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Wishlist for #Sonos :: Cast your vote on Twitter
Mon, Jul 24th 2017 48
Bad streaming and good streaming to #Sonos
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017 107
Sonos, please update your ancient network stack
Fri, Jul 21st 2017 167
IBM Dumps Remote Work, Blows Off Its Productivity Kneecap
Thu, Jul 20th 2017 215
Listen to podcasts on #Sonos
Thu, Jul 20th 2017 105
Drei Android-Smartphones
Wed, Jul 19th 2017 102
Verkehrte Welt :: Lenovo Soft Keyboard vs BlackBerry Hard Keyboard
Wed, Jul 19th 2017 82
Top 10
Windows 10 on iPad Pro?
Tue, Jul 18th 2017 239
IBM Dumps Remote Work, Blows Off Its Productivity Kneecap
Thu, Jul 20th 2017 215
Sonos, please update your ancient network stack
Fri, Jul 21st 2017 167
Bad streaming and good streaming to #Sonos
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017 107
Listen to podcasts on #Sonos
Thu, Jul 20th 2017 105
Drei Android-Smartphones
Wed, Jul 19th 2017 102
Verkehrte Welt :: Lenovo Soft Keyboard vs BlackBerry Hard Keyboard
Wed, Jul 19th 2017 82
Moto Z2 Play :: Let's talk about the phone
Mon, Jul 17th 2017 74
Wishlist for #Sonos :: Cast your vote on Twitter
Mon, Jul 24th 2017 48
Closing the Sonos chapter
Fri, Jul 14th 2017 34

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Wishlist for #Sonos :: Cast your vote on Twitter
Mon, Jul 24th 2017 12:01p   Volker Weber
If you hit the retweet button on this one, we might get in some more votes. As a #Sonos customer, what would be #1 on your wishlist?— Volker Weber (@vowe) July 24, 2017
Bad streaming and good streaming to #Sonos
Sun, Jul 23rd 2017 12:11p   Volker Weber
When Apple started AirPlay, it would stream everything three times across the network. From your library or music service through your access point to the app on your device, then back to the access point, then to your speaker. When you stream to a Bluetooth connected speaker, you are also streaming everything to your app and then via Bluetooth to the speaker. That's bad streaming. What Spotify Connect does is good streaming. You start streaming to your app, but then you tell it to cast
Sonos, please update your ancient network stack
Fri, Jul 21st 2017 12:37p   Volker Weber
We love that Sonos keeps its old gear updated and functional. That is pretty much unheard of in this industry. However, there is one big omission. You really need to work on your network stack. Two problems: Every recent piece of malware used SMBv1 as its attack vector. If you disable it Sonos is unable to find its music libary anymore. No support for SMBv2 or SMBv3. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Your STP implementation is ancient. If you add Sonos to a network with smart components that us
IBM Dumps Remote Work, Blows Off Its Productivity Kneecap
Thu, Jul 20th 2017 4:32p   Volker Weber
With a focus on US policy: IBM has destroyed a remote work policy that brought them provable gains, because a fashion exec says it’ll save the entire company. The IBM decision-makers are either voluntarily ignorant, or they think they’re above the market. 20 straight quarters of declining revenue says they are wrong. Make that 21. More >
Listen to podcasts on #Sonos
Thu, Jul 20th 2017 11:07a   Volker Weber
Today we’re excited to announce that Pocket Casts support for Sonos has gone into Beta! Judging by the amount of tweets and emails we’ve had over the years this is one of your most requested features and we’re excited to finally share it with you. More >
Drei Android-Smartphones
Wed, Jul 19th 2017 8:53a   Volker Weber
Die Welt ist ein bisschen einfacher geworden für mich. Früher hatte ich ein halbes Dutzend verschiedene Smartphone-Betriebssysteme im Auge zu behalten. Heute sind es nur noch zwei. Damit ich nicht nur das iPhone kenne, benutze ich täglich mehrere Stunden auch ein Android-Gerät. Bisher waren das zwei: BlackBerry KEYone und Huawei P10. Jetzt ist mit dem Moto Z2 Play ein drittes dazu gekommen. Bemerkenswert beim Moto: wenn man es nur im Standby rumliegt, dann sag
Verkehrte Welt :: Lenovo Soft Keyboard vs BlackBerry Hard Keyboard
Wed, Jul 19th 2017 7:12a   Volker Weber
Laptops haben echte Tastaturen, Smartphones virtuelle auf dem Bildschirm, so die Regel. Bei diesen beiden Geräten ist es umgekehrt: Lenovo Yoga Book und BlackBerry KEYone. Ich mag beide. Jetzt bin ich wild entschlossen, auf dem Halo Keyboard des Yoga Book schreiben zu lernen. Warum? Weil es schwierig ist. Aber ich habe gelernt, dass man auf einem BlackBerry Keyboard nicht schneller ist als auf einer iPhone-Tastatur. Und was dort geht, sollte auch auf dem Halo möglich sein. Ich
Windows 10 on iPad Pro?
Tue, Jul 18th 2017 5:17p   Volker Weber
Since iDisplay was free today on the iTunes App store, I had to turn my iPad Pro into a second screen for Surface Pro. Why? Because we try stuff so that you don't have to. Works for macOS or Windows, with Android or iOS devices. More >
Moto Z2 Play :: Let's talk about the phone
Mon, Jul 17th 2017 7:41a   Volker Weber
Three most useless things in an aviation emergency: Fuel on the GroundRunway behind youSky above youWhen I looked at all the Z2 Play reviews I found a common theme: Moto dared to make the device thinner and the battery smaller. And I was reminded of the old adage above. What does it help you if you have 30% battery left when you are about to charge your phone anyway? What difference does it make that a phone runs 36 instead of 30 hours? I think the Z2 Play is much nicer than the Z Play. Th
Earn the National Park Challenge award today
Sat, Jul 15th 2017 9:08a   Volker Weber
You need to walk or run 3.5 miles (5.633 km) with an outdoor workout today to earn this fourth special award.
