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Tell me your Android patch level
Mon, Jul 25th 2016 154
Let's raise the bar for Android recommendations
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 161
The cultural renaissance of the Art Deco-era’s rolling sculptures
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 99
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Sun, Jul 24th 2016 214
Here we go again
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016 233
Google Arts & Culture
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016 62
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016 121
Top 10
Here we go again
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016 233
Manfred Dillmann provided no title for this post.
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 214
Listen to this!
Fri, Jul 22nd 2016 195
Sonos 101
Thu, Jul 21st 2016 172
Headset recommendation
Fri, Jul 22nd 2016 171
Let's raise the bar for Android recommendations
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 161
Tell me your Android patch level
Mon, Jul 25th 2016 154
Stuff that works :: Olloclip Active Lens
Thu, Jul 21st 2016 150
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016 121
The cultural renaissance of the Art Deco-era’s rolling sculptures
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 99

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Tell me your Android patch level
Mon, Jul 25th 2016 6:56a   Volker Weber
I believe in collaboration. So let's put our heads together. I have created a Google form where you can help me gather data about Android security patch levels. The patch levels have a date attached to them. You find it in Settings/About. Also add the brand and model of your device and the Android version. If you know on which day it was available, also fill out the last data, which is not mandatory. Here is the form >
Let's raise the bar for Android recommendations
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 4:15p   Volker Weber
Nexus or BlackBerry, these are the only phones with quick monthly Android security patches. Lenovo just started shipping their new flagship Motorola Z with the May patch. That's a brand new phone with two month old security level, and apparently they have no plans for shipping monthly patches. From now on, I will check the security patch level and report it. And then come back within a month if I see or do not see the next patch coming in. Vote with your money and only buy secure devices.
The cultural renaissance of the Art Deco-era’s rolling sculptures
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 12:11p   Volker Weber
This October, a new exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art will display a number of Art Deco-era cars and motorcycles under the title ‘Rolling Sculptures’. We could think of no better person to explain their flourishing status as dynamic pieces of modern art than curator Ken Gross… More > [Thanks, Vesey]
Manfred Dillmann provided no title for this post.
Sun, Jul 24th 2016 7:05a   Volker Weber
4.3 kg (or 9.5 lb) was the weight of my 'luggage' on my New York trip. That includes all the gear, toothbrush, toothpaste, a fresh shirt every morning, underwear and the bag itself. No need to leave anything behind at the bell hop when you check out. No wheels, just a messenger bag thrown over your shoulder.
Here we go again
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016 7:56a   Volker Weber
Installed the latest update and the Microsoft Crapware is back. You have one week to get the new advertising platform Windows 10 for free. That is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will never come back, I'm sure.
Google Arts & Culture
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016 7:29a   Volker Weber
What a great app. Download for Android or iOS and explore.
Sat, Jul 23rd 2016 4:54a   Volker Weber
In Zeiten der Krise kann man erkennen, was guter Qualitätsjournalismus leistet. Statt atemlos Gerüchte, Meinungen und Stimmungen zu verstärken, einfach die Fakten zusammentragen. Nein, einfach ist das falsche Wort. Was einfach aussieht, bedarf jahrelanger Übung und Disziplin. Meine Favoriten: Die Zeit und Deutsche Welle. Sehr gute Arbeit, vielen Dank. Ganz schlimm, einige Journalistendarsteller auf Twitter.
Listen to this!
Fri, Jul 22nd 2016 11:24a   Volker Weber
A video posted by Manorath Dhillon (@sabrinadhilon) on Apr 13, 2016 at 12:23am PDT
Headset recommendation
Fri, Jul 22nd 2016 9:01a   Volker Weber
I was asked which headset I would recommend for this profile. - pure telephony, no music features needed - small and lean as possible - budget EUR 300,- #1 makes it a Plantronics Voyager, #2 makes it the Edge model. #3 is too much money. They are way cheaper.
Stuff that works :: Olloclip Active Lens
Thu, Jul 21st 2016 2:39p   Volker Weber
This is one of my favorite things. Olliclip makes many lenses for iPhone, but this is by far my favorite. When I travel, it just wear it around my neck. When I am shooting photos with the iPhone, I can grap the lens with my other hand and remove it from the lanyard. The Active Lens has two lenses: a 2x telephoto and an ultra-wide lens. And they work on both cameras, main camera (iSight) and front facing (FaceTime). You will hardly ever need the telephoto on the front facing camera, but it'S
Sonos 101
Thu, Jul 21st 2016 11:10a   Volker Weber
Sonos customers know the product line, much like Apple customers do. They can give you the full list of options. Sometimes they know the difference between PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5, sometimes they don't. But there is one thing that is really, really hard to understand and to communicate for that matter: what makes Sonos more than a speaker. There have only been two ways to "get" Sonos. Visit somebody's home or take a leap of faith by trying it yourself, at home. I helped quite a few people
Well of Death
Sun, Jul 17th 2016 6:59p   Volker Weber
Begegnung im Park
Sun, Jul 17th 2016 11:49a   Volker Weber
Heute im Herrngarten, Pokémon Central in Darmstadt. Frau läuft mit ihrer Tochter, großer Teenager. Tochter bleibt stehen und schaut auf ihr Handy. Genau vor einem Pokestop mit Lure Module. Ich zu der Mutter: "Das kann jetzt etwas dauern." "Ja, aber ich bin froh, dass sie mal mit mir läuft." "Spielen sie nicht mit?" "Ich habe das nicht drauf." "Haben Sie kein iPhone?" "Doch, habe ich. Und Sie? Spielen Sie das auch?" "Ja, klar. Ist ganz ei
Busy day on Twitter
Fri, Jul 15th 2016 12:48p   Volker Weber
Phone was vibrating with notifications ...
