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How BlackBerry lost the empire
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 127
BlackBerry still launching a headset next month
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 44
BlackBerry is now a software company
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 74
From my inbox :: VIPP
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 67
IBM Collaboration Solutions cognitive and roadmap update :: September 2016
Tue, Sep 27th 2016 148
Werbemüll von @manager_magazin abstellen
Tue, Sep 27th 2016 54
Still going strong :: Microsoft Surface
Tue, Sep 27th 2016 208
Top 10
Kurswechsel bei IBM
Thu, Sep 22nd 2016 263
Black iPhone vs Jet Black iPhone
Thu, Sep 22nd 2016 211
Still going strong :: Microsoft Surface
Tue, Sep 27th 2016 208
The display makes the difference
Mon, Sep 26th 2016 179
IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift
Fri, Sep 23rd 2016 166
Observations from using the new iPhone and Watch
Sun, Sep 25th 2016 156
IBM Collaboration Solutions cognitive and roadmap update :: September 2016
Tue, Sep 27th 2016 148
VanMoof :: Our secret’s out
Sun, Sep 25th 2016 141
Nächste c't: EMM für alle
Mon, Sep 26th 2016 140
How BlackBerry lost the empire
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 127

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How BlackBerry lost the empire
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 10:08a   Volker Weber
BlackBerry never had a successful smartphone. Their commanding market share was built on rather simple messaging devices and an architecture that allowed customers to tie into their internat, walled-off mail infrastructures. When iPhone launched in 2007 the writing was on the wall. This was not a highly efficient device with a long battery life and super low demand on network bandwidth. This was a real computer with a web browser, always connected. It brought down the AT&T network and other
BlackBerry still launching a headset next month
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 9:18a   Volker Weber
I contacted BlackBerry and asked two questions. I got the answer within minutes: Is BlackBerry going ahead with the DTEK60 launch? Yes. Is BlackBerry still committed to Android updates? Yes. Both DTEKs are not made my BlackBerry but by TCL who also developed the hardware. There is a third device in the pipeline and I have not asked about that. BlackBerry will not be developing further handset hardware, and frankly, there isn't anybody left who understands hardware. But they will continue t
BlackBerry is now a software company
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 8:26a   Volker Weber
We're not just Smartphones. We're the Smart IN your phones. #BlackBerry Software https://t.co/ixQ95qjKZ9 pic.twitter.com/n8yiUelD0v— BlackBerry4Biz (@BlackBerry4Biz) September 27, 2016 BlackBerry announced today that they ... Entered into a licensing agreement with telecom joint venture in Indonesia, BB Merah Putih, to manufacture, distribute and promote BlackBerry-branded devices running BlackBerry's secure Android software and applications More >
From my inbox :: VIPP
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 8:23a   Volker Weber
I am a sucker for VIPP. Their products are expensive and made with extreme care. I have this, this, this, this, and now this. Some of those I bought for myself, some I got as presents. Thank you!
IBM Collaboration Solutions cognitive and roadmap update :: September 2016
Tue, Sep 27th 2016 1:46p   Volker Weber
Ed Brill has been travelling with this presentation last week. I really hope that IBM can close the gap between aspiration and delivery.
Werbemüll von @manager_magazin abstellen
Tue, Sep 27th 2016 8:49a   Volker Weber
Ich weiß nicht, warum das Manager Magazin den Prozess so geregelt hat, aber anscheinend ist der Twitter-Account die einzige Anlaufstelle, die den Müllversand abstellen kann. Ich bin gespannt. So ganz sicher ist der/die mit dem Twitter-Account auch nicht.
Still going strong :: Microsoft Surface
Tue, Sep 27th 2016 2:12a   Volker Weber
I watch Apple events on Apple TV. And I watch Microsoft events on Surface 3. I just have to. This little machine does not get enough love on vowe dot net. The reason is that I don't have my trusted apps on Windows: iA Writer for writing copy, Pixelmator for editing photos, Imagewell for preparing screenshots, a blog editor for my ancient CMS. It's all on my Mac, and for iPhone and iPad I am using Workflow to streamline things and of course iA Writer for copy. I really like the design of Wind
Nächste c't: EMM für alle
Mon, Sep 26th 2016 2:21p   Volker Weber
Heute ist mein nächster Artikel für die c't 21/2016 belichtet worden. Jetzt wird gedruckt, geheftet und am Freitag ist er bei den Abonnenten. Seite 132, wer ihn zuerst aufschlagen will. Es geht in dem Artikel darum, wie man mit Hilfe von EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) private von geschäftlichen Daten trennen kann. Der Artikel ist so einfach wie möglich gehalten, ohne auf zu viele Feinheiten einzugehen. Ich möchte auch kleine und kleinste Unter
Outlook for iOS and Android is now fully powered by the Microsoft Cloud
Mon, Sep 26th 2016 1:41p   Volker Weber
Outlook for iOS and Android now supports Exchange Online mailboxes natively, which means that none of the data of your mailboxes is cached outside of Office 365. Outlooks is the best email client for Android and iOS. And Microsoft is finally making it enterprise-ready by connecting it directly into the Office 365 cloud. ... This new architecture also improves how Outlook reports Device IDs to Exchange Online, to help admins manage mobile email access through Outlook. More >
