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Rene Winkelmeyer
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Recent Blog Posts
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3 2017-07-17 Rene Winkelmeyer We are hiring – Developer Evangelist in EMEA @ Salesforce
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2 2017-06-22 Rene Winkelmeyer We are hiring – Community Program Manager or Admin Evangelist @ Salesforce
2 2017-06-21 Rene Winkelmeyer Why and how to support your speakers before their talks
6 2017-06-19 Rene Winkelmeyer Test driving Slack’s “Highlights” feature – I LOVE IT
3 2017-06-19 Rene Winkelmeyer Take app deployment to the next level with Heroku ChatOps and Slack
2 2017-06-08 Rene Winkelmeyer Join me and The Weather Company (and some B.E.A.R.s) at TrailheaDX
1 2017-06-06 Rene Winkelmeyer Must-go-to user group events in the next months
2 2017-06-02 Rene Winkelmeyer Call for Papers – Dreamforce 2017 – RUSH!!!
2 2017-06-01 Rene Winkelmeyer Next stop – #DevTrails @ Salesforce Essentials Tel Aviv
1 2017-05-31 Rene Winkelmeyer Two reasons why it’s a very good time to be/come a Salesforce Partner
4 2017-05-29 Rene Winkelmeyer Doing Salesforce is a logical next step for any Domino developer
2 2017-05-19 Rene Winkelmeyer Back from Salesforce World Tour London – I’m feeling pumped!
2 2017-05-15 Rene Winkelmeyer First developer content published around Salesforce and IBM partnership
2 2017-05-13 Rene Winkelmeyer engage.ug recap, my Salesforce/IBM slide deck and DevoxxUK
3 2017-05-04 Rene Winkelmeyer Find me speaking in Antwerp and London in the next two weeks
1 2017-05-01 Rene Winkelmeyer My first year of riding the Salesforce wave
0 2017-05-01 Rene Winkelmeyer My first year of riding the Salesforce wave
1 2017-03-14 Rene Winkelmeyer Happy Birthday Albert Einstein – and Salesforce Einstein Vision!
3 2017-02-10 Rene Winkelmeyer Chances are your next job will require Salesforce skills
3 2017-02-07 Rene Winkelmeyer Meet me in Prague on Feb 16th if you want to hear about Lightning and SalesforceDX

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