BlackBerry damage control
Thu, Jul 14th 2016 11:35a   Volker Weber
Imagine you were BlackBerry and you wanted to move from a not so successful platform (BlackBerry 10) to a wildly successful platform (Android). Learn from how Nokia messed it up. Symbian was dying, Windows Phone wasn't done. With the burning platform manifesto then Nokia-CEO Elop sank the old ship before the new one was ready. Symbian had been declining and then fell off a cliff. What we reported was: BlackBerry is discontinuing the Classic, the Leap will be phased out soon, and BlackBerr
Don't have a dog? Get Pokémon Go.
Thu, Jul 14th 2016 5:55a   Volker Weber
A dog is a good walking coach. But Pokémon Go may be even better. Install, put a powerbank in your pocket. Two hours later you will have depleted your battery at least once, walked 10 km and more, and raised your level. I went to the university campus and I spotted dozens of students playing the game. In groups, talking to old farts like me. People getting out and interacting with each other. That's probably the best that could happen in the USA right now.
Liebeserklärung am Morgen
Thu, Jul 14th 2016 4:38a   Volker Weber
That was too easy
Wed, Jul 13th 2016 12:59p   Volker Weber
If you want to record video with your own voice-over, the sound is never good enough. I had some decent results with the Lumias but never with iPhone or a serious camera. They all assume that the sound in front of the camera is what you want to record. If you stand behind it, you are noise. I tried to figure out how to use one of my Plantronics headsets, but apparently you cannot route this microphone into the camera app. Then I tried the Klipsch headset, a few of UrbanEars, but none of them wa
Gear for New York trip
Wed, Jul 13th 2016 8:56a   Volker Weber
iPad Pro 9.7", Apple Pencil, Microsoft Wedge Keyboard, Universal Cable, Microsoft Powerbank Apple Watch with Sport Band iPhone 6S Plus, Olloclip Active Lens Not in the photo: 5 port USB charger, power lead, BlackBerry Priv (shot this photo), two Lightning cables, one Watch cable, one USB cable. The keyboard has a foldable protector that doubles as a stand. What you see here is about two pounds. Trying to stay below 10 pounds, including the (messenger) bag. Two nights in hotel, one night
Testing at vowe's magic flying circus
Wed, Jul 13th 2016 6:52a   Volker Weber
I don't break stuff on purpose. But when I test stuff, I use stuff. That means you should never send me anything that you plan to send somebody else later. I always want to be the last person between you and the trashcan. I do the same with software. But software does not scratch or chip.
Firmware Update für Eve Weather
Tue, Jul 12th 2016 11:58a   Volker Weber
Heute ist was mit dem Luftdruck passiert. Genauer gesagt ist was mit dem Barometer passiert. Eve Weather hat nämlich endlich eine neue Firmware, bei der man die Höhe über NN einstellen kann. Für jede acht Meter gibt es ein hPa mehr. Und damit springt die Anzeige von den falschen 995 hPa auf die korrekte Anzeige 1015 hPa und wird damit vergleichbar mit den amtlichen Angaben. Ich hatte Weather ein paar Monate lang trocken und in der Nähe von Apple TV 4 gelagert und dort has es weder falsche
Updated list of impolite Twitter spammers
Tue, Jul 12th 2016 11:40a   Volker Weber
Go get the list here. More than 4000 entries. Instructions: go to twitter.com in your browser, click your avatar in the upper right, Settings, Blocked accounts, Advanced options, Import a list. Bam, 4000+ spammers gone.
SONOS opening flagship store in SoHo
Tue, Jul 12th 2016 10:51a   Volker Weber
Seven of the world’s most sonically perfect listening environments. And all the comforts of home. #SonosStore opens 7.19.16 in SoHo. A photo posted by @sonos on Jul 12, 2016 at 6:31am PDT And I will be in the city. :-)
BlackBerry Won’t Rule Out New Phone Running on its BB10 System
Tue, Jul 12th 2016 10:01a   Volker Weber
“We are absolutely not backing away from BB10,” Beard said. “The company’s never said that we would not build another BB10 device.” Of course a COO will not rule out options he still has. And I can imagine he has fielded quite a few calls from customers. Let's recap what we know. Classic has been officially discontinued. Leap is still being sold, but customers have been briefed on the EOL for this device. BB10 is to receive two minor updates:
IBM to resell Microsoft Surface tablets to businesses
Tue, Jul 12th 2016 9:24a   Volker Weber
A year ago, Microsoft announced Dell and HP would be reselling Microsoft Surface tablets as part of a new Surface Enterprise Initiative. Today, IBM and Booz Allen Hamilton also joined the list of Surface resellers in that program. More >
Microsoft Partner Conference in Toronto
Mon, Jul 11th 2016 11:18a   Volker Weber
I travel to lots of conferences. And I started enjoying keynotes from the comfort of my couch, without the need to spend endless hours in an aluminium tube flying across the Atlantic. MWPC16 is no exception. Today I just watched Satya Nadella's keynote. Don't worry, it's just an hour, and it updates you on what Microsoft is working on. Executive summary: digital transformation with Office 365 + Dynamics 365 + Azure. Dynamics 365 is incredibly important for Microsoft's future when competing w
Retro fake
Sun, Jul 10th 2016 5:58p   Volker Weber
I love Fujifilm cameras because they give me a lot of control over my photos. Nothing beats a physical aperture ring for instance. But this retro design on the X-T2 takes it too far. This is not an old SLR, so there is no prism, where it was on the original. And what looks like a winder, is just a battery grip. The X-Pro2 is a different beast. It mimics old range finders and it actually is a range finder.
