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Sonos + Spotify + Alexa
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 161
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 125
Much leading
Mon, Aug 29th 2016 303
Office Lens on Windows 10
Mon, Aug 29th 2016 87
Signal :: Private Messaging and Calling
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 172
iOS 9.3.5 Zero Days ein “Desaster für Apple”? Im Gegenteil.
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 150
How ad platforms learn your real social graph
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 120
Top 10
Domino 9.0.1 and beyond
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 468
Much leading
Mon, Aug 29th 2016 303
That "App Modernization" story
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 234
Signal :: Private Messaging and Calling
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 172
What comes after the firetruck?
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 167
Wohin steuert IBM bei Domino und Notes?
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 162
Sonos + Spotify + Alexa
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 161
iOS 9.3.5 Zero Days ein “Desaster für Apple”? Im Gegenteil.
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 150
Do not hit "Agree" on WhatsApp
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 141
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 125

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Sonos + Spotify + Alexa
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 11:49a   Volker Weber
Big announcement today from Sonos in New York City. Cutting to the chase, three things are happening: New Sonos update very shortly making it easier to control your speakers from the Sonos controller. Instead of managing the queue, you now default to playing directly whatever you select. Queue management takes a backseat but does not go away. Sonos joins the Spotify Connect ecosystem. You can control Sonos directly from your Spotify app, no matter where you are. Beta in October. Control your S
Tue, Aug 30th 2016 11:38a   Volker Weber
Frau Brandlinger hat zwei Fellwechsel im Jahr. Der erste von Januar bis Juni, der zweite von Juli bis Dezember. Mit anderen Worten: sie haart wie Sau. Heute kam eine Überraschung von meiner Amazon-Wunschliste. Der Furminator. Das soll wohl an Fur und Terminator erinnern. Und wie man sieht, funktioniert der auch so. In zehn Minuten habe ich mehr Haare aus dem Fell geholt als sie in einer Woche in der Bude verteilt. Danke, Jonas!
Much leading
Mon, Aug 29th 2016 11:01a   Volker Weber
IBM publishes a blog post naming Inhi Cho Suh as the author. It celebrates an IDC finding that positions IBM as the leading enterprise social software vendor. I can't help thinking that the community is waiting for a different blog post, addressing the Notes/Domino situation.
Office Lens on Windows 10
Mon, Aug 29th 2016 10:11a   Volker Weber
Microsoft has quietly published the Office Lens app for Windows 10. However, Windows Store tells me it is not supported on Surface. Let's hope this is just one of those Windows Store quirks.
Signal :: Private Messaging and Calling
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 6:11p   Volker Weber
If Vanity Fair starts chatting up Signal as a secure "Snowden-approved" channel, it may finally see a breakthrough. It's my third messenger next to iMessage and WhatsApp. More >
iOS 9.3.5 Zero Days ein “Desaster für Apple”? Im Gegenteil.
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 6:09a   Volker Weber
Nach bisherigen Informationen wurden 3 bisher unbekannte Schwachstellen in iOS entdeckt, die in Kombination nach Klick auf einen Link zu Schadsoftware Zugriff auf das iPhone ermöglichen. Ist das Grund zur Panik? Nein. Onkel Frank erklärt Euch das mit der Sicherheit. Und der weiß voll Bescheid. More >
How ad platforms learn your real social graph
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 4:44a   Volker Weber
Facebook has two messengers. Messenger works with your Facebook login and your "friends", WhatsApp with your phone number and your address book. The interesting information is not the directory but the traffic between those people. Whatsapp is so pervasive because you don't need to build your directory. It's already in your address book. Google, the older ad platform, has had many messengers, but eventually Hangouts persevered. It works with your Google ID. And Google failed to convince y
Do not hit "Agree" on WhatsApp
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 3:38a   Volker Weber
I know, we are all trained to just accept any changes in ToCs. But this time, don't. Instead, tap in the "Read more ..." at the bottom of the page. It will take you to another page, and there at the bottom is a switch. Toggle it from 1 to 0. It should not be green before you agree. Too late, you say? Already hit that Agree button? Follow the steps under Option 2.
That "App Modernization" story
Fri, Aug 26th 2016 3:27a   Volker Weber
I would like to ask you what you need for your Notes/Domino app development. Please work under these assumptions: Notes and Domino are not going anywhere. There is no big market push by IBM. There won't be major new releases. Notes will continue to run on Windows and Mac. Domino will continue to run on Windows and Linux. Domino will continue to be connected to Android and iOS. That is what I call "maintenance mode". So, what do you need in terms of development? Be smart. Don't ask for
Sophisticated, persistent mobile attack against high-value targets on iOS
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 4:04p   Volker Weber
From the lookout blog: Lookout’s analysis determined that the malware exploits three zero-day vulnerabilities, or Trident, in Apple iOS: CVE-2016-4655: Information leak in Kernel – A kernel base mapping vulnerability that leaks information to the attacker allowing him to calculate the kernel’s location in memory. CVE-2016-4656: Kernel Memory corruption leads to Jailbreak – 32 and 64 bit iOS kernel-level vulnerabilities that allow the attacker to silently jailb
What comes after the firetruck?