Sonos coming to the Apple Store
Mon, Sep 26th 2016 1:31p   Volker Weber
Just putting this here so that I don't get pinged by everybody. :-) Apple Stores (physical and online) will start selling PLAY:1 and PLAY:5. PLAY:1 is the easy one, PLAY:5 is quite a big box. You get three months of Apple Music with your purchase, from now until the end of the year. Good news for Sonos. If Apple would finally enable Sonos to send music to those players from any app, that would be great. I am already using Spotify Direct, and that is coming to all Sonos players in a few months
Warten auf die Telekom
Mon, Sep 26th 2016 8:54a   Volker Weber
26. September 9:05 Fritzbox meldet: kein DSL 26. September 10:05 Fritzbox meldet: seit mehr als einer Stunde keine Internetverbindung 26. September 11:05 Fritzbox meldet: seit mehr als einer Stunde keine Internetverbindung 26. September 11:07 vowe: @Telekom_hilft hat heute pünktlich um 9 Uhr das DSL abgeschaltet. Ob das noch mal wieder kommt? 26. September 11:37 @Telekom_hilft: @vowe um welche Vorwahl geht es? ^ar 26. September 11:41 vowe: @Telekom_hilft 06151 Alle Infos hier: http
The display makes the difference
Mon, Sep 26th 2016 5:00a   Volker Weber
Swim-proof, GPS, faster CPU, all of that does not make a difference to me. If you are a runner and want to leave the phone behind, GPS is your friend. If you live a maritime lifestyle, having a swim-proof watch is paramount. Everybody loves a faster CPU. But the display makes the difference to me. This photo was taken in bright overcast daylight. It's the brightest light you get, safe for direct sunlight. And the display isn't only perfectly readable but it still appears black with even the g
VanMoof :: Our secret’s out
Sun, Sep 25th 2016 1:52p   Volker Weber
genius idea alert: @vanmoof bikes had problem with shipping damage. So it put flat TVs on its boxes. Problem solved. pic.twitter.com/dsomNATUoY— Jason Gay (@jasongay) September 4, 2016 More >
Observations from using the new iPhone and Watch
Sun, Sep 25th 2016 10:29a   Volker Weber
With a few days into using the new iPhone and Watch, I have some observations to share. Going through a long list of new features and celebrating all of them does not mean you will notice them after a few days, but here are a few that really stick: The iPhone 7 Plus is insanely fast. At everything. The Watch got so much better with watchOS 3. You get that on your "old" watch. It makes a much bigger difference than going to the new hardware. But what really sticks out on the new hardware is t
IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift
Fri, Sep 23rd 2016 10:34a   Volker Weber
IBM gladly announces general availability of the IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift. By including the latest Swift tools and taking care of system dependencies, this runtime allows you to focus on writing your server-side Swift services. And experienced enterprise developers take note: the Swift runtime includes all optimizations necessary to run in IBM Bluemix public, dedicated and local cloud deployments. Cool stuff. Swift was introduced by Apple, then made open source. Now it's available for ser
It's a tight race for udoq
Fri, Sep 23rd 2016 5:47a   Volker Weber
When I told you about udoq, the Kickstarter campaign had just started and was at 80 backers. Now it has over 200 and looks to be on track to meet its goal of 50.000 €. But since it gained 80 backers in just a few days and then 150 in a week, it has to gain some speed to meet its goal. Please note that you can acquire the cables you need by adding to your pledge. Read the whole page. This is a really nice product I would like to succeed. Watch the video. And the go to the Kickstarter
Kurswechsel bei IBM
Thu, Sep 22nd 2016 1:48p   Volker Weber
Die Zeit unter Jeff Schick als General Manager war für den ex-Lotus-Bereich bei IBM nicht von Erfolg geprägt. Zu viel versprochen, zu wenig gehalten. Die IBM Connect 2016 durfte er noch eröffnen, dann verschwand er in der Versenkung. Zum Ende der Veranstaltung trat seine Nachfolgerin Inhi Cho Suh an. Und die ist dabei, gründlich aufzuräumen. Mit Ronnie Maffa wurde auch die für die Produktentwicklung zuständige Managerin gefeuert. En
Black iPhone vs Jet Black iPhone
Thu, Sep 22nd 2016 10:42a   Volker Weber
People who like black things have been agonising over the question which of the two blacks they should buy. When you unbox the "regular" black model it looks very black. Surprisingly black actually. In bright daylight there is not much difference between the two models. It's just that one is shiny, the other one is matte. And this photo shows the confusion. Both phones are still in daylight conditions, but now they are on a black surface. With lower contrast in the lighting conditions the
IBM Business Connect in Frankfurt
Wed, Sep 21st 2016 11:38a   Volker Weber
Hallo BlackBerry, so macht man das. Also nicht, dass IBM übersehen hat, dass ich da war. Aber die Art und Weise, wie man die Unterlagen einer solchen Veranstaltung allen Kunden und solchen, die es werden könnten, zur Verfügung stellt. Ja, ich war echt da. Habe sogar noch das Schild. :-)
Apple Watch and Watch Series 2 display comparison
Wed, Sep 21st 2016 8:21a   Volker Weber
This is out in bright sunlight, but in the shade of my own body. Both are readable, but you can see at the edges that the new display is superior. The slight tilt does not make a difference.