Moto Z2 Play :: A modular smartphone
Sat, Jul 15th 2017 8:24a   Volker Weber
Yesterday, I had total gadget overload. Moto sent a big box with the brand new Moto Z2 play and alll these Moto Mods. And here is the good news. This is a 2017 smartphone and mostly 2016 Moto Mods. I like backwards compatibility. I was very sceptical when Moto announced the Moto Z series last year. They had three models: the high end Z, the midrange Z Play and the Verizon exclusive Z Force. They were the top line Moto phones and shared the Moto Mod design. Moto Mods snap to the back of the ph
Jefferies: Creating Shareholder Value with AI? Not so Elementary, My Dear Watson
Fri, Jul 14th 2017 6:57a   Volker Weber
Our checks suggest that while IBM offers one of the more mature cognitive computing platforms today, the hefty services component of many AI deployments will be a hindrance to adoption. We also believe IBM appears outgunned in the war for AI talent and will likely see increasing competition. Finally, our analysis suggests that the returns on IBM's investments aren't likely to be above the cost of capital. Reiterate Underperform. IBM from a financial analyst perspective. More >
Closing the Sonos chapter
Fri, Jul 14th 2017 6:49a   Volker Weber
Everything ends. In the past, Sonos would trust me with future information and they would value my feedback. I never disclosed any of that information, not once in ten years, but you had a source of informed opinion. That does not work any more. The old band members are sidelined, the new ones don't know better. Now it's just a company. The love is gone. But we have opened a new chapter. Read from the top: communicate :: collaborate. Since you are sharing what you know with me, I actually k
BlackBerry patzt erneut bei den Android-Updates
Fri, Jul 14th 2017 6:20a   Volker Weber
Seit gut einem Monat warten DTEK-Nutzer auf die vollmundig versprochenen Updates. Die Geräte sind auf dem Mai-Sicherheitsstand. BlackBerry kommentiert die Misere mit donnerndem Schweigen. More >
387 + 388 = 775
Thu, Jul 13th 2017 3:14p   Volker Weber
On June 20th of last year I missed my daily move goal by 3 calories and broke the chain. I picked it up the next day and today it got a new link. 225 to get to one thousand. I am not walking much right now, only about 5000 to 6000 since my knee was suffering four weeks ago. Joints take a long time to recover. Bicycle it is for now, and exercise at home.
Six weeks with the Huawei P10
Thu, Jul 13th 2017 11:23a   Volker Weber
It's been six weeks with the Huawei P10. And they have been absolutely boring, in the best possible way. This thing just works. It has received two updates since I got it, but they are not the very latest Android security fixes. It's currently two months old, but Huawei does make an effort to not only update the very latest phones but also older ones. I have made fun of Huawei when they announced the Leica partnership. But the camera in the P10 delivers. Great colors, sharp photos, beautifu
Stuff that works :: Apple AirPods
Wed, Jul 12th 2017 11:32a   Volker Weber
I was very cautious when I first heard about the AirPods. They looked ridiculous and over-priced. People made jokes about losing them. Then I tried a pair for a few minutes and really liked the fit and the sound. My only reserve was that they weren't particularly loud and they would not isolate me from surrounding noise. Then I got a pair for review and was allowed to keep them. I mean, who wants the dirt from my ears back? And they turned out to be my favorite headphones by a wide margin. F
Android update situation
Wed, Jul 12th 2017 10:22a   Volker Weber
#BBSIRT has released an advisory for our July #30dayPatchingSMR, read about it here https://t.co/I6go3N19aS pic.twitter.com/MwTgX2sPxc— BlackBerry SIRT (@BBSIRT) July 5, 2017 Follow the link and you get to the July security bulletin: BlackBerry has released a security update to address multiple vulnerabilities in BlackBerry powered by Android smartphones. We recommend users update to the latest available software build. When BlackBerry says "release" it does not mean they
End of Life: Windows Phone ist offiziell tot
Wed, Jul 12th 2017 8:31a   Volker Weber
Der geschätze Kollege und bekennende Windows-Phone-Fan Volker Briegleb schreibt einen Nachruf: Am Dienstag ist der Support für Windows Phone 8.1 ausgelaufen. Smartphones mit der letzten Windows-Phone-Version erhalten ab sofort keine Sicherheits-Updates mehr. Besitzer einiger jüngerer Lumias können noch upgraden. Im Prinzip können alle PCs auf Windows 10 updaten. Für Smartphones ist das nicht der Fall und so fallen nun 80 Prozent der aktiven Windows-Phones hinten runter. Ich bedaure
IBM Watson Workspace has a desktop app
Tue, Jul 11th 2017 7:43p   Volker Weber
Watson Workspace seems to take forever to develop while the market is still trying to figure out if Slack helps or does not help to get more stuff done. Like Slack it now has a desktop app which is basically the web app bundled with a Chromium browser. These things are big and may be slow, but it saves a ton of testing on different browsers. The web app only runs on Firefox and Chrome, so bundling a Chromium engine helps. If you haven't looked at Workspace, it is finally coming together. I f
Looking forward to the HomePod
Tue, Jul 11th 2017 5:35p   Volker Weber
Have to detox my brain and started thinking about the HomePod. This speaker is announced, but it is still far away. Apple says December, but that was also the plan for the AirPods last year, so I am not holding my breath until it ships. Why the delay and the early announcement? I think Apple announced it to keep Apple fans at bay against the onslaught from Amazon and Google. And the delay? I believe it's the software. Siri needs to learn a lot for this to work well. Everything about this spe
Three posters in a Sonos office in Santa Barbara
Tue, Jul 11th 2017 1:55p   Volker Weber
The fine print is way too small, but I will spell it out for you. What is significant about these posters? There are the three princicples that guide Sonos. Or at least they did in 2015. And they are the reason why I am not just walking away. Sonos will be able to fix this. The Experience Comes First. "Right" is hard to define but we are willing to struggle until we find it. And struggle even more to make it ruthlessly simple.With maniacal quality, every detail highly considered, and sou
BlackBerry Security Summit
Tue, Jul 11th 2017 8:58a   Volker Weber
Attending the BlackBerry Security Summit just got easier. Instead of one event in New York, there are now two. I would not be surprised if customers told BlackBerry to spare them a trip to Trumpistan. More >
Twitter reaction to #Sonos situation
Mon, Jul 10th 2017 8:50a   Volker Weber