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 11:46a   Volker Weber
As you get older you lose many capabilities. I'd love to ride a longboard, that has become way too dangerous for my bones. But you gain something from watching the world around you. It's like a carousel. Firetruck, horse, motorcycle, car, ... and then firetruck, horse, motorcycle, car ... You don't have a time machine, and you still know the future. About eleven years ago I went to a Groupwise conference. I knew for a fact that Novell was milking its customer base. But here they were, a rat
How to not share your WhatsApp account information with Facebook
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 11:19a   Volker Weber
Facebook is an ad platform. Get used to it. It's not a social network. It is an ad platform. Got it? An ad platform works best if it knows your social graph. Not the hundreds of "friends" but the people you are talking to. Likes and comments. And chats. That is your real social graph. That is what Facebook Messenger does. And WhatsApp now as well. Did you notice how Facebook pressured you to leave your phone number to make your account "more secure"? It's your ID. And by joining your Wha
Domino 9.0.1 and beyond
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 10:54a   Volker Weber
Ed Brill, commenting on Darren Duke's rant: To comment on the support point specifically, in the next few weeks we will announce formally that support for 9.0.x will be extended to 2021. It doesn't depend on a version update. And as you note, things originally expected in 9.0.2 are going to come in what are currently called fixpacks. I haven't decided what to call the update with Verse on Premises yet. Reading between the lines: Domino 9.0.2 does not happen. Domino 9.0.1 is not going away
Wohin steuert IBM bei Domino und Notes?
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 6:53a   Volker Weber
Alexander Neumann für Heise Developer: Viele Domino-Entwickler befürchten schon seit längerem eine unsichere Zukunft für ihr angestammtes Aufgabengebiet. Das kulminiert derzeit in etlichen kritischen Blog-Beiträgen. Vielleicht tritt aber schon nächsten Monat etwas Ruhe ein. More >
Apple Music Festival 2016
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 3:59a   Volker Weber
Apple has another Music Festival in London. This times it is for Apple Music subscribers only. Which I think is fair enough. More >
An insider's view on Apple Music exclusives
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 3:19a   Volker Weber
There’s one guy who is behind ALL of these campaigns — and he is light years ahead of everyone else. He works intimately with each artist as a creative peer, and develops an amazing plan, this is no simple land grab. He works closer with the artists than labels do. Fascinating read. I did not know about this major change in the industry. More >
Finding text in OneNote images
Wed, Aug 24th 2016 4:58a   Volker Weber
This seems to be difficult to believe, but OneNote really does find text in images. OCR is done in the cloud. If you can't get it to work, just follow my simple steps. Open OfficeLens and take a photo: Although I did not frame the document correctly, it irons it out. Now save the document to OneNote: It will default to just a generic title and I will leave it at this. No tags, no folders, nothing. Open OneNote and type some text into the search field. Here is my document: So it may
Liberate your Notes app with KEEP.WORKS
Wed, Aug 24th 2016 4:11a   Volker Weber
Moving off Notes applications is next to impossible. Notes has a unique set of capabilities that are not easily rebuilt on other platforms. That is what is keeping companies from retiring their Domino servers, even if they have long migrated messaging. I call it the Asbestos problem. Easy to put in, very hard to get out. A few days ago I told you about the partnership of LDC and PSC, where the LDC VIA platform serves as a delivery platform for legacy Notes applications. Now LDC has built a sel
Connections/Verse not running on Android Nougat, yet
Wed, Aug 24th 2016 2:36a   Volker Weber
Heads up from IBM. Both Connections and Verse clients don't work on Android Nougat. If you don't want to be cut off, postpone that update until after IBM releases the next version in September. I think they are also way behind on iOS. Last time I looked they did not support iPhone 6 features, let alone 6S. I hope nothing breaks with iOS 10.
Making money on apps? That's over.
Tue, Aug 23rd 2016 2:31a   Volker Weber
Brent Simmons on the state of creating paid iOS apps: Do we still talk about new apps and recommend apps to people? Hardly, these days. Vesper is shutting down. If Simmons and Gruber cannot keep an iOS app viable, the ecosystem really is in trouble. Games & junk just mask it. You can still make money by creating apps that solve difficult problems. You can still make money by creating apps for people who pay for development? But solving a simple problem does not pay anymore. No matter how
LDC Via partnership with PSC Group
Mon, Aug 22nd 2016 2:54p   Volker Weber
PSC Group and LDC Via have entered into a strategic partnership. Under this partnership PSC Group will adopt LDC Via as a platform for customers seeking to migrate data and applications away from legacy IBM (Lotus) Notes & Domino, and also as a preferred platform for the development of new software applications that might otherwise have been developed on Domino. That is pretty big. PSC Group is a very respected consultancy in the US. LDC is a group of developers in the UK; love those guys.