Neues Design beim Apple Case für das iPhone
Wed, Sep 21st 2016 4:44a   Volker Weber
Ich fand das Apple Case aus Leder immer etwas unhandlich, weil die Buttons des iPhone schwerer zu bedienen waren. Nun hat Apple kleine Knöpfe eingelassen, die durch das Case auf die Buttons des iPhones einwirken. Besser zu fühlen, besser zu bedienen. Und damit eine gute Sache. More >
Flachmann wird flacher
Wed, Sep 21st 2016 4:36a   Volker Weber
Passend zum neuen Launch des neuen iPhone 7 bringt tizi.tv einen neuen Zusatzakku. Sehr praktisch: das Ladekabel (OUT) ist schon drin. Einen Knopf zum Einschalten (ON) hat es. Vier LEDs zeigen an, wieviel Strom drin ist. Dazu eine Buchse (IN) zum Laden. Leider MicroUSB und nicht Lightning. Damit braucht man ein kurzes Adapterkabel für das Ladegerät. 1A schiebt der Akku zum iPhone, mit 1.5A kann er selbst geladen werden. 3200 mAh sind drin. Das ist nicht viel, aber flacher a
Buying an Apple Watch Series 2? A recommendation.
Wed, Sep 21st 2016 2:42a   Volker Weber
If you are considering buying an Apple Watch Series 2, I have a recommendation. After wearing the original Apple Watch for a year, I just switched to the new model. And with that switch I went from a Stainless Steel watch to what was previously an Apple Watch Sport. Apple no longer makes that distinction. It's just "Apple Watch". The biggest difference that I noticed immediately is how much lighter the aluminium body is. You have to see this in numbers: I am used to wearing 82g to 91g on
BlackBerry is not good at protecting secrets
Tue, Sep 20th 2016 4:48a   Volker Weber
A URL with 'specifications-a-donotpublish.html' is security through obscurity. The DTEK60 just went 'official'.
Mon, Sep 19th 2016 11:57a   Volker Weber
Eine Familie. Zwei Apps. Alle Plattformen: Die familee App hilft Eltern und ihren Kindern sicher und altersgerecht mit dem Smartphone umzugehen. Was man alles bei der Recherche zu Mobile Device Management findet! Familee ist ein App, mit der Eltern die Smartphone-Nutzung der Kinder steuern können. Meine erste Reaktion war "Helikopter-Eltern". Und dann habe ich mal gelesen Die Position wird zum Beispiel vom Kind geschickt und nicht von den Eltern getrackt. More >
From my mailbox
Mon, Sep 19th 2016 11:09a   Volker Weber
This was in my mailbox today. No further information. I figured these are for cable management. There is a sticker on the back. Thank you tizi.tv.
Plantronics BackBeat Fit
Sun, Sep 18th 2016 5:10p   Volker Weber
Since many people seem to be looking for good Bluetooth headsets, I am trying as many as I can. This BackBeat Fit isn't new, there are just a few new color options. The BackBeat Fit has an interesting profile: other than most sports headsets it does not block you ear canal. It's not worn inside the ear canal, but inside your ear lobe. The wings push the eartips into your ear canal, but they don't completely block it. At first these headsets seemed to be too uncomfortable but I wore them with
HP pre-programmed failure date of unofficial/ non-HP ink cartridges :: Myce.com
Sun, Sep 18th 2016 4:15p   Volker Weber
Investigation of an online printer ink retailer shows that HP has programmed a date in its printer firmware on which unofficial non-HP cartridges would fail. Thousands of HP printers around the world started to show error messages on the same day, the 13th of September 2016. Repeat after me: DRM is bad for the customer. More >
Microsoft Health fails
Fri, Sep 16th 2016 9:54a   Volker Weber
The only people who have ever used the Microsoft Health platform were those with a Microsoft Band. Now Microsoft renames it "Microsoft Band". And does not appear to have new bands in the pipeline. It was nice knowing you, Microsoft Health.
The biggest non-issue
Fri, Sep 16th 2016 9:02a   Volker Weber
Hottest item for weeks has been Apple dropping the headset jack from iPhone 7. The topic appears to be most popular amongst pundits who don't even want an iPhone. To tell you the truth, I don't care. Neither do most people who buy an iPhone. They just take the new earbuds out of the box and plug them into the Lightning port. And that aftermarket headset they own? They will attach that small Lightning adapter that comes with the iPhone to their headset and then quickly forget about it. Chances
You dock with udoq
Thu, Sep 15th 2016 7:46a   Volker Weber
This was a nice find at IFA in Berlin. Udoq is a universal dock for all your gadgets that charge with Apple 30-pin, Lighting, MicroUSB or USB Type C. It comes in different lengths from 25 to 70 cm. And you customize it to your liking. Notice the little details: Aluminium never touches your device or your table. There is always a bit a soft material inbetween. Udoq sells you the cables you need, you open the ends of the dock, slide them in and then hide the excess cable within the dock. Then y
Who says Microsoft doesn't listen?
Wed, Sep 14th 2016 3:39p   Volker Weber
One of the ongoing feedback items we’ve heard is how the apps that come preinstalled with Windows will reinstall after each upgrade – particularly noticeable for our Insiders that receive multiple flights per month. We’ve heard your feedback, and starting with Build 14926, when your PC updates it will check for apps that have been uninstalled, and it will preserve that state once the update has completed. This means if you uninstall any of the apps included in Windows 1
Jabra Halo Smart and Plantronics BackBeat 100
Wed, Sep 14th 2016 9:47a   Volker Weber
I brought this Jabra Halo Smart headset back from IFA 2016. It's not that I don't have enough headsets, but I was curious about the collar design. Plantronics has the competing BackBeat 100 product, and I wanted see who came out on top. Both headsets share the same idea. You wear the electronics, the Bluetooth chipset and the battery around your neck, and you have two wired earbuds hanging from this collar. You are wearing nothing on your head, you are not tethered to your phone, and yet, y
Gruber on swallowing your pride
Wed, Sep 14th 2016 7:14a   Volker Weber
I'm not saying it was 'easy' in any way for Apple to go from, say, the iPhone 6S to the 7. But they didn't need to swallow any pride. They did with WatchOS 3, and that's a good sign. The way to be right all the time is not to be right all the time, because that never happens. If you're pushing the boundaries of any endeavor, mistakes are inevitable. If you convince yourself that you're right all the time, you'll slip into denial regarding your mistakes. Then the problems compound. The wa
Love this new watch face
Wed, Sep 14th 2016 4:50a   Volker Weber
This watch face is a nice reminder to stay active. I always try to close the exercise ring in the morning and keep the move ring in front of the stand ring.
