your positive messages. They helped me pull through these difficult days. What should have been a routine surgery unveiled a much bigger monster. I had trusted my fate with the most professional people and they saved me. After the first 24 hours it was on me to dig myself out of this hole and I had more strength and courage than I would have thought. Within 48 hours I
From my inbox
Thu, Oct 19th 2017 10:08a   Volker Weber
How I’m dealing with my long-term project
Wed, Oct 18th 2017 3:12p   Volker Weber
#dontbreakthechain means you don’t skip your daily routine because you are lazy or the weather is bad or you don’t feel like it. However, if you have a medical emergency, that does not mean you are breaking the chain. You are watching your body with respect. The counts may go to zero, but your spirit does not. I won’t get my rewards for October, but I am already picking up the pieces.
Dramatische 24 Stunden
Tue, Oct 17th 2017 5:21p   Volker Weber
Es begann mit meinem Freund und Hausarzt Dr. Rainer Müller, ging über den klaren und kurzentschlossenen Internisten Dr. Andreas Niedenthal, den phantastischen Chirurgen Dr. Norbert Runge bis zu meinem exzellenten Intensiv-PflegerAlexander Bruccoleri. Diesen Menschen verdanke ich mein Leben.
init - der Wochenausblick: von Moskau nach Kuba
Mon, Oct 16th 2017 7:22p   Volker Weber
Ein riesiges Innovationsforum in Moskau, mindestens zwei wegweisende Highend-Smartphones, den Rollout der neuesten Windows-Versionen mit passenden Headsets und reichlich Erinnerungen. Die neue Woche hat viel zu bieten. More >
#dontbreakthechain einmal ganz anders
Sun, Oct 15th 2017 7:30p   Volker Weber
Am Freitag schickte mir Thomas einen Artikel, der eine unglaubliche Leistung beschreibt. Der 84-jährige Joses Hein aus Solingen hat 66 Jahre in Folge das deutsche Sportabzeichen erworben, zunächst in Bonze, dann in Silber, Jahrezehnte in Gold. Eine Ehrennadel für 65 gab es nicht, deshalb bekam er vom DSB einen Pokal. Den Artikel dazu gibt es online bei der RP.
Sat, Oct 14th 2017 9:58a   Volker Weber
Fünf Jahre lang saß Murat Kurnaz im Lager Guantánamo, heute ist er Sozialarbeiter in Bremen. Mit einem Appell wendet er sich an Migrantenkinder, wie er selbst eines war – und an junge Flüchtlinge. Durch die Hölle und zuück. Und (wieder) in Deutschland agekommen. Eine bewegende Geschichte.
How do you say iPhone X
Wed, Oct 11th 2017 7:31a   Volker Weber
Poll: how do you say iPhone X? (Retweet for more votes)— Volker Weber (@vowe) October 10, 2017 Last night I started this Twitter poll to find out how many people say 'iPhone 10' vs 'iPhone X'. Apple reps are trained to say 'iPhone 10' and they will even correct you when you say 'iPhone X'. It's a fun game. You can try it as often as you like and they always respond with 'iPhone X'. I did this recently in a briefing and then I confessed I was trolling them. We had a g
Surface Pro :: It's my preferred computer
Tue, Oct 10th 2017 4:00p   Volker Weber
Ten months in, the Surface Pro 4 is my preferred computer. I have quite a few of them and rotate them to keep them updated. But I am always going back to the Surface Pro as fast as possible. I would not be using Windows 10 without this hardware. I have yet to come across any other machine as pretty and as usable. It has it all: a beautiful screen, lightweight, touch, ink, great keyboard and trackpad. I had a good laugh when Nadella proclaimed he wanted people to love using Windows. Yeah,
Declan #dontbreakthechain
Tue, Oct 10th 2017 4:45a   Volker Weber
This is Declan. Last week he completed the first 500 days of #dontbreakthechain. I have known Declan for many years but I would only have recognized him by his voice. Below are earlier photos of Declan showing his progress. My heart-felt congratulations, Sir. And keep it up.
init - der Wochenausblick: von Rock bis Rock
Mon, Oct 9th 2017 6:59a   Volker Weber
IBM besteigt in Frankfurt ein kleines Watson-Gipfelchen, Microsoft bereitet die Developer auf das Fall Creators Update vor, ebenfalls in Frankfurt folgt die Buchmesse und in Nürnberg die it-sa. Eingerahmt wird alles von der Musik alter Männer. More >
Apple Watch :: LTE is a game changer
Mon, Oct 9th 2017 6:20a   Volker Weber
Ten days in I am pretty sure that LTE is a game changer for the Apple Watch. I have worn an Apple Watch for two and a half years and have been hooked on the activity tracking feature. That's why I never took it off. Notifications were always nice to have, since I did not have to fetch my iPhone for unimportant updates. But I still had it on me, no matter where I went. And this has changed. I often leave the iPhone behind when I leave the house. I still have my notifications, I get all my
Motion: BlackBerry Mobile stellt zweites Android-Gerät vor
Mon, Oct 9th 2017 6:06a   Volker Weber
Bild: BlackBerry Mobile Am gestrigen Sonntag hat BlackBerry-Lizenznehmer TCL nach dem KEYone ein tastaturloses Touchgerät gezeigt, das zunächst nur in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten angeboten wird. Weitere Märkte sollen folgen. More >
How I learnt to loathe England
Sun, Oct 8th 2017 1:15p   Volker Weber
A Dutchman reflects on what he’s learnt by living in Britain for the last six years - it isn’t pretty: The Tories are seared by Europe, as they have been for a generation, only now with more intensity; Labour looks incapable of overcoming its own divisions on the question. Neither party dares to speak the truth to millions of people who have voted for a "have your cake and eat it" option that was never on the menu. How to carry out the will of the majority when the majority voted for some
Weathered leather case and gold iPhone 8 Plus
Sun, Oct 8th 2017 9:31a   Volker Weber
This is a powerful combination.