Feature request for Windows 10 Mail: Gmail Alias Support
Sun, Jul 10th 2016 12:02p   Volker Weber
This is a feature I love on Outlook, my favorite mail client on the iPhone/iPad. You can use any of the aliases you set in Gmail as the default and send mails from this address. Isn't it crazy that Microsoft makes the best Gmail client for iOS? Yes, that is my personal taste and you can of course debate this. Sadly, the same feature is not available in the Mail client on Windows 10.
How Microsoft fools itself
Sat, Jul 9th 2016 5:08p   Volker Weber
These are the Microsoft Store recommendations for me. The irony is that don't play computer games. Ever. I learned many years ago that they are a total waste of time. Next time you ask me, why I have so much time, here is one of your reasons. How does Microsoft deem these apps worth my time? Because I have Minesweeper and Solitaire installed. Why do I have them installed? Because Microsoft adds this crapware to my installation every time they update Windows. And somebody who does analytics for
Surface Pro 4 vs Surface 3
Sat, Jul 9th 2016 2:25p   Volker Weber
I just told you how Surface 3 became my travel companion. It's silent, it doubles as tablet with pen and notebook. I have the 4/128 configuration, which means 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. That's the top of the line for Surface 3. And it is the entry level for Surface 4 Pro. And the most interesting feature is the fan-less design around a Skylake Core m3-6Y30 processor. That's already quite a bit faster than the Atom x7-Z8700, but does not draw as much power as the Core i CPUs in the faster Su
It's working!
Fri, Jul 8th 2016 4:06p   Volker Weber
Testing One Two
Fri, Jul 8th 2016 2:57p   Volker Weber
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Morbi commodo, ipsum sed pharetra gravida, orci magna rhoncus neque, id pulvinar odio lorem non turpis. Nullam sit amet enim. Suspendisse id velit vitae ligula volutpat condimentum. Aliquam erat volutpat. Sed quis velit. Nulla facilisi. Nulla libero. Vivamus pharetra posuere sapien. Nam consectetuer. Sed aliquam, nunc eget euismod ullamcorper, lectus nunc ullamcorper orci, fermentum bibendum enim nibh eget ipsum. Donec porttitor ligula eu
Help me build a Workflow
Fri, Jul 8th 2016 12:53p   Volker Weber
I have this nice Workflow app. And I was never able to put it to good use. Can you help me build a workflow? What I need is an image upload to vowe.net. This is what I do on my Mac: Drag a photo to ImageWell Let ImageWell create a random name Resize the image to 640px width Push the image via SFTP to vowe.net Copy the image URL to the clipboard like this Pick image, resize and convert is easy. I will also be able to do something like convert only if PNG and filesize > 150 kB. Creating
Ello public Android beta
Fri, Jul 8th 2016 3:56a   Volker Weber
The iOS client has been available for a while. I have also used the Android app in private beta for a while and it has been very stable. Now Ello opens up the beta to the public. More >
Silent Circle’s Blackphone revealed as a sales flop
Fri, Jul 8th 2016 3:37a   Volker Weber
Silent Circle had expected orders for 250,000 Blackphones from three distributor agreements it thought it had secured, including with Dubai-based BigOn Telecommunications and Kumion in South Korea — but both those deals fell through. In the other instance expected sales of 100,000 Blackphones to America Movil resulted in orders for just 6,000 phones. More >
Is Microsoft learning?