Microsoft researchers achieve speech recognition milestone
Tue, Sep 13th 2016 5:43p   Volker Weber
Microsoft researchers have reached a milestone in the quest for computers to understand speech as well as humans. Xuedong Huang, the company’s chief speech scientist, reports that in a recent benchmark evaluation against the industry standard Switchboard speech recognition task, Microsoft researchers achieved a word error rate (WER) of 6.3 percent, the lowest in the industry. ... This past weekend, at Interspeech, an international conference on speech communication and technology held
The best iPhone review ever written
Tue, Sep 13th 2016 5:25p   Volker Weber
Matthew Panzarino has written quite a piece: Apple is mid-stride in building out physical manifestations of the iPhone’s core abilities. If the Apple hardware ecosystem is a body then the iPhone is the brain, the Apple Watch is the hand and the AirPods are the mouth. Your memory and cognition, the way you interact with the physical world and how you speak to it. ... There will come a day when we will view poking and prodding at an iPhone’s screen as just an archaic interacti
IBM Business Connect 2016 in Frankfurt
Tue, Sep 13th 2016 3:34p   Volker Weber
This year IBM had their annual Business Connect conference on the Goethe Universit├Ąt campus in Frankfurt. Decades ago there would have been car parking everywhere, but this campus has banned all cars. Which makes it absolutely wonderful, and not so easy to reach by car. The garage was full when I arrived, so was the overflow garage. Just before I was about to give up and drive home, I found a (legal) parking spot in a residential area only a 15 minute walk from the venue. I was there to find o
The Nokia farewell party
Mon, Sep 12th 2016 2:24a   Volker Weber
Rumor has it that Microsoft will stop selling Lumias by the end of the year. Time to remember the big party in Abu Dhabi. It was 2013, I was using the brilliant Lumia 1020 phone with the 41 megapixel camera. I had an iPhone 5, but I preferred the Lumia by a long shot. After having the Nokia World in London for a couple of stints, there were rumors about an event in New York, but eventually Nokia sent out invitations to Abu Dhabi. This is were we all realized this would be the big farewell party
watchOS 3 does not mess up battery life
Sat, Sep 10th 2016 5:48p   Volker Weber
I never use beta software just to be on the latest and greatest. So I did not install any of the watchOS betas. Apple Watch is way to important to me to risk serious bugs. You also needed to upgrade the iPhone to iOS 10 beta, which was even more out of the question. So I waited patiently for the GMs and upgraded both the phone and the watch. And at first I was under the impression that watchOS was working the battery much harder and that I might run out of power before the day was over. But tha
Screenshots in watchOS 3
Thu, Sep 8th 2016 11:27a   Volker Weber
If you press both buttons on Apple Watch simultaneously, it will take a screenshot and place it in the camera roll on your iPhone. That no longer works unless you enable it in the Watch app on your iPhone.
Sonos 6.4
Thu, Sep 8th 2016 8:59a   Volker Weber
We’re listening differently. More and more Sonos listeners are choosing curated radio stations and custom playlists over individual tracks. Less time spent searching for single songs, more time spent filling your home with a continual flow of music. So in response, we’ve evolved our Sonos App to make this new style of listening as fast and easy as possible. Sonos made this a stealth update by syncing with the Apple keynote. This was a long beta until they got it right. You n
Need input on separating business from personal data
Thu, Sep 8th 2016 8:05a   Volker Weber
Most large enterprises have deployed Enterprise Mobility Management platforms that manage mobile devices, their apps and their content. Most tiny and small companies don't give a sh!t. They are too busy running their daily operations to even figure out they may have a problem. I need your thoughts on this. What can tiny and small companies do to protect their business data from Facebook & Co? Or from their kids ... Here is one example: some Samsung phones have a personal KNOX container. B
A few thoughts on the Apple Watch Series 2
Thu, Sep 8th 2016 7:28a   Volker Weber
Since I am an active Apple Watch user, I got as lot of questions after yesterday's keynote. Some thoughts inspired by those questions. Upgrade or not? Do you need to upgrade from the original watch? For most people that is a definite no. GPS. That is the big thing people have been waiting for. It allows the watch to track you without an iPhone. That comes at a cost. GPS most likely is the top battery burner in a device that small. Apple says workouts can last up to five hours with GPS on. Y
Some thoughts on the Apple Keynote
Wed, Sep 7th 2016 4:58p   Volker Weber
Let's dive right in: Watch Series 2 looks like the original. Wise decision. Samsung has tried seven different designs and they are losing. New features in Series 2: waterproof to 50 m, GPS, 2x brighter display, faster dual core GPU with 50% more performance, 100% faster GPU. Great enhancements, especially for active people. Two new workouts: swimming outdoors and in pool. Does lap and stroke count. Runners won't need to bring their phone for an exakt track. The original Watch stays in market
Sen.se ThermoPeanut
Wed, Sep 7th 2016 11:51a   Volker Weber
This is all I ever wanted from IoT: simple, one-purpose devices that don't cost a fortune. Now Sen.se has started to make "Peanuts", the first one being ThermoPeanut. It's driven by a CR2032 battery and talks to your smartphone over Bluetooth Low Energy. The default is one measurement every 15 minutes and an automatic transfer every two hours. As everything, this is configurable. If you press a button on the peanut or refresh from the app, transfer happens immediately. ThermoPeanut stores m
Drei Sekunden Höchstgeschwindigkeit. Und das jeden Tag.
