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assonos   11 Chatbots und KI: #21 Conversational Design mit der Psychologin Dr. Lisa Precht (IBM)
Milan Matejic   42 HCL SafeLinx – Encrypted Communication Between the SafeLinx Client and the SafeLinx Server
Rainer Brandl   73 HCL Nomad Web 1.0.4 available !
Ales Lichtenberg   85 HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.4
Karsten Lehmann   107 Domino crashes with "CheckTheProcesses" message - explanation and workaround for dev environments
Christoph Stoettner   39 Change spellchecking to hunspell in TinyMCE
Jesse Gallagher   78 Adding Concurrency to the XPages Jakarta EE Support Project
James Clifford   38 Digital Blizzard: Making Sense of the Digital Workplace
SWING Software Blog   169 Migrating Lotus Notes data to SQL
Remco Angioni   94 Extra “Sametime V12 MongoDB roles” in a highly secured Mongo environment
Daniel Nashed   100 Linux shell scripts: Difference between "set" and "env" -- fixed the Domino start script
n-komm   36 Sophos Connect 2.2 veröffentlicht
Ulrich Krause   68 Error updating Eclipse IDE to latest build
Richard Moy   60 CollabSphere 2022, October 19-20, 2022, "Our Community, Our Stories"
Paul Farris   70 Windows Server fails to install optional component
Christoph Stoettner   68 Fix some annoyances with Customizer
Adam Osborne   114 Steps to manually remove HF11 from 12.0.1

n-komm   21 Cyberangriffe auf öffentliche Verwaltung & Behörden – Wie können Sie sich schützen? | 29.09.22
n-komm   12 Clone of Digitales Meetingmanagement mit ELO ECM | 22.09.22
Jesse Gallagher   42 WebAuthn/Passkey Login With JavaSapi
Yuriy Pastovenskyy   79 Failed to create database, can not create multiple databases that differ only in case.

