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Jesper Kiaer
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Recent Blog Posts
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66 2023-02-21 Jesper Kiaer HCL Verse contacts integration on Samsung phones not working - a quick workaround
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150 2022-11-20 Jesper Kiaer HCL Notes 12.0.2 - New Signature feature seems broken
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182 2022-06-09 Jesper Kiaer HCL Notes Client - 64 bit, I am really looking forward to it
111 2022-06-08 Jesper Kiaer Yes, it was the wrong way around it and I am sorry!
167 2022-06-07 Jesper Kiaer A wonderful and very insightful interview with Ray Ozzie on PLATO, Lotus Notes, Groove, Microsoft and more
141 2022-06-07 Jesper Kiaer The Domino Passthru server security issues - follow up
107 2022-05-24 Jesper Kiaer Has the Domino Passthru server been a big security hole all these years?
116 2022-03-02 Jesper Kiaer Domino V12 can not run on Windows Server 2019 with Active Directory installed and weird deletions of Domino EXE files
78 2022-01-31 Jesper Kiaer Verse contacts farce continues...Contacts not working on Samsung phone, again and again and again..
5 2022-01-18 Jesper Kiaer DAOS - right default minimum size ?
0 2021-09-26 Jesper Kiaer How to get a Live Text Widget up and running.
0 2021-09-16 Jesper Kiaer What users say is the most important and loved feature in HCL Notes..(it is not what you think)
0 2021-09-01 Jesper Kiaer HCL Notes on a Mac.. ONE letter makes it crash ..everytime
0 2021-06-01 Jesper Kiaer Automatic "one time" deletion of Cache.ndk at start
0 2021-02-22 Jesper Kiaer That dreaded Workspace that never got fixed
0 2020-09-10 Jesper Kiaer Watch out when upgrading Domino V11.0.1 to FP1
0 2020-08-24 Jesper Kiaer An important change in HCL Notes V11
0 2020-01-31 Jesper Kiaer A "Better LS/Java API for handling of (multi)values of a NotesItem" is needed, so here is my suggestion
0 2020-01-31 Jesper Kiaer A "Better LS-Java API for handling of (multi)values of a NotesItem" is needed, so here is my suggestion
0 2019-12-30 Jesper Kiaer A hint to installing Notes V10 and a very strange security issue in Notes V10.
0 2019-05-14 Jesper Kiaer UPDATE on Domino Designer and LibreOffice issue
0 2019-05-11 Jesper Kiaer Watch out...Load Compact -REPLICA may kill your server
0 2019-05-10 Jesper Kiaer Domino Designer (and Notes Sametime) breaks in version V10, this is why and how to fix it.
0 2018-06-19 Jesper Kiaer IBM Domino with Nginx may reveal data.
0 2018-05-21 Jesper Kiaer The IBM Notes Client is NOT GDPR compliant
0 2018-04-16 Jesper Kiaer "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed" using Synology as Active Directory server
0 2017-11-05 Jesper Kiaer Tutorial: Moving a Centos physical server with Soft RAID to be a KVM virtual machine guest using virt-p2v and virt-v2v
0 2017-10-01 Jesper Kiaer IBM Domino and DIIOP - not quit doing what it is supposed to.
0 2017-09-15 Jesper Kiaer Maven - how to get dependency JAR files in build too
0 2017-08-29 Jesper Kiaer IBM Domino, a very annoying performance issue now SOLVED
0 2017-05-30 Jesper Kiaer IBM Domino lessons learned from using the new FP8 feature of having the view index outside the NSF database (NDX)
0 2017-05-17 Jesper Kiaer Making "X-Forwarded-For" log feature IBM Domino FP8 actually work
0 2017-03-28 Jesper Kiaer New logging feature in IBM Domino FP8 when using Reverse Proxy - X-Forwarded-For
0 2017-03-13 Jesper Kiaer IBM Domino: Moving the view indexes outside the NSF database
0 2017-02-10 Jesper Kiaer Watch out ...Intel Atom C processors will completetly die due to a flaw in processor
0 2017-01-25 Jesper Kiaer Shrinking the 0.44 MB large IBM Domino favicon.ico to something useful

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