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Social Connections Stuttgart agenda published
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Last week we published our agenda for Social Connections Stuttgart and we are very proud on the speakers and sessions we have assembled. A couple of highlights I am looking forward to:


  • A Keynote on Working Out Loud by John Stepper (Author of the book with the same name)
  • A Customer keynote by ThyssenKrup on how they evolved to a social enterprise
  • We will be running a Connections Labs Clinic in the sponsor area during the 2 days where you will be able to chat with the guys from the labs on your issues, get answers to questions,…
  • We also have Silvia who will deliver a keynote on convincing the C-Suite to do social
  • We have Renée Schimmer flying over from the US, to deliver both a keynote and a Connections Next session.
  • 56 other great sessions from great speakers split over 2 days and 6 tracks


You have no reason NOT to attend this conference and you should register here. Please make sure to indicate if you would like to use the shuttle service we will provide from listed hotels to venue in the morning and the other way around in the evening. You can find the hotels with a discount rate here.


Looking forward seeing you all.

Oct 02, 2015
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