Android Nougat is here
Mon, Aug 22nd 2016 2:08p   Volker Weber
Google has released Android Nougat, a.k.a. Android 7.0. If you have a Nexus or Pixel, you can upgrade right away. If not, you may have to wait a few months, or most likely never get it unless you buy a new device. Next year will be the anniversary of the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro announcement, which wasn't available for months. It came with Android 5.1, was never upgraded to Android 6.0, and has not received security fixes since March, 1. And that's an expensive flagship device. Other vendors like
Zacht Zout
Mon, Aug 22nd 2016 12:37p   Volker Weber
Move from Evernote to OneNote on a Mac
Sat, Aug 20th 2016 8:47a   Volker Weber
Since last March, we have helped Windows users import 71 million Evernote pages to OneNote. Following the great feedback we received, we want to help even more people make the move. Today, we are launching the OneNote Importer tool for Mac. You may feel hesitant about moving all your notes from a place you know to a new online home. Don’t worry, the Importer tool makes moving day easy. This was announced just two days ago, but I missed it. I moved from EverNotes a long time ago, even
Finally, a white Sonos SUB
Fri, Aug 19th 2016 12:29p   Volker Weber
Two Sonos speakers are only available in black: PLAYBAR and SUB. When I was in Santa Barbara last December I talked to senior management about the missing white models and we agreed that at least the SUB needs a white model. This will finally be coming this fall. Sonos unveiled one at Kanye West's store. SUB also gets a minor design change. The only thing I see is the smaller logo.
Arrival :: Story of Your Life
Thu, Aug 18th 2016 11:32a   Volker Weber
Arrival promises to be an intelligent movie, even though they added all this global war nonsense to an intelligent story. I have read thousand of SciFi short stories and books throughout my life -- see, you don't know everything about me -- and Ted Chiang's "The Story of Your Life" is among the best. Just read this senctence: "I'd love to tell you the story of this evening, the night you're conceived, but the right time to do that would be when you're ready to have children of your own,
Sonos is deprecating support on old operating systems
Thu, Aug 18th 2016 3:37a   Volker Weber
Minimum requiremensts for a full featured Sonos controller as of version 6.4 will be: Android 4 (2011) iOS 7 (2013) OS X 10.9 (Mavericks, 2013) Windows 7 (2009) Older versions will still allow you to play music from your library, from music services, group and ungroup rooms, and set the volume. Adding new players or services and changing the equalizer settings require the minimum operating systems mentioned above. This change affects only few devices. Less than 2 percent of Android devices
Gartner's 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies
Wed, Aug 17th 2016 5:31p   Volker Weber
Source: Gartner (August 2016) Never heard of Smart Dust? That's easy. There are two types of dust: white and black. White dust settles on dark surfaces, black dust settles on light surfaces. That's smart. More >
Haufenweise Fake-PGP-Schlüssel im Umlauf | heise online
Wed, Aug 17th 2016 8:48a   Volker Weber
heise security berichtet: Unbekannte haben gefälschte PGP-Schlüssel auf öffentliche Key-Server hochgeladen. Darunter waren auch Fake-Keys des Linux-Entwicklers Linus Torvalds und der c't Kryptokampagne. Gefälschte PGP-Schlüssel sind bei mir leicht zu erkennen. Sie sind alle gefälscht. Ich habe keinen PGP-Schlüssel. Zu kompliziert, zu eingeschränkt, zu lästig. Es ist einfach, mit mir verschlüsselt zu kom
Carriers love Android
Wed, Aug 17th 2016 3:08a   Volker Weber
Verizon was seeking between $1 and $2 for each device affected, executives said. Verizon started courting advertisers with app installations late last year, pitching retail and finance brands among others, agency executives said. It has only offered the installations on Android phones, because Google's software is open for carriers to customize. Apple controls its platform more tightly. "More tightly" is beating around the bush. No crapware from carriers. No "Intel Inside" stickers. More
Dueling ads :: What is a computer?
Tue, Aug 16th 2016 11:38a   Volker Weber
Intel Core i7 Processor? Full Office instead of app versions? Oh dear. Apple wins this hands down.
IBMers can use Outlook now
Tue, Aug 16th 2016 9:33a   Volker Weber
Just got a heads up from IBM. The CIO office of IBM is supporting Outlook as of now. This is using the technology IBM has developed previously as Project Hawthorn. It connects an Outlook client to a Domino server and is otherwise known as "IBM Mail Support for MS Outlook". That is going to take some pressure off.
BlackBerry ain't Apple
Mon, Aug 15th 2016 5:31p   Volker Weber
Proud announcement by BlackBerry: I’m happy to announce that a patch for all of the QuadRooter vulnerabilities is now available for the PRIV and DTEK50 users. Customers who bought their devices from ShopBlackBerry.com should see the update today That's good. and most of our carrier partners will be rolling it out to their users starting this week. That's not good. You can be as quick as you want, but if you rely on your "carrier partners", you still can't help your customers
Tim Cook on mistakes
Mon, Aug 15th 2016 2:45a   Volker Weber
The classic big-company mistake is to not admit their mistake. They double down on them. Their pride or ego is so large that they can’t say we did something wrong. And I think the faster you do that, the better — change gears to something else. If you’re honest, people will give you the benefit of the doubt. But if you have your head stuck in the sand and you just keep doing it, I think you lose your employees and your customers as well. I had to immediately think
Terror in the office
Sun, Aug 14th 2016 5:18a   Volker Weber
This project emulates the sound of my old faithful IBM Model-M space saver bucklespring keyboard while typing on my notebook, mainly for the purpose of annoying the hell out of my coworkers. More >
Backlight on Logi Create
Sat, Aug 13th 2016 4:45p   Volker Weber
I am really liking this keyboard. Logi Create with iPad Pro 9.7 and iA Writer in Night Mode. Full focus, no distraction. It's completely effortless.
Das ist doch keine Tastatur. Das ist eine Tastatur!
