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John D Head08-31-20161.298There is plenty of space between a Lovefest and The Sky is Falling
Jesse Gallagher08-30-20160.6203Quick XPages Utility: Keep Alive and Alert
David Leedy08-29-20162.5219Updates to XPages.TV
Fredrik Norling08-29-20160.9368IBM Domino to be or not to be
Johnny Oldenburger08-29-20161.6183Upcoming XPages Webinar: Take a Trip Into the Forest - A Java Primer on Maps, Trees, and Collections
Jesse Gallagher08-26-20161.3229Change Is In The Air
Johnny Oldenburger08-26-20161.2661The Actual Facts on the Future of IBM Notes Domino and XPages
David Leedy08-25-20161.0148NotesIn9 199: Bitmask, Enums and Creating Excel reports from XPages
David Leedy08-25-20161.1199NotesIn9 198: Convert a Document to a Java Object in XPages
David Leedy08-25-20161.6121NotesIn9 196: No Dependency Page Controllers
David Leedy08-25-20161.9143NotesIn9 195: Use XPages To Fill a PDF Form
David Leedy08-25-20161.8126NotesIn9 194: Upload Files With PLUpload
David Leedy08-25-20161.0135NotesIn9 193: Force User Logout from XPages
Paul Withers08-25-20160.8362IBM Domino App Dev Hits the Headlines
Michael Smith08-24-20161.772Slides (and thoughts) from MWLUG – XPages & jQuery DataTables
Serdar Basegmez08-24-20160.930Two Sessions in London, ICONUK 2016...
Eric McCormick08-24-20161.038MWLUG Success
David Leedy08-23-20161.138NotesIn9 makes it to 199 EPISODES!!!!
Kazunori Tatsuki08-23-20161.236(日本語) XPages on Bluemix からオンプレミスDominoのデータにアクセス
John D Head08-23-20161.051Why LDC Via? The non-technical reason for our strategic partnership
Johnny Oldenburger08-23-20161.987IBM Notes Domino And XPages Strikes Back
John D Head08-22-20161.636The fork in the road - the Application Modernization Roadmap for Notes Domino XPages customers
David Leedy08-22-20162.244NotesIn9 is “Hiring”.
Martin Jinoch08-22-20161.137Bye bye Domino!
Peter Presnell08-19-20161.029MWLUG Recap
David Leedy08-19-20161.030NotesIn9 Update and Thank You Pete Janzen!
Paul Withers08-19-20161.328Thanks For The Good Times, Pete
John Jardin08-18-20161.315XPages Tip: Populating Date/Time fields in Notes Docs with Date or Time Only
David Leedy08-17-20161.214NotesIn9 at MWLug
Johnny Oldenburger08-17-20160.825Quick XPages Tip: Using Bootstrap Auto-Hiding Navbar in XPages
Paul Withers08-16-20160.622SSJS Revisited: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Peter Presnell08-16-20160.721The Lotus Position
Daniele Grillo08-16-20160.914MWLUG 2016
Jesse Gallagher08-15-20160.821MWLUG 2016
Peter Presnell08-14-20160.828Pete Janzen: Lotus Legend
Nathan T. Freeman08-14-20160.618Getting Your Hands On Graphs
David Leedy08-12-20161.911NotesIn9 192 : Intro to Graph Database in XPages
David Leedy08-12-20161.011Announcing the Unofficial MWLUG BBQ Event
Ben Langhinrichs08-12-20160.615My MWLUG session for next week
Mark Ambler08-08-20161.29xockets.io ...last few enhancements
David Leedy08-04-20161.011XPages job Opening!
David Leedy08-04-20161.29NotesIn9 Live is coming to MWLug
Paul Withers08-04-20161.018JSON RPC Service, Component Tree Manipulation and OpenLog
Johnny Oldenburger08-04-20161.39Bootstrap in XPages: Using Bootstrap Touchspin a Mobile and Touch Friendly Input Spinner Component for Bootstrap 3 in XPages
Johnny Oldenburger08-04-20161.29Using Bootstrap Touchspin a Mobile and Touch Friendly Input Spinner Component for Bootstrap 3 in XPages
SWING Software Blog08-02-20161.112Who is going to migrate Notes and Domino applications to the cloud?
