Blog Submission

To have your blog considered, read the details below. Please remember, the decision to post a blog rests with me, also, give me at least a week to process your request.

Things I consider when posting a blog:

  • Is the blog new? New blogs will not be considered, unless the author already has a listed blog.
  • Is the blog written by a real person?
  • Is the ratio of off-topic or ASW postings too high?
  • Does the blog promote a company, commercial product or service?
  • Does the blog add more value to the Lotus community than it does for the blog owner?
  • Does the blog contain advertisements?
  • Does the blog aggregate more than one blog? Each author that would like to be part of this site has to submit their own request.


  • Make sure to choose the RSS feed the parser has issues with ATOM.
  • If the feed is valid and not a Connections blog (more on this below) and PL is unable to consume it, consider burning it through Feedburner. Make sure to go into the settings and tell feedburner to publish it as RSS; the default is atom.
  • IBM Connections based blogs have issues with their RSS feeds; even if they test valid, they might not be able to be parsed here. Many have had success running their Connections feed through
  • Using Blog Spot? Submit and test with this: not this:
  • Have you updated your blog details? If the info below changes email the updates to and be sure to include your profile URL:
  • Your feed will be polled about once an hour for updates. If you stop posting about Lotus related topics for greater than 6 months your blog will be removed. If you decide to start writing again, just let me know and I’ll republish.
  • If you have a community blog with more than one author your feed must post the author for each post, ‘admin’, will not do.

Submit blog here: