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Social Connections05-26-20170.584It’s almost time!
Lotus Jobs05-26-20171.143Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/05/26 (3 entries)
Yuriy Pastovenskyy05-24-20170.992The application requires com.ibm.xsp.extlibx.library. This library cannot be found.
Paul Withers05-24-20171.5252Some Recent XPages (and Plugin) Learning Points
Paul Withers05-23-20171.1184Bootstrapv3 Form Table and Edit Box Width
Bill Malchisky Jr.05-18-20170.9128Do You Have An Opinion on the Domino Application Platform Direction? Read This.
Robert Ibsen Voith05-12-20170.22Engaged at Engage 2017 in Antwerpen, Belgium!
Paul Withers05-11-20170.57Engage Review and Slides
Frank van der Linden05-09-20170.65The slides of my session at Engage
Johnny Oldenburger05-09-20170.814Replay IBM Notes Domino XPages Webinar - Back from the Dead: When Bad Code Kills a Good Server
Peter Presnell05-08-20170.510Taking The Red Pill @Engage2017
Paul Withers05-04-20170.613Intec Speakers Next Week at Engage
Peter Presnell05-03-20170.311IoT The Next Big Thing For Application Development?
Frank van der Linden05-02-20170.611Learn, share and Engage in Antwerp
John Jardin05-02-20170.95Sadly, I will not be presenting at Engage UG this year
Bill Malchisky Jr.05-01-20171.93Join Serdar Basegmez and Myself on Tuesday’s TLCC XPages Webinar Series
Richard Moy04-24-20171.07Data Binding and React with Dojo
Sven Hasselbach04-23-20171.28High Performance REST Applications (2) – Dev Environment
John Ryan04-20-20172.411Migrate Notes to DOCOVA Blog Series Part 7: XPages
Lotus Jobs04-19-20170.42Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/04/19 (5 entries)
Matteo Bisi04-11-20170.68Panagenda ApplicationInsights disponibile per il download ! Find the optimal strategy for IBM Domino Applications!
Daniel Nashed04-11-20170.717Notes/Domino 9.0.1 FP8 IF1 released
Paul Withers04-10-20170.412Swagger for Domino Developers – Part Three: Mock Server and Thanks Stephan Wissel
Giuseppe Grasso04-10-20170.77Rilasciato InterimFix 1 per Notes e Domino FP8
John Ryan04-04-20170.37Migrate Notes to DOCOVA Blog Series Part 1: What gets migrated?
John Ryan04-04-20170.35Migrate Notes to DOCOVA Blog Series Part 1: What gets migrated?
David Leedy04-04-20171.15NotesIn9 205: Leverage Domino Development with New Tools!
Eric McCormick04-04-20171.08Notes in 9: Dev Tools Grab Bg
Lotus Jobs04-03-20170.67Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/04/03 (2 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger04-03-20171.517IBM NewWayToLearn 2017 starting April 17th
Lotus Jobs03-31-20171.43Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/03/31 (1 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger03-30-20170.68Replay IBM Presents the IBM Notes Domino Roadmap and a Deep Dive into Feature Pack 8
Paul Withers03-28-20170.47The Awesome New Functionality of ODA Part Two
Lotus Jobs03-28-20170.74Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/03/28 (10 entries)
Matteo Bisi03-27-20170.93Webinar : Notes/Domino Roadmap and a Deep Dive into Feature Pack 8
Matteo Bisi03-27-20170.76TLCC Webinar : Notes/Domino Roadmap and a Deep Dive into Feature Pack 8
Paul Withers03-26-20170.96ODA Update From IBM Connect: The Awesome New Functionality of ODA
Paul Withers03-24-20171.35Validators, Vectors and Strings – Oh My!
Declan Lynch03-22-20170.46Reuse More Code With ThymeLeaf Layouts
Robert Ibsen Voith03-21-20171.07How to get XPages and Bootstrap3_xxx themes to work (or how to check that XPages is correctly installed)?
Cameron Gregor03-21-20170.44Auto-width Bootstrap Column XPages Controls
Declan Lynch03-21-20170.35Introducing ThymeLeaf Fragments
Adam Gartenberg03-20-20170.44Recent Announcements (Cisco, Feature Pack 8, Connections 6)
Damiano Bramati03-18-20170.76Supporto NPAPI e applicazioni Notes e Domino con Java Applet
Daniele Grillo03-16-20170.47Diverse novità annunciate a Connect 17 e dopo
Robert Ibsen Voith03-16-20170.95Post FP8 install - Does anybody know where the Xpages "Mobile" controls palette has gone?