I will just collect your reactions to the Sonos situation here, hoping Sonos will be able to improve. @sonos, treating @vowe like this is a bad move in Germany (where he brought you tons of loyal customers, like me) https://t.co/c4TA3D7FNl— Stefan Tilkov (@stilkov) July 10, 2017 @Sonos A simple truth, yet hard to accept. You need folks like @Vowe . Most especially you need to *listen* to them. @SonosSupport— Craig Wiseman (@WiseCraig) July 7, 2017 I get your frus
Stuff that works :: Microsoft Surface Pro
Sun, Jul 9th 2017 5:47p   Volker Weber
It has been more than half a year since I started using a Surface Pro 4 with i7/8GB/256 GB. At the time I was using a Surface 3 with m3/4GB/128GB for travel, but most of work was either done on a MacBook Pro. The Surface Pro changed that equation. The Surface Pro is a vastly more powerful machine than the Surface 3. Since I have only very light workloads, I did not expect this to make much of a difference, but it did. Surface Pro did not ever feel any less powerful than the MacBook Pro. The o
Sonos without WiFi :: Revisiting an old topic
Sat, Jul 8th 2017 9:33a   Volker Weber
Warning: this is not a beginner's practice. If you are not afluent in network design, do not any of the things I am talking about. I have written about it before, but that post is no longer valid as of Sonos 7.3. The web interface at port 1400 now expects a hidden CSRF token and the player no longer accepts paramaters as GET variables. The good news is that WiFi Control has been redesigned so that this form now works. Sonos pretty much takes care of networking all by itself. There are two w
A short update on the Sonos situation
Fri, Jul 7th 2017 6:41a   Volker Weber
A few weeks ago I explained that I talked to a Sonos manager to clear up any misunderstanding. I offered my friendship, sent in a long list of things I would need and be interested in, and then I waited. As I said, I wasn't going to be mad, if Sonos took their ball and moved on. Time passes. Crickets. On Monday I decided to go back into beta mode. I have been running Sonos betas continously for many years. It's not much fun since I have to update the system and multiple controllers every
Phonos Universal :: A touch friendly Sonos controller
Tue, Jul 4th 2017 5:11p   Volker Weber
When I was on Windows Phone, I used Phonos as my Sonos controller. Sonos had been working with Microsoft on Project Phish, which was eventually cancelled after two years, so there never was a modern Windows controller. I believe that the desktop controllers are seen as legacy at Sonos since they have not seen any significant updates in years. This opens an opportunity for third party developers to fill this void. Andy Pennell is the developer behind My Speaker, which I wrote about yesterday,
End of life for PRIV and DTEK :: Needs confirmation
Tue, Jul 4th 2017 4:03p   Volker Weber
From the Crackberry forums: Today I ordered another batch of 50 DTKE50 phones from our UK mobile service provider. I was shocked, they told me that the DTEK50 phones reached end of life and the replacement model is the existing DTEK60. But that will cost £380, instead the £210 of the DTEK50. This time, they will be able to provide the ordered type and quantity from their current stock, but most probably soon they will run out of it. This is the second time that I heard about EOL within o
Merke, die anderen sind nicht blöd
Tue, Jul 4th 2017 12:18p   Volker Weber
Vor einigen Jahren hatte ich mal ein Interview mit dem Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius. Das ist ein sehr erfahrener Manager, der völlig in sich ruht und Fragen einfach so beantwortet, wie sie gestellt werden. Ein Kollege fragte ihn zu einem Sicherheitsproblem, das ein anderes Unternehmen aktuell hatte. Hortensius verweigerte jeden Kommentar und sagte statt dessen, wir müssten bitte ganz bescheiden sein und jeder vor seiner eigenen Tür kehren. Das erinnerte mich an etwas, w
My Speaker :: Control Sonos from your Amazon Alexa device
Mon, Jul 3rd 2017 11:33a   Volker Weber
At last you can talk to your Sonos speakers to listen to music on a quality device, using the My Speaker Alexa Skill and app. From the creators of Phonos, the most successful independent Sonos app ever, we now have My Speaker, to free Alexa users from low quality audio, and to expand your music all over your home with your Sonos system. Don't get too exited yet. There are quite a few requirements, amongst them a Windows 10 PC running on your network and a US Amazon account. More >
What is Sonos working on?
Thu, Jun 29th 2017 3:14p   Volker Weber
Sonos 7.3 was ... not what I was expecting. I was a bit underwhelmed because there are bigger things going on. Alexa, anyone? As you know I tried to reconnect with the company, but that was also ... not what I was expecting. Broadening my scope now. If you happen to know what is cooking, please share. Don't use email. I am very good at keeping secrets but that means I need to keep things apart. Besides, I don't consider unencrypted email as confidential. Instead use Signal, iMessage or W
Wenn das WLAN zu schwach ist :: Vier Lösungsmöglichkeiten
Tue, Jun 27th 2017 4:15p   Volker Weber
Ich habe mal vier Möglickeiten aufgezählt, wie man ein WLAN zu geringer Reichweite erweitern kann. Ich nutze die erste, in dem ich die Fritzbox in einem Stockwerk habe und in den anderen beiden jeweils einen Access Point. Der Router stellt ein WLAN, ein Access Point ein zweites. Verbunden sind die beiden mit einem Netzwerkkabel. Der Router stellt ein WLAN, das der Repeater gerade noch erreichen kann. Der stellt dann ein zweites. Der Router stellt ein WLAN, ein Powerline-
Huawei P10 :: Die leidigen Android-Updates
Tue, Jun 27th 2017 2:17p   Volker Weber
Manchmal klinge ich schon wie eine kaputte Schallplatte, aber ich kann mich an die fehlenden Updates bei Android-Geräten einfach nicht gewöhnen. Alles in vowe's magic flying circus bekommt ein Updates, wenn es eins gibt. Alles von Apple, alles mit Windows. Nur bei den Android-Geräten hakt es. BlackBerry hat ganz dicke Backen gemacht, dass sie schneller liefern als alle. Und das hat sogar mal gestimmt, beim PRIV. Seitdem ist das eher duchwachsen. KEYone und PRIV binnen
WLAN-Mesh für Fritz!Box 7490, 7580 und 7590
Tue, Jun 27th 2017 11:19a   Volker Weber
Zur CeBIT hatten wir eine nette Diskussion mit AVM zum Thema Mesh. Die Berliner warben mit Mesh-Komfort, ohne tatsächlich ein echtes WLAN-Mesh zu haben. Du nun gestern Google eine große Welle gemacht hat und ich dann auch gestern noch einen Hilferuf eines Apple-Nutzers mit Airports bekam, kommt die heutige Beta-Version von FritzOS sehr passend. Was ist ein WLAN-Mesh? Oder besser, was ist ein Mesh-Netzwerk? Sonos betreibt diesen Netzwerktyp seit mehr als 10 Jahren. Normale N
Installing iOS 11 Public Beta
Tue, Jun 27th 2017 7:17a   Volker Weber
I have not installed iOS Betas in quite a while but I cannot wait to get the new iPad features. iPhone is mission critical and has to stay on released software but for the iPad Pro I am taking the risk.