Wed, Jul 6th 2016 11:36a   Volker Weber
I had high hopes that Microsoft might be able to get their act together when building the Anniversary Update for Windows 10. But so far, things do not look promising. Not only does Microsoft install this self serving piece of crapware. They also spam the Info-Center with repeated push messages. I assume they want to teach other developers to do the same. And lastly, this piece of crapware does not even know that I am already an Office 365 subscriber. Although I am logged into my Microsoft accou
Surface 3 has a winning formula
Wed, Jul 6th 2016 11:16a   Volker Weber
As I recently said, this is Apple territory. But when I travel, I always pack the Surface 3. It has a unique set of features that would require me to carry much more Apple gear. Since I like to travel light, that is not a good option. The photo shows four important things: Surface Pen. I could use iPad Pro instead for pen support. USB A port for thumb drives. Not on the iPad Pro. Would require MacBook Pro. USB charging. MacBook Pro needs its own power brick. Decent keyboard with not so decent
Zonos 2.0 mit Support für Cortana
Wed, Jul 6th 2016 9:19a   Volker Weber
Ihr kennt die Geschichte: Sonos weigert sich beharrlich, eine offizielle App für die Windows Plattform zu entwickeln. Alternativen gibt es schon länger, eine davon ist Zonos. Als Sonos anlässlich von Windows 10 bekräftigte, weiterhin keine Pläne für eine eigene App zu haben, fassten die Macher von Zonos dem Entschluss, die "beste und schönste" alternative App zu bauen, und seither geben sie auch mächtig Gas. Neue Features
BlackBerry giving it to you ever so slowly
Wed, Jul 6th 2016 3:50a   Volker Weber
BlackBerry spinning the news: the Classic has long surpassed the average lifespan for a smartphone in today’s market. We are ready for this change so we can give our customers something better This post on BlackBerry's blog is a masterful piece. It avoids revealing the whole story: BlackBerry stops making BB10 devices. The Classic has been very successful, and BlackBerry probably has low inventory levels. Next thing on the list is the Leap, which lasts until the end of September. A
Noch ein Fluffy-Nachtrag
Wed, Jul 6th 2016 2:58a   Volker Weber
Ralph kommentiert: Von dem Staubsauger bin ich wirklich sehr begeistert. Das Gerät ist wirklich leicht und auch ebenso leicht zu händeln, kein Vergleich zu einem Staubsauger, den man noch hinter sich herziehen und auf die Kabel achten muss. Die Akkuladung reicht genau aus um das Erdgeschoss, Treppe und den 1. Stock des Einfamilienhauses einmal durchzusaugen. Mit den Katzenhaaren wird die Fluffy-Bürste spielend fertig, und auch unsere eine Katze ist sehr interessiert a
Your next Android device should be a BlackBerry
Tue, Jul 5th 2016 8:04a   Volker Weber
My big frustration with Android used to be how quickly they were abandoned by their manufacturers. That is why I said you should buy a Nexus if you really wanted an Android device that gets updates. But this is about to change in a big way. What is more important than the latest release of Android is the latest security patch. And BlackBerry has changed this game. Nothing has received patches more timely than the BlackBerry Priv. Nothing, not even a Nexus. And BlackBerry has made big changes un
Messaging is local
Tue, Jul 5th 2016 4:51a   Volker Weber
First row of my home screen. These are the messaging apps I use most often. Yours may be completely different and that is both normal and troubling. A few days ago I asked a 17 y/o from New Jersey, what she uses, and she said Messages. And a lot of Snapchat. I talked to a Chinese girl at Mensa the other day and for her it was Wechat. Wechat only. While WhatsApp is almost ubiquitous here, none of my American friends seem to use it. And other than email, chat apps are walled gardens. Walled gard
DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK: Summertime Volume 7
Mon, Jul 4th 2016 2:01p   Volker Weber
It's finally here. Download at Summertime.fm
BlackBerry beats Nexus
Mon, Jul 4th 2016 12:22p   Volker Weber
BlackBerry is rolling out the monthly Android Security Patch a day early. With some OEMs you are lucky to get it at all.
Aus für BlackBerry 10
Mon, Jul 4th 2016 4:25a   Volker Weber
Drei neue Android-Geräte wollen die Kanadier in den nächsten drei Quartalen auf den Markt bringen. Das Betriebssystem BlackBerry 10 dagegen läuft aus. More >
BlackBerry to go full Android
Fri, Jul 1st 2016 11:45a   Volker Weber
BlackBerry informed Verizon and AT&T that production of all BlackBerry OS 10 devices (Q10, Z10, Z30, Passport, and Classic) has been discontinued. Future carrier order fulfillment will not be guaranteed due to limited remaining stock. This leaves a little wiggle room, because that message could be that production of branded phones for Verizon and AT& has stopped. More >
The story behind Apple's wheelchair Activity app
Fri, Jul 1st 2016 9:03a   Volker Weber
WWDC 2016 and Apple made many moves to improve accessibility across its products, but the introduction of a version of the Apple Watch Activity app for wheelchair users was a particularly big deal. You see, there’s never been an accurate fitness tracker like this before, and Apple has been working on it for at least a year. More >
Broke the streak. Didn't break the chain.
Fri, Jul 1st 2016 3:57a   Volker Weber
On June, 20 I broke the longest move streak by missing three calories on that day. This happened because I was no longer checking my progress. However, I did not break my chain. This happened because I formed a habit of daily exercise. Which is way stronger than checking your daily progress. I no longer need the Apple Watch. But I want it. For all the other good reasons.
IBM and Cisco Transform the Way People Work
Thu, Jun 30th 2016 12:42p   Volker Weber
As part of the transformation, the highly secure Cisco Spark and WebEx collaborative workspace platforms will be integrated with IBM’s leading cloud collaboration solutions, including Verse and Connections, and underpinned by IBM’s cognitive computing capabilities. Transforming The Way People Work. Once again. I think I heard this before. A few thoughts: With WebEx and Spark coming to Connections and Verse, there is an obvious overlap with Sametime. Something will have to
Wed, Jun 29th 2016 8:30a   Volker Weber
Lakritz aus Amsterdam. Wunderbar! Vielen Dank, liebste Lorena.
