Lose, Lose Situation

I feel I made the correct choice last week. I was presented with a situation where a sensitive post was brought to my attention and I acted quickly in delisting the blog pending further investigation.

I’ve spent the last week reading everything I could and don’t believe the action warrants removal from this site.

I will go ahead and remove the 2 blogs that requested to be removed if said blog wasn’t removed.

The two blogs involved in the boycott of this site will be missed and I beseech both of you to reconsider.

Last weeks blog post

Last week I was informed of a blog post that was said to contain information that could adversely affect programs that bloggers on PlanetLotus are a part of. I acted on that information, informed the author and delisted the blog pending further investigation.

The investigation is ongoing.

The complaints went beyond the single post, mentioning that the blog had become very negative for some time.

This negativity combined with the post mentioned above lead some bloggers to request their blogs be removed from PlanetLotus in protest.

I want to do what is best for the community and in the process establish some guidelines that will work in the future.

Please give me some time to read through the blog and get a feel for the extent of the negativity.

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. If you feel this blog should be removed please take a stab at writing up that rule so that i may add it to the site for future possible occurrences.

Change Log

10/16/2012 – Fixed a lot of mobile issues, thank you http://per.lausten.dk/blog/ for your help in finding / testing!

10/16/2012 – Fixed many areas that were still showing unpublished blogs, there is still work to be done there, but i’ll get there. Fixed Front Page, Search, Top Blogs so far.

8/21/2012 – Inflation, the ad at row 50 has moved up to row 35.

8/8/2012 – All myPL authentication will be moving from the forum to the blog, so become a subscriber today.

8/8/2012 – Deprecation of the forum has begone. All mention of it navigation has been removed.

8/7/2012 – Created this blog. The forum will be closing down soon and this will take it’s place.

Blog Widget

The Planet Lotus Satellite has arrived. Copy and paste the following code in to your blog to get the most recent blog posts. The sizing and setup has been modeled after the IdeaJam.Net blog widget so as to not cause any clashes.

Preview it in action here.

Options are as follows:

Parameter Available Values
Based on the keyword filter.example:




Blog Submission

To have your blog considered, read the details below. Please remember, the decision to post a blog rests with me, also, give me at least a week to process your request.

Things I consider when posting a blog:

  • Is the blog new? New blogs will not be considered, unless the author already has a listed blog.
  • Is the blog written by a real person?
  • Is the ratio of off-topic or ASW postings too high?
  • Does the blog promote a company, commercial product or service?
  • Does the blog add more value to the Lotus community than it does for the blog owner?
  • Does the blog contain advertisements?
  • Does the blog aggregate more than one blog? Each author that would like to be part of this site has to submit their own request.


  • Make sure to choose the RSS feed the parser has issues with ATOM.
  • If the feed is valid and not a Connections blog (more on this below) and PL is unable to consume it, consider burning it through Feedburner. Make sure to go into the settings and tell feedburner to publish it as RSS; the default is atom.
  • IBM Connections based blogs have issues with their RSS feeds; even if they test valid, they might not be able to be parsed here. Many have had success running their Connections feed through http://feed.informer.com
  • Using Blog Spot? Submit and test with this: http://yancy.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss not this: http://yancy.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
  • Have you updated your blog details? If the info below changes email the updates to planetlotus@collaborancy.com and be sure to include your profile URL: http://planetlotus.org/profiles/yancy-lent
  • Your feed will be polled about once an hour for updates. If you stop posting about Lotus related topics for greater than 6 months your blog will be removed. If you decide to start writing again, just let me know and I’ll republish.
  • If you have a community blog with more than one author your feed must post the author for each post, ‘admin’, will not do.

Submit blog here: http://planetlotus.org/rss/scripts/blogsubmit.php


30 day spots are available on planetlotus.org for immediate purchase.

The Front Page Top Right Banner
30 days for $250.
The availability of this ad is first come, first served. Purchase, or add yourself ad to the queue by emailing advertising@collaborancy.com.

Ad Terms…

  • Image must measure 468 x 60.
  • Image must be PNG, GIF or JPG (Subtle animation is OK.)
  • Image size must be limited to 60k. (It will be served from the PL server.)
  • Include a static URL back to your site.
  • The change of an ad’s image or URL, after the ad has gone live, can be done for a $25 processing fee (International payees don’t have to pay an additional $13 USD transfer fee).
  • If the ad is up for auction, you can only bid for the next available 30 day window otherwise everything works first come first serve. All auctions are blind/private.
  • Ad purchaser pays all costs of international wire transfers to USA; plus a $13 USD fee my bank charges. Pay by PayPal is also available for an added 4.9% fee to cover the payee charge. Checks are ideal. W9’s and New Vendor forms must be disclosed upfront.

Your ad will receive tens of thousands of impressions for the full month from an UBER niche demographic. If you are interested, send me an email for first come first server ads or a bid if an ad is up for auction. I will let everyone know where they stand at the end of the bidding period.