Sunday morning treat
Sun, Oct 8th 2017 7:36a   Volker Weber
Gregor made these from scratch. Yummy.
Navigating the Sonos 8.0 app
Sun, Oct 8th 2017 6:56a   Volker Weber
The apps have been redesigned to look more like the iOS 10 Music app and they only use black & white with some red accents. At first I was completely lost in the Now Playing panel until I learned you have to use these two carets to get in and out. You can also swipe the panel up and down. If you tap the room name in the Now Playing panel, you are not taken to the rooms screen. Instead another panel appears where you can select which rooms the music should play in. This makes it easi
When marketing and engineering collide
Sat, Oct 7th 2017 3:51p   Volker Weber
This is Sonos One. It looks like the PLAY:1 special editions from 2015 in pure white and black. And it has the new top with touch controls and the microphones for voice control. It has been in production for a while and needs to ship in time for Xmas. And it needs to ship before too many people buy the Apple HomePod. Unfortunately the software isn't ready. When Sonos was still the only serious player it would not have shipped. PLAYBAR for instance did not ship before February because it wasn
Airplay auf Sonos für kleines Geld
Sat, Oct 7th 2017 11:44a   Volker Weber
Ein Raspberry Pi kostet nur ein paar Mark fünzig und braucht nicht viel Strom. In dem folgenden How To möchte ich euch zeigen wie ihr ein Raspberry Pi als Airplay Relais für Sonos benutzt um euere Sonos Lautsprecher Airplayfähig zu bekommen. Alles was ihr dazu braucht ist ein Raspberry Pi 2 oder 3, Airsonos und ein paar Linux Kentnisse. Und schon können alle Eure Sonos-Player Airplay. More >
So many threes
Fri, Oct 6th 2017 9:15a   Volker Weber
My Twitter profile today. Not going to last long.
Apple Watch Edition
Fri, Oct 6th 2017 7:36a   Volker Weber
When you buy an Apple Watch, you have to make one big decision: 38mm or 42mm. Rule of thumb: girls buy 38mm, boys 42. Having a bigger display is always helpful but you don't want the watch to be too big for your wrist. This one decision will set the size of your arm bands. Trust me, you will have a collection that lasts longer than one Watch. At the entry level you also have to decide whether you want LTE or not. It's an option. You can buy it but you don't have to use it right away. That's
No sleep today
Thu, Oct 5th 2017 9:20p   Volker Weber
Not entirely true. I did get some rest. But I was up every single hour of the day. I will behave better tomorrow.
Android Wear is gone from the Google Store
Thu, Oct 5th 2017 5:06p   Volker Weber
Go to store.google.com and try to find any reference to Android Wear. They disappeared yesterday. You have to be very ignorant to not understand what that means.
It was nice meeting you, Alexa
Thu, Oct 5th 2017 10:53a   Volker Weber
Jul 6, 2017, Sonos: ... you’ve asked to get on the Alexa beta. I’ve denied this request for now ... October 5, 2017, vowe: Good luck sorting out your edge cases for multilingual customers. I may have a second look once it goes out of beta.
Google Pixel 2: aus eigener Kraft mehr wie Apple sein - ein Kommentar
Thu, Oct 5th 2017 9:02a   Volker Weber
Mit dem Nexus One führte Google einst das pure Android-Gerät ein. Mit dem Pixel veränderte Google den Kurs in Richtung integrierter Premium-Anbieter. Der Erfolg blieb aus. Jetzt legt Google nach – und kann dabei auf eigene Stärken bauen. More >
Airplay 2 not coming to all Sonos speakers
Wed, Oct 4th 2017 10:53p   Volker Weber
Airplay 2 can be implemented in software, as long as you have enough memory. And apparently not all Sonos players do. This has yet to be confirmed by Sonos, but the current situation looks like this: Good: One, Playbase, Play:5 (gen 2)Bad: Play:1 (hardware 1.8x no, 1.20.x yes)Ugly: Play:3, Play:5 (gen 1), Connect, Connect:Amp, Sub We also don't know if you can target a group where one player is capable.
Sonos & Alexa: Hilfe!