Sat, Aug 13th 2016 10:26a   Volker Weber
"That's not a knife. That's a knife." Der Filmausschnitt ist etwa so alt wie die Tastatur. 30 Jahre. Für viele die beste Tastatur, die je gebaut wurde. Funktioniert die mit einem iPad Pro? Und ob: Dabei muss man zwei Generationen der Technik überspringen. So einfach passt die Tastatur nicht ans iPad. Vom Lightning Port des iPad Pro kommt man mithilfe des Kamera-Adapters auf USB. Das reicht aber noch nicht, weil das IBM Model M einen PS/2-Anschluss hat. Das ist schon d
Running a tight Twitter ship
Sat, Aug 13th 2016 7:08a   Volker Weber
This is a simple script that will automatically delete all of your tweets and likes that are older than a specified number of days. If you use Twitter for conversation and not posterity then you'll like Amnesia. More > [Thanks, Samuel]
How to use WhatsApp on your iPad
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 10:32a   Volker Weber
WhatsApp can only be installed on one phone. But you can remote control it from any Mac or PC. You probably know that and use it. What I did not know until today is that you can also remote control it from your iPad. Here is how: Load Safari Go to web.whatsapp.com You will be redirected to whatsapp.com and told to download an app. Here comes the trick. Hold the reload button and request the desktop site. Scan the QR code with your WhatsApp on your phone. Hah!
Aus meiner Inbox
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 9:42a   Volker Weber
Wie bei Sonos: wenn man reich ist, kann man erst mal was anderes kaufen.
How to draw squiggle birds
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 6:38a   Volker Weber
Jump to 1:00. [Thanks, Andreas]
Wie Selbstoptimierung die Motivation zerstört – und wie man sie zurückgewinnt
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 6:29a   Volker Weber
Plausibel, aber nicht nachgewiesen: Plausibilitätsannahmen folgend können wir also festhalten, dass Sport-Watches oder ähnliches gut sind für denjenigen, der NICHT gerne rennt, rudert oder schwimmt. Aber für leidenschaftliche Sportler sind sie ab dem Moment eine Gefahr, ab dem sie als selbstbelohnendes Kontrollinstrumente empfunden werden. („Oh je, der Bewegungskreis ist heute noch nicht geschlossen, und gestanden habe ich auch nicht genug&
DTEK50 :: This is not a BlackBerry
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 4:11a   Volker Weber
I have had the DTEK50 for more than two weeks and I am struggling to explain why I like it so much. "This is not a BlackBerry" is probably the best I can come up with it. Here is the deal. This phone does not feel like a BlackBerry. It was never designed by the company, it does not say "BlackBerry" on the front and the 'berry logo on the back is hardly noticeable. This phone was not designed for corporate use, it's a TCL reference design for a consumer phone. Thin and light, very decent c
Room for improvement
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 3:54a   Volker Weber
Did a quick bicycle run this morning. If I hadn't activated Outdoor Cycling in Activities that would not have counted as 300 but only as about 150 cals. The Apple Watch does not discover cycling well enough. Manually setting those activities is often to bothersome. Yesterday I was halfway through my bicycle distance before I remembered to turn it on. And when I returned home, if forgot to turn it off until about ten minutes after arrival. I heard many reports from people who cycle to work and
Apple Smart Keyboard or Logi Create :: Which is it?
Fri, Aug 12th 2016 3:28a   Volker Weber
Two week ago there was no option if you wanted a German keyboard that would also protect the screen of your iPad Pro 9.7. Then Logitech announced the Logi Create and Apple made the Smart Keyboard available in more languages. On the very same day. Instead of having just one simple choice we had two. I have worked with both and I have come to a decision. I have a theory that says you will drop everything you carry in your hands, eventually. We don't drop laptops as much as mobile phones, because
Logi Pop
Thu, Aug 11th 2016 5:56p   Volker Weber
I may start to sound like a fanboy, but Logitech has made a lot of products in the last twelve months, that I really enjoyed. The latest three are the Logi Circle, the Logi Base, and the Logi Create. And now they are bringing out yet another one: Logi Pop. Pop is a Smart Switch that gives you simple push button access to some of my favorite smart home "things", Sonos and Wemo for instance, but also Hue and many more. More >
Logi Create für iPad Pro 9.7 :: Erste Eindrücke
Thu, Aug 11th 2016 5:41a   Volker Weber
Nachdem mir letzte Woche das Apple Smart Keyboard so gut gefallen hat und dann noch rauskam, wie schwer Logi Create ist, war ich kurz versucht, die Bestellung zu stornieren. Das wäre ein Fehler gewesen. Logi Create ist nämlich auch hervorragend, nur eben anders. Das Smart Keyboard (170 €) von Apple ist ein Deckel mit eingebauter Tastatur, der sich allein mit dem iPad Pro 9.7 nutzen lässt, oder mit einem Silicon Case (80 €), das auch die Rück
It's the people
Thu, Aug 11th 2016 4:05a   Volker Weber
Coltrane Curtis for AdvertisingAge: Influencer marketing is not about knowing who the right people are, it's about actually knowing those people. Coltrane is right. But he missed the bigger picture. It's always about people.
What else do you think you can't do?
Wed, Aug 10th 2016 5:42a   Volker Weber
Grab a pen, a piece of paper, and play along. 15 minutes that will change you.
