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Paul S Withers   38 Call for nomination for OpenNTF Board Members
Martín Ortega   145 How to modernize your old Domino Blog in ten minutes without messing up your hair
Jesse Gallagher   89 OpenNTF September Webinar - Domino Online Meeting Integration (DOMI)
Ben Langhinrichs   164 When Notes table data doesn't play nicely with others
Ulrich Krause   134 New Features in HCL C API Toolkit for Notes/Domino 12.0
Martin Hansgut   15 Webex Tip #10: Jak nezapomenout nahrát meeting
Hogne B. Pettersen   91 Notes Tip #38: Get the Same Font Every Time
hedersoft   29 Die Fragen und Antworten App in Teams
Thomas Hampel   72 Developers: New C API Toolkit 12.0 is available now
Dave Hay   31 GitHub Copilot for VSCode Might Make Coding Easier
Rainer Brandl   56 “Enable Alternate From Feature” in shared mail files
Dave Hay   14 Kata Containers - spell checking the docs
Paul Farris   31 Install VMWare Tools on Debian Linux
Dave Hay   33 Apple TV - subtitles on
Martín Ortega   163 Free download HCL Domino Blog V12 in english (en español también, of course)
Dave Hay   28 Reminder - Apple Time Machine - where are your logs ?
Jesper Kiaer   58 HCL Notes on a Mac.. ONE letter makes it crash ..everytime
Dave Hay   29 Munging Dockerfiles using Bash and Jenkins
Don Mottolo   37 Expanded Button Formatting, New Spacing Controls, and Drag-and-Drop for List View Now in Block Editor

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NCUG   85 You Get Verse to Get Better
hedersoft   30 Microsoft stellt Unterstützung für Android Apps auf Chromebook OS ein
Martin Hansgut   12 HCL Verse 2.2 je zde a přináší novinky a opravy
Adam Osborne   115 How to make your Domino backups faster
Ales Lichtenberg   112 What’s new and fix in HCL Verse 2.2?
Rainer Brandl   66 HCL Verse 2.2.0 is available on HCL FlexNet
Daniel Nashed   133 How do you backup DAOS? Some new ideas ...
Maria Nordin   58 Let’sConnect 2021 Update
Martín Ortega   91 Domino Blog V12 en uruguayo (casi ready for download)
John Roling   55 COVID Diaries, Pt. 22
Ales Lichtenberg   62 How to update HCL Sametime Meetings to 11.6 FP1
Hogne B. Pettersen   91 Notes Tip #37: Don’t Go Blank
Daniel Nashed   153 Notes 12.0.1 Advanced Properties Box for Replication Conflict Troubleshooting
Adrian G   41 Yippee. Happy 18th Birthday, Oval!
assonos   56 Unsichtbare Buttons in E-Mails sichtbar machen
Daniel Nashed   126 DNUG Domino Day Online -- With latest Domino V12 infos
Kenio Carvalho   51 One Monitor Two Macbooks
Matteo Bisi   31 Using docker-compose to Deploy HCL DX Portal, DAM and CC
Matteo Bisi   19 HCL DX Portal, DAM e CC in docker compose
Daniel Nashed   63 Happy 3th birthday Linux!!
assonos   13 Chatbots im Recruiting einsetzten – So können sie Bewerber unterstützen
Matteo Bisi   67 HCL Sametime Meetings 11.6if1 will be available soon with important fixes
Matteo Bisi   40 HCL Sametime Meetings 11.6 IF1 disponibile a breve
Daniel Nashed   133 Introducing Domino on Linux One Touch Install
assonos   50 Dringendes Sametime Meetings-Update kommt wegen WebRTC-Änderung in Chrome
Ales Lichtenberg   67 HCL Sametime Meetings 11.6. FP1 Fix List
David Hablewitz   124 HCL Notes & Domino V12.0.1 Beta 1: How to Download, How to Join the Forum, What’s New
Daniel Nashed   192 Notes 12.0.1 Beta 1 Client
Daniel Nashed   98 Auto updating to Domino V12.0.1 Beta1 on Docker
Raluca Robu   108 Hosting Domino in cloud
Javier Sánchez   42 El lanzamiento de Domino V12: Resumen y algunos enlaces interesantes
acceptIT   56 News + Notes Praxis: Neue HCL Domino-Schnittstelle für mehr Aktualität in der Bauakte
hedersoft   27 Neues von Microsoft 365 im August 2021
Martin Hansgut   46 Přichází beta HCL Domino/Notes 12.0.1 a HTMO 3.0.3
Martin Hansgut   16 Hybridní kancelář 21. století
Daniele Grillo   69 Domino , Notes 12.0.1 e HTMO 3.0.3 beta release da Domani
Ales Lichtenberg   55 Important: HCL Sametime Meetings’ support for Chrome WebRTC Unified Plan
Daniele Grillo   12 Evento italiano a partecipazione gratuita - 8 Settembre 2021
Rainer Brandl   79 HCL Notes/Domino/Traveler V12.0.1 Beta will be available soon
Domino People   118 12.0.1 Beta is (nearly) out
NCUG   179 Is That Really the HCL Notes Workspace?