Evernote wants your money
Wed, Jun 29th 2016 5:20a   Volker Weber
From the Evernote blog: Beginning today, the prices for our Plus and Premium tiers will change for new subscriptions, and access from Evernote Basic accounts will be limited to two devices. Evernote isn't doing so well. They need more revenue. So they want more money, and they are pushing harder. I was once an Evernote user, but I have since migrated to OneNote. I like it better.
Logitech K780 für alle Geräte
Wed, Jun 29th 2016 3:43a   Volker Weber
Letztes Jahr habe ich von der IFA eine Tastatur mitgebracht. Ich wusste erst nichts damit anzufangen. Zu schwer, zu bunt, einfach nicht mein Geschmack. Aber dann habe ich sie lieb gewonnen. Und schließlich gehört sie zu den Dingen, die ich nicht mehr missen will. Ab Juli gibt es das Modell K780 mit ähnlichem Konzept, aber nochmals stark verbessert. Zunächst zum Pudels Kern: Diese drei Tasten schalten die Bluetooth Verbindung. Zwei Sekunden halten und die
Microsoft Support for iOS and Android
Tue, Jun 28th 2016 5:59p   Volker Weber
Interesting data point: Within Intune and ConfigMgr we are managing millions of mobile devices – 50% of the devices are iOS and 25% are Android. The rest is probably Windows. More >
When no means no
Tue, Jun 28th 2016 5:55p   Volker Weber
Sorry for scaring you. This is just a picture, not a dialog. Let me translate: Don't miss out. Offer for free sex ends July 29. [Have sex now] [Chose time for sex] [Decline offer for free sex] Microsoft just paid 10,000 Dollars to somebody who never wanted to have sex Windows 10. So they are changing the push for free sex Windows 10 upgrades ever so slightly. Developers may have created the best Windows version ever, but then Microsoft turned it into a POS by not accepting no for an answer.
IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook
Tue, Jun 28th 2016 4:29p   Volker Weber
Long announcement letter, TL;DR Enables you to connect a Microsoft Outlook 2013 client to a Domino V9.0.1 Server Two caveats, translated: "A small, lightweight client add-on for Outlook must be installed on user workstations." Domino does not behave like Exchange. "Users can log in with their existing credentials." Users need to use separate credentials from Windows. Deploying Outlook against Domino is not a smart architectural decision. Microsoft does not break it on purpose, but the
Ultimate Blödsinn
Mon, Jun 27th 2016 6:27a   Volker Weber
Ich habe heute das Auto waschen lassen und dabei steht man halt ein paar Minuten rum, in der das Hirn was anderes verarbeiten kann. Soso, 66 km pro Tank. Sternchen. Lesen wir mal das Kleingedruckte: Basiert auf einem Tank mit einer Reichweite von 850 km. Aha. Und wenn es bis zu 66 km sind, wieviel sind es dann im Minimum und im Durchschnitt? 37 km im Durchschnitt. Und ja, vom Fahrzeug und Fahrstil abhängig. Bringt also wahrscheinlich gar nichts. Aber rechnen wir mal. Statt 850 km
Mon, Jun 27th 2016 3:41a   Volker Weber
Sehr geehrter Herr Volker Weber, wenn sie bereits an unserer Onlinebefragung teilgenommen haben, möchten wir uns bei Ihnen sehr herzlich dafür bedanken. Da die Umfrage gänzlich anonym durchgeführt wird, können wir leider nicht unterscheiden, wer bereits teilgenommen hat und wer nicht. Deshalb bitte ich Sie um Verständnis dafür, dass diese Mail auch jene Personen erreicht, die den Fragebogen schon ausgefüllt haben. Diese M
Dyson DC62 und V6
Sun, Jun 26th 2016 4:08p   Volker Weber
Die Dyson Akkusauger haben eine elektrisch angetriebene Motordüsen, die ihrem Strom über zwei Kontakte im Rohr beziehen. Und dieser Anschluss hat sich vom Modell DC62 zum V6 geändert. Damit sind die Rohre und Düsen nicht mehr beliebig austauschbar. Links sieht man das Rohr des DC62 und die Carbonbürste, rechts das Rohr des V6 und die Fluffy-Düse. Ich will jetzt nicht alle Kombinationen von Rohren und Düsen aufzählen, die
Stuff that works :: Der Fluffy
Sat, Jun 25th 2016 3:48p   Volker Weber
Cooler Kommentar von Henning: Moin Volker, meine Lieblingsfrau schiebt gerade mit zufriedenem Lächeln im Gesicht Fluffy über Parkett und Fliese. Seit Fluffy im Haus ist, ist der grosse Flüsterbosch abgemeldet. Danke für das Influenzen! Der Vorgängerdyson (den hast du auch beeinflusst) ist noch super, aber Fluffy ist quantensprunghaft besser. Insbesondere wenn Anton die Haare abwirft. Zitat der Holden "Das Coolste ist, dass ich den jetzt immer vor de
Emoji predictions
Sat, Jun 25th 2016 2:09p   Volker Weber
Apple is touting emoji predictions for the messages app in iOS 10. Did you know that BlackBerry PRIV has Emoji predictions at the keyboard level? That means they work everywhere, not just in one messaging app. It works both with the hardware as well as the soft keyboard.