BlackBerry Blend R.I.P.
Wed, Aug 10th 2016 5:36a   Volker Weber
New entry in the BlackBerry graveyard: BlackBerry Blend, the software that would bring BlackBerry messages, calendar et al. to your desktop or tablet. It was announced with the BlackBerry Passport less than two years ago. It looked really cool but was killed by enterprise IT which blocked it with policies "for security reasons".
BlackBerry and productivity
Wed, Aug 10th 2016 4:59a   Volker Weber
BlackBerry CEO John Chen almost two years ago: Last week's launch of our new BlackBerry Passport handset provides a clear indication of BlackBerry's singular focus: We are innovating mobile technology for serious users who care about serious productivity. This clearly has not worked. Productivity at BlackBerry is at an all-time low. Proof point: BlackBerry PR is trying for three consecutive weeks to get me the presentation slides to 15 sessions of a conference I have attended myself: The
Nerdwriter: Casey Neistat - What you don't see
Tue, Aug 9th 2016 3:33a   Volker Weber
Message to self
Tue, Aug 9th 2016 3:28a   Volker Weber
I don't keep a todo list. More precisely, my todo list lives inside my brain. There is no paper, there is no app. But there are things that are easily forgotten, like YouTube URLs and things I posted and have since deleted. To keep track of these things, I sent a message to myself. Not an email, but just a message on Slack. And this space also has bots that collect stuff from all over the net for me. And I can look at this stream from anywhere, from every device I have or any other connected
Google Photos
Mon, Aug 8th 2016 2:38p   Volker Weber
Gruber writes: This commercial is going to turn millions of people with 16 GB iPhones into Google Photos users. I have already converted lots of users to Google Photos. It's exactly what everybody needs. Unlimited storage, freeing up storage on your iPhone, making all your photos and videos available on all devices, and an Assistant that creates stories out of your photos. Google Photos lets you share with friends, and it is improving rapidly. Apple is only catching up to some of those featu
The difference between a vulnerability, an exploit, and an attack
Mon, Aug 8th 2016 10:52a   Volker Weber
Time for some bullshit detection and clue procurement. Vulnerability: Somebody discovers a flaw in software. Typical flaws are unchecked variables. What is that? You write to memory, but what you write into memory does not fit into the assigned space. That creates an overflow "behind" the variable. The flaw is that the program does not check if the content fits the variable. Exploit: Somebody creates a piece of code which uses the flaw to inject program code into memory which ultimately gets
BlackBerry patches on Mondays
Mon, Aug 8th 2016 9:25a   Volker Weber
The BlackBerry PRIV STV100-1 received its 05-Aug-2016 security patch last Monday, the first of August. The -1 model is the one sold through Amazon and the BlackBerry store in the US. The EMEA Model is designated STV100-4. It received its update today. Again on a Monday. The July patch was distributed on July, 04. Again a Monday. Do you see a pattern here?
Alternative: Magic Keyboard
Sun, Aug 7th 2016 11:00a   Volker Weber
Das Smart Keyboard von Apple hat mich überzeugt. Es ist der beste Kompromiss aus Gewicht und Qualität der Tastatur. Es bleibt eigentlich nur ein Problem: diese Tastatur passt an genau ein Gerät und sie ist ziemlich teuer. Wenn man zum Beispiel nach einiger Zeit feststellt, dass man die falsche Größe von iPad hat, dann wechselt man nicht nur das iPad sondern auch die Tastatur. Ich hatte in der Vergangenheit bei den Belkin-Keyboards das Problem, dass j
Ich habe einen Fehler gemacht
Sun, Aug 7th 2016 8:36a   Volker Weber
In meiner Vergleichstabelle für iPad-Pro-Tastaturen war ein massiver Fehler. Ich hatte das Gewicht der Logi-Tastatur viel zu niedrig angesetzt. Danke an Dieter für den Hinweis. Schaut man sich nun den korrekten Vergleich an, dann sieht man, dass Logi das Gewicht des iPads glatt verdoppelt. Zum Vergleich: ein Surface 3 wiegt 621 g und die Tastatur dazu 273 g, zusammen kaum mehr als die Logi-Hülle samt iPad Pro 9.7. Ein Surface Pro 4 wiegt 786 g und das exzellente Keybo
We don't know enough about the other side
Sun, Aug 7th 2016 6:00a   Volker Weber
On November 13, 2002 -- yes, my memory is terrible as in 'I don't forget' -- I read a dossier about myself. And it was very good. I was in Florence for an IBM event and I returned from a party to our hotel (@Vesey, this is where me met). At the welcome desk I picked up some material and in that stack of paper, there was a folder intended for an IBM executive, preparing her for the event. This was the first time I read the "other side". Then yesterday I read this tweet by my esteemed collea
Key mapping on the Apple Smart Keyboard
Sat, Aug 6th 2016 3:40a   Volker Weber