Habits are stronger than goals #dontbreakthechain
Fri, Jun 23rd 2017 6:16p   Volker Weber
As I was looking at my collection of photos in BLACK I could not help noticing the difference a few years make. So I put these two photos together in a collage and posted them to Twitter and Instagram. Lots of encouragement and some funny remarks. And no, there was no Photoshop involved, just BLACK. Ute shot the fat vowe photo with a serious camera while I was in a TV studio and I shot the other one with the iPhone 7 Plus just yesterday. The difference in appearance is not caused by setting
Sonos :: How it started
Thu, Jun 22nd 2017 12:59p   Volker Weber
Hero-entrepreneur dreams up a great idea, finds a sidekick or two to help it come alive, clashes with and defeats the entrenched incumbent, and rides to glory as the credits roll. The story of Sonos might seem like that, from a distance. Its four founders – John MacFarlane, Tom Cullen, Trung Mai, and Craig Shelburne – conjured a daring vision based on technology that didn’t exist at the time. With all of their experience, resources and insight, the four founders nat
The 1+ reality distortion field
Wed, Jun 21st 2017 2:32p   Volker Weber
Did your favorite media outlet fall for the 1+5 hype? Hats off for them to create such a perfect social media storm. Not so much for copying the iPhone design wholesale, signing up The Verge for peddling their "we are so special" story, and cheating on the benchmarks. Watch this:
Nokia rebrands Withings
Tue, Jun 20th 2017 10:07a   Volker Weber
What used to be Withings is now called Nokia. Great products that I use and recommend. They are also announcing a new enty level connected scale and a less bulky blood pressure monitor. Withings Health Mate becomes Nokia Health Mate with a fresh user interface.
Gelungene Digitalisierung :: Paketversand
Mon, Jun 19th 2017 1:27p   Volker Weber
Ich habe gerade mal wieder zwei Pakete in Auftrag gegeben, eins mit DHL nach Frankreich, eins mit Hermes nach Deutschland. Und ich bin höchst erfreut darüber, wie einfach das mittlerweile geht. App auf's iPhone laden, Absender und Empfänger aus dem Adressbuch auswählen, Paketklasse wählen, fertig. Der Anbieter schickt einen QR-Code und ein Aufklebe-Etikett. Hat man keinen Drucker, geht man in den nächsten Paketshop und zeigt den QR-Code vor.
Umstieg von iPad Pro 9.7 auf iPad Pro 10.5
Sat, Jun 17th 2017 10:07a   Volker Weber
Guten Morgen, lohnt sich Ihrer Meinung nach der Umstieg von pro 9.7 auf pro 10.5? Vielen Dank! VG Stefan— Stefan Stappert (@1978stappi) June 17, 2017 Das iPad Pro 9.7 war mit Abstand das beste Tablet auf dem Markt. Nun ist es das zweitbeste. Lohnt sich der Umstieg? Ich weiß es nicht. Wichtig: das alte Zubehör passt nicht. Das Display ist größer und der Rand schmaler, aber trotzdem ist das neue Gerät ein bisschen größer. Also passen C
Die Bahn feiert meine Abo-Falle mit einem neuen Angebot
Tue, Jun 13th 2017 8:24a   Volker Weber
Genau einen Monat ist es her, dass mir die Bahn freudestrahlend mitteilte, wie sehr man sich freue, dass ich mich für eine Bahncard erntschieden hatte. Hatte ich allerdings nicht. Ich war nur in die Abofalle gelaufen: aus drei Monaten "Probebahncard" wurden geschwind 18 Monate, ohne jeden Pardon. Einzig mögliche Reaktion: kündigen, kündigen, kündigen. Das haben offenbar viele gemacht, denn nun bietet die Bahn etwas neues an, pünktlich zu
iPad size matters for Office
Mon, Jun 12th 2017 6:51p   Volker Weber
Screenshot from the Microsoft Office Mobile site. A regular iPad (and the old Pro) have a 9.7 inch display. Without an Office 365 license those apps will turn into viewers on the iPad Pro 10.5.
The new iPad Pro
Mon, Jun 12th 2017 1:43p   Volker Weber
Since I move most of my workloads to the Surface Pro 4 I haven't used the iPad Pro as much as I used to. But the WWDC keynote got me fired up again. Apple is about to take a big leap with iOS 11 and that is going to benefit the iPad Pro. This machine is so much more expensive than a regular iPad that it only makes sense if you are either well-healed or determined to use this as your main computer. And the hardware certainly wasn't holding you up. Microsoft validated the incredible speed of
Helping somebody to buy his first Sonos
Fri, Jun 9th 2017 10:56a   Volker Weber
As I was talking to my neighbor yesterday he asked me about some advice. "You are familiar with Sonos, aren't you? I plan to ..." Here we go again. I am going to invite him over and we will be going from room to room and I will be showing him what his options are. I have every single speaker and component Sonos ever made, with the exception of PlayBase, and he can make an informed decisision of what he wants. But something has changed two years ago.