Wed, Oct 4th 2017 6:37p   Volker Weber
Ich habe Sonos seit mehr als zehn Jahren Sonos. Seit Anfang des Jahres habe ich einen Echo Dot und kann mit dem auch einiges machen. Aber jetzt bin ich verloren. Ihr müsst mir da mal helfen. Ich habe in der Alexa App auf dem iPhone den Sonos Skill geladen. Darin habe ich mich mit meinem Sonos-Konto angemeldet und danach mit dem Amazon-Konto. Alexa hat mein Haus durchsucht und alle meine Sonos-Player gefunden. Und weiter komme ich nicht. Egal was ich Alexa erzähle, stets komm
Sonos startet öffentliche Alexa-Beta und präsentiert neuen Lautsprecher
Wed, Oct 4th 2017 3:33p   Volker Weber
Durch ein Software-Update können Anwender aus USA, UK und Deutschland nun Sonos mit jedem Alexa-Gerät verbinden. Dazu gibt es einen neuen Sonos-Player mit eingebauter Alexa. 2018 will Sonos Apple Airplay 2 und Google Assistant unterstützen. More >
Without a little help from my friends
Wed, Oct 4th 2017 10:58a   Volker Weber
Sonos has scheduled an event today in New York at 10am local, 16:00 CEST. That is very close to the Google event around the Pixel 2 et al, which will create a small Tsunami of news. But Sonos is macho. They are not afraid. It's their biggest event of the year. And despite their best effort to hide the URL and the password for their live stream, I managed to obtain that information. Even their agency was only coming forward with the info that press releases will not be sent out before 17:00.
Fitbit Ionic :: First impressions
Tue, Oct 3rd 2017 12:56p   Volker Weber
Ionic is the first real smartwatch from Fitbit. It's much nicer than I thought it would be just by looking at the pictures. I don't like to read Fitbit on the front, much like I did not like reading Pebble. There are also some really good features. But in the end it fails spectacularly for me. But first things first. I wore the Ionic on a regular dog walk and it logged the same 7000 steps my Apple Watch saw. It came to completely different results for the calorie burn. Where it recorded
Morten Harket
Mon, Oct 2nd 2017 3:33p   Volker Weber
Stellt Euch einfach vor, wie Morton Harket und seine Fans 32 Jahre seit diesem Video gealtert sind. Und dann schaut in diese Augen. Sie lieben ihn noch immer.
it - Der Wochenausblick: Nobelpreise, Pixel und Blade Runner
Mon, Oct 2nd 2017 6:20a   Volker Weber
Trotz Brücken- und Feiertag hat diese Woche einiges zu bieten. Besonders am Mittwoch ist der Bär los. Dazu gibt es jeden Tag Nobelpreisträger. More >
Battery always fully charged
Sat, Sep 30th 2017 8:20p   Volker Weber
It‘s so good to finally have inductive charging on the iPhone. My Lumia never ran dry because I had Qi chargers around the house. The same happens with iPhone now. The battery on the Watch also holds up well. It‘s at 71% after 13 hours, with about one hour of LTE standby. I did not place any calls though.
Nine months #dontbreakthechain
Sat, Sep 30th 2017 6:19p   Volker Weber
First nine months of 2017 are completed? Are you still with me? My interesting challenge ist 1000 days. I am 854 days in, 146 to go. Feb 22 is the target date.
And this is how you evolve a design
Sat, Sep 30th 2017 1:42p   Volker Weber
These are three generations of Apple Watch. Do you notice the difference? There is none. Apple got the design right on the first iteration and they have been iterating the internals year after year. They have re-assigned the buttons since they did not get the software right. But they kept a steady hand at the industrial design. Your first Apple Watch does not look different from the newest ones. The Aluminium case comes in Gold, Silver and Space Gray. The Steel case is available in Stainless
Apple Watch LTE :: This is seriously cool
Fri, Sep 29th 2017 12:30p   Volker Weber
Oh dear, this reminds me of my very first mobile phone, a Motorola 3200 International. Phone calls on the go, without a landline. Connected everywhere, without much effort. Now I can do the same. Without a smartphone. This feels so weird. I am always alert because I don't feel my phone on me. Did I forget it somewhere, did I drop it? We are so used to always keep that phone safe, that it is almost second nature.
Apple Watch LTE :: All the notifications, not all the apps
Fri, Sep 29th 2017 8:52a   Volker Weber
Apple Watch is designed to work with iPhone. On the App Store you will find iPhone apps that support the Watch. In watchOS 1, apps would execute on the iPhone and display on Watch. With watchOS 2 Apple released a native SDK that allowed apps to execute on the Watch itself, which sped up things considerably. Just by looking at App Store you cannot find out if an app runs natively on the Watch oder on iPhone. Watch, Watch Series 1 and Series 2 can talk to iPhone via Bluetooth or WiFi. Watch Ser
eSIM für Apple Watch Series 3 aktivieren
Fri, Sep 29th 2017 8:32a   Volker Weber
Das klingt eigentlich ganz einfach: Also habe ich da mal angerufen: Da sehe ich Verbesserungspotential.

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