As soon as you add a hardware keyboard to your iPad, you get a new setting under "Keyboards". Notice that I have two input languages as indicated by the (2) behind Keyboards. As you enter this new Hardware Keyboad Settings panel, you get a separate setting for each input language you have pre-selected. For each of those languages you can select your preferred keyboard layout. There is no hardwiring. You could buy a US keyboard and apply the German layout. It does not really matter what is p
Apple Smart Keyboard für iPad Pro 9.7 :: Ein kurzes Video
Fri, Aug 5th 2016 10:21a   Volker Weber
Ich habe mich mit dem Apple Smart Keyboard bisher nicht so recht befasst, weil es keine deutsche Tastaturbelegung gab. Das hat sich jetzt geändert. Und ich habe festgestellt, dass es ganz schön schwierig ist, die verschiedenen Faltungen dieses Zubehörs zu erklären, wenn man kein Video verwendet. Deshalb fange ich damit mal an. Erster Eindruck: das ist alles ganz schön durchdacht. Man kann das Keyboard wie ein normales Cover verwenden. Also einfach na
Apple wins round #1
Fri, Aug 5th 2016 7:11a   Volker Weber
While I am still waiting for availability of the Logi Creat for the iPad Pro 9.7, Apple shipped both options I would like to test: the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard. I will work with both over the weekend, I will let a true touch typist try both and then tell you how I feel about those two options. Apple has always had a spectacular agency. Less than 24 hours from order to delivery, DHL Express accounts for 21.5 hours of that time frame. Once Logi ships the Create to my
Aus meiner Inbox
Fri, Aug 5th 2016 5:53a   Volker Weber
Hach. Dankeschön! :-)
c't kaufen: Android absichern
Fri, Aug 5th 2016 4:31a   Volker Weber
Titelthema der c't 17: Android absichern. Wie erkennt man Malware, wie wird man sie wieder los? Mein Alternativ-Vorschlag: Man beginnt gleich mit einer sicheren Android-Version. More >
Instagram murders Snapchat
Thu, Aug 4th 2016 1:35p   Volker Weber
Casey is right. I have already deleted Snapchat.
They would have gotten me
Thu, Aug 4th 2016 1:34p   Volker Weber
As far as I know, this was the first time I was targeted personally by an attempted identity theft. The scammer did very many things very right and nearly got me to give up my account details. Maybe if I’d read the email before looking at the SMS (in which the strange address was a bit more prominent), they would’ve gotten me. Scary story. iPhone gets stolen. Thief tries to steal Apple ID as well. More >
BlackBerry lizenziert Hub+ für andere Androiden
Wed, Aug 3rd 2016 12:58p   Volker Weber
Für die Android-Smartphones PRIV und DTEK50 hat BlackBerry eine Reihe von Apps entwickelt, die nun auch auf anderen Geräten nutzbar sind. More >
BlackBerry Hub on Android updates
Wed, Aug 3rd 2016 9:06a   Volker Weber
BlackBerry Hub on Android updates. And it gets the most important update since it was ported from BlackBerry 10:
Tastaturen für das iPad Pro
Wed, Aug 3rd 2016 6:04a   Volker Weber
Der August bringt uns zwei neue Tastaturen für das iPad Pro. Einmal das Original von Apple und ein Zubehör von Logi. Die Preise sind heftig. Zieht man die anderen Dinge ab, die man damit einspart, bei mir Apple Silicon Case (80 €) und Apple Smart Cover (60 €), dann relativiert sich der Preis etwas. Ja, es gibt billigere Hüllen, aber die kommen mir nicht auf einen 256 GB LTE iPad Pro 9.7 für 1200 €. Es gibt aber noch zwei nicht so of
Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Wed, Aug 3rd 2016 3:12a   Volker Weber
Gestern also wieder einer dieser Unpacked Events, die immer noch dem gleichen Schema ablaufen. Ein pompöser Anfang, danach eine eher peinliche Vorstellung eines wichtigen koreanischen Managers, der nur sehr schlecht englisch spricht, gefolgt von der eigentlichen Demo. Wer das aushält, kann sich hier die volle Stunde geben. Oder man schaut das auf neun Minuten komprimiert. Das ist ein ganz fantastisches Gerät, das mich leider nicht anspricht. Die Hardware ist sowas von
Windows 10 Anniversary Update installiert
Wed, Aug 3rd 2016 3:01a   Volker Weber
Gestern hat Microsoft mit dem Rollout der Version 1607 begonnen. 16 wie 2016, 07 wie Juli. Das letzte große Update war 1511, November 2015. Das Schlüsselwort heißt "begonnen", da der Rollout nicht auf allen Geräten gleichzeitig angeboten wird. Dem kann man leicht abhelfen, in dem man diese Seite besucht. Die erste Option dort lädt den Upgrade Assistant. Hat bei mir bestens funktioniert. Die Installation hat ohne Probleme funktioniert. Wichtig: be
Logi Create für iPad Pro 9.7
Wed, Aug 3rd 2016 2:55a   Volker Weber
Apples Tastaturhülle gibt es immer noch nicht mit deutscher Tastenbelegung. Die kann man zwar in der Software einstellen, aber dann sind die Tasten halt falsch beschriftet. Jetzt kommt Logi mit einer deutschen Tastaturhülle für das iPad Pro 9.7. Die große gibt es schon länger. Sehr schön: sie nimmt auch den Stift auf. Mein Versuch mit dem iPad Pro als einzigem Computer zu reisen, war ein voller Erfolg. Auch das Microsoft Keyboard hat besten
Apple Smart Keyboard mit deutscher Belegung
Wed, Aug 3rd 2016 2:21a   Volker Weber
Kaum erzähle ich, dass Apple das Smart Keyboard nur in US-amerikanischer Belegung liefert, klärt mich Oliver auf, dass das seit ein paar Stunden nicht mehr gilt. Das sind ja wunderbare Nachrichten. More >