Tue, Sep 6th 2016 5:48p   Volker Weber
Lieber Herr Weber, wir verbessern die Leistung für Sie! Ab sofort surfen Sie in Ihrem Tarif mit Ihrem Highspeed-Volumen mit der maximal verfügbaren LTE-Geschwindigkeit: bis zu 300 MBit/s im Download! Die höhere Geschwindigkeit ist für Sie selbstverständlich kostenlos. Ihre Telekom Doppelt so schnelles Internet, das klingt gut. Rechnen wir mal: Mein Tarif enthält 3 Gigabyte Datenvolumen. Bei 30 Tagen im Monat sind das 100 Megabyte am Ta
Box Relay is Notes all over again
Tue, Sep 6th 2016 3:53p   Volker Weber
Box Relay is a new type of workflow solution that is targeted at business users who need to create, share and track simple workflows. It is designed to help you get your work done more efficiently. Box Relay will not replace traditional business process and case management tools but will complement them. If you habe been in this business long enough, the irony of Box Relay is not lost on you. This is exactly how Lotus Notes started. Move simple workflows out of email. Bottom up, from the depart
September Update for BlackBerry PRIV and DTEK50 is live
Tue, Sep 6th 2016 12:40p   Volker Weber
Dutch Kryptonite
Tue, Sep 6th 2016 9:00a   Volker Weber
Thanks, Thomas!
Trekz Titanium bone conducting headphones
Tue, Sep 6th 2016 5:27a   Volker Weber
Headsets serve two purposes for me: they let me listen in private when I am traveling and they isolate me from the surrounding noise. But what if you do want to hear what's happening around you? Like running through a forest or riding in traffic? Trekz set out to solve this with their Titanium headset. It works by sending the sound through your cheekbones instead of your ear canal. You can still hear what's happening, because your ears remain free. Big question: how do they sound? Somewhere b
Brands selling out :: Exhibit A - Hasselblad
Tue, Sep 6th 2016 2:41a   Volker Weber
The latest camera brand that is selling out their pedigree is Hasselblad. And it does not really matter if it's Leica, Zeiss, Schneider-Kreuznach or Hasselblad. You can print their logo onto a smartphone, but you are not getting the quality product attached to the brand for a fraction of the price. When Hasselblad announced their Moto Mod at CeBIT, most of the journalists in attendance where in awe. A Hasselblad attached to a smartphone. Wow. But something struck me as odd: a 12 MP camera with
Five weeks to five hundred
Mon, Sep 5th 2016 6:01p   Volker Weber
Did not talk much about it recently, but this thing is still on. Today is day 465, or one hundred days since completing the year. Five weeks from now I will have completed 500 days with all three activity goals met.
Photofast Memories Cable & iKlips Duo
Mon, Sep 5th 2016 4:26p   Volker Weber
I brought two memory devices back from IFA and they both serve the same purpose: exchange files between an iPhone or iPad with PCs or Mac, or other iDevices for that matter. I will be first looking at the Memoriescable from Photofast and then at the iKlips Duo from Adam Elements. Both companies are from Taiwan. Getting files in and out of an iPhone or iPad isn't quite as easy as with an Android device where you just need to attach a UTG-adapter (USB to go) and then a memory stick to that. Appl
Finnish Cryptonite
Mon, Sep 5th 2016 8:22a   Volker Weber
Thank you, Frank!
The Art of Casey Neistat & His Impact on Filmmaking
Mon, Sep 5th 2016 4:25a   Volker Weber
Very good analysis by a film editor. Don't know Casey? Watch his latest. I suggest you subscribe. Casey publishes daily and it is a nice 10 minutes to look forward to.
New tracker in the house :: Misfit Ray
Mon, Sep 5th 2016 4:03a   Volker Weber
I have been trying many trackers from Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings and smartwatches from Apple, Microsoft, TomTom, Pebble and Withings. And then I settled on the Apple Watch since that is just perfect for me. But what if you do not want a smartwatch, because you have a nice mechanical watch that you love. And that has memories attached to it. You can't even wear one of those full featured trackers with a display, because that already tells you the time. Misfit Ray to the rescue. It's just a
Wireless headset designs
Sun, Sep 4th 2016 7:34a   Volker Weber
Apple is about to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack from the next iPhone, or so we hear. Whoever makes wireless headsets should be happy about that. As a customer however, you have to weigh your options. Traditional over-the-ear or on-ear headsets works just the same as with a cable and they offer all-day battery life. With in-ear headsets however, there are many different designs, and all manufacturers offer a wide range of options. Since I will be talking about different products in the next week
Lenovo Yoga Book was my IFA hightlight
Fri, Sep 2nd 2016 5:30p   Volker Weber
This is a fresh new device. Tablet on one side, Wacom digitizer on the other side, Yoga hinge holds it together. The digitizer is not a display, but it can light up as a keyboard, basically a backlit template. Typing on this surface gives you physical feedback through a left/right movement. Not a vibrator, but more like Apple's Tap Engine. Since it is not a display, you cannot change key assignments. Different models for different markets. But the software adjust to you. If you hit the space
Great Sonos commercials: You're better than this
Fri, Sep 2nd 2016 5:00p   Volker Weber
This is a compilation. Individual ads below:
Samsung Level Active
Thu, Sep 1st 2016 2:06a   Volker Weber
Nice find yesterday: Samsung Level Active in ear headphones. At first I thought they did not sound any good. But then I pressed them into the ear canal and boom, there was the sound. Replaced the ear gels but still good not get a good seal. Finally replaced the over-ear hooks with in-ear wings. Now they provide great sound while being very comfortable at the same time. There is a lesson here: if you find ear-canal headphones missing bass, it's you. Work on them until they fit.