BlackBerry KEYone :: Needs some glue
Thu, Jun 8th 2017 4:28p   Volker Weber
This is very painful to watch but it points to a weakness in the KEYone build. There is no adhesive holding the screen in place. It also looks like it would be easy to add wireless charging.
Unlocking Sonos
Thu, Jun 8th 2017 3:21p   Volker Weber
I had a very interesting face-to-face meeting (over Facetime) with a Sonos manager yesterday, and that helped clear up some of the misunderstandings. I can't tell you what we talked about in detail, but I can help you understand what happened recently and you may also be able to help Sonos understand. This is going to be a bit longer than usual.
Ist das BlackBerry KEYone ein Verkaufsschlager?
Tue, Jun 6th 2017 9:35a   Volker Weber
Die Ära der BlackBerry-Smartphones schien endgültig vorbei. Doch nun landet TCL mit dem KEYone ein überraschendes Comeback. Es mag an kleinen Liefermengen liegen, aber das Gerät ist schnell ausverkauft. More >
Why the HomePod is coming to the US, UK and Australia first
Tue, Jun 6th 2017 9:18a   Volker Weber
This is my own speculation, but I think the delay in shipping the HomePod is not a production ramp-up problem. First of all, Apple has announced a device they don't intend to ship for another six months. That's very unusual, since they ship the same day, if they can. I think Apple is buying itself some time here, against strong competition from Amazon and Google, who both have a head start. Sonos is way too small for an assault from Apple. Apple is going into three markets that have a 40
A few thoughts on the Apple WWDC 2017 keynote
Mon, Jun 5th 2017 8:06p   Volker Weber
In reverse chronological order: Homepod and Airplay 2 are an immediate threat to the Sonos business in pure Apple households. It combines Siri smarts with Homekit integration, streams directly from Apple Music, it looks quite capable in the sound departments and it comes at a low price. $349 is a PLAY:3 plus an Amazon Dot and I would be suprised if it did not sound better. We will see how well Apple does multi-room, but I give them the benefit of the doubt. Available first in the US it will
A missed opportunity, was it?
Fri, Jun 2nd 2017 1:51p   Volker Weber
If you let so many people go, who would previously be rowing, you will not be able to keep all your ships. No news coming out of DNUG44 means that it will take some more time for the dust to clear. Keep asking IBM.
Streamlining Kubernetes development with Draft
Thu, Jun 1st 2017 9:33a   Volker Weber
Application containers have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. In recent months, Kubernetes has emerged as a popular solution for orchestrating these containers. While many turn to Kubernetes for its extensible architecture and vibrant open-source community, some still view Kubernetes as too difficult to use. Today, my team is proud to announce Draft, a tool that streamlines application development and deployment into any Kubernetes cluster. Using two simple commands, developers
KEYone is the best BlackBerry since the Passport
Wed, May 31st 2017 9:18p   Volker Weber
Passport was not the success that BlackBerry had hoped for. But I was obsessed with it. Very solid hardware, a huge screen, fast at everything but Android. Classic, the next BlackBerry was equally solid but it was just retro with not enough screen resolution. PRIV was an outstanding device but it did not feel like a BlackBerry. Its hardware keyboard wasn't much better than the soft keyboard. I like DTEK50 for its no-nonsense utility. And DTEK60 didn't click with me. BlackBerrys should not
Another month #dontbreakthechain
Wed, May 31st 2017 7:45p   Volker Weber
Wed, May 31st 2017 8:52a   Volker Weber
Whenever somebody shows up, who has never commented before, then suddently becomes very active and has left no other traces on the Internet, my bullshit detector goes off the scale. Astroturfing is a carreer limiting move. Never attempt when your mark owns the platform.
A look inside #DNUG44
Wed, May 31st 2017 8:38a   Volker Weber
Kicking off DNUG44 @efred Full house and 17 @IBMChampions pic.twitter.com/2YhwPGMQtT— Amanda Bauman (@amandabauman) May 31, 2017
Aus Timetoact wird IBM Connections Engagement Center
Wed, May 31st 2017 7:43a   Volker Weber
Armonk/Ehningen – 31. Mai 2017: IBM übernimmt XCC – Web Content & Custom Apps Extension for IBM Connections der deutschen TIMETOACT GROUP. Das Produkt wird als Teil der IBM Connections Cloud Plattform weltweit als IBM Connections Engagement Center verfügbar sein. Dieses neue Angebot bietet Unternehmen jeder Größe ein Social Intranet für die interne Unternehmenskommunikation aller Mitarbeiter inklusive dem Teilen von Neuigkeiten, integrierter Applikationen sowie Peer-to-Peer Collaborat
When the US forces you to check your notebook
Mon, May 29th 2017 9:08p   Volker Weber
1996 Toshiba commercial
Microsoft macht gerade viel richtig
Mon, May 29th 2017 9:00p   Volker Weber
In der Ära Ballmer haben sich viele Leute angewöhnt, alles, was Microsoft unternahm, schlecht zu finden. Seit Nadella das Unternehmen führt, läuft es wieder rund. Das kann man an vielen Stellen sehen, am deutlichsten aber an der Kursentwicklung. Ich denke, da ist noch mehr Potential.
I was overly enthusiastic about Sonos :: My mistake
Mon, May 29th 2017 6:41a   Volker Weber
Last week I was overly enthusiastic about the prospect of bringing new life into my special relationship with Sonos. I should not have posted that. It's a different company now. In other news: a Playbar that only displays a solid white light when turned on. Does not respond to factory reset, does not appear in the controller. Who has seen that?
