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Arlo Pro takes it up a notch. A big one.
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Volker Weber    


Arlo is one of those products I continue to recommended. It's a product I don't just review and put it aside, but I use it every single day. Just today I installed a three camera setup at a friend's house and her 90 y/o father decided to also order another one on the spot. That's right, 90. But he doesn't look it and he is still very agile, both physically as well as mentally. But I digress.

When I returned home, UPS showed up and brought a new Arlo Pro. That's the one on the right. It also came with a new base station.


If you already have an Arlo system, you can just buy a camera and add it to your old base station. Arlo and Arlo Pro mix on either the new or the old base station.


While both the old and the new base station have the same ports, the new one adds two features: it has an extremely loud (110 dB) and annoying siren and it lets you record video to local storage. If you plug storage into the old station's USB port, it gets completely ignored, while the new one offers the new storage option, in addition to the cloud storage. Why do Arlo cameras need a base station? They run on battery power and need to be isolated from the regular Wifi traffic.


Battery power hasn't been a problem with the Arlo cameras so far. I need a new set of 4x CR123 about once every six month. CR123 are an odd size and you can't get them in a super market. When you buy ten at a time from Amazon, you pay roughly seven Euros for the set of four. The new Arlo Pro has a rechargeable battery. When it is running low, you will have to fetch the camera, connect it via MicroUSB to the included charger and then replace it to the original location. You can also buy additional packs and an external charger. I will see what causes more trouble over time.

One observation: the whole in front of the MicroUSB port is tiny. You will need to use the cable that Netgear supplies. If you don't need the camera to be waterproof, you can also keep it plugged in and don't need to worry about the battery.

Arlo Pro has a new motion sensor that works over longer distance it starts up four times faster so it's more difficult to slip by before the camera starts recording. The lens also went from 110 to 130 degrees field of view. It now has a microphone and speaker so you can talk to the delivery man at the front door via your Arlo app.

I am going to use the new camera more aggressively than the old one to see how the battery holds up. This isn't going back. I will keep you posted.

Mar 15, 2017
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