Peter Presnell08-02-20160.520Reading The IBM Tea Leaves
Johnny Oldenburger07-30-20161.712New Notes Domino - XPages - Web Developer Position
Peter Presnell07-27-20160.37Rethinking Notes
Eric McCormick07-27-20160.57Manually Renewing HTTPS w/ Let's Encrypt
John D Head07-25-20161.811My session at MWLUG 2016 : The Fork in the Road: The Application Modernization Roadmap for Notes/Domino/XPages Customers
Johnny Oldenburger07-25-20161.910XPages Tip: XPages Extlib DataView Control sets “display:none;” style when Extra Column has Empty Value
Peter Presnell07-24-20160.38Co-Existence With Notes
Johnny Oldenburger07-20-20161.311Quick XPages Tip - XPages ViewPanel Hide Empty Start and End Rows using CSS
Brad Balassaitis07-20-20161.714XPages Tip: Adding a Bootstrap Class to All Labels via the Theme (Redux)
Brad Balassaitis07-20-20161.716XPages Tip: Overriding, Concatenating, and Conditionally Adding Control Properties via a Theme
John D Head07-18-20161.08PSC Group is the Sponsor of the Week at MWLUG.com
Peter Presnell07-18-20160.611The Pitfalls of Migration
Paul Withers07-18-20160.810Displaying Images with “Don’t Allow URL Open”
Yuriy Pastovenskyy07-16-20161.1129Third level in "Application links" section of Xpages Application Layout, WTF?
Lotus Jobs07-15-20160.46Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/07/15 (4 entries)
Chris Miller07-14-20160.610IBM does not take public holidays anymore it seems
Eric McCormick07-12-20160.913Git History Searching
Lotus Jobs07-11-20160.47Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/07/11 (6 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger07-03-20160.67Quick IBM Notes - XPages Tip: Comparing, Replacing and Restoring Design Elements with Local History using the Text Compare Editor in Domino Designer
John D Head06-30-20160.77IBM Amplify 2016 - DDX-1420: Bringing Your Web Applications to the IBM Digital Experience
Gavin Bollard06-29-20160.511Good Resources for Support with IBM Connections and Verse 1: Linked In Groups
Eric McCormick06-28-20160.79Notes in 9: Highlights From My IBM Connect Session
Johnny Oldenburger06-28-20160.912Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part XVII - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (8) - Recap
Steve Zavocki06-27-20161.213New Directions
Frank van der Linden06-24-20160.57Try to avoid the use of Jars design element
Lotus Jobs06-24-20160.510Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/06/24 (8 entries)
Sven Hasselbach06-24-20161.78XPages & Domino JNA
Johnny Oldenburger06-22-20161.211Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part XVI - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (8) - Using .gitignore
Oliver Busse06-20-20161.82Quick Tip: XPages and soft deletions
Johnny Oldenburger06-20-20161.68Replay Webinar Expanding XPages with Bootstrap Plugins for Ultimate Usability including Node and Bower
Johnny Oldenburger06-20-20161.28Notes Domino and XPages Community and XPages Top Resources
Johnny Oldenburger06-19-20161.58Demo Database Webinar Expanding XPages with Bootstrap Plugins including Node and Bower
Jesse Gallagher06-19-20160.66Provisions for the Journey
Lotus Jobs06-18-20160.37Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/06/18 (7 entries)
Jesse Gallagher06-17-20160.49Change Bitterness and Accidents of History
Lotus Jobs06-17-20160.65Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/06/17 (4 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger06-17-20161.28#NewWayToLearn - XPages And Boostrap Webinar - Expanding XPages with Bootstrap Plugins including Node, Git, Bower and SourcTree
Ben Langhinrichs06-16-20160.810You could use CKEditor without AppsFidelity but YMMV
Johnny Oldenburger06-14-20161.28Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part XV - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (7) - Overriding main files
Keith Strickland06-14-20160.113Re-usability is the Goal!
Eric McCormick06-14-20160.210In Defense of Bower
Johnny Oldenburger06-12-20161.77Webinar - Using Bootstrap Plugins in XPages including Bower - Git - Node - SourceTree and More
Johnny Oldenburger06-09-20161.113Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part XIV - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (6)
Lotus Jobs06-09-20160.63Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/06/09 (10 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger06-08-20161.36Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part XIII - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (5)
Daniele Grillo06-07-20160.611Social Connections 10 - replay
Stuart McIntyre06-06-20161.810Beyond Domino development?