Number26 :: Das war einfach
Sat, Jun 25th 2016 12:59p   Volker Weber
Ich habe jetzt ein Konto bei Number26. Und damit bin ich spät dran. Ich wollte einfach mal sehen wie einfach das geht. Und es ist brutal einfach. Schritt 1: Max hat mich geworben. Dafür bekommt er 10 Euro Prämie. Die Beute haben wir geteilt, wie man oben sieht. Wenn ich jemanden werben soll, dann brauche ich dazu nur ein Email. Schritt 2: Man nimmt die Werbung an und erfasst seine persönlichen Daten. Danach kann man sich per Videochat oder Postident identifi
Surface 3 is being phased out
Fri, Jun 24th 2016 12:53p   Volker Weber
Since launching Surface 3 over a year ago, we have seen strong demand and satisfaction amongst our customers. Inventory is now limited and by the end of December 2016, we will no longer manufacture Surface 3 devices. Surface 3 has been my favorite over the Pro version, simply because it is more nimble and is fanless. I have no idea if Microsoft will make a similar Surface 4 model or if they are only going to advance the Pro line of tablets. More >
A week with the Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC
Fri, Jun 24th 2016 9:34a   Volker Weber
I have used the Voyager 5200 for a week now. And its noise cancelation is as brilliant as this promotional video suggests. My hardcore test was going as fast as I could on my bike and there was zero noise at the other end. You couldn't even hear one bit of wind at all. I could hear it in my earpiece, from the drag on the headset. But not at the other end of the line. You will have to watch the video I linked above. You can speak in a very low key voice, barely audible and completely incomprehen
Who needs a car, when you can have this?
Fri, Jun 24th 2016 8:41a   Volker Weber
How to deal with Twitter spam
Thu, Jun 23rd 2016 4:45a   Volker Weber
For 'Promoted Tweets' don't click on Dismiss. Click on ... and then Block. You will never see this spammer again.
IBM Connections Premier and IBM Connections Compliance
Thu, Jun 23rd 2016 1:29a   Volker Weber
IBM Connections Premier combines engaging employee collaboration applications and compliance discovery solutions, including granular policy controls for content inspection, logging and archiving of social and instant messaging communications. With IBM Connections Premier integrated collaboration and compliance discovery solutions, your organization can protect your brand and reputation, meeting corporate, legal or governance requirements, and engage and enable your entire workforce. Translation
Site News
Wed, Jun 22nd 2016 4:51p   Volker Weber
Wow, we did not have a site news in years. I don't mess around with the site itself ver often. But a couple of things have happened: Last week we had a major downtime. You were not able to comment, I was not able to post. vowe.net has moved and is way faster now. Monthly archives are full text now. The site has a new responsive design that should work better on mobile phones.
Comment Feed
Wed, Jun 22nd 2016 5:22a   Volker Weber
I won't name names but a few regulars have just discovered, through the comments, that vowe.net has a comment feed. It has been hiding in plain sight for at least a dozen years. So I thought it might be a good idea to tell you, right on the front page, that you can subscribe to two feeds: full posts and all comments. Did I mention, that we have a comment feed? I wish this site had a comment feed. [Snicker]
vowe.net braucht ein bisschen Hilfe
Wed, Jun 22nd 2016 4:36a   Volker Weber
Thomas kommentierte: Selten so einen aufgeräumten Quellcode mit so hohem Inhaltsanteil gesehen. Habt Ihr gut gemacht! Ich würde mir einzig noch eine bessere Leserlichkeit auf dem Smartphone wünschen. Das wünsche ich mir auch. Das Web Design ist seit 2002 im Wesentlichen unverändert und hat keine Mode mitgemacht. Irgendwann habe ich die Tabellenstruktur durch DIVs ersetzt und ziemlich mit IE gekämpft, aber seitdem läuft das alles u
UE Boom 2 and Megaboom get Siri and Google Now integration
Tue, Jun 21st 2016 5:20p   Volker Weber
With UE's new Siri and Google Now Voice Integration, you'll always stay in the moment--with nothing between you and your music. It's now quicker, easier, and more convenient than ever to keep your party going. First you need to update to the latest firmware. Then you just press the Bluetooth button (that is the tiny one) on top of your speaker once and you are connected to Siri (iOS) or Google Now (Android). On your iThing Siri supports Apple Music, on Android Google Play Music and Spotify,
Control Sonos from your Apple Watch or Pebble
Tue, Jun 21st 2016 4:39p   Volker Weber
With the latest @Sonos update, iOS users can control their speakers using @Pebble— henry levak (@HenryLevak) June 21, 2016 Max just alerted me about this tweet from Pebble product manager. What works for Pebble should also work for Apple Watch. And it does: Just swipe up for the Music Glance and there you have it. The same controls you have on your iThing lock screen. And that is actually all the Sonos integration I need from Apple Watch. And since it is not a 3rd party app, it lo
Update your Sonos controller today
Tue, Jun 21st 2016 12:57p   Volker Weber
iOS finally gets long overdue lock screen controls, iPhone 6S gets force touch support. And Napster is very much improved. I am already on the next version and there is more great stuff coming.
