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Vladislav Tatarincev
Blog Title Vlad Tatarincevs’s Lotus Domino Blog
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Recent Blog Posts
58 2020-10-13 Vladislav Tatarincev Reading MTDATA.nsf (Message Tracking) and generating your own reports
66 2020-09-22 Vladislav Tatarincev Russian Notes User Group online conference (content in English and Russian) 9-16 October 2020
141 2020-09-15 Vladislav Tatarincev Avoid deleting users who left company from Reader/Authors fields and NAMES fields
172 2020-02-25 Vladislav Tatarincev v11 HTTP Rule bug and workaround
253 2019-11-19 Vladislav Tatarincev winmail.dat is back
127 2019-10-21 Vladislav Tatarincev Notes.ini for accessing Archives on clustered VOP (verse on Prem)
33 2019-08-06 Vladislav Tatarincev #RNUG Forum (10-11 Октября) - 2 дневная конференция посвященная IBM Domino
113 2019-07-27 Vladislav Tatarincev RNUG Russian Notes User Group conference 10-11 October 2019
160 2019-03-01 Vladislav Tatarincev If you plan to Migrate to Microsoft, you should know gap between promissed and what you will really get / Вы планируете миграцию с IBM Domino в Microsoft, узнайте что вас реально ждет
22 2019-02-05 Vladislav Tatarincev Вебинар о продуктах Panagenda
43 2019-01-29 Vladislav Tatarincev 31 Января проводим вебинар на тему "Безопасность IBM Domino"
81 2019-01-28 Vladislav Tatarincev Recovering Cert.id file from Certificate Authority document
54 2019-01-23 Vladislav Tatarincev Enabling 2Factor Authentication for IBM Verse on Prem/iNotes in less than 20 minutes
123 2018-11-27 Vladislav Tatarincev IBM Domino 10.0.1 and Notes 10.0.1 is in Gold Candidate status, estimated Q4 2018
156 2018-11-22 Vladislav Tatarincev IBM Notes hands after upgrade of OS X to Mojave
50 2018-11-09 Vladislav Tatarincev IBM TDI/SDI tuning guide
170 2018-10-19 Vladislav Tatarincev No more sales and Technical exams are required to sell IBM Domino
212 2018-10-08 Vladislav Tatarincev Domino 10 and Notes V10 available for Download
141 2018-10-01 Vladislav Tatarincev 2 Factor Authentication solution = Verified for Domino V10
57 2018-06-29 Vladislav Tatarincev 50% discount on IBM Security exams, Sales, Mastery and Technical
292 2018-06-15 Vladislav Tatarincev Notes/Domino Fix List and Status page now has Domino 10.0 Hurray!
120 2018-06-12 Vladislav Tatarincev Perfect Domino: DBMT Tips on MailFiles with Custom Templates and Traveler
192 2018-04-24 Vladislav Tatarincev Upgrading .box and Templates to new version of ODS
99 2018-03-09 Vladislav Tatarincev If you Apple push notifications no longer work from yesterday
108 2018-01-31 Vladislav Tatarincev Seems Unicode Subjects are garbled after FP10 installation on Domino
1 2017-10-02 Vladislav Tatarincev Transend Migrator available for free if you Deploy IBM DOmino/Verse
0 2017-09-06 Vladislav Tatarincev Traveler is available and has many new things
3 2017-09-05 Vladislav Tatarincev Copying Russian text outside IBM notes strips one space on Macintosh
1 2017-07-31 Vladislav Tatarincev working with Date/Time Fields while synching IBM Domino with IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator
2 2017-07-24 Vladislav Tatarincev Pasting Russian text from Microsoft Word to IBM Notes will be fixed in 901FP9
2 2017-07-18 Vladislav Tatarincev Panagenda Marvel Client allows you to skin your IBM Notes
1 2017-06-29 Vladislav Tatarincev IBM Confirmed that latest iOS Verse 9.4 client has multiple issues
3 2017-05-18 Vladislav Tatarincev IBM Notes 901FP10 for MAC is available for Download
1 2017-05-09 Vladislav Tatarincev Turning Internet style addressing for all users centrally via policies (901FP8 new feature)
0 2017-04-24 Vladislav Tatarincev Customizing DDM database to monitor custom tasks and tasks that should be in list, but they are not there like Traveler
0 2017-03-15 Vladislav Tatarincev Issue with FP8 =========== IBM Domino 901 FP8 corrupts PDF attachments ============ ( Possible solution )
0 2017-03-14 Vladislav Tatarincev Issue with FP8 =========== IBM Domin 901 FP8 corrupts PDF attachments ============
0 2017-03-07 Vladislav Tatarincev IBM Domino 901FP8 availability
0 2017-03-06 Vladislav Tatarincev Domino 901FP8 availability
0 2017-03-03 Vladislav Tatarincev Extending IBM Traveler Push Notification with additional Subject field or Preventing Traveler sending information to Apple while allowing users to get immediate mails
0 2017-03-03 Vladislav Tatarincev Text in many languages copied from Microsoft Word to IBM Notes loosing Unicode, unless you have hotFix and new Notes.ini
5 2017-02-15 Vladislav Tatarincev Traveler and fixes included in this release
2 2017-01-30 Vladislav Tatarincev IBM Application (nsf) that will help to identity which apps will be affected by removal of Java Plugin support inside browsers

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