Peter Presnell06-06-20161.150Beyond XPages
Fredrik Norling06-05-20160.58Adding OpenNTF extensions the simple way into your IBM Notes client
Niklas Heidloff06-03-20160.96Pictures from Bluemix at DNUG
Johnny Oldenburger06-02-20161.47XPages Extension Library Release 17 Available For Download
Jesse Gallagher06-01-20160.87Darwino for Domino: Conceptual Overlap and Distinctions
Eric McCormick06-01-20160.57Site Anchors
Johnny Oldenburger05-31-20161.012Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part XII - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (4)
Brad Balassaitis05-31-20161.714XPages Tip: Displaying Bootstrap Applications Properly on Mobile Devices
Martin Jinoch05-29-20161.05Working with PDF files in XPages apps
Johnny Oldenburger05-29-20161.57Upcoming Webinar - Using Bootstrap Plugins in XPages including Bower - Git - Node - SourceTree and More
Lotus Jobs05-27-20160.46Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/05/27 (11 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger05-25-20161.29Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part XI - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (3)
Paul Withers05-25-20161.411Project Spotlight: OpenLog, XPages OpenLog Logger, XLogBack
Brad Balassaitis05-25-20161.78Efficiently Keeping an XPages Session Alive with JSON RPC
Johnny Oldenburger05-24-20161.37Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part X - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (2)
Christian Guedemann05-24-20161.113Build your Team for the IBM Collaboration Solutions Developer Competition 2016
Johnny Oldenburger05-23-20161.85#NewWayToLearn - XPages And Boostrap Webinar - Expanding XPages with Bootstrap Plugins
Eric McCormick05-19-20161.05ICONUS and Other Topics
Lotus Jobs05-19-20160.68Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/05/19 (13 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger05-18-20161.07Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part IX - Using Node.js, Bower, Git and SourceTree to install Bootstrap Plugins (1)
Chris Miller05-17-20160.913IBM Project Hawthorn Today & Tomrrow at ICON US 2016 replay!
Johnny Oldenburger05-17-20160.87Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part VIII - Bootstrap Maxlength A Visual Feedback Indicator For The Maxlength Attribute
Jesse Gallagher05-16-20160.55Darwino for Domino: Domino-side Configuration
Lotus Jobs05-16-20160.22Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/05/16 (12 entries)
Giuseppe Grasso05-16-20160.67IBM Collaboration Solutions 2016 Developer Competition
Giuseppe Grasso05-16-20160.69IBM Collaboration Solutions 2016 Developer Competition
John Jardin05-13-20161.914My 2 webinars on Optimus XPages: An explosion of techniques and best practices
Johnny Oldenburger05-13-20161.52Excellent XPages Webinar - Optimus XPages Part 2: The Deep Dive
Lotus Jobs05-12-20160.86Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/05/12 (5 entries)
Fredrik Norling05-12-20160.812Xpage – Exception Notes error: You are not authorized to perform that operation
Lotus Jobs05-11-20160.97Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/05/11 (6 entries)
Lotus Jobs05-10-20160.64Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/05/10 (7 entries)
Johnny Oldenburger05-10-20161.66Upcoming XPages, Bootstrap And Bluemix Webinars
Mark Roden05-09-20162.09Slides from ICONUS 2016: XPages and Office 365 development – more familiar that you think
SWING Software Blog05-09-20160.76Notes/Domino Applications Report 2016
Luis Benitez05-06-20161.86ICYMI: The XPages Runtime is Now Available in IBM Bluemix
Johnny Oldenburger05-06-20161.08Bootstrap Plugins in XPages Part VII - MagicSuggest A Highly Configurable jQuery Plugin For Auto-suggest Combo- and List Boxes
John D Head05-05-20161.07John Speaks 2016 - IBM Amplify 2016
Chris Miller05-05-20162.010Integrate Bluemix with Your XPages Applications for a World of Possibilities
Johnny Oldenburger05-05-20162.44A New Milestone for XPages Development - IBM XPages for Bluemix Available For Production Environment
Chris Miller05-04-20162.24Normalizing xPages Web Development
Giuseppe Grasso05-04-20161.47IBM XPages su Bluemix maturano: ora in General Availability!
Giuseppe Grasso05-04-20161.42IBM XPages su Bluemix maturano: ora in General Availability!
Lotus Jobs05-04-20160.65Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/05/04 (14 entries)
Brian M. Moore05-03-20160.916Simple Example: Bootstrap
John Jardin05-03-20161.4112 sessions in 1 day. A double whammy of XPages & Bluemix
Sven Hasselbach05-03-20161.012Vaadin In XPages: A UIComponent for embedding Vaadin applications
David Marko05-03-20160.75Vaadin - the platform of choice for Notes developers - JavaScripts, Agents and DEMO - IV. part
Lotus Jobs05-02-20160.25Notes/Domino job opportunities for 2016/05/02 (21 entries)
Paul Withers04-29-20161.211XOTS: Background and MultiThreaded Tasks the OpenNTF Domino API Way (Part Four)
Julian Buss04-29-20161.27Mein Status
David Marko04-29-20160.78Vaadin - the platform of choice for Notes developers - JavaScripts, Agents and DEMO - IV. part
Frank van der Linden04-27-20160.910A small update to my Multi language 4 XPages demo
Richard Moy04-27-20160.510Creating Bootstrap Widgets Using Dojo at ATLUG
Paul Withers04-25-20161.29From XPages to Web App Part Sixteen: OSGi JAX-RS REST Access with ODA Revisited
Frank van der Linden04-22-20161.19XPages tip: Demo code for multi language support
David Leedy04-21-20161.67XPages at MWLug – what do you want to learn?

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