Sonos + Spotify + Alexa
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 11:49a   Volker Weber
Big announcement today from Sonos in New York City. Cutting to the chase, three things are happening: New Sonos update very shortly making it easier to control your speakers from the Sonos controller. Instead of managing the queue, you now default to playing directly whatever you select. Queue management takes a backseat but does not go away. Sonos joins the Spotify Connect ecosystem. You can control Sonos directly from your Spotify app, no matter where you are. Beta in October. Control your S
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 11:38a   Volker Weber
Frau Brandlinger hat zwei Fellwechsel im Jahr. Der erste von Januar bis Juni, der zweite von Juli bis Dezember. Mit anderen Worten: sie haart wie Sau. Heute kam eine Überraschung von meiner Amazon-Wunschliste. Der Furminator. Das soll wohl an Fur und Terminator erinnern. Und wie man sieht, funktioniert der auch so. In zehn Minuten habe ich mehr Haare aus dem Fell geholt als sie in einer Woche in der Bude verteilt. Danke, Jonas!
Much leading
Mon, Aug 29th 2016 11:01a   Volker Weber
IBM publishes a blog post naming Inhi Cho Suh as the author. It celebrates an IDC finding that positions IBM as the leading enterprise social software vendor. I can't help thinking that the community is waiting for a different blog post, addressing the Notes/Domino situation.
Office Lens on Windows 10
Mon, Aug 29th 2016 10:11a   Volker Weber
Microsoft has quietly published the Office Lens app for Windows 10. However, Windows Store tells me it is not supported on Surface. Let's hope this is just one of those Windows Store quirks.
Signal :: Private Messaging and Calling
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 6:11p   Volker Weber
If Vanity Fair starts chatting up Signal as a secure "Snowden-approved" channel, it may finally see a breakthrough. It's my third messenger next to iMessage and WhatsApp. More >
iOS 9.3.5 Zero Days ein “Desaster für Apple”? Im Gegenteil.
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 6:09a   Volker Weber
Nach bisherigen Informationen wurden 3 bisher unbekannte Schwachstellen in iOS entdeckt, die in Kombination nach Klick auf einen Link zu Schadsoftware Zugriff auf das iPhone ermöglichen. Ist das Grund zur Panik? Nein. Onkel Frank erklärt Euch das mit der Sicherheit. Und der weiß voll Bescheid. More >
How ad platforms learn your real social graph
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 4:44a   Volker Weber
Facebook has two messengers. Messenger works with your Facebook login and your "friends", WhatsApp with your phone number and your address book. The interesting information is not the directory but the traffic between those people. Whatsapp is so pervasive because you don't need to build your directory. It's already in your address book. Google, the older ad platform, has had many messengers, but eventually Hangouts persevered. It works with your Google ID. And Google failed to convince y
Do not hit "Agree" on WhatsApp
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 3:38a   Volker Weber
I know, we are all trained to just accept any changes in ToCs. But this time, don't. Instead, tap in the "Read more ..." at the bottom of the page. It will take you to another page, and there at the bottom is a switch. Toggle it from 1 to 0. It should not be green before you agree. Too late, you say? Already hit that Agree button? Follow the steps under Option 2.
That "App Modernization" story
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 3:27a   Volker Weber
I would like to ask you what you need for your Notes/Domino app development. Please work under these assumptions: Notes and Domino are not going anywhere. There is no big market push by IBM. There won't be major new releases. Notes will continue to run on Windows and Mac. Domino will continue to run on Windows and Linux. Domino will continue to be connected to Android and iOS. That is what I call "maintenance mode". So, what do you need in terms of development? Be smart. Don't ask for
Sophisticated, persistent mobile attack against high-value targets on iOS
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 4:04p   Volker Weber
From the lookout blog: Lookout’s analysis determined that the malware exploits three zero-day vulnerabilities, or Trident, in Apple iOS: CVE-2016-4655: Information leak in Kernel – A kernel base mapping vulnerability that leaks information to the attacker allowing him to calculate the kernel’s location in memory. CVE-2016-4656: Kernel Memory corruption leads to Jailbreak – 32 and 64 bit iOS kernel-level vulnerabilities that allow the attacker to silently jailb
What comes after the firetruck?
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 11:46a   Volker Weber
As you get older you lose many capabilities. I'd love to ride a longboard, that has become way too dangerous for my bones. But you gain something from watching the world around you. It's like a carousel. Firetruck, horse, motorcycle, car, ... and then firetruck, horse, motorcycle, car ... You don't have a time machine, and you still know the future. About eleven years ago I went to a Groupwise conference. I knew for a fact that Novell was milking its customer base. But here they were, a rat
How to not share your WhatsApp account information with Facebook
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 11:19a   Volker Weber
Facebook is an ad platform. Get used to it. It's not a social network. It is an ad platform. Got it? An ad platform works best if it knows your social graph. Not the hundreds of "friends" but the people you are talking to. Likes and comments. And chats. That is your real social graph. That is what Facebook Messenger does. And WhatsApp now as well. Did you notice how Facebook pressured you to leave your phone number to make your account "more secure"? It's your ID. And by joining your Wha
Domino 9.0.1 and beyond
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 10:54a   Volker Weber
Ed Brill, commenting on Darren Duke's rant: To comment on the support point specifically, in the next few weeks we will announce formally that support for 9.0.x will be extended to 2021. It doesn't depend on a version update. And as you note, things originally expected in 9.0.2 are going to come in what are currently called fixpacks. I haven't decided what to call the update with Verse on Premises yet. Reading between the lines: Domino 9.0.2 does not happen. Domino 9.0.1 is not going away
Wohin steuert IBM bei Domino und Notes?