Niklas Heidloff   81 New Era of Software Development: Operations Automation
Digiway   56 Google Analytics
Adam Osborne   114 NIFNSF functionality automated
Daniel Nashed   45 Community HCL SafeLinx Container with HCL Nomad Web support
Robert Baehr   139 JSON Classes are BAD ASS
Paul Withers   58 The Importance of Reproducers
Martin Hansgut   70 Proč upgradovat na HCL Domino/Notes 12.0.1
Digiway   25 storie di successo in home page
Christoph Stoettner   56 Dachnug49 in Constance
n-komm   17 Neues bei ELO: So geht digitale Zusammenarbeit heute
Christoph Stoettner   26 Restart Orient Me pods after Internal Server Error
Ales Lichtenberg   100 Whitepaper: Deploying HCL Sametime v12
Mikkel Heisterberg   30 Single Sign On to Salesforce with Azure Active Directory B2C as the IdP through OpenID Connect
Darren Duke   142 Domino 12.0.2 adds VSS backup support
assonos   5 Chatbots und KI: #20 – Erfolgsgeschichte: MiMo, der KI-Chatbot der IHK Akademie München und Oberbayern
Adam Osborne   154 Do this before applying/removing a Domino Fixpack / Hot Fix on Windows
Oliver Busse   100 HCL Nomad Web - in a container
Femke Goedhart   26 Summer holidays: Next HCL Connections Meetup planned for Aug 25th!
n-komm   26 Digitales Meetingmanagement mit ELO ECM | 22.09.22
n-komm   18 Clone of Digitale Personalakte mit ELO ECM | 08.09.22
n-komm   16 Digitale Personalakte mit ELO ECM | 08.09.22
n-komm   21 Digitales Vertragsmanagement mit ELO ECM | 01.09.22
Jesse Gallagher   68 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE: UI
n-komm   63 HCL Domino 10.0.1 FP8 veröffentlicht
Javier Sánchez   46 HCL anuncia el Fin del Soporte para las versiones 9 y 10 de Domino
John Roling   74 COVID Diaries Pt. 28
Jesse Gallagher   54 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE: Beans
Roberto Boccadoro   107 Integrating Domino web mail with Sametime12
Ulrich Krause   93 Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known
Nadya Shkurdyuk   49 Engage 2022 News Highlights
Domino People   174 Series of Interesting Announcements this week from HCL
hedersoft   91 HCL bietet wieder Domino Jams an
Ulrich Krause   130 Domino Early Access Program drop 2 is available
assonos   35 HCL kündigt EOS für Notes und Domino 9 und 10 an
Digiway   64 Hcl Domino 9 e 10: end of support
David Hablewitz   102 Hot Press: HCL Announces Dates for End of Support for older versions of Notes/Domino. v12.0.2 coming soon.
n-komm   65 End of Support für Domino-Versionen 9 und 10 angekündigt
Ales Lichtenberg   76 HCL Domino and Notes v9.0.x and v10.0.x: End of Support Effective June 1, 2024
Jesse Gallagher   38 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE: Data Access
Rainer Brandl   110 HCL Domino TOTP authentication with Directory Assistance enabled
Jesse Gallagher   52 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE: REST
Jesse Gallagher   87 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE, Part 1
Daniel Nashed   124 Domino ZFS Snapshot Backup
Ales Lichtenberg   126 Notes/Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 8
Femke Goedhart   39 June HCL Connections Super Users meetup – (How) Does it blend?
assonos   7 Digitale Pflegeberatung: Ein Chatbot hilft Pflegebedürftigen und deren Angehörigen im Kreis Soest
Javier Sánchez   67 Las Domino Next-Gen Jams harán parada en Madrid
Jan Valdman   37 Let’s Connect interviews at SUTOL
Michael Urspringer   59 Testing my new AlexLoop
assonos   9 Großes Interesse am Thema KI-Chatbot: So war das assono KI-Forum 2022 in Hamburg
Daniel Nashed   76 openSUSE Leap 15.4 released -- works well with Domino and Docker images
Manfred Dillmann   58 Online-Schulung: HCL Domino Systemadministration 1, 22. - 24.06.2022
Manfred Dillmann   85 A gift to the community: madicon InfoStore 3 - your second brain! (Freeware, english)
Manfred Dillmann   4 Online-Schulung: HCL Domino Systemadministration 1, 22. – 24.06.2022
Manfred Dillmann   2 A gift to the community: madicon InfoStore 3 – your second brain! (Freeware, english)
Daniel Nashed   107 New arrivals in the DNUG LAB for next week: Minio for DAOS T2 and Domino Backup
Ales Lichtenberg   64 Updated Table of Client types that are connecting to a Sametime server (include Sametime 12)
Niklas Heidloff   41 IBM helps Partners to scale their Businesses
Paul Farris   47 Office version information script
Paul Farris   27 Check Team Creation restricted to security group
Roberto Boccadoro   61 ELD Engineering first contribution to OpenNTF
Victoria Sibley   47 PSA: it’s time to bin the attachments.
Daniel Nashed   76 How to report security related problems to a vendor?
Niklas Heidloff   92 Home Improvements
Roberto Boccadoro   68 Cross-posting: The OpenNTF Discord Server
hedersoft   45 Microsoft 365 – Neues im Mai
Michael Urspringer   33 QSO with FR4KR (Reunion Island) finally confirmed
Jesse Gallagher   102 Working Domino Views Into Jakarta NoSQL
Daniel Nashed   91 SafeLinx Nomad Server Community project?
Daniel Nashed   63 Bash command of the week: Find unmatched quotes in a shell script - very very helpful
Daniel Nashed   61 #DACHNUG 49 conference lab mission completed
Jesse Gallagher   85 The OpenNTF Discord Server
Domino People   139 Danube – Early Access 1 – What are you getting?
Paul Withers   90 VoltScript - A Unique Opportunity (Paul Withers and Jason Roy Gary)
assonos   8 Wann sich ein KI-Chatbot für ein Unternehmen besonders eignet
Jesper Kiaer   182 HCL Notes Client - 64 bit, I am really looking forward to it
Darren Duke   9 Ransomware Prevention Part 10 - Credential Guard, the feature you didn’t know existed
Digiway   26 HCL BigFix, la proposta Digiway per la sicurezza ICT
Oliver Busse   99 Finally going ARM

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