Always makes my day
Mon, Aug 1st 2016 8:52a   Volker Weber
A few years ago I decided to drop ads from this site. It's free as in free beer. It has always been free as in freedom. I don't take money from advertisers, I don't do sponsored posts, nothing. I do get test samples, but I don't own them. However, when readers send me candy or stuff from my Amazon wish list, that is always a very welcome surprise. Thank you, Alper! And yes, I know, the items on my wish list are awfully expensive. It's very difficult for me to find stuff I don't already ha
Shield Break
Mon, Aug 1st 2016 8:14a   Volker Weber
Nutze des jüngsten Pangu-Entsperrers für Apple-Geräte berichten über Merkwürdigkeiten bei Kreditkarten, Paypal- und Social-Media-Accounts. Das chinesische Jailbreak-Team weist die Vorwürfe zurück. Ihr müsst das wirklich mal lernen. Das ist kein Jail Break. Das ist ein Shield Break. Wie hieß es letztens in einem Kommentar? "These people have their reasons, most of them are fully aware of the security risk and they
MobilePay in Dänemark
Mon, Aug 1st 2016 3:30a   Volker Weber
Fotos: Ole Saalmann Mobiles Bezahlen kann so einfach sein. Beispiel Dänemark. Man bezahlt mit Bargeld oder MobilePay. Und das geht ganz einfach. Man verbindet sein Konto mit der Mobilfunknummer und kann unter dieser Nummer dann Geld empfangen. Und senden natürlich.
Bruce Schneier on sloppy IoT security causing real world disasters
Mon, Aug 1st 2016 2:50a   Volker Weber
Classic information security is a triad: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. You’ll see it called “CIA,” which admittedly is confusing in the context of national security. But basically, the three things I can do with your data are steal it (confidentiality), modify it (integrity), or prevent you from getting it (availability). So far, internet threats have largely been about confidentiality. ... On the Internet of Things, integrity and availability threa
Now I broke it. And I own all the parts.
Mon, Aug 1st 2016 1:44a   Volker Weber
Apple Activity has given up. I keep piling on perfect days, and I seem to have screwed up the backend. I have now been awarded the perfect week 115 times. But I only have had the Apple Watch for 61 weeks and three days. Which is 430 days. I only missed the move goal on June 20 by three calories, as well as on the very first day. That makes it 428 perfect days, which is way less than 115 weeks. Next goal that Activity cannot track is 500 days mid-October.
A few things I like about the BlackBerry DTEK50
Sun, Jul 31st 2016 5:47p   Volker Weber
I have used the DTEK50 pretty extensively for a few days. And I quite like it. One of the first things I noticed when watching YouTube videos was stereo sound. There are speakers at the top and bottom and when you turn the device sideways, that gives you stereo sound. Believe it or not, but that makes a big difference. At the top, there is a notification light. I just received two notifications, one from YouTube, the other one from Gmail. Even with the sound turned off, I will see this LED fl
Dating at scale does not seem to work
Sun, Jul 31st 2016 10:37a   Volker Weber
Dating is like enterprise sales. When your customer goes for a competing, more compelling product, you’re never told and you don’t get any feedback. More >
Security Experts
Sat, Jul 30th 2016 9:22a   Volker Weber
Read this: Sorry, folks, while experts are saying the encryption checks out in WhatsApp, it looks like the latest version of the app tested leaves forensic trace of all of your chats, even after you’ve deleted, cleared, or archived them… even if you “Clear All Chats”. In fact, the only way to get rid of them appears to be to delete the app entirely. What do you take away from this? Most people read this as: WhatsApp is unsafe. I read this as: Self-importa
Microsoft Word vs Google Docs
Sat, Jul 30th 2016 6:48a   Volker Weber
Microsoft owns individual work and Google owns collaborative work, but each company definitely wants to own the other’s domain More >
Kurzes Kabel für SONOS PLAY:1
Fri, Jul 29th 2016 8:53a   Volker Weber
Der PLAY:1 hat einen speziellen Winkelstecker, der ins Gehäuse greift. Ich habe einen PLAY:1 Pure Black auf der Küchentheke direkt bei einer Steckdose stehen und brauche eigentlich nur ein sehr kurzes schwarzes Kabel. Heute habe ich bei Flexson solche Kabel gefunden. More >
Hands-on: BlackBerrys zweites Android-Smartphone DTEK50
Fri, Jul 29th 2016 4:12a   Volker Weber
Can you make a secure Android phone? I think you can.
Fri, Jul 29th 2016 4:09a   Volker Weber
Not too long ago, when you were a BlackBerry fan, then Android was the enemy. A big pile of code, quickly hobbled together, with loads of security issues. Never in your life would you deploy this PoS in your enterprise. Then BlackBerry launched an Android Phone. I understand why BlackBerry needs a popular platform. But how do they make Android secure? The only thing I got to was "security is in our pedigree" b/s. I had to cut deeper. I tried to go through PR but they could not get anybody to
Can you help BlackBerry?