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 6:53a   Volker Weber
Alexander Neumann für Heise Developer: Viele Domino-Entwickler befürchten schon seit längerem eine unsichere Zukunft für ihr angestammtes Aufgabengebiet. Das kulminiert derzeit in etlichen kritischen Blog-Beiträgen. Vielleicht tritt aber schon nächsten Monat etwas Ruhe ein. More >
Apple Music Festival 2016
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 3:59a   Volker Weber
Apple has another Music Festival in London. This times it is for Apple Music subscribers only. Which I think is fair enough. More >
An insider's view on Apple Music exclusives
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 3:19a   Volker Weber
There’s one guy who is behind ALL of these campaigns — and he is light years ahead of everyone else. He works intimately with each artist as a creative peer, and develops an amazing plan, this is no simple land grab. He works closer with the artists than labels do. Fascinating read. I did not know about this major change in the industry. More >
Finding text in OneNote images
Wed, Aug 24th 2016 4:58a   Volker Weber
This seems to be difficult to believe, but OneNote really does find text in images. OCR is done in the cloud. If you can't get it to work, just follow my simple steps. Open OfficeLens and take a photo: Although I did not frame the document correctly, it irons it out. Now save the document to OneNote: It will default to just a generic title and I will leave it at this. No tags, no folders, nothing. Open OneNote and type some text into the search field. Here is my document: So it may
Liberate your Notes app with KEEP.WORKS
Wed, Aug 24th 2016 4:11a   Volker Weber
Moving off Notes applications is next to impossible. Notes has a unique set of capabilities that are not easily rebuilt on other platforms. That is what is keeping companies from retiring their Domino servers, even if they have long migrated messaging. I call it the Asbestos problem. Easy to put in, very hard to get out. A few days ago I told you about the partnership of LDC and PSC, where the LDC VIA platform serves as a delivery platform for legacy Notes applications. Now LDC has built a sel
Connections/Verse not running on Android Nougat, yet
Wed, Aug 24th 2016 2:36a   Volker Weber
Heads up from IBM. Both Connections and Verse clients don't work on Android Nougat. If you don't want to be cut off, postpone that update until after IBM releases the next version in September. I think they are also way behind on iOS. Last time I looked they did not support iPhone 6 features, let alone 6S. I hope nothing breaks with iOS 10.
Making money on apps? That's over.
Tue, Aug 23rd 2016 2:31a   Volker Weber
Brent Simmons on the state of creating paid iOS apps: Do we still talk about new apps and recommend apps to people? Hardly, these days. Vesper is shutting down. If Simmons and Gruber cannot keep an iOS app viable, the ecosystem really is in trouble. Games & junk just mask it. You can still make money by creating apps that solve difficult problems. You can still make money by creating apps for people who pay for development? But solving a simple problem does not pay anymore. No matter how
LDC Via partnership with PSC Group
Mon, Aug 22nd 2016 2:54p   Volker Weber
PSC Group and LDC Via have entered into a strategic partnership. Under this partnership PSC Group will adopt LDC Via as a platform for customers seeking to migrate data and applications away from legacy IBM (Lotus) Notes & Domino, and also as a preferred platform for the development of new software applications that might otherwise have been developed on Domino. That is pretty big. PSC Group is a very respected consultancy in the US. LDC is a group of developers in the UK; love those guys.
Android Nougat is here
Mon, Aug 22nd 2016 2:08p   Volker Weber
Google has released Android Nougat, a.k.a. Android 7.0. If you have a Nexus or Pixel, you can upgrade right away. If not, you may have to wait a few months, or most likely never get it unless you buy a new device. Next year will be the anniversary of the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro announcement, which wasn't available for months. It came with Android 5.1, was never upgraded to Android 6.0, and has not received security fixes since March, 1. And that's an expensive flagship device. Other vendors like
Zacht Zout
Mon, Aug 22nd 2016 12:37p   Volker Weber
Move from Evernote to OneNote on a Mac
Sat, Aug 20th 2016 8:47a   Volker Weber
Since last March, we have helped Windows users import 71 million Evernote pages to OneNote. Following the great feedback we received, we want to help even more people make the move. Today, we are launching the OneNote Importer tool for Mac. You may feel hesitant about moving all your notes from a place you know to a new online home. Don’t worry, the Importer tool makes moving day easy. This was announced just two days ago, but I missed it. I moved from EverNotes a long time ago, even
Finally, a white Sonos SUB
Fri, Aug 19th 2016 12:29p   Volker Weber
Two Sonos speakers are only available in black: PLAYBAR and SUB. When I was in Santa Barbara last December I talked to senior management about the missing white models and we agreed that at least the SUB needs a white model. This will finally be coming this fall. Sonos unveiled one at Kanye West's store. SUB also gets a minor design change. The only thing I see is the smaller logo.
