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HCL anuncia el Fin del Soporte para las versiones 9 y 10 de Domino
38 Javier Sánchez 22h
HCL Domino 10.0.1 FP8 veröffentlicht
30 n-komm 12h
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Series of Interesting Announcements this week from HCL
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Domino Early Access Program drop 2 is available
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Jesse Gallagher 10h 27 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE: UI
n-komm 12h 30 HCL Domino 10.0.1 FP8 veröffentlicht
Javier Sánchez 22h 38 HCL anuncia el Fin del Soporte para las versiones 9 y 10 de Domino
John Roling 3d 57 COVID Diaries Pt. 28
Jesse Gallagher 3d 44 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE: Beans
Roberto Boccadoro 3d 89 Integrating Domino web mail with Sametime12
Ulrich Krause 3d 80 Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known
Nadya Shkurdyuk 4d 37 Engage 2022 News Highlights
Domino People 4d 163 Series of Interesting Announcements this week from HCL
hedersoft 5d 85 HCL bietet wieder Domino Jams an
Ulrich Krause 5d 112 Domino Early Access Program drop 2 is available
Digiway 6d 61 Hcl Domino 9 e 10: end of support
David Hablewitz 6d 99 Hot Press: HCL Announces Dates for End of Support for older versions of Notes/Domino. v12.0.2 coming soon.
n-komm 6d 62 End of Support für Domino-Versionen 9 und 10 angekündigt
Ales Lichtenberg 6d 73 HCL Domino and Notes v9.0.x and v10.0.x: End of Support Effective June 1, 2024
Jesse Gallagher 6d 36 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE: Data Access
Rainer Brandl 6d 106 HCL Domino TOTP authentication with Directory Assistance enabled

Jesse Gallagher 7d 52 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE: REST
Jesse Gallagher 8d 87 Rewriting The OpenNTF Site With Jakarta EE, Part 1
Daniel Nashed 9d 124 Domino ZFS Snapshot Backup
Ales Lichtenberg 10d 126 Notes/Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 8