Femke Goedhart   46 Getting back together!
Ales Lichtenberg   93 HCL Notes/Domino 12.0.1 Beta is coming
Daniel Nashed   71 Production migrated to CentOS 8 Stream
Thomas Hampel   84 Keyboard Shortcuts for HCL Notes Client on MacOSX
Martín Ortega   105 Upload Your User ID Files to Vault in Domino V12 (Action by End User)
Dave Hay   15 Kata Containers - Building a Pod Sandbox image and QEMU says "No No No"
andrewmagerman   173 Domino Keep, an modern API for Domino
Hogne B. Pettersen   59 Notes Tip #36: Spell Checking Your Emails in HCL Notes
NCUG   51 What’s New in the HCL Community #13: No Summer Holiday
Daniel Nashed   49 Providers start offering Rocky Linux and other CentOS clones
Femke Goedhart   41 open mindedness and collaboration
Daniel Nashed   78 Introducing the Linux info script
Dave Hay   24 skopeo - policy says "No"
Mikkel Heisterberg   64 Note to self – script to update all my CLI stuff
NCUG   77 Nordic Versions of Notes V11.0.1 Available!
Dave Hay   27 More K8s insights using kubectl
Dave Hay   28 And there's more - kubectl and jsonpath FTW
Raluca Robu   102 Building Software With a Future
assonos   57 Migration nach Rocky Linux 8
Thomas Hampel   110 Group 3 Languages for HCL Notes and Domino 11.0.1
Don Mottolo   15 Meet the Customers We’re Featuring at the WordPress.com Growth Summit
Dave Hay   27 And another one - the Kubernetes tips keep on coming - and I keep on sharing 'em
Dave Hay   40 More Kubernetes goodness ....
Hogne B. Pettersen   106 Notes Tip #35: Out of Office in HCL Notes
Mikkel Heisterberg   24 Video walkthru for the Salesforce Azure client_credentials Auth. Provider
Kenio Carvalho   166 A career change
Nadya Shkurdyuk   115 Hosting Domino on Prominic.NET cloud vs on premise
Dave Hay   20 Tinkering with Kubernetes via kubectl - some pearls of wisdom ( from other way smarter people )
assonos   18 Wie Chatbots in der Tourismusbranche einen effektiven Beitrag leisten
Domino People   172 Couple of updates from HCL you might have missed this week.
Don Mottolo   57 Faster, More Flexible Editing of Your Sidebars, Headers, and Footers: Blocks for Widgets
Rainer Brandl   74 HCL Traveler 12.0.0 Fix Pack 1 available on HCL FlexNet
Detlev Poettgen   56 HCL SafeLinx 1.2.0 IF1 released
Detlev Poettgen   78 HCL Traveler 12.0.0 Fixpack 1 released
David Hablewitz   48 HCL Software’s Prolific YouTube Channel
Oliver Busse   52 Nachhaltige Werte
n-komm   91 HCL Traveler 12.0 Fix Pack 1 erschienen
Yuriy Pastovenskyy   124 Do not use NotesRichTextItem.ConvertToHTML() or use it but be ready it will be removed in the future release.
Yuriy Pastovenskyy   53 DDM probes + Cluster Replicator + intensively used database = Database open error: [filepath.nsf]: Database is currently in use by you or another user
Frank Blickenstorfer   53 Cloud, und was HCL hier zu bieten hat

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