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Blog Description Cutting edge technologies - About Java, Lotus Notes and iPhone
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Recent Blog Posts
154 2021-07-27 Karsten Lehmann Mindoo CMS on Domino: Some examples
191 2021-07-26 Karsten Lehmann News Update from Mindoo Land: Domino JNA / JNX
6 2021-05-20 Karsten Lehmann OpenNTF May 2021 Webinar: recent Mindoo ToDoManager changes for Notes 12
154 2019-12-14 Karsten Lehmann Mindoo TodoManager on OpenNTF
115 2019-12-04 Karsten Lehmann Documentation for @GetMachineInfo
303 2019-11-04 Karsten Lehmann Configure Eclipse 4.6.x with HCL Notes 10
288 2019-09-19 Karsten Lehmann New Domino JNA version available with LOTS of new features
117 2019-03-12 Karsten Lehmann Advanced view lookup strategies with Domino JNA for small view index sizes and dynamic filtering and sorting
198 2018-10-11 Karsten Lehmann New Domino JNA version with support for Domino Query Language (DQL) in Domino V10
219 2018-03-06 Karsten Lehmann Display all allowed readers of documents in a view column
15 2018-01-08 Karsten Lehmann Major rewrite of Domino JNA for improved performance, now with incremental indexing of Domino data
4 2017-11-11 Karsten Lehmann Bleedyellow.com has a new home
6 2017-11-10 Karsten Lehmann Life sign / Major update for Domino JNA on Github
3 2017-01-16 Karsten Lehmann New APIs for Domino JNA project, now available for XPages development
3 2016-11-03 Karsten Lehmann My latest wish list for the Domino Java API
3 2016-07-11 Karsten Lehmann Big update for Domino JNA project on Github
0 2016-04-08 Karsten Lehmann New on Github: Domino JNA - Cross-platform access to IBM Notes/Domino C API methods from Java
2 2016-03-03 Karsten Lehmann Updated on OpenNTF: Release 1.1 of Open Eclipse Update Site with Mac 64 Bit Client support and other cool stuff
0 2015-09-29 Karsten Lehmann Notes 9.0.1 64 bit for Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan now available - warning our customers NOT to update for 30+ days!
1 2015-03-06 Karsten Lehmann New C API method NIFFindByKeyExtended2 in Domino 9.0 improves view lookups
0 2014-09-21 Karsten Lehmann Tools we use to build web apps
0 2014-06-27 Karsten Lehmann Status report / collection of web and mobile development frameworks and tools
1 2013-12-06 Karsten Lehmann Now on OpenNTF: Open Eclipse Update Site - based on IBM’s template but with extended functionality
1 2013-11-28 Karsten Lehmann Now on OpenNTF: Mindoo XPages2Eclipse - Eclipse APIs for XPiNC applications!
0 2013-09-09 Karsten Lehmann New on OpenNTF: Plugin to close XPiNC applications from CSJS code / to detect Notes ID changes
0 2013-07-30 Karsten Lehmann New on OpenNTF: Geospatial indexing for IBM Notes/Domino data
0 2013-06-03 Karsten Lehmann XSS security fix in Domino R9 HTTP server may break existing web applications
1 2013-05-24 Karsten Lehmann Entwicklercamp 2013 slides about "Dojo 1.8 and AMD" now available in English
2 2013-03-13 Karsten Lehmann My EntwicklerCamp 2013 slides: Dojo 1.8 and AMD
2 2013-03-07 Karsten Lehmann Quick tip: Fixing Dojo drag and drop issues in a Windows 8 VMWare on the Mac
0 2013-01-31 Karsten Lehmann Download links for IBM Connect 2013 session slides
0 2013-01-17 Karsten Lehmann Fast Notes view reading via Java API:New ViewNavigator cache methods in 8.5.3
0 2013-01-09 Karsten Lehmann Our session got accepted for IBM Connect: BOF211 Leverage OSGi plug-ins in Your XPages Applications!

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