Femke Goedhart 10d 39 June HCL Connections Super Users meetup – (How) Does it blend?
assonos 10d 7 Digitale Pflegeberatung: Ein Chatbot hilft Pflegebedürftigen und deren Angehörigen im Kreis Soest
Javier Sánchez 10d 67 Las Domino Next-Gen Jams harán parada en Madrid
Jan Valdman 11d 37 Let’s Connect interviews at SUTOL
Michael Urspringer 11d 59 Testing my new AlexLoop
assonos 11d 9 Großes Interesse am Thema KI-Chatbot: So war das assono KI-Forum 2022 in Hamburg
Daniel Nashed 11d 76 openSUSE Leap 15.4 released -- works well with Domino and Docker images
Manfred Dillmann 12d 58 Online-Schulung: HCL Domino Systemadministration 1, 22. - 24.06.2022
Manfred Dillmann 12d 85 A gift to the community: madicon InfoStore 3 - your second brain! (Freeware, english)
Daniel Nashed 13d 107 New arrivals in the DNUG LAB for next week: Minio for DAOS T2 and Domino Backup
Ales Lichtenberg 13d 64 Updated Table of Client types that are connecting to a Sametime server (include Sametime 12)
Niklas Heidloff 13d 41 IBM helps Partners to scale their Businesses
Paul Farris 13d 47 Office version information script
Paul Farris 13d 27 Check Team Creation restricted to security group
Roberto Boccadoro 13d 61 ELD Engineering first contribution to OpenNTF
Victoria Sibley 13d 47 PSA: it’s time to bin the attachments.
Daniel Nashed 13d 76 How to report security related problems to a vendor?
Niklas Heidloff 14d 92 Home Improvements
Roberto Boccadoro 14d 68 Cross-posting: The OpenNTF Discord Server
hedersoft 14d 45 Microsoft 365 – Neues im Mai
Michael Urspringer 14d 33 QSO with FR4KR (Reunion Island) finally confirmed
Jesse Gallagher 15d 102 Working Domino Views Into Jakarta NoSQL
Daniel Nashed 15d 91 SafeLinx Nomad Server Community project?
Daniel Nashed 16d 63 Bash command of the week: Find unmatched quotes in a shell script - very very helpful
Daniel Nashed 17d 61 #DACHNUG 49 conference lab mission completed
Jesse Gallagher 17d 85 The OpenNTF Discord Server
Domino People 17d 139 Danube – Early Access 1 – What are you getting?
Paul Withers 18d 90 VoltScript - A Unique Opportunity (Paul Withers and Jason Roy Gary)
assonos 18d 8 Wann sich ein KI-Chatbot für ein Unternehmen besonders eignet
Jesper Kiaer 18d 182 HCL Notes Client - 64 bit, I am really looking forward to it
Darren Duke 18d 6 Ransomware Prevention Part 10 - Credential Guard, the feature you didn’t know existed
Digiway 18d 26 HCL BigFix, la proposta Digiway per la sicurezza ICT
Oliver Busse 19d 99 Finally going ARM
Martin Hansgut 19d 18 S čím mohu pomoci 2022
Ben Menesi 19d 48 Optimize Microsoft Teams Performance by Watching These Maximum Redlines
Heiko Voigt 19d 44 I will be speaking at DACHNUG in June
Jesper Kiaer 19d 111 Yes, it was the wrong way around it and I am sorry!
acceptIT 19d 50 So kennen alle schnell die neuen Domino Updates und Funktionen
Stephan H. Wissel 20d 52 Case insensitive deserialization
Jesper Kiaer 20d 167 A wonderful and very insightful interview with Ray Ozzie on PLATO, Lotus Notes, Groove, Microsoft and more
Jesper Kiaer 20d 141 The Domino Passthru server security issues - follow up
Christoph Stoettner 20d 44 Elasticsearch7 Update
Digiway 21d 60 Ottimizza i documenti aperti nel tuo client Hcl Notes
Daniele Grillo 21d 67 slides online evento Engage #dominoforever #engageug
Hogne B. Pettersen 21d 176 Notes Tip #53: The Secrets of HCL Notes 12 (and11, 10, 9 and possibly even earlier)
Daniel Nashed 22d 68 SUSE Leap @ Hetzner
Ben Langhinrichs 22d 82 Learn-To-Code virtual talk tomorrow
Stephan H. Wissel 22d 59 Dance the OAuth with me
Digiway 23d 24 La tua firma email aiuta il marketing?
Jesse Gallagher 23d 51 Per-NSF-Scoped JWT Authorization With JavaSapi
Oliver Busse 24d 41 Taming renitent USB flash drives
Digiway 24d 38 Crossware, HCL e Libraesva
Daniel Nashed 24d 88 DNUG Lab @DACHNUG conference running on Domino 12.0.2
Digiway 24d 12 Firmare digitalmente gli allegati
Jesse Gallagher 24d 49 OpenNTF Annual General Meeting - June 2022
Mikkel Heisterberg 24d 21 Salesforce Privacy Center custom metadata
Eld Engineering 24d 24 HCL abbandona i numeri di versione per passare alla geografia
Javier Sánchez 24d 66 Engage 2022: Adelanto del Roadmap para las nuevas versiones del servidor Domino
Rainer Brandl 24d 80 HCL Traveler 12.0.1FP1 is available
Milan Matejic 24d 92 Engage 2022 – Domino TOTP/2FA – Best Practices and Pitfalls
Ales Lichtenberg 25d 66 HCL Sametime Connect client 11.6 IF3 and Sametime 12.0 Standard Client Updated
n-komm 25d 61 Update zur Open Client Strategie von HCL
n-komm 25d 78 HCL Traveler 12.0.1 FP1
Ales Lichtenberg 25d 89 Traveler 12.0.1 Fix Pack 1
hedersoft 25d 26 Power Pages erweitert Microsofts Power Plattform Familie
assonos 25d 7 Chatbots und KI: #19 KI-Bilderkennung mit Prof. Dr. Hauke Schramm
Ulrich Krause 25d 67 Using AdminQ to process (web) user requests
Paul Farris 26d 51 Microsoft 365 DLP encrypted email exception not working
hedersoft 26d 56 Infos von der engage in Brügge
Karsten Lehmann 27d 97 Domino JNA version 0.9.48: API to read/write Notes workspace, some formula magic and QueryResultsProcessor API
David Hablewitz 27d 144 HCL Domino (Lotus Notes) Professional Certifications are BACK!
Daniel Nashed 27d 90 DACHNUG - Domino 12.0.2 Lab @DNUG Conference next month
Roberto Boccadoro 27d 96 HCL goes geographic
Wannes Rams 27d 45 Let’sConnect interviews at Engage
Ulrich Krause 27d 135 Domino 12.0.2 EAP CD 1 – ClamAV & ICAP
Daniele Grillo 27d 42 UI Contest 2022 - il vincitore
Digiway 27d 16 Firmare la posta elettronica
Domino People 28d 210 26 points of interest from Engage in Bruges
Rainer Brandl 28d 78 Personal Recap of engage.2022

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