Arrival :: Story of Your Life
Thu, Aug 18th 2016 11:32a   Volker Weber
Arrival promises to be an intelligent movie, even though they added all this global war nonsense to an intelligent story. I have read thousand of SciFi short stories and books throughout my life -- see, you don't know everything about me -- and Ted Chiang's "The Story of Your Life" is among the best. Just read this senctence: "I'd love to tell you the story of this evening, the night you're conceived, but the right time to do that would be when you're ready to have children of your own,
Sonos is deprecating support on old operating systems
Thu, Aug 18th 2016 3:37a   Volker Weber
Minimum requiremensts for a full featured Sonos controller as of version 6.4 will be: Android 4 (2011) iOS 7 (2013) OS X 10.9 (Mavericks, 2013) Windows 7 (2009) Older versions will still allow you to play music from your library, from music services, group and ungroup rooms, and set the volume. Adding new players or services and changing the equalizer settings require the minimum operating systems mentioned above. This change affects only few devices. Less than 2 percent of Android devices
Gartner's 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
Wed, Aug 17th 2016 5:31p   Volker Weber
Source: Gartner (August 2016) Never heard of Smart Dust? That's easy. There are two types of dust: white and black. White dust settles on dark surfaces, black dust settles on light surfaces. That's smart. More >
Haufenweise Fake-PGP-Schlüssel im Umlauf | heise online
Wed, Aug 17th 2016 8:48a   Volker Weber
heise security berichtet: Unbekannte haben gefälschte PGP-Schlüssel auf öffentliche Key-Server hochgeladen. Darunter waren auch Fake-Keys des Linux-Entwicklers Linus Torvalds und der c't Kryptokampagne. Gefälschte PGP-Schlüssel sind bei mir leicht zu erkennen. Sie sind alle gefälscht. Ich habe keinen PGP-Schlüssel. Zu kompliziert, zu eingeschränkt, zu lästig. Es ist einfach, mit mir verschlüsselt zu kom
Carriers love Android
Wed, Aug 17th 2016 3:08a   Volker Weber
Verizon was seeking between $1 and $2 for each device affected, executives said. Verizon started courting advertisers with app installations late last year, pitching retail and finance brands among others, agency executives said. It has only offered the installations on Android phones, because Google's software is open for carriers to customize. Apple controls its platform more tightly. "More tightly" is beating around the bush. No crapware from carriers. No "Intel Inside" stickers. More
Dueling ads :: What is a computer?
Tue, Aug 16th 2016 11:38a   Volker Weber
Intel Core i7 Processor? Full Office instead of app versions? Oh dear. Apple wins this hands down.
IBMers can use Outlook now
Tue, Aug 16th 2016 9:33a   Volker Weber
Just got a heads up from IBM. The CIO office of IBM is supporting Outlook as of now. This is using the technology IBM has developed previously as Project Hawthorn. It connects an Outlook client to a Domino server and is otherwise known as "IBM Mail Support for MS Outlook". That is going to take some pressure off.
BlackBerry ain't Apple
Mon, Aug 15th 2016 5:31p   Volker Weber
Proud announcement by BlackBerry: I’m happy to announce that a patch for all of the QuadRooter vulnerabilities is now available for the PRIV and DTEK50 users. Customers who bought their devices from ShopBlackBerry.com should see the update today That's good. and most of our carrier partners will be rolling it out to their users starting this week. That's not good. You can be as quick as you want, but if you rely on your "carrier partners", you still can't help your customers
Tim Cook on mistakes
Mon, Aug 15th 2016 2:45a   Volker Weber
The classic big-company mistake is to not admit their mistake. They double down on them. Their pride or ego is so large that they can’t say we did something wrong. And I think the faster you do that, the better — change gears to something else. If you’re honest, people will give you the benefit of the doubt. But if you have your head stuck in the sand and you just keep doing it, I think you lose your employees and your customers as well. I had to immediately think
Terror in the office
Sun, Aug 14th 2016 5:18a   Volker Weber
This project emulates the sound of my old faithful IBM Model-M space saver bucklespring keyboard while typing on my notebook, mainly for the purpose of annoying the hell out of my coworkers. More >
Backlight on Logi Create
Sat, Aug 13th 2016 4:45p   Volker Weber
I am really liking this keyboard. Logi Create with iPad Pro 9.7 and iA Writer in Night Mode. Full focus, no distraction. It's completely effortless.
Das ist doch keine Tastatur. Das ist eine Tastatur!
Sat, Aug 13th 2016 10:26a   Volker Weber
"That's not a knife. That's a knife." Der Filmausschnitt ist etwa so alt wie die Tastatur. 30 Jahre. Für viele die beste Tastatur, die je gebaut wurde. Funktioniert die mit einem iPad Pro? Und ob: Dabei muss man zwei Generationen der Technik überspringen. So einfach passt die Tastatur nicht ans iPad. Vom Lightning Port des iPad Pro kommt man mithilfe des Kamera-Adapters auf USB. Das reicht aber noch nicht, weil das IBM Model M einen PS/2-Anschluss hat. Das ist schon d
Running a tight Twitter ship
Sat, Aug 13th 2016 7:08a   Volker Weber
This is a simple script that will automatically delete all of your tweets and likes that are older than a specified number of days. If you use Twitter for conversation and not posterity then you'll like Amnesia. More > [Thanks, Samuel]
How to use WhatsApp on your iPad
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 10:32a   Volker Weber
WhatsApp can only be installed on one phone. But you can remote control it from any Mac or PC. You probably know that and use it. What I did not know until today is that you can also remote control it from your iPad. Here is how: Load Safari Go to web.whatsapp.com You will be redirected to whatsapp.com and told to download an app. Here comes the trick. Hold the reload button and request the desktop site. Scan the QR code with your WhatsApp on your phone. Hah!

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