Fri, Jul 29th 2016 3:28a   Volker Weber
A week ago I was at the BlackBerry Security Summit. I asked BlackBerry for the presentation slides since I could not attend all parallel tracks. And they failed, big time. If you are a customer, you probably have a bigger lever than I have. If you have the slides, just share them with me.
Picture Password AWOL
Thu, Jul 28th 2016 3:12p   Volker Weber
DTEK50 screen on the left, PRIV screen on the right. What's missing? Picture Password. I hope that is coming in an update. Both DTEK50 and PRIV do not have a fingerprint reader. So you have to enter a PIN or a Password to unlock. The Android pattern is just too weak. But Picture Password is a great way to unlock your device. See this tutorial for BlackBerry 10: I use it on the PRIV, I also want it on the DTEK50.
DTEK50 Size Comparison
Thu, Jul 28th 2016 9:18a   Volker Weber
It's pretty hard to see in photos, but the DTEK50 is almost exactly the same size as a Nexus 5x and about half a millimeter thinner. That is a very comfortable size and sits right between the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. 147.0 x 72.5 x 7.5 mm | 5.2" | 135 g | DTEK50 147.0 x 72.6 x 7.9 mm | 5.2" | 136 g | Nexus 5x 138.2 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm | 4.7" | 143 g | iPhone 6s 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm | 5.5" | 192 g | iPhone 6s Plus
Microsoft Pix gives the iPhone camera an artificial brain
Thu, Jul 28th 2016 3:22a   Volker Weber
Microsoft Pix captures a burst of 10 frames with each shutter click – some from before the tap – and uses artificial intelligence to select up to three of the best, unique shots. Before the remaining frames are deleted, the app uses data from the entire burst to remove noise, and then intelligently brightens faces, beautifies skin and adjusts the picture’s color and tone. These best, enhanced images are ready in about a second. I have been testing this for an hour. Verdict
Angefasst: BlackBerry DTEK50 im Video
Thu, Jul 28th 2016 3:14a   Volker Weber
Am Mittwoch hat BlackBerry sein zweites Android-Smartphone angekündigt. Nun konnten wir es bereits kurz ausprobieren. More >
DTEK50 Camera
Wed, Jul 27th 2016 4:08p   Volker Weber
I shot a few photos and uploaded them to Flickr. Full automatic, iPhone 6S Plus vs DTEK50 back camera. All of these are "difficult" photos, mostly for the lack of light.
BlackBerry DTEK50 :: I like
Wed, Jul 27th 2016 12:43p   Volker Weber
Picked up my DTEK50 today. And I quite like it, Do you see it? Or do you not see it? This is my first BlackBerry that does not say BlackBerry on the front. It's just a non-descriptive touchscreen phone. Some more photos below ...
Microsoft Hackathon Project: Reuniting refugees with loved ones
Tue, Jul 26th 2016 4:40p   Volker Weber
Microsoft employees came together across continents, time zones, and cultures to address the refugee crisis through Microsoft cloud intelligence. Learn how their Family Finder mobile app could help refugees locate missing loved ones and offer better technical solutions for humanitarian and relief organizations. More >
BlackBerry announces DTEK50, its second Android phone
Tue, Jul 26th 2016 11:06a   Volker Weber
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Tue, Jul 26th 2016 8:50a   Volker Weber
Next Tuesday the "Anniverary Update" of Windows 10 is upon us. What does that mean? Nothing. Windows used to be distributed on physical media. There was a "Release to Manufacturing" date. And a ship date. But today, there is continuous delivery. Features get added, bugs get fixed. You can be on the Windows Insider program and get those changes earlier, you can even be lagging behind the current "release" as an Enterprise that has to be careful to avoid thousands of helpdesk calls. Window
My Kryptonite
Tue, Jul 26th 2016 6:38a   Volker Weber
Von Texel über Hannover nach Darmstadt. Danke, Bastian!
Tell me your Android patch level
Mon, Jul 25th 2016 6:56a   Volker Weber
I believe in collaboration. So let's put our heads together. I have created a Google form where you can help me gather data about Android security patch levels. The patch levels have a date attached to them. You find it in Settings/About. Also add the brand and model of your device and the Android version. If you know on which day it was available, also fill out the last data, which is not mandatory. Here is the form >
Let's raise the bar for Android recommendations
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 4:15p   Volker Weber
Nexus or BlackBerry, these are the only phones with quick monthly Android security patches. Lenovo just started shipping their new flagship Motorola Z with the May patch. That's a brand new phone with two month old security level, and apparently they have no plans for shipping monthly patches. From now on, I will check the security patch level and report it. And then come back within a month if I see or do not see the next patch coming in. Vote with your money and only buy secure devices.
The cultural renaissance of the Art Deco-era’s rolling sculptures
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 12:11p   Volker Weber
This October, a new exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art will display a number of Art Deco-era cars and motorcycles under the title ‘Rolling Sculptures’. We could think of no better person to explain their flourishing status as dynamic pieces of modern art than curator Ken Gross… More > [Thanks, Vesey]
Manfred Dillmann provided no title for this post.
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 7:05a   Volker Weber
4.3 kg (or 9.5 lb) was the weight of my 'luggage' on my New York trip. That includes all the gear, toothbrush, toothpaste, a fresh shirt every morning, underwear and the bag itself. No need to leave anything behind at the bell hop when you check out. No wheels, just a messenger bag thrown over your shoulder.

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