Declan Lynch03-15-20170.35Adding Locations Data To The UI
Johnny Oldenburger03-14-20171.612IBM New Way to Learn 2017 - Installing Browser Dependencies in XPages Applications
Johnny Oldenburger03-14-20171.310IBM Presents the IBM Notes Domino Roadmap and a Deep Dive into Feature Pack 8
Johnny Oldenburger03-14-20171.04XPages Tip: Hide Elements from Printing on an XPage using CSS
Paul Withers03-14-20170.48Swagger for Domino Developers – Part One: Introduction
Csaba Kiss03-14-20170.310Domino REST performance analysis
Jesse Gallagher03-14-20170.310Including a Headless DDE Build in a Maven Tree
Declan Lynch03-13-20170.32Adding Some Demo Data
Christian Guedemann03-11-20171.07OpenAPI Specifications for Freebusy and Calendar available on OpenNTF's Github account and SmartNSF Beta 2 released
Frank van der Linden03-10-20170.511Speaking of Las Vegas
Damiano Bramati03-08-20170.97E’ disponibile l’aggiornamento FP8 di Notes & Domino 9
Paul Withers03-07-20170.73Domino and Notes Feature Pack 8
Daniel Nashed03-07-20171.15Notes and Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 shipped
Paul Withers03-06-20171.46OSGi Plugins (Extension Libraries) and Loading Order
Paul Withers03-05-20170.84IBM Connect – Domino Application Development Review
Cameron Gregor03-05-20170.28Markdown XPages UIControl
Frank van der Linden03-02-20170.99New Release: Generic XPages and HTML Widget For IBM Connections 5.5
Peter Presnell02-28-20170.68Our Views On Connect 2017
Sven Hasselbach02-28-20171.011Domino & REST: A basic Servlet
Cameron Gregor02-28-20170.85TextDiff XPages control – For visual comparison of text
Frank van der Linden02-27-20170.37My take on IBM Connect 2017
Jesse Gallagher02-26-20171.011That Java Thing, Part 17: My Current XPages Plug-in Dev Environment
Frank van der Linden02-25-20170.93My slides from my presentation at IBM Connect 2017
Jesse Gallagher02-24-20171.312The State of Domino App Dev Post-Connect-2017
Robert Ibsen Voith02-24-20170.46How to use quickly get a nice looking month-calendar together with SmartNSF
Hogne B. Pettersen02-24-20170.86IBM Connect 2017 #3: I’ve Seen The Future of Domino and it is Sapho
Csaba Kiss02-20-20170.26XSP.partialrefreshGet: a case study for recursion
Johnny Oldenburger02-20-20170.74Building Web Interfaces for IBM Notes Domino Applications using ClevaDesk
Declan Lynch02-17-20171.91And So We Find Ourselves Back At The Start Again…
Jesse Gallagher02-16-20170.79Reforming the Blog in Darwino, Part 2
Cameron Gregor02-14-20171.09XPages webmail – Using Mime Inspector to debug Mime
Cameron Gregor02-12-20170.69Pasting Images into XPages CKEditor
Frank van der Linden02-09-20170.33Preparing for IBM Connect 2017
Johnny Oldenburger02-09-20171.66New Features in IBM XPages 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 8
Lotus Jobs02-06-20170.34Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/02/06 (12 entries)
Declan Lynch02-03-20171.17Deciding on a frontend
Lotus Jobs02-02-20170.83Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/02/02 (5 entries)
David Leedy02-01-20172.35Everyone Pay Attention!! Declan is blogging again!
Declan Lynch02-01-20170.64What language should I move to?
Lotus Jobs02-01-20170.74Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/02/01 (6 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger02-01-20171.58IBM Presents the Notes Domino Application Modernization Plan
Declan Lynch01-27-20171.02You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
Paul Withers01-27-20170.76Git Flow, Maven, ODA and Domino FP8
Paul Withers01-22-20170.410Project Spotlight: HR Assistant
Frank van der Linden01-21-20170.65First time speaking at IBM Connect in San Francisco
Lotus Jobs01-19-20170.42Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/01/19 (5 entries)
Sven Hasselbach01-19-20170.87Entwicklercamp 2017: Meine Vorträge & Hands-On
Lotus Jobs01-18-20170.46Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/01/18 (5 entries)
Lotus Jobs01-17-20170.72Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/01/17 (4 entries)
Eric McCormick01-16-20170.99Recapping 2016
Karsten Lehmann01-16-20171.311New APIs for Domino JNA project, now available for XPages development
Karsten Lehmann01-16-20171.328New APIs for Domino JNA project, now available for XPages development
Johnny Oldenburger01-13-20171.54Aveedo 4.0 - Migration Of Existing Domino Applications Including Watson - Twitter - Google
Damiano Bramati01-10-20171.02IBM SILVER Business Partner
Damiano Bramati01-10-20171.01IBM SILVER Business Partner
Johnny Oldenburger01-06-20170.56Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 Released
Lotus Jobs01-06-20170.43Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/01/06 (5 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger01-04-20170.68IBM New Way to Learn 2017
Paul Withers01-04-20171.17Domino App Dev, Performance and Verse
Philippe Riand01-03-20171.912Why AngularJS sounds familiar to XPages developers...