Huawei P9 :: An update
Sun, May 28th 2017 4:24p   Volker Weber
There is a Chinese curse that says 'may you live in interesting times', or so I have been told. I would not know since I don't speak the language. The P9 is the exact opposite. It's boring, in a good way. The matte black one which I have is completely non-descriptive. No branding on the front, a very subdued Huawei logo on the back and a LEICA branding in the corner. Safe for that logo, nobody would know what you are using. It might as well be some entry level phone. Isn't that insanely
IBM's Open Collaboration Client Solution :: The future that never was
Sun, May 28th 2017 3:51p   Volker Weber
When IBM talks aboout the future of the workplace, I always like to look at the future that's already behind us. From Lotusphere 2008: IBM's Open Collaboration Client Solution is a set of software products designed to help customers in all industries increase collaboration among employees, improve their productivity, and lower the total cost of information technology ownership. It is personal computing software that is based on open standards, providing businesses with a cost-effective and
Surface Pro 4 vs new Surface Pro
Sun, May 28th 2017 3:31p   Volker Weber
Did you just buy a Surface Pro 4 and feel left behind after the announcement for the new Surface Pro? Or are you still looking forward to your first Surface Pro? I want to give you a few reasons to consider the old model. What you are looking for is the Core i5 with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. That is the sweet spot for most people. That's 1449 €. Surface Pro does not come with a pen, which costs an extra 110 €. Then you need a keyboard. 180 € for the Sign
BlackBerry KEYone :: A short update
Sat, May 27th 2017 7:57a   Volker Weber
KEYone continues to be my go-to Android phone, against strong competition. The simple reason is convenience. It's so easy to pick up from flat surface with one hand, it does not seem to need a case, and I am never confused which side is up. It does have one design flaw, that it shares with the DTEKs and the PRIV: the on button is on the wrong side. I often press the convenience key on the right side. Since it also turns on with the fingerprint reader, it's not really an issue though. BlackB
Fri, May 26th 2017 9:44p   Volker Weber
Seit Ginni Rometty Chefin bei IBM, sinken die Umsätze. Das muss nicht ursächlich sein, Aber um einmal Friedrich den Großen zu zitieren: "Er hat keine Fortune; ich kann Offiziers ohne Fortune nicht gebrauchen." Auf sinkende Umsätze reagiert Rometty mit Entlassungen. Kosten sparen, damit wenigstens der Gewinn stimmt. Dummerweise führt das wieder zu sinkenden Umsätzen. Entlässt man Verkäufer, gibt es weniger Abschlü
Type A or Type C
Thu, May 25th 2017 9:29a   Volker Weber
If had to make a choice, which port would you want on your compute?— Volker Weber (@vowe) May 24, 2017 This was a bit of a trick question. You can view it as choice between the past and the future. You can also view it as a question about convenience. I have literally hundreds of things that require a USB Type A connector and I have only three things that have a USB Type C connector. And they all came with a Type A to C cable. The question became interesting when Microsoft
Microsoft Surface Event in Shanghai
Thu, May 25th 2017 12:07a   Volker Weber
This wasn't streamed live, but you can now revisit Panos Panay introducing the new Surface Pro. He is such a great presenter.
Twitter-Abstimmungen :: Nicht repräsentativ
Tue, May 23rd 2017 3:24p   Volker Weber
Diese Frage habe ich gestellt, weil ich nicht glauben will, dass wir uns ins Zukunft VR-Brillen vor das Gesicht hängen. Wie viele Frauen laufen halbblind durch's Leben, weil sie es nicht ertragen, mit einer Brille gesehen zu werden. Google hat das mit Glass bitter lernen müssen. Auch Bluetooth-Headsets, so praktisch sie sind, haben ein schlimmes Stigma und sind vor allem bei Kurier- und Taxifahrern anzutreffen. Da sind sie einfach zu nützlich, als dass sich jemand dar
What you need to know about the new Surface Pro
Tue, May 23rd 2017 1:04p   Volker Weber
Very similar to Surface Pro 4. Rounded edges. Plus 50 percent battery life! Intel 7th gen CPU (Kaby Lake) i5 goes fanless. Recommended! Pen no longer included. Loses the clip, but is faster and has better sensitivity. Kickstand folds down 165 degrees. New keyboard colors. All Alcantara. LTE option later this year. Order today. Ships in three weeks.
Porsche absichtlich zerstört
Tue, May 23rd 2017 10:34a   Volker Weber
Die Kollegen haben sich ausgetobt: ct.de/crash
Aus der Reihe "Nutzloses Wissen", Folge 7816: Iris-Erkennung
Tue, May 23rd 2017 10:22a   Volker Weber
'Hacker' vom CCC haben herausgefunden, dass man mit einigem Aufwand 'ganz einfach' den Iris-Scanner eines Samsung S8 überlisten kann. So wie 'starbug', bürgerlich Jan Krissler, schon vor ein paar Jahren gezeigt hat, dass der Fingerabdruck-Scanner des iPhone auszutricksen ist. Handlungsempfehlung: "Wem die Daten auf seinem Telefon lieb sind oder wer sogar daran denkt, mit seinem Telefon bezahlen zu wollen,der greift statt auf die eigenen Körpermerkmale besser
KEYone :: An unlikely winner
Tue, May 23rd 2017 9:54a   Volker Weber
When I first touched Mercury, the phone that would become KEYone, I wasn't convinced. Who would want another BlackBerry? Now that I have one it needs to compete with other Android phones for the #2 spot behind the iPhone. And it's winning, hands down. This is not another boring and fragile slab of glass. It handles so well, it's easy to grab and I am never afraid to drop it. The rounded bezel makes it easy to pick up from a table, it is as tall as an iPhone Plus, but narrower. Last but not le
Bringing back the old Sonos enthusiasm
Tue, May 23rd 2017 6:40a   Volker Weber