City, Light & Movement
Tue, Jun 21st 2016 8:24a   Volker Weber
Waref Abu Quba: As a Syrian refugee and through this artistic film, I am trying to say 'Thank You' to the people of Darmstadt and Germany for their helpfulness and hospitality. More > [Thanks, Stephan]
Yesterday I broke the chain
Tue, Jun 21st 2016 2:00a   Volker Weber
Ever since I completed the full year I was wondering what to change. I wanted to continue my daily exercise, but I wanted to take some pressure off. As your longest move streak gets longer and longer, it becomes more "valuable". If you break a 14 days move streak, that's not a big deal. But when you complete a year, holy cow, you get really proud of yourself. And you continue to pile on. But what is the end game? Stay attached to that game and continue to win? Until you lose an even longer s
This looks like a major Arlo problem
Sun, Jun 19th 2016 4:48p   Volker Weber
A few months back I purchased a Netgear Arlo home security camera set. I set up an online account, connected the cameras, tried them out for a few days and ultimately changed my mind. They were returned to the store and I never gave it another thought...until today. I got a random email alerting me that the camera had detected motion...but I don't have any cameras. So I logged into my online account and I can see the new owner, their house, and everything they're doing. Netgear obviously doesn
Plantronics Voyager 5200 :: They hit it out of the park. Again.
Sun, Jun 19th 2016 2:34p   Volker Weber
The new Voyager 5200 promises protection from wind noise, and boy does it deliver. I tested this today on my bike. At 25 km/h you were unable to hear any wind noise at all at the other end of the phone connection. It sounded exactly like it would if I were inside an office. You could attend a conference call on your bike. How does it deliver that? It has a redesigned microphone boom with four protected microphones and software that detects and eliminates this particular noise. In addition to all
vowe.net has landed safely
Sat, Jun 18th 2016 7:53a   Volker Weber
Photo: NASA What happened? vowe.net runs on 12 y/o software. I believe in simplicity. If it ain't broken, don't fixt it. So I am flying a Soyuz spacecraft instead of a Shuttle. The site is incredibly light, it's basically just html that is assembled with a bit of PHP code. Things that look the same on all pages, are the same on all pages. The things that are not the same on all pages are created with Perl code and stored in a database so they can be recreated. When I post, or when you comm
Kommentar: VR ist nur ein großer Hype!
Sat, Jun 18th 2016 7:33a   Volker Weber
Virtual Reality könnte schneller in der Bedeutungslosigkeit verschwinden, als viele wahrhaben wollen. Denn VR ist vor allem ein großer Hype, kommentiert Martin Fischer. Ich bin auch sehr skeptisch. Dinge, die man vor das Gesicht schnallen muss, haben zu viele Nachteile. More >
Der bessere Regenradar
Sat, Jun 18th 2016 7:19a   Volker Weber
Die meisten Bekannten mit iPhone nutzen RegenRadar, um zu schauen, ob es demnächst regnet. Ich habe seit einiger Zeit Warnwetter vom Deutschen Wetterdienst. Das sind die Leute, die das amtliche Wetter in Deutschland machen. :-) Gibt es auch für Android. Und das Ding gibt auch schöne Warnungen raus, bevor es kracht.
Error 500 when commenting
Fri, Jun 17th 2016 1:34p   Volker Weber
This is a bit frustrating. Wednesday afternoon I noticed you could no longer comment on posts and I could not get into the CMS. Usually these things repair themselves since I am on a shared hosting platform that is closely monitored. Servers get restarted, things go back to normal. Not this time. I contacted the hosting service Thursday morning and got a quick and friendly reaction. They were looking into it and came up with an explanation: I was migrated to the new platform and unfortunately t
Privacy will become obsolete
Wed, Jun 15th 2016 8:09a   Volker Weber
We have become addicted to tools that will make us targets.There’s a process to grieving the loss of your privacy. First you deny it. Then you get angry about it. Then you try to make a deal about it. Then you get sad. And then you just accept it, because this... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Size matters
Wed, Jun 15th 2016 7:11a   Volker Weber
iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold, iPhone 5, Lumia 920, iPhone 6, S6 edge, Note 5, iPhone 6+, Lumia 1520 These are some of the iconic smartphones I have used over the last five years. And they have only gotten bigger. The 920 was once considered too big, the 1520 was... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Fame or fortune
Wed, Jun 15th 2016 7:00a   Volker Weber
We had this tempest in a teapot yesterday, where journalists complained they were being spammed by PR agencies, illegally so. And they were putting all the blame on these agencies, not accounting for the fact, that agencies (have to) do what their customers demand. And that basically means, get... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Auch IBM führt Apple Pay nicht in Deutschland ein
Tue, Jun 14th 2016 12:13p   Volker Weber
IBM schickt eine Pressemitteilung: Ab Herbst können Händler, die ihren Webshop mit IBM WebSphere Commerce betreiben, ihren Kunden die Online-Bezahlung mit Apple Pay anbieten. Dadurch wird Online-Bezahlen noch einfacher und schneller. Dank Apple Pay müssen Kunden ihre persönlichen Daten oder Bezahlinformationen nicht mehr manuell eingeben. Stattdessen können sie ihren Kauf... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
How watchOS 3 will improve the Apple Watch
Tue, Jun 14th 2016 11:46a   Volker Weber