Lotus Jobs01-03-20170.71Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/01/03 (6 entries)
Damiano Bramati12-16-20160.96#meetit16
Damiano Bramati12-16-20160.92#MeetIT16 per chi non c’era
Damiano Bramati12-16-20160.91#MeetIT16 per chi non c’era
Frank van der Linden12-16-20160.93My slides of my Cloudant introduction session at Meet IT
Lotus Jobs12-16-20160.56Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/12/16 (12 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger12-15-20162.210Replay XPages Webinar - Marty, You're Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally
David Leedy12-15-20161.392017 IBM Champion thoughts.
Paul Withers12-15-20161.59Tip: Copying and Pasting Java Classes in DDE
Mark Ambler12-15-20161.314xockets.io 3.0.2
Csaba Kiss12-14-20161.38IBM Champion & NotesIn9 in one day
David Leedy12-14-20161.57NotesIn9 203: A Smart Admin Bootstrap Theme for XPages
Eric McCormick12-14-20160.69Rebirth: An App of Ice and Fire
Lotus Jobs12-13-20160.35Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/12/13 (6 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger12-12-20162.13Upcoming XPages Webinar: Marty, You're Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally
Mikkel Heisterberg12-11-20160.56Salesforce week 4
Hogne B. Pettersen12-09-20160.27The Norwegian User Group ISBG’s autumn meeting 2016 – A Report
Johnny Oldenburger12-09-20161.24Quick XPages Tip: Responsive Videos using the YouTube IFrame Player API and CSS in XPages
Frank van der Linden12-08-20160.78My evolution as a developer: becoming a Full stack developer
Paul Withers12-08-20160.64ViewScope, Full Refresh and reloadPage()
Philippe Riand12-06-20160.79The very first Darwino workshop in Germany was a success!
Lotus Jobs12-02-20160.42Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/12/02 (5 entries)
Rainer Brandl11-30-20161.35Transferring an IBM xPages application to another server
Daniele Grillo11-29-20160.77#meetIT16 ci siamo quasi!!!
WTF Tech11-28-20160.511002: Slack Knockoff Fatigue
WTF Tech11-28-20160.54002: Slack Knockoff Fatigue
Paul Withers11-24-20161.12DDE Local Preview and CKEditor
Johnny Oldenburger11-22-20161.04Using Bootstrap Toggle a Highly Flexible Bootstrap Plugin that Converts Checkboxes into Toggles in XPages
Csaba Kiss11-21-20160.44How to use html5 tags in your XPage applications with special custom controls
Johnny Oldenburger11-16-20160.83Tower for Windows - Version control with Git - Made Easy in a Beautiful, Efficient and Powerful App
Lotus Jobs11-16-20160.64Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/11/16 (6 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger11-15-20160.95Using WebUI Popover in XPages - A lightWeight jQuery Popover Plugin with some Awesome New Features
Cameron Gregor11-14-20161.08Preventing pasting of remotely hosted images in CKEditor
Ray Davies11-14-20160.46Whither IBM Part 2: Is Domino being silently killed? | The Domino Elf – Hogne B. Pettersen's Social Biz Blog
Cameron Gregor11-14-20160.87Preventing Pasting of Images in CKEditor
Frank van der Linden11-11-20160.92My slides of my Cloudant session at Sutol 2016
Hogne B. Pettersen11-07-20160.45Whither IBM Part 2: Is Domino being silently killed?
Johnny Oldenburger11-07-20162.24Upcoming XPages Webinar: Marty, You're Just Not Thinking Fourth Dimensionally
Matteo Bisi11-04-20160.70Webcast TLCC , Team Studio - IBM Presents The IBM Notes and Domino roadmap - replay and slides available
Lotus Jobs11-04-20160.34Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/11/04 (6 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger11-04-20161.54The Future of IBM Notes - IBM Domino and XPages Presented by IBM
Karsten Lehmann11-03-20160.39My latest wish list for the Domino Java API
Karsten Lehmann11-03-20160.326My latest wish list for the Domino Java API
Daniele Grillo11-02-20162.16XPages, Notes, Domino webinar roadmap

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