Did you notice I haven't written anything substantial about the Playbase? I have seen it years ago in the lab, but I never actually heard it. I haven't even installed a new beta release this year. I turned into just another happy Sonos customer, enjoying my music every day. What happened? Sonos has grown into a big company with lots of people handling different things. And I ended up in the reporter bin. Send him a press release a day before we announce, and offer him a two weeks product te
Bookeen and Carrefour offer new Nolim e-reader
Mon, May 22nd 2017 5:13p   Volker Weber
Bookeen is a French ebook pioneer. I looked at their Cybook Ocean with the brillian Solar Leaf Cover. Now they created a new reader that already contains a cover. No need to buy anything extra. Specs: 6" screen with 1024x758 resolution, 8 GB memory, WiFi, 4 buttons (Next page, Last page, Menu, and FrontLight). The cover turns the device on and off, an accelerometer switches between left and right handed use. Battery is charged over USB and is supposed to last 3 weeks. Carrefour is selling th
Nächste Woche :: DNUG 44 in Berlin
Mon, May 22nd 2017 12:21p   Volker Weber
Früher hat sich die DNUG vor allem über die Ausrichtung von zwei jährlichen Konferenzen finanziert, inklusive Vollzeitstellen. Seit gut zwei Jahren backt sie nun kleinere Brötchen. Nur noch eine Konferenz, kostenlos für Mitglieder und Studenten. Ja, die schreiben noch Stud-enten und nicht Stud-ierende. Gefällt mir. Nächste Woche also in Berlin. Ob es wirklich die "Wichtigste Konferenz zum Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft" wird, darf man bezweifeln. IBM ist sich da ja selbst nicht so einig, a
Mit der Galaxy Gear S3 25 mal kostenslos auf's Klo
Mon, May 22nd 2017 9:46a   Volker Weber
Sanifair hat jetzt eine App für die Galaxy Gear S3 Smartwatch. Damit kann man per NFC durch das Drehkreuz bei den Sanifair-Toiletten an Raststätten: Für die ersten 20.000 Downloads unter Samsung Galaxy Apps gibt es jeweils 25 kostenfreie Durchgänge an SANIFAIR Standorten an deutschen Autobahnen. Einlösbar an allen SANIFAIR Zugangssystemen mit NFC Terminal an deutschen Autobahnen. Die Durchgänge können bis zum 31.12.2017 via NFC genutzt werden.  Eine Registrierung durch Kunden ist nich
Puscheltastatur für alle
Mon, May 22nd 2017 9:37a   Volker Weber
Working session. 30 hours to go. #MicrosoftEvent #Surface #Shanghai https://t.co/u12oAeULxF pic.twitter.com/H1jQI1d94x— Panos Panay (@panos_panay) May 22, 2017 Morgen hat Microsoft einen Event in Shanghai, wo sie wohl den Nachfolger des Surface Pro 4 vorstellen. Und was mir besonders gefällt: Puscheltastatur in allen Farben. Ich wollte ja unbedingt das Alcantara-Keyboard für mein Surface und habe das nie bereut. Surface Laptop hat es, und demnächst wohl auch Surface Pro.
Microsoft needs to explain this
Mon, May 22nd 2017 5:48a   Volker Weber
I have this Win10 Enterprise vm that I was using to test out various privacy settings. Here's some of the stuff I found out so far...— Mark Burnett (@m8urnett) May 21, 2017 Read the whole thread.
There are no bad smartphones anymore
Sun, May 21st 2017 10:36a   Volker Weber
Yesterday I chose to remove a comment from a first timer who waltzed in to attack a different comment and flat out stated that iOS was crap. It rubbed me the wrong way both in style and substance. And I might be stating the obvious when I say that you can't really buy a bad smartphone anymore. It's going to be an iPhone or some variant of Android. And they basically all have the same capabilities. Just look at the devices in the photo. Two of them start adding a second (or third, if you count
Huawei P10 :: First impressions
Fri, May 19th 2017 2:30p   Volker Weber
I asked Huawei to send me a P10 and it arrived today. It took a little bit because I had to wait for a matte black one to return to the pool. First impressions: This is an iPhone knock-off. Excellent buld quality. Thin and light.The EMUI Android shell will take some time getting used to, but it is a high quality experience.Android 7.0 and Security patch level 2017-03-01 are outdated.The fingerprint reader is a monster. Extremely fast.The camera may or may not be Leica, but the first quick sam
BlackBerry KEYone :: It just works
Fri, May 19th 2017 8:44a   Volker Weber
Let's cut right to the chase: there is no phone that can replace my iPhone. I am too entangled in the Apple net with the Watch, my #dontbreakthechain program, the AirPods and what not. If all of that wasn't the case, this KEYone is the phone I wanted. I have been using it as my #1 phone for a couple of days and I am oh so pleased. Yes, you read that right. I put my main SIM into the KEYone and left the iPhone at home to sync my activity data from the Watch. The Watch did not have notification
When Lenovo abandons products
Fri, May 19th 2017 7:34a   Volker Weber
1.5 years ago I got one of the first Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro tablets. And I loved it. There were some kinks in the software but those teething problems were resolved with a couple of updates. And in March 2016 it received its last Android security update. As of today the tablet runs on Android 5.1 with a 2006-03-01 security patch level. This was a $500 "Pro" product. I want you to keep that in mind before you buy any Android product from Lenovo. I also have a Yoga Tab 3 with Windows. That
Mitarbeiter im Bahncard-Service einfach nach Hause schicken
Fri, May 19th 2017 7:24a   Volker Weber
Ich habe es einfach noch mal probiert und darum gebeten, mir keinen Textbaustein zurückzuschicken. Zwei Tage später bekomme ich ... den selben Textbaustein. Die Bahn kann diese Mitarbeiter entlassen und durch einen Auto-Responder ersetzen. Ich denke, für sowas ist IBM Watson bestens geeignet. Tschüss Bahn.