As you know I am addicted to the Apple Watch. These are my use cases: Tell the time. Doh! Get notifications. They show up as a red dot at the top of the watch face. Swipe down from there to see them. Dismiss them one by one, or force... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Listen to your enemy
Tue, Jun 14th 2016 5:44a   Volker Weber
- truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Ein professioneller Austausch
Tue, Jun 14th 2016 4:20a   Volker Weber
Diesen Artikel von @gutjahr müssen ALLE in der PR lesen. Genau. So. Ist. Es: https://t.co/ZT9SAYuhXz— Dr. Michael Spehr (@MicSpehr) June 14, 2016 Ganz große Welle bei den Kollegen. Mein Austausch mit Cision war sehr professionell und zivilisiert. Und ich bekomme keinen PR-Spam, jedenfalls nicht von Profis. Mein PR-Spam kommt von... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
You need to wrap you head around this
Tue, Jun 14th 2016 4:11a   Volker Weber
I was reflecting about the things that Apple has shown yesterday, and there was a common theme. Apple did not announce any new products you need to buy. Everything they have shown will improve the products you already bought. They will get better, they gain new capabilities, they work better... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Don't be an idiot
Mon, Jun 13th 2016 5:45p   Volker Weber
A developer preview is made available so that developers can build apps for new APIs and to check their existing apps against the new operating system. Developers have separate devices to run a developer preview. Then there will be a public beta program. This will facilitate broader testing. Only install... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
A few thoughts on the Apple WWDC keynote
Mon, Jun 13th 2016 4:30p   Volker Weber
Great keynote covering all four software platforms Apple has. A few thoughts: Siri on all platforms. Siri opens up to developers. Finally. It will get really useful once it understands at least two languages at the same time. Verstanden? Apple Watch makes a huge leap with watchOS 3. I... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn
Mon, Jun 13th 2016 8:43a   Volker Weber
Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) and LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE: LNKD) on Monday announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, inclusive of LinkedIn’s net cash. Free Windows 10 upgrades for everyone. More >... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Every TED Talk Ever
Fri, Jun 10th 2016 4:10p   Volker Weber
- truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Lenovo Techworld
Fri, Jun 10th 2016 5:05a   Volker Weber
A while ago I advised to offset purchase decisions for Android devices until today. The reason was that I wanted you to see what Lenovo has in store. I knew they were working with Google and my secret hope was that they might show a new Nexus, right after... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Stealth Arlo
Fri, Jun 10th 2016 4:11a   Volker Weber
I am a huge fan of the Arlo HD security camera. It's completely wireless, runs on battery and is waterproof. One set of batteries has already lasted half a year and I just upgraded to another camera. They all work together, you can schedule them to arm and disarm... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Yesterday I lost my iPhone
Fri, Jun 10th 2016 2:08a   Volker Weber
I often don't know where exactly my iPhone is. When that happens I go to this glance on the Apple Watch and tap the sonar button. The iPhone will make a loud sonar sound, even it the volume is turned down or the phone is on mute. Yesterday however,... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Lenovo needs to fix this
Wed, Jun 8th 2016 4:53p   Volker Weber
Tomorrow Lenovo is going to announce new products in San Francisco. You can watch it live on Youtube. And if past Lenovo announcements are any indication, there will be lot and lots of products. Lenovo is a big company and it has swallowed other big businesses, like Motorola. What... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Never check your bag
Tue, Jun 7th 2016 3:26p   Volker Weber
I cannot remember the last time I checked a bag. I always travel light, I avoid suitcases, and I prefer messenger bags. For those of you who like backpacks, this might be the ultimate travel bag. More >... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Pebble updates the Time watches
Tue, Jun 7th 2016 3:13p   Volker Weber
Version 3.13 of Pebble’s firmware and mobile apps includes a clearer, more accurate Pebble Health experience; an official Weather app; a new emoji; and a fix to keep the iPhone app’s file size down. The original Pebble watches will remain on 3.12.1, at least for the time being. More >... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
The One Key Reason Why Mobile Device Management (MDM) Is Incomplete
Tue, Jun 7th 2016 3:04p   Volker Weber
By putting the barrier around the entire device and not simply around sensitive data, you actually expose your data to greater risk. Hands up for anyone who’s ever let someone else use their device. I have seen enough mobile deployments to agree with this sentiment. IT breaks devices by locking... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus
Microsoft Planner comes out of beta
Tue, Jun 7th 2016 3:28a   Volker Weber
Today marks the general availability of Microsoft Planner. Over the next several weeks, Planner will roll out to all eligible Office 365 customers worldwide. This includes Office 365 Enterprise E1–E5, Business Essentials, Premium and Education subscription plans. I did not know about Office Planner until I read Michael's book.... - truncated for aggregators like Planet Lotus

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