Ab heute verfügbar ... in USA
Thu, May 18th 2017 7:23a   Volker Weber
Google hat die Live-Blogger unter den Journalisten verwirrt. Wenn Google sagt, der Google Assistant ist ab heute auf dem iPhone verfügbar, dann muss man in Gedanken immer hinzufügen "in USA". So findet man den Assistant im US-amerikanischen Store, nicht aber im deutschen. Und damit kann man als Deutscher leicht verwirrt werden, wenn man Google Now für Google Assistant hält. Zur deutschen Verfügbarkeit heißt es nämlich "... coming
BlackBerry KEYone :: Are you in the target audience
Tue, May 16th 2017 6:43p   Volker Weber
It's interesting to see how Android reviewers struggle with the KEYone. Most start out with the hardware keyboard and quickly reason that BlackBerry is passé. How uncool! What is the KEYone really? It's an Android Phone with some midrange components (SD 625, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB storage), an excellent camera chip (same as Pixel), a huge battery (3500 mAh), a small screen (4.5" 1080x1200 pixel), all packaged in a sturdy aluminium frame, but without dust or water protection. We cannot
Die Bahn antwortet unpersönlich wie erwartet
Tue, May 16th 2017 6:03p   Volker Weber
Die Bahn hat geantwortet, mal eben schnell das Datum gefälscht, und ist mit keinem Wort auf mein Anliegen eingegangen, mir eben keine neue Bahncard zum 11. Juni auszustellen. Damit ist die Bahn für mich erledigt. Ich habe ein simples Prinzip, das mich bisher gut durch's Leben begleitet hat: Wenn Du jemandem vertraust, dann brauchst Du keinen Vertrag. Wenn Du ihm nicht vertraust, dann erübrigt sich der Vertrag. mit ihrer Abofalle hat sie mich einmal erfolgreich gefangen. Herzlichen Glü
Please avoid iMessage
Tue, May 16th 2017 11:01a   Volker Weber
I am currently on the BlackBerry KEYone and will not receive your iMessages. WhatsApp and Signal work fine.
BlackBerry KEYone :: Coming up
Mon, May 15th 2017 3:17p   Volker Weber
Last week I wrote about BlackBerry Godot, since the KEYone seemed to be stuck somewhere. Well this seems to have irritated a few people, and after a some emails they are now shipping a device to my door. It is taking a little bit longer than normal, because they're shipping from France, through the French post, which has been sitting on the package since Friday, but eventually it is going to show up here. Hint: FedEx and UPS can get this done overnight. This does not really matter though, be
Week 149 #dontbreakthechain
Mon, May 15th 2017 6:20a   Volker Weber
Gestern gab es ein zusätzliches Achievement: Workout mit einer (!) Meile zu Fuß oder dem Rollstuhl und die "Mother's Day Challenge" war im Kasten. Ich habe das erst spät mitbekommen und bin noch mal raus. Muttertag ist wie Vatertag kein welt-einheitliches Datum und so hatte Apple das nur für USA geschaltet. Wenn man die Watch auf die US-Region umschaltete, tauchte die Medaille auf und wurde nach dem Workout zugeteilt. Das hat natürlich auch einen technischen Grund. Eine Meile Wor
Ich habe einen dummen Fehler gemacht
Fri, May 12th 2017 8:47p   Volker Weber
@vowe Die Probe BahnCard gibt es nur im Abonnement. Ärgerlich, wenn der Hinweis bei der Bestellung nicht beachtet wurde. /ch— DB Personenverkehr (@DB_Bahn) May 12, 2017 Vor zwei Monaten habe ich eine "Probe BahnCard" für drei Monate gekauft. Das dachte ich zumindest. Tatsächlich bin ich in eine Abofalle gestolpert. Wird die "Probe BahnCard" nicht binnen sechs Wochen gekündigt, dann nimmt die Bahn an, man wolle eine "BahnCard" bestellen, im Jahresa
Can IBM possibly learn from Microsoft?
Fri, May 12th 2017 4:03p   Volker Weber
As I am watching sessions from Microsoft Build 2017 I cannot help but notice how far behind IBM is when it comes to spreading the message. I'd dare you to just watch the second keynote from IBM Connect, let alone any of the breakouts.
Fluent Design
Fri, May 12th 2017 3:24p   Volker Weber
Steve Jobs once said, that Microsoft has no taste. That may have been true, but it no longer is. They are building powerful new products that are both elegant and beautiful. More >
iPhone keyboard as trackpad
Fri, May 12th 2017 8:03a   Volker Weber
If your iPhone has force touch, it also has a trackpad
Mitmachen #dontbreakthechain
Fri, May 12th 2017 7:52a   Volker Weber
Day 50!!! #dontbreakthechain @vowe #motivation On to the next 50. pic.twitter.com/wIcHsLimVM— Daniel Tietze (@dtietze) May 11, 2017 Na klar, ich höre nicht auf. Aber was mir noch besser gefällt: wenn sich auch andere mitreissen lassen. Bewegung ist gut und tut gut. Muss gar nicht heftig sein. "Wer rastet, der rostet."
Crowdfunding für Journalismus
Thu, May 11th 2017 4:00p   Volker Weber
Die Republik ist eine kleine Rebellion. Für den Journalismus. Und gegen die Medienkonzerne. Denn die grossen Verlage verlassen die Publizistik: Sie bauen sich in hohem Tempo in Internet-Handelshäuser um. Das ist eine schlechte Nachricht für den Journalismus. Aber auch für die Demokratie. Denn ohne vernünftige Informationen fällt man schlechte Entscheidungen. Beeindruckend und ermutigend. More >
Let me speculate about Nougat updates for BlackBerry
Thu, May 11th 2017 3:50p   Volker Weber
Let me speculate about the Nougat update for older BlackBerry Android devices. So far BlackBerry has not announced that they are going to upgrade any of the existing devices to Nougat. So the question is, will they, and if they do which ones. Before TCL took over I would have said, that it is very likely that all devices are carried forward. Since TCL is focusing on the KEYone, I have changed my mind. There is not enough incentive for BlackBerry to upgrade all versions. By and large, the PRIV
Coming up at vowe's magic flying circus :: Huawei
Thu, May 11th 2017 7:18a   Volker Weber
Huawei is a company I have been ignoring for too long. They are cranking out new devices at an astonishing pace, both under the Huawei and the Honor brands. I want to know how they can keep up on the software side of things and I will put them on an extended watch. I should have one of their phones soon.
BlackBerry Godot
Thu, May 11th 2017 7:12a   Volker Weber
Some of you have asked me when I will publish a KEYone review. Honestly, I have no idea when or even if. It has been half a year since I first played with one. And safe for a press conference invitation at MWC there has been zero communication from BlackBerry Mobile. I am pretty sure they don't even know me.
Fifty Nine
Tue, May 9th 2017